A.N. Just a reminder that I wrote this before Deathly Hallows came out, so that's why it is AU.

Chapter 1 - Return

20th December, 2003 (Trio's 7th Year)

Harry grinned as the green car he was riding in arrived at one of his favorite places in the world, The Burrow. Fred, who was sitting in the driver's seat of the car, turned around to face the enlarged back seat, where Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry were all sitting comfortably.

"Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived. Please wait until the seat belt sign has been turned off before exiting the vehicle" he smiled

"Fred, we have already stopped" Hermione gently reminded him

"What, Oh, yes, well, out you get then." Fred grinned. Hermione groaned and rolled her eyes at Ginny, and they both started laughing, waking up Ron, who had fallen asleep during the drive from London with his head resting on Hermione's shoulder.

'What's going on" He yawned.

"We have arrived, little bro, do try to keep up" George laughed from his seat next to Fred. Harry laughed and opened the car door, scrambling out quickly to avoid being climbed all over by Ginny. Fred and George opened up the car boot with a flick of their wands and lifted out everyone's trunks. Harry picked up his trunk, and followed the Twins up to the house. Harry stopped at the doorstep and waited for Hermione, Ginny and Ron, who was still yawning sleepily. Fred and George also waited for the rest, then knocked loudly on the door

'Who is it?" Harry heard Mrs. Weasley call.

"Mum, Its Gred and Forge, bringing Won Won, Hermione, Ginny and Harry home for the festive season.

"Oh, what was you favorite type of drink when you were small" Mrs. Weasley asked. Fred and George both grinned.

"Red cordial," they both answered, "What was the first thing we got a letter home from Hogwarts about?"

"Oh, my, that would have to be the time you put fire works under Snape's cauldron one potions class' Mrs. Weasley said, opening the door, "Oh my, there you all are. How have you all been, of Harry, you look so thin, we must feed you up over the holidays. Hermione, you're probably studying hard for those N.E.W.T.S. Ronald, I hope you have been behaving yourself, Ginny dear, you're growing up so much; do your school robes still fit? Come in, come in. Take your cases upstairs. I must go see to dinner" and with that Mrs. Weasley bustled of to the kitchen. Harry and Ron took their cases up to Ron's room a dumped their stuff, before returning to the kitchen. Harry was surprised see not only Fred, George and Mr. Weasley, but Charlie, Bill and Fleur as well. Ron was equally surprised

"What are you doing here?" he asked Bill

"Well, Won Won," Bill sniggered, "Fleur and I are also spending the holidays here, as we both have time off work, as does Charlie, so that's what we are doing here"

"Oh and how did you find out about 'Won Won" Ron shuddered.

"Hermione wrote to the twins and told them about you and Lavender just before you broke up earlier this year, I only know because she borrowed Hedwig to do it" Harry explained

'Oh man, that was low, telling those two," Ron pointed at the twins, who both faked looks of innocence, "She's going down, when I find something out about her and Krum, she's just gone" Ron furiously muttered.

"Did I hear my name" Hermione bounced into the room, stopping when she saw the scowl on Ron's face.

"He just found out about the letter, Hermione, I advise you to start running" Fred admitted.

Hermione's mouth formed a slight "Oh" before she spun around and raced out into the Weasley's backyard. Ron took of after her, slamming the back door as he left.

Charlie picked up a tin of biscuits, "Biscuits, anyone", he offered