Author Notes: This is where I'll get into the love story arc between Naruto and Kyuubi. This will eventually involve maleXmale sex, so do not read if you are younger than you say you are or if you would be offended.


Leaf Village Day Following the End of Previous Chapter: As the sunlight began to warm Kyuubi under the sheets, he stirred awake to find Naruto practically on top of him. "What the? Naruto?" he asked. The boy was dead asleep, and his arms hugged Kyuubi tightly. The man was frightened when he found that Naruto had no shirt on, but the boy had the sense to put on pants at least.

"This is a tad extreme," Kyuubi said quietly. After saying that, Naruto unconsciously wrapped his left knee around Kyuubi's stomach. Kyuubi blushed deep red. He found Naruto in this state to be very cute, and sexy as well, but he tried to keep himself from thinking about the newly dubbed Bijuu that way. Naruto's breathing was deep and almost mechanical in pattern, meaning that Kyuubi would be stuck like this for a while to come.

No, he screamed into his mind as images of the boy naked appeared. Bad brain. Stop it. Oh no, he thought as his body responded in the way Kyuubi hoped he could prevent. He's too young and innocent. I can't take him, no matter how much you want me to. Although, this could be a problem if the villagers don't fix his room in the next couple of weeks, he thought desperately to himself.

It would completely destroy his trust in me if I let loose on him during mating season. For once, I wish I was human. Kyuubi now had a full-blown erection and a scarlet blush. Naruto gave a half-loud snore, making Kyuubi giggle. How many things must I find cute about him? he asked himself in both a profound happiness and in anger towards his hormones.

Naruto's eyes began twitching. He was waking up, a catastrophe for Kyuubi if the boy woke up to feeling his rock-hard member. The slitted cerulean orbs opened slightly as Naruto yawned. "Hey Kyuu," he said with a small smile. Kyuubi looked back at him as calmly as he could, but beads of sweat were forming at the back of his neck. "Did you sleep well?" the blond asked quietly. He had yet to discover Kyuubi's problem, and said man was not going to give him the chance.

"I slept fine. You however, are lying on top of me. Could you please change from this provocative position of yours?" Kyuubi asked in a kind voice. He gave an awkward half-smile to Naruto, signaling that, while he knew it was by accident, he was uncomfortable, even though Kyuubi was actually enjoying it. He wanted to keep Naruto in the dark for now to keep their friendship intact. Naruto looked back at his knee and gasped before he rolled off of Kyuubi to the left.

"Woah!" Naruto said as he fell off the side of the bed. He landed painlessly with a thump. Kushina came running faster than one would think possible and opened his door.

"Naruto, are you all right?" she asked concernedly. Kyuubi stealthily and quickly moved a hand under the cover, put his dick flat against his stomach and underneath the waistband of his pants, and put his hand back exactly where it was, hoping that no one had seen. Naruto sprang back up with a smile as he rubbed the back of his head, something he did every time he got embarrassed. Kushina ran over to him to check. Kyuubi thought she was an overly protective psycho-mom. "Are you bleeding? Should we go see Tsunade?" she asked frantically.

"I'm perfectly fine mom," Naruto replied. "I was just clumsy. Besides, now that Madara is dead, there isn't much that can threaten my body." Kushina breathed a sigh of relief until he boasted his semi-invincibility.

"Trust me Mrs. Uzumaki," Kyuubi began. "Naruto couldn't be hurt by rolling off the bed if it happened a thousand times in a row." Kushina shot him a dark look; it seemed to be one of disapproval as well. Kyuubi was actually stunned in fear. This woman had a talent for using her facial expressions.

"Kyuubi's right," Naruto said brightly. "Oh shoot, I forgot my jacket." The boy ran into the bathroom and picked it up from the floor. "Aw, it's soaking wet and cold."

"Just put it out on the line Naruto," Kushina told him. "Your boots are nice and clean too, even though they're illusions." Naruto followed her instruction, quickly exiting the room and going down the stairs. Kushina turned to Kyuubi who was still in the bed with a dark and foreboding look. Kyuubi shrank back a bit in his mind. What is her problem? he asked himself.

"You listen here," Kushina began in a terrifyingly quiet and warning voice. "I know what you did while you thought I was concentrating on Naruto." Kyuubi's eyes widened in terror.

"I never meant to. Please don't tell him," he pleaded. Kushina held up her hand to stop him.

"I swear. If I ever catch you trying to get closer to my boy than necessary, I will find a way to kill you. And if I can't pull that off, I'll have the entire village against you in a heartbeat, and you'll be run out of here, never to return." An actual tear ran from Kyuubi's right eye, but Kushina ignored it entirely. "Naruto has had an impossibly hard life, as I'm sure you know. He doesn't need to be further discriminated against because he turns gay, especially with you of all people. While I would still love him all the same, the rest of the world probably wouldn't. I also am not risking his feelings being hurt. I know how badly he would take it if you betrayed him, and I hope you know that too. You know how close he keeps the ones he cares about, so don't even think about it." Her expression was one of agony and anger mixed into one. Kyuubi was both stunned and terrified by her words.

