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Later that day, Shinjin was excited about her date. Most traces of nerves were gone after all the times they had gone out and she was really more interested in spending time with him than sweating it.

She hummed to herself as she got ready, grinning all the while. She was going to go out with Shino Aburame, the guy she dreamed about in the deepest recesses of her mind, when she trying to focus on something else.

She slipped out into the hallway, where only Shino stood, the first to get there. "Hey," she called to him.

"Hey," he said. "And if you ask, the answer is yes, but Tenten made me do it."

Shinjin giggled, having already heard the crazy story. "Well, I think being able to have fun is a good quality."

"I'd rather have fun where people all over the country won't be able to see it. Kiba will never let me live it down."

"I'm sure your friends will love seeing a new side of me."

"At least they'll enjoy it."


"Slow service, slow service, slow service," Shinjin repeated. They had to wait a long time to be seated, then to get their orders taken, and now it was taking forever for the food to get to them.

"If the food weren't already free," said Shino, "it's definitely be by now. They can only make their customers wait so long."

"I bet they don't bring in a lot of money then. So, I heard that towards the end, we get to go to cool places like Barefoot Landing and Broadway at the Beach (A/N: my favorite places to go on vacation!) for a whole night. You go to one place with the two final girls and everyone else goes to the other place together."

"Yeah, that will be cool. There's so much to do there so it's hard to do everything before they close."

"It'll be a great way to end the series," she said with a nod.

"The end is coming soon, isn't it?" he said. "There will be only three girls left after this round. Then, after the next day, only two. I'll get one extra date with the finalists, then I'll have to make my decision."

"Yeah, seems like just yesterday…"

Finally the food got to them and they were able to eat, very hungrily this time.


Ino and Temari were giving each other a wide berth, so Temari was absent at the moment. Hinata didn't even want to hang out with anyone, but they drug her with them to dinner.

"I want to know what they're doing," Ino said. "I really hope they're doing good. I hope he's falling for her!"

"Sheesh, pig, it's not that big of a deal."

"Why are you getting so defensive? I thought you were on Shinjin's side!"

"Who cares whose side I'm on?"

"You like Shino! And this whole time I thought you liked Sai!"

Sakura flinched. "I do like Sai and-"

"You like Shino!" Tenten said. "You and Shinjin are both just so in love with him so I guess I don't matter anymore?

"You too?" Ino wailed. "I thought we wanted Shinjin to win!"


"Maybe I like him or maybe I like Neji, but I have just as much of a chance as that obsessed girl."

Hinata frowned.

"What?!" Sakura shouted. "Are you in love with Shino too?!"

"N-no! I just want you guys to stop fighting! I don't like Shino as a-anything more than a friend!"

"Well, Shinjin loves him," Ino said. Sakura and Tenten both glared at her, as if to say, Do we not matter at all?

They ate in silence, glaring at whoever may catch their eye. Even mousy Hinata was angry at the other girls for snapping at her. She didn't love Shino one bit other than as a brother, but they didn't have to be mean even if she did!

Meanwhile, Shino and Shinjin were enjoying themselves, unaware of what was going on back at the hotel. They greatly enjoyed their dinner and walk on the beach.

"I like being out there when there's hardly anyone else," she said softly.

"Yeah, me too. I'm really not that much of a beach person but at night and early in the morning, I could consider it," replied Shino.

"It's so peaceful…"

She didn't really think when she laced her fingers with his and he didn't think much of it when he didn't let go of her hand.

When they got back, neither was aware of the tension between everyone us.


To say the least, the date with Hinata was uneventful. No, it was downright boring. He didn't know what had happened to him that he started enjoying more exciting dates, but he just could not go out with someone like Hinata again.

That evening, they all sat around a table, eating dinner together.

"So," Rob said, "who's it gonna be today?"

Sakura glared at each other before glaring at Shinjin, and Ino stared directly at her, as this girl just wondered why the hell they were staring at her.

"I've thought about it and I've had the most fun with Sakura, Tenten, and Shinjin, so, Hinata, I guess this means I'm letting you go."

Hinata nodded. "I understand, Shino. I…I actually like someone else."

"Round three is complete," Rob said. "Tomorrow morning, we'll begin round four with Shinjin then go from there. Tune in next time for more You're the Man, starring Shino Aburame!"

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