Author's note: I've decided to go ahead and do an author's note for each of the stories I intend to write. I wonder if I actually finish them. Anyway, this is Shino's the Man, about Shino on a new show called Soul Mate.








UGH! It was SO HARD to come up with an OC for Shino. Anyway, I actually sort of started it and it's got one vote in the poll so it could end up winning. Either way, I've got a poll up for who Shino should choose. Remember, after each "episode" to vote, because we will vote one off each time until only one remains. Which will win. So, if you have a pairing you want to see, vote! I personally support ShinoSaku which I wrote into Konoha Christmas, but I also like ShinoHina and ShinoIno. Well, it's up to you guys. I look forward to writing this one even though my brain is having issues with the beginning!