"Don't you ever try to seduce my son," Kushina ended in pure hating anger. Naruto's footsteps coming up the stairs could be easily heard, so she ended the conversation with one final warning look. Her expression immediately changed as she walked out the door. "I'll have breakfast ready in about twenty minutes you two. Oh, and Kyuubi?" she asked in a much kinder tone. His eyes immediately shot up.

"Yes?" he asked with a crack in his voice.

"Wash up, will you? You may use the shower in Naruto's bathroom." Kyuubi sat there terrified for another thirty seconds before Naruto came in. He changed his expression as the door opened and wiped his tear away so as to hide what had just happened.

"Hey Kyuu," he said cheerily. "I'll start the water for ya. It takes a minute for it to warm up." Naruto had luckily missed Kyuubi bringing his arm across his cheek, a fact the redhead was thankful for. Oh Kami, he thought to himself. What am I supposed to do if mating season comes around and we aren't in separate rooms? Now I'll lose Naruto completely if I screw up. Naruto walked back into the room with a smile as Kyuubi got up.

"Make sure to take a quick one," Naruto began. "Mom's food is awesome, and I devour it. If you want some, you'll have to be down before she finishes."

"A-alright," Kyuubi said in an off voice. He walked into the bathroom while trying to avoid looking at Naruto.

"Something wrong Kyuu?" he asked with concern in his voice. The boy's expression was one of worry as well.

"I'm just tired from yesterday is all," he replied flatly as he closed the door. "I'll see ya in a few minutes." He heard the boy exit the bedroom and walk down the stairs. Kyuubi then undressed and stepped into a perfectly warmed shower. "Aaaaah," he sighed. "This is perfect." As Kyuubi savored the deliciously warm water, he began thinking about how he could deal with his feelings toward the wolf-boy.

Maybe I can use my being his mentor to ask him about his own feelings. I have to teach him about mating season, so that's my best shot, Kyuubi thought to himself. If he actually feels that way about me, then Kushina won't beat me into oblivion. It's probably an empty wish though. He's too young to really develop that part of his emotional spectrum. By the time he does, he'll probably already have another potential partner, a female human probably. What was I thinking? He grew up as a human; they detest homosexuality. I'm a demon, and we view both sexes as being beautiful in their own way. Many demons bed both sexes, and many same-sex mates exist. I might as well just give up on that prospect though, so why can't I? Damn it to Hell. I'm hopelessly in love with him. What am I supposed to do? He asked no one in particular.

Kyuubi put some of Naruto's shampoo into his hair and wet it before working it in with his hands. The scent was a heavenly honey-lemon that was intoxicating to Kyuubi. His problem from before began to resurrect itself as he drew in the scent. Why must I be cursed so? Everything about him is so perfect and cute and sexy. Even the stuff he puts in his own hair enhances his beauty. No! I can't think like that. Even if it breaks my heart, Naruto's matters more. Kyuubi scrubbed himself down vigorously with Naruto's lavender body wash. This wasn't anywhere near as breathtaking as the shampoo, but Kyuubi began tearing up. His case was impossible. He had to either break his own heart for the sake of Naruto, or he would have to break both of their hearts by claiming him only once against his mother's will.

Kyuubi was clean as a whistle as he stepped out from the shower. He wrapped himself in a towel and walked over to the foggy mirror. The redhead warmed it up with his chakra so that he could see himself. Red slits stared back at him, but they were filled with anguish and tears. Even if he wants me as his friend, how could Naruto ever love me, love a demon as imperfect as me? Kyuubi asked himself in anger and hopelessness. He dispelled his ninja gear and conjured up a blue t-shirt, boxers, and black slacks. Kyuubi finished by making himself some open-toed sandals as well. He never liked shoes, too cramped.

Kushina was still working on flipping her homemade blueberry pancakes. Kyuubi counted four in total. The woman clearly didn't want to actually feed him anything. When he looked at everything else though, Kyuubi saw a large amount of scrambled eggs, sausage, homemade toast, and a hot cereal he wasn't familiar with.

"Take a seat," Naruto said happily as he drew out a chair for Kyuubi. "As our honored guest, you should enjoy yourself." Kyuubi smiled at the boy half-heartedly. He could feel Kushina's annoyance, and he knew that the boy didn't know a scrap of what had happened.

"Thanks Naruto-Kun, Mrs. Uzumaki," Kyuubi replied as he slowly sat down himself. He noticed that Kushina had stopped flipping for an extra half second, but she then went back to her pattern. "I can't thank you enough for giving me a place to stay for a little while."

"As long as your courteous and don't make a mess of the place, you're welcome to stay as long as you need Kyuubi," Kushina said flatly. The redhead's spirit lifted a bit. At least she won't outright throw me out as long as I play by her rules, he thought to himself.

Kushina put the last pancake on the stack before bringing the platter over. Naruto also carried over three plates. The woman gave Kyuubi a stern glare, trying to make him remember his current situation. Kyuubi was on thin ice, no doubt.

"Thank you Naruto," he said as the blond gave him a plate. "And thank you for the food as well Mrs. Uzumaki."

"Just call me Kushina," she said with a grin. Her reluctance wasn't hidden from Kyuubi. In fact, she purposely made it so that only he could see her annoyance. The woman sat down before spooning some hot cereal onto Naruto's plate. He attacked it with vigor at first, but then he slowed down to actually enjoy his food. She put some onto Kyuubi's plate as well.

