Disclaimer: I own nothing related to Supernatural or Clement Moore's classic tale. Just expressing some Christmas silliness.

'Twas the Supernatural Night Before Christmas

By: Vanessa Sgroi

'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the motel room,
not a beastie was present,
nary even a single phantom.

The boys' socks, they were flung
in the corners without care,
the pile of dirty laundry
becoming quite a nightmare.

Then out in the parking lot,
there suddenly came a commotion.
they both grabbed their guns
with hunters' ease and devotion.

Outside they discovered a
white-bearded man in a suit,
all ready for 'round-the-world travel
in spiffy, fur-lined black boots.

The little man was rotund,
the shiny suit velvet—red.
He was so overly jolly.
"Ho ho ho," he said.

The older Winchester was ready
to make a crude joke,
little brother's bitch-face descended,
"Behave!" he did croak.

Big brother then pouted,
while Sammy just smiled,
having prevented the cheery greeting
from being thoroughly defiled.

"Merry Christmas!" called Sam,
a well-placed elbow in Dean's side,
causing the older sibling to mutter, "Yeah,
whatever…hey, that sleigh's a sweet ride."

Back in the grungy motel room,
guns once more safely away,
"Wow," observed Sam,
"interesting end to the day."

Now, Dean, he just grunted
and crawled back in bed,
fluffed up his stiff pillow
and buried his head.

After a sleepy murmur of "G'night, jerk,"
a reply of "Yeah, goodnight…bitch,"
the rest of that Christmas Eve
proceeded without a hitch.