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"The tiny hotel room was overrun with supernatural beings. With Eric, Alcide and Jason's egos it could not have felt more crowded if the Indianapolis Colts were in here with me. Alcide tried to hug me but Eric pulled me against his chest before he could, Alcide let out a little growl, Eric showed a little fang. My goodness with everything that is going on you would think they could skip the pissing contest. Pam looks slightly amused with the display, no one else seems to notice, or care. I guess it up to me to get the ball rolling.

"Pam, what was so urgent that you needed everyone here right now?" Excuse me if I sound impatient, I have a lot on my mind.

"The bear couple has stronger convictions than we imagined." Ok Pam that was a little cryptic. She seems to notice our confusion and continues.

"Since they failed to deliver you, our dear Sookie, to Mr. Newlin they felt the only appropiate pennance would be to reveal their secret to Mr. Tolerance himself."

"You have got to be kidding me?" I say dumbfounded.

"Unfortunately no she isn't." Alcide said, obviously distraught.

"You knew about this?" Eric asked Alcide.

"I have been working with Chad since Eric told me what was going on. I arrived last night, and was with Chad when he found out." Alcide said.

Eric looked indifferent, but I could tell from the bond he was miffed. He probably feels undermined. Personally, I am feeling confused. Who on Earth is Chad, and what does he have to do with anything?

'Chad Lloyd is the local packmaster my lover' Eric said INSIDE MY HEAD!

What is going on here? Could someone please make this night a little more mind bogglingly stressful for me please? I don't think I have reached my breaking point just yet. Eric has a smug smile on his face, I have no idea what mine looks like, but it must be a sight, everyone is looking at me like I have a monkey on my head. I sit down on the floor and lean against the wall playing it off like I am tired. I guess everyone bought it, at least they kept talking.

"How lovely to see your packs working together, what do you intend to do about Newlin's newly acquired information?" Eric asked with absolutely no sincerity.

"Well according to our spies Newlin is planning some grand ceremony to out the weres to the world complete with all the cable news stations to bear witness. At least right now he is planning for early next month, and the shifters in that sick little group are going to do their best to make us look as vicious and wild as possible. The prince masked our informants scents so as far as anyone can tell they are run of the mill humans, fanatical humans, but still humans. They are going to stay entrenched as long as necessary and keep us posted on Newlin's plans."

"And what are your plans?" Sean spoke for the first time.

"Well I have already been in contact with most of the North American packmasters, we are working together to contact the International ones. We are have having a global teleconference in the morning to finalize everything and tomorrow night we will do our own version of coming out of the coffin." Alcide said the last part like it left a bad taste in his mouth, but he had sense enough to be respectful to the roomful of vampires, willing to help him, who have been here before.

"Wow, what do you guys have like a bat signal or something?" I asked Alcide, the speed at which they are moving is incredible.

"No, actually we have a phone tree, but right about now a bat signal doesn't sound half bad." Alcide replied, half joking, half serious.

"What role exactly do you intend the rest of us to play in this?" Eric asked Alcide as if his presence alone was a lifesaving favor.

"Well I was hoping that Sookie could attend the morning meeting with me. The spies will be there, and I would like her to try to get a read on them. I want to make sure they are as loyal as they say they are."

'Do you wish to attend lover?'

How do I answer him, shit, well I guess it wouldn't be much different than it was with Barry, but really I have no idea. Eric is a vampire, and as far as I know not a telepath. I directed my thoughts at Eric, and he heard me.

'I want to do whatever is necessary'

'Very well than, my little warrior'

Warrior? I'll have to stick that in the quickly overfilling box of stuff I will have to think about later.

"Sookie will attend the teleconference with you, what else?"

"Well we are having an assemblage of the local two natured just after dark to prepare for our unveiling, I wanted you and Sookie to attend with Jason and I. The rest you, I want stationed at certain points around the buildings perimeter, incase there is trouble."

Sean's eyes lit up, apparently he was hoping for things to get out of hand.

"If they stupid enough to attack a roomful of shifters, they deserve what comes to em, I doubt we'll have any trouble."

"They are far less intelligent than you give them credit for, you sister can attest to that." Eric said.

"So is everyone up for this?" Alcide asked, he looks about tens years older than when I first met him. He hasn't had and easy time of it.

Everyone showed their approval in someway, Alcide looked at Amelia with hesitation. After a long moment he spoke.

"Amelia, I really think you should just stay here, I mean if trouble does erupt I don't want everyone worrying about protecting you."

"Excuse me mister, but I am not helpless. I could make things a lot easier on the rest of you. You obviously don't know what I am capable of."

'Maybe you should give the wolf the former cat's telephone number' Eric thought at me, I almost burst out laughing.

"Ok, Amelia, what did you have in mind?" Alcide indulged her.

"Well first of all I can make them confused, and slow among other very helpful things. Also if things get out of hand I can freeze their asses while we recover and reposition."

"Really?" Alcide asked.

Yes Amelia could defiantly knew her way around a stasis spell.

"Hell yeah."

"Fine then, I'll see everyone tomorrow night. Sookie where am I picking you up?"

'Better not lover, meet him here in the lobby'

"Here, in the lobby, what time?"


"Ok, I'll be there."

"Good, try to get some rest, I know we'll need it." Alcide said to the room as he walked out.

Eric took a seat in the chair at the little table, and pulled me into his lap. I was glad to be off the floor. Layla took the other seat, and Sean somehow managed to look graceful atop the climate control unit. Eric explained who Alcide was to the newcomers and everyone formulated a plan for the following evening. I already knew what I was gonna be doing, so I allowed myself to get lost in thought and try to make sense of everything that is happening. The were's are coming out, and Eric wants to marry me. Eric proposed to me tonight. I stuck my hand in my pocket and fondled the beautiful ring. Eric wants to marry me. I can't believe it.