"Thanks a lot Mrs. err, Kushina-San," Kyuubi said as politely as he could. There was no response. This is getting on my nerves, he thought to himself. I'll just have to wear her down is all. But this will take some time. Kyuubi subconsciously put a spoonful of the hot cereal into his mouth. It was very grainy, just like the way it looked, but there was a nuttiness and sweet flavor as well, which highly appealed to his taste buds. Kyuubi didn't eat as much as a horse though, so he went more slowly so as to enjoy it. He was shocked at how much Naruto could ingest without feeling satisfied.

"Would you like some eggs Kyuu?" the boy asked brightly. Kushina turned to Naruto with a surprised and, was that a look of her being frightened?

"Kyuu?" she asked humorously as possible so as to hide her fear.

"That's his nickname courtesy of me," the blond replied with a smile. Kushina turned to Kyuubi with a questioning look.

"Yes, thank you Naruto," he replied as he held his plate up. Naruto was clumsy with the serving fork, but he eventually got a full portion onto the redhead's plate. "I haven't had this in years," he said nostalgically. After swallowing a mouthful with a sigh, Kyuubi noticed Kushina's questioning look. Since Naruto was in ecstasy with his own food, Kyuubi mouthed the words "my nickname" to Kushina as he watched for the boy to open his eyes. Kushina nodded as her look became angrier. Kyuubi couldn't actually tell her right there, so he projected his chakra into her to transfer the thought: "I have no idea why he calls me that. He said that the first time as he bade me goodnight last night." Kyuubi even showed her exactly how that scene played out the night before, silencing any of her negative theories.

Kyuubi swallowed the last of his eggs before reaching to take a single sausage. Kushina shot him a glare, but Kyuubi merely sighed before placing it on his plate. He hadn't gotten up, and the sausages were right next to him. What was the woman's deal? There was real reason behind her not wanting Kyuubi to "play" with Naruto, but this was getting ridiculous.

"These are very delicious," Kyuubi commented as he smiled at the woman he was beginning to hate. "Way better than the last time I was able to actually sit at a dinner table. Of course, that was over seventy years ago." Kyuubi took another bite. The meat was well seasoned, and the shell on the outside had a nice crunch. He wiped his chin off with a napkin as some of the juices leaked out.

"Just how old are you?" Naruto asked humorously. Kyuubi nearly choked on the sausage he had in his throat, but he got it down. Me and my big mouth, and yours too Naruto-Kun, Kyuubi thought depressively.

"I'm about six-hundred-twenty-seven years old," he replied quietly with a blush. Kushina took on a look of shock before smiling slightly. That can't be good, Kyuubi thought to himself. Naruto was dumbfounded. "Bijuu are actually immortal beings; I'm just the youngest… now second youngest of the ten," Kyuubi said as he gave Naruto a smile. "The one closest to my age is Shukaku actually. He's nearly one millennium old. Just another twenty sem-odd years before we get to celebrate that milestone, not that he will actually even mature at all by then. He's such a psychopathic jackass of a nutcase tanuki."

Kushina glared at him for using foul language, but then Naruto spoke up. "Gotta agree with you on that one Kyuu. I remember fighting him. He's crazy about wanting to kill and junk. Good thing we got him out of Gaara. Oh hey, would you like a pancake Kyuu?" Both Kushina's and Kyuubi's eyes shot up at the smiling boy.

"No, but thank you very much Naruto-Kun. The meal was very delicious," Kyuubi replied. Kushina smiled now that she knew Kyuubi knew his place. Naruto however, was confused and determined.

"Aw, come on," he whined. "You really haven't lived until you've eaten one of my mom's homemade blueberry pancakes."

"I really shouldn't," Kyuubi replied. He was desperate to not step into dangerous territory.

"Just take one bite." Naruto had already carved a triangle from his own pancake and held it out to Kyuubi on his fork. Kushina had her eyes raised dangerously, but Kyuubi couldn't just outright refuse Naruto. His face was so pleading and cute to the fox-man.

"If you really insist," he said with resignation in his voice. Kyuubi reached out and took the fork from Naruto's hand. He looked Kushina in the eye with desperation. I'm trying okay. Shouldn't that be enough for you? He asked in his mind. Kyuubi bit down on the piece to realize that it was incredibly flavorful. A broad smile appeared on his face as Kyuubi tasted the hot blueberries that were sliced and crushed with his teeth. He swallowed it all happily and gave Naruto his fork back.

"Those are incredible Kushina. You're quite the cook," Kyuubi said as he sent a genuine smile her way. Kushina was flattered and returned his smile with a genuine one of her own. "I'm stuffed. How about you guys?" Kushina put her utensils down on her plate, signaling that she was done. Naruto was still pigging out though.

"I'll wash the dishes since you cooked Kushina-San. Thanks again for the meal," Kyuubi said politely. He picked up Kushina's plate and brought it over to the sink. Kushina also brought over the platter that was holding the scrambled eggs from before.

"You're quite welcome Kyuubi," the woman said genuinely. "And thank you for helping with the dishes." Kyuubi scrubbed down the plates with the washcloth that was held by the faucet. As strong as he was, the entire job was done in just two minutes. Kushina examined his work. "Nicely done," she complimented him. The platter was spotless as well.

After placing the platter back in its cabinet, Kushina said "Naruto?" The boy's head shot up with half a sausage hanging from his lips. Kyuubi thought it was kinda cute. "First of all, don't put so much in your mouth; you'll choke. Second, could you please wash the rest of the dishes when you are done?" The blond nodded with a smile as he broke the sausage in half and put the one part down on his plate. "I'm just gonna go have a talk with Kyuubi for a sec." Naruto gave a thumbs-up sign showing that he had heard. Kushina lightly tugged Kyuubi's shirt so that he would follow her.

The two went outside. The weather was still too cold for summer, but at least it wasn't snowing. "Thank you for showing that you can restrain yourself Kyuubi," Kushina said with a sigh. "I know that was kind of unfair but,"

"Just drop it," Kyuubi replied flatly. "Naruto wouldn't be interested in me that way, so you don't need to worry. He's also far stronger than me, so he could stop me if I tried anything against his will. It's pointless for me to try unless he actually feels the same way I do, so you don't have to worry." Kushina looked a bit concerned. She felt bad that she had hurt the redhead's feelings. "As long as his other room is rebuilt within the next two weeks, there won't be a problem."

Kushina was very concerned by the way he had said that last part. "What do you mean?" she asked darkly. The man gave no response. "Kyuubi, what aren't you telling me?" The redhead paused for a second and sighed before continuing.

"Precisely two weeks from now, on the summer solstice…the Demon Mating Season begins," Kyuubi said. Kushina was shocked. "Unfortunately, it lasts for three weeks."

"The Bijuu actually have a mating season?" Kushina asked. Kyuubi nodded. "I realize what the implications are, but what exactly is going to happen?"

"I'm only telling you this because I can trust you," Kyuubi began. He breathed deeply and released before continuing. "Bijuu, and demons in general, find both sexes to be beautiful in their respective manners. It is actually normal for demons to bed both males and females. And many same-sex mate couples exist. To us, homosexuality is non-existent because we do not make that prejudice." Kushina was awestruck by what the redhead was saying.

"I have only ever fallen in love twice," Kyuubi began. "The first time was with Nibi no Nekomata, the Two-Tailed Ghost Cat. You saw how she teased me in that cave? It was to make me remember how she denied my love and advances. We do not seduce; we attempt to gain affection before anything physical, but that drive exists as well. Sex, while not being the primary motive, is a factor in solidifying a relationship. This is what we refer to as mating. Humans refer to it as consummation."

"Demons are truly a fascinating lot," Kushina said with her head down. Her voice reflected her worries on where the conversation was heading. "I'm guessing you don't actually hold a marriage ceremony."

"No, but when a demon truly takes a mate, not just a lover or bed partner, a true mate, both members of the couple are to permanently abstain themselves from having affairs with others. Our definition of mates is similar to yours, if not the exact same. Mates are supposed to hold each other in the highest esteem. Violating this law means death in our society."

"Everything that humans have ever said about demons being seducers is wrong?" Kushina asked in wonder.

"Unfortunately," Kyuubi began. "That is not quite true either. Humans find demons in human, and sometimes demon form to be captivating and attractive. In most cases, it is the human who seeks the relationship with the demon. This is a case of bed partners. But the sad ending is that the human cannot sate him or herself with another human, and they become literally addicted to the demon's touch. If we seduce, it is by accident. The one key difference between mere lovers and mates is that mates make the conscious decision to be bound together forever. Lovers, while they may have extreme attachment to each other, either are not ready for the commitment, or they are unsure of their possibility for success. Mates can never be truly separated or be released from the bond of being mates."

"That's difficult to wrap one's mind around," Kushina commented as she sat on a stone step. "I must apologize to you for what I said and did to you earlier. I was rash and overprotective."

"You were trying to make up for all the time you could not spend as his mother before; I understand," the redhead replied with a sigh.

"You said that you had only fallen in love twice," Kushina began hesitantly. "Who was the second one?"

There was a pause before Kyuubi answered her. "I… think I am truly falling in love with your son." Kushina closed her eyes and bowed her head as her suspicions were confirmed. "That is why I began telling you about Bijuu mating season. Demons, at any point beyond a certain age, can produce offspring. Naruto is at that threshold. Unlike humans however, we are not only allowed, but we must make the conscious decision to want to bear a child, and even then there is a good chance that one will not be born. Luckily, simple procreation cannot accidentally give birth to a child as can happen in human society. It is a very special event when a demon gives birth because of the rarity of the event."

"What does that have to do with the two of you though?" Kushina asked dumbfounded. "Two males can't produce children with one another…can they?"

"In demon society, two males can produce offspring together if they so choose," Kyuubi replied. Kushina put a hand over her mouth as her expression went to one of shock. "But as I said, a conscious decision must be made."

"Then what is there to really worry about, except for you and Naruto… you know?" Kushina asked with a heavy voice.

"During mating season, we Bijuu are at the height of our fertility and desire for procreation," Kyuubi said darkly. Kushina's eyes widened further. "While the creation of a child is actually usually the furthest thing from the minds of demons in heat, there is a chance that one pair might be thinking rationally enough to make that decision before both partners become exhausted with their activities."

"I'm going to admit this to you out of trust, so don't go blathering away," Kyuubi warned. Kushina nodded. "As I said, I only ever fell in love with Nibi…so, how do I put this? I have stayed a virgin, because I wanted my first time to be with one I truly cared about." Kushina blushed and tried to hide her smile. It was an interesting and beautiful concept. "Make no mistake though; I have relieved myself during mating seasons in the past through self-pleasure. In reality, I'm about as inexperienced with sex as your son is."

"But still," Kushina interrupted. "You said yourself that Naruto wouldn't be interested in a relationship like that with you. What more could there possibly be?"

"This is the most important thing to remember about Demon Mating Season," Kyuubi began. "We are more desirous than at any other point in the year, meaning that sometimes we have sex out of pure instinct and desire to relieve ourselves of the tension. Basically, I'm saying that Naruto's judgment and mine will be impared during this three-week period."

"So that's why you were after a separate room," Kushina guessed. Kyuubi nodded. "I almost hate to ask, but if you truly love him, then why are you trying to stay separated?"

"I had two main reasons. One was your threats. The second, more important one is this: Naruto is far younger than me, and he's still innocent in that respect. Since he just became a Bijuu, that would be too much change too quickly. But even more importantly, he might be traumatized by the experience and scarred for life. I want to protect him from both me and himself."

"You really do love him, don't you?" Kushina asked as she walked over to him. A single tear worked its way down his cheek.

"More than you could ever know," Kyuubi replied as he sniffled and wiped the tear away. "And what's worse, the boy is naïve Kushina. You must acknowledge that." Kushina was curious as to what he meant. "What would happen if he suddenly wanted to become my mate because he was over-intoxicated by his own hormones and I denied him? That would destroy all of his feelings for me, and we would drift apart as friends. An even worse scenario would be that I accepted his wish to be mates and then found later that he wasn't ready for such a decision and that there was no way back or out. He'd lose his free-spiritedness."

Kushina was completely stunned at what Kyuubi was saying. What had happened that morning was not only an accident; it was something that Kyuubi tried to hide from Naruto to keep him safe as well. Kushina hugged Kyuubi lovingly, an awkward experience for the demon. "You'd make a wonderful mate Kyuubi," she said, bringing him to tears. "You've proven to me that you truly love him, so I will respect your wishes. You may stay here for as long as you wish. If you wish to be with Naruto, and he with you, I will not stop you."

"I just wonder if he will ever actually love me," Kyuubi said. "He's got Sakura and Hinata both swooning over him. Even though they will die, and Naruto will live on, he might not ever wish to take another so as to be a devoted husband to whoever he chooses. I shouldn't have a say in who he chooses, but I hope I have a shot at least."

Kushina held the redhead tightly as she patted his hair. "He'll choose you," she said. "If he really is my and Minato's son, he will choose you." Kyuubi smiled lightly at the woman's words.

"Thank you Kushina," he said as he hugged her back. "I am sorry for what happened to your husband, but now you can look at your son in joy as he exceeds all expectations."

"I will remember those words always Kyuubi." The two finally walked back into the house to find Naruto finished with the dishes.

"What could you possibly be talking about that would take fifteen whole minutes?" Naruto asked as soon as he saw them. "I had half a mind to eavesdrop."

"Quit complaining," Kyuubi replied with a smile. "Besides, you and I have a job to do today." Kushina and Naruto both turned to him.

"What do you mean?" they both asked at the same time, making them turn to each other.

"Perhaps you remember what Kakashi told you?" Kyuubi asked. Naruto stood there with a thinking face on for about four seconds before his expression changed to one of surprise.

"Oh, the Hokage Mansion and the Monument," he said loudly. Kyuubi nodded. "How bad is it?"

"We know that all of the Hokage faces are gone, but past that I don't know," Kyuubi said. "Let's go Naruto; you're dressed. Kushina, I'm taking him to see Tsunade if we can find her. I'll see what we can do to help clear up this mess. We'll be back by sundown unless Tsunade really holds us up."

"See you two then," Kushina called as Kyuubi dragged a reluctant Naruto out the door. "Naruto, you're as bratty as Minato was when he was a kid. Kyuubi's making a good influence on him though." Naruto was up and over the hill, leaving Kushina alone for at least an hour.

"Aw Kyuu, this is gonna be a pain," the blond complained as he walked alongside the man. "Every time I get put to work, it lasts for hours, even when I'm getting help from shadow clones."

"Except," Kyuubi began, "you're now stronger, faster, and you have a nearly limitless chakra reserve. Face it Naruto; you don't have an excuse." He simply groaned at the redhead's words. Kyuubi looked back at him, taking in the look of his cerulean slitted eyes. He found the boy's face to be completely irresistible, but Kyuubi had to train himself to exercise control if his plan to stay celibate during mating season was going to succeed.

This is gonna require a lot of extra masturbation sessions than normal, he thought grimly to himself. "Oh jeez," Kyuubi said as the village came into view. Naruto stopped next to him in shock. "It's a freaking wreck," they both said in disbelief. "The Hokage Mansion… it's gone!" Kyuubi pointed to where it used to be. Naruto's expression turned to one of fear and self-blame.

"We have work to do," Kyuubi said, snapping the boy out of it. They ran down to the screwed up marketplace. "Hey, at least Ichiraku's survived," Kyuubi said happily. Naruto was overjoyed and went to talk with the owner. After he was inside, Kyuubi was approached by Tsunade.

"He in there?" she asked. Kyuubi nodded. "This place is more wrecked than when Orochimaru took a spin at it. Even my house is gone because of that technique."

"Just be glad that Madara is gone at last and that Akatsuki will no longer be a threat to the world," Kyuubi replied flatly. "I brought Naruto here so that we could help with rebuilding. You should be thankful that he is miraculously alive. Anyway, is there anything we can do to help?"

"I am grateful that he isn't actually dead. The entire village would be mourning for him. And Kushina would be useless in that state of mind," Tsunade retorted. "As per what you guys can do to help, we need the dead bodies dragged out before they become diseased and rot." The woman shivered, confusing Kyuubi. He looked up to see that the sky was still grey.

"Why in the world would it be like this in the middle of summer?" he asked in utter confusion. "I realize why it would have done this yesterday, even to the point where it snowed, but this is ridiculous."

"I will get a research team to investigate, but I agree; this is strange," Tsunade told him. "Hello Naruto," she called. "Help Kyuubi drag the dead bodies of the enemy out of here, but leave our allies where they are so we can hold a large funeral for them all and send messages to their families."

"Aw," Naruto whined. Tsunade gave him a hard look. "Fine; where do you want them?"

"Just toss them outside the gate and into the woods," Tsunade commanded. Naruto summoned a hundred clones, surprising the woman.

"Kyuubi, let's see who can gather the most," the boy suggested. Kyuubi summoned a hundred of his own clones.

"You're on," he replied. They all sped off in blurs, scaring several working ninja along the way. It took them a whole hour to gather up all the dead enemy bodies, but the village was purged.

"You lose Kyuubi," Naruto yelled from atop what could only be described as his mountain. Kyuubi's gathering was easily dwarfed, but his efforts were apparent as well.

"Don't let it go to your head," Kyuubi warned with a smile. "I still know thousands of jutsu that you do not. You might be able to beat me in brute strength, but I've got you beat when it comes to brains."

"Nicely done you two," Tsunade yelled up. Both Kyuubi and Naruto jumped down and landed on their feet. "Now we just have to find a way to dispose of this many." Naruto rolled his eyes as he compressed fire chakra into his hand. A swirling fireball sat in his hand as he smirked at Tsunade. She was worried about it turning into an uncontrollable inferno, but had Naruto chucked the globe at the mound of bodies before she could open her mouth.

"Well, that's one way to do it," Tsunade commented as white and yellow flames stretched into the sky. "But we'll have a problem if any of the trees or buildings catch fire Naruto." Once again, the boy rolled his eyes as he formulated a plan.

"You could create an ice shell around the fire so that it isn't carried on the wind," Kyuubi suggested. Naruto smiled.

"As you wish," he said with a smile. Naruto began gathering ice chakra in his mouth. After gathering enough, he jumped above the fire and opened his maw, literally breathing ice into a curled wall that surrounded the giant funeral pyre. He dropped back down with a satisfied look on his face as he panted fog.

"V-v-v-very n-n-nice N-N-Naruto-K-Kun," Tsunade said shivering. Everything near where Naruto had put that wall was quickly frosted over, Tsunade included. Even Kyuubi wasn't immune to the cold, so he had to fight the urge to shiver. His teeth didn't chatter though. Naruto grimaced and looked around.

"Aw man," he whined again. "Let me warm you up a bit." Tsunade took on a look of terror. If Naruto's ice was this cold, how hot could his fire be? "I won't do anything like a fireball, but just put your hands over mine." Tsunade did as he asked and immediately felt the warmth of a hot shower spread through her. "Better?" he asked. She nodded to the boy before speaking.

"You need to be careful with how you use that Ice-Chakra of yours," she said. "I have a theory as to why the sky is still grey, and it might have to do with your transformation, but we'll have to see. Naruto, your fire went out." Naruto turned to see that his fire and some of his ice had become a pool of water.

"That does it," he said in complete annoyance. "I'm just gonna chuck 'em into the freaking forest; let the wolves deal with them." Naruto summoned ten clones and started hurling the not burned corpses as far into the woods as he could, reabsorbing his Ice and Water-Chakra as he went. Naruto was panting by the time he was done, but he was far from tired. "I hate working," he said bluntly. Naruto regained his composure before walking back to Tsunade and Kyuubi, dispelling his clones on the way there.

"Have you noticed Naruto?" Kyuubi asked. Naruto wondered what the heck he meant. "It's snowing." Naruto looked up in shock to see a gentle yet steady snowfall coming from the sky. "I personally don't mind snow, but this is just weird for summer."

"As I said," Tsunade began, "you need to watch how you use that Ice-Chakra Naruto; it's really powerful, especially in your case." Naruto continued to look up into the clouds.

"Something's not right about this," he said. "Kikánugan." Naruto's expression changed to one of surprise as the source came into sight. "It's me," he said in wonder.

"That's what I said Naruto," Tsunade blurted out in annoyance.

"Not they way you're thinking though. While yes, it was my jutsu from yesterday that formed the grey clouds originally, these are staying directly above the Leaf Village. What's worse…." Naruto gulped. Tsunade and Kyuubi were both curious. "They're caused by my chakra." Kyuubi was about to speak, but Naruto held his hand up for him to stop. "It's my chakra flowing out of me; my extra chakra is flowing up and into the sky, and it's causing the temperature change and clouds to form. Just me being here, is causing the snow to fall."

Tsunade and Kyuubi were both shocked by this information. This was about the biggest complication possible, and boy talk about timing. "This is bad," Tsunade said as she held her head in one hand. "Let's try something creative though Naruto. I want to you toss really explosive fireballs into the clouds to get rid of them for now. I've got a ton of other stuff to deal with, so finding a permanent solution may take some time."

"More freaking work," Naruto sighed.

"Would you stop complaining?!" Kyuubi asked him a bit angrily. "You're alive, immortal in fact. A bit of work won't ruin your existence. You also have to think of the others around you before your own wants." Naruto took on a look of hurt before he faded in dust from the sights of Tsunade and Kyuubi. "Oh crap. What did I say to offend him?" A loud crackling sound filled the air as a yellowish light coated the ground and trees. Kyuubi and Tsunade swiftly turned to see an enormous ball of fire in place of where the clouds were a few seconds before.

"He'll incinerate the village!" Tsunade yelled. As the pressure and heat from the fire dispersed the snowy clouds, Naruto simply let go of the technique, letting the sphere send plumes of flame high into the atmosphere. Everything became very bright until the flames flickered out in midair. The sun now shone high in the sky, and the temperature was returning to normal. "Go talk to Naruto Kyuubi; I have some things that I must attend to. Tell Kushina-San I said hello as well." The redhead nodded before blurring from her sight

Kyuubi had to use his best tracking abilities to follow Naruto's trail. The boy really could cover his tracks, but Kyuubi had one thing on his side, and that was the ability to see Naruto's chakra. He was outside the village in a crater caused by the use of one technique or another. Without warning, Naruto's chakra aura disappeared entirely, surprising and frightening Kyuubi.

Naruto had taken a few chakra-suppression tags from ANBU in the past. He now donned them as he sat quietly on the edge of the icy lake. Why am I so rude today? he asked himself. And why did Kyuubi's words hurt so much and cut so deep? Naruto stood up unconsciously and began walking out onto the lake. There was a small iceberg floating in the middle, where Naruto sat down. Why the heck am I so mad?

Naruto placed his hands lightly into the cool waters. Without warning, Naruto began hearing a weird tone in the air. It was steady and irritating. After shifting his arms to get up, the pitch suddenly changed to an even higher one. "Stop playing that awful noise!" he yelled. He didn't sense anyone in the area, so he was confused. "Is that me?" Naruto lifted his hands completely out of the water, and the sound stopped.

"The Hell?" Naruto exclaimed. The water droplets froze on his hands. They broke off as Naruto flexed his fingers. "Let's see how good of a musician I am," he joked. Naruto spread his fingers wide and allowed only the tips of his claws to touch the water. He was unsure of how exactly he was doing this, but a low humming could be heard throughout the forest. The boy began experimenting with different depths and changing his chakra flow. While the suppression tags held his aura down, he could still control his chakra very skillfully. Naruto began recreating the sounds of various instruments he heard and stopped once he mimicked a harp.

Note: If you want to hear a basic idea, go to the site on my profile labeled "Naruto lullaby." I really have no way to show you my sheet music because my parents still live in the 20th century, no scanners. I personally wrote my own lullaby, and this is very close, but not anywhere near as complex. Someone actually told me it sounded like what is played on the YouTube video that the url in my profile leads to. I wrote both lyrics and parts for both a viola and a cello, but this is an ok sub.

Naruto began to tear up as he instinctively moved between notes. His body moved on its own, creating wonderful tones and chords. Kyuubi had snuck behind a tree to see what had happened to Naruto and was stunned by these incredible sounds the blond was producing. Naruto stopped completely, making Kyuubi wonder if he had been discovered. He stopped his chakra from flowing completely so that he could stay and listen. Naruto flicked the ice droplets from his hands before beginning a song that he remembered from when Kushina had sung him asleep the night he was coming back from the Hidden Cloud Village. It was a lullaby which melted away all of Naruto's feelings of sadness and anger, allowing him to vent.

Each note rang out perfectly as Naruto's claws glided across and tapped the water, bringing forth immense amounts of emotion. The lake lit up brilliantly as Naruto's chakra surged through it, nearly blocking the boy from sight.

Both he and Kyuubi had been moved to tears by this song, so Naruto stopped when his vision became too clouded. A tear fell into the still water, freezing it into a deep blue, marble-like crystal. Naruto drew his hands out with any resistance at all and stood up. Kyuubi, while still completely suppressing his chakra, stepped out from his hiding place and revealed himself to Naruto.

"Naruto," he said quietly. "That was amazing. No one's ever been able to create music like that; it was truly stunning." Naruto turned up to look at him. More tears streamed from his passive eyes. He was albeit expressionless, but it tore at Kyuubi's heart. "What happened back there?" Naruto's expression swiftly changed to one of surprise before converting to be a depressed one.

"I just want to be alone right now," Naruto replied as an enormous dome of ice formed around the lake. Kyuubi tried to get in, but his efforts were fruitless. His punches merely bounced off the smooth surface.

"Damn," he spat. "I hope you cool off soon Naruto, or Kushina will have my hide." He could see Naruto inside placing his claws on the now solid ice lake. Kyuubi's ears were keen enough to pick up the tones coming from inside, but jeez ice was good at blocking sound. Naruto was playing another beautiful piece, making Kyuubi want to stay and listen, but the boy wished to be alone. "He'll be fine," the redhead stated as he walked off.

More snow clouds began to gather. This really was going to become a problem if Naruto could change the seasons with only his presence. Kyuubi was concerned. Very soon, he'd have to begin teaching the boy about Bijuu. And for that, he at the very least needed a way to talk peacefully. "What a fine kettle of fish," Kyuubi blurted as he came off the path and back into the village. Apparently, the way he had just taken wasn't actually a road. Something had busted apart this particular section of wall with a powerful technique that continued forward until it made that crater. "Just what in Hell were we up against?"

"Pein's summoning," Kushina provided as she revealed her presence. "It used a high density chakra beam to attack one group of our ninja. It broke out this entire section of wall and caused an explosion in the forest. Passed that, we don't know what all happened here." Kushina paused before asking, "Kyuubi, where is Naruto? I thought he was with you."

"There is nothing I can say or do to get through to him right now. He needs to vent his anger and frustration," the redhead replied. "He'll be back out as soon as he's hungry; don't worry."

"What would he be frustrated about?" Kushina stammered. "What all happened in the last hour and a half?"

"Work," Kyuubi replied bluntly. "And possibly an emotional breakdown that doesn't seem to have a cause." Kushina scowled. "Hey, Tsunade witnessed the whole thing; don't blame me." Kyuubi went walking into the town to do who knows what, leaving Kushina to think.

"What on Earth is going on Naruto?" Kushina asked into the air. "Akatsuki is dead, Madara is gone, and world peace is being established. Why are you acting like this? You weren't like yourself during breakfast. The appetite was there, but something was off. If only I could read your mind."

Everyone in the village gathered the corpses of the fallen allies for examination by Tsunade and Shizune. It took half the day to process all the information, but Tsunade sighed with relief when she finished identifying the final dead Sand Ninja. "I wonder how on earth we will be able to bury so many," she sighed. Shizune had found the exact number of casualties: two-thousand-seven-hundred-forty-eight ninja from the various allying lands perished in the two day long battle. Tsunade laughed half-heartedly before prospecting "I wonder if Naruto would be willing to lend a hand." Right after saying that however, Tsunade realized that she had not seen Naruto since he stormed off.

"Kyuubi?" she called. The redhead was in front of her in a split second, frightening her at first. "Try to avoid scaring me. Anyway, have you seen Naruto since earlier?" Kyuubi dropped his head before answering.

"He's still venting as far as I know. That giant ice dome is still above that one crater, so I assume he is in there," Kyuubi said as he pointed it out. "He's been playing music in there since I left him."

"Since when is he a musician?" Tsunade asked curiously.

"It's like nothing you have ever experienced in your life. But he has a natural talent for it. Naruto's amazing when it comes to his abilities with water," Kyuubi commented with a smile. "I am concerned though; he hasn't come out for a meal, and those snow clouds are getting thicker above the dome. Will he die of starvation, I wonder."

"I give him ten more minutes," Tsunade said as she stamped the last paper triumphantly. Without warning, wolves began howling in the distance, just loud enough for everyone in the village to hear and pause. This howl was one of a hunting party, but something was off. As everyone began looking toward the source of the noise, the giant ice dome came into view. Multiple packs howled at once as the dome split open and fell. Everyone was stunned by what happened next. A beautiful aurora shone brightly in the sky as a song took its place in the air. Naruto was no longer mimicking a harp; he was playing various instruments, including what seemed to be voices.

Note: I tried a hundred other songs to fit with a dark night and beautiful light display, but only one fit. I couldn't use a Christmas one for obvious reasons, so don't complain. If you own Final Fantasy X, you will certainly know the Hymn of the Fayth. YouTube has recordings of this. Use a male-voiced one because otherwise the mood is screwed up. Just do yourselves a favor and follow the author's advice. I'd recommend looking up Hymn of the Fayth All Versions. Once here, skip to 4:11, and continue on through Yunalesca. IGNORE THE GODDAMN PICTURE PERVS! I chose this one because it involves multiple voice parts, making the song more emotional and complex

"Is that… Naruto?" Kushina asked. Kyuubi just stood there with a shocked look on his face. "That's amazing. I… feel like crying. Everything feels so sorrowful." She noticed a tear falling from Kyuubi's eye. "Kyuubi, even you…" He wiped the tear away before looking back up in terror.

"This song… is one of the eight original songs in existence," he said with a shaky voice. Kushina, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kakashi all turned to him. Some of Naruto's friends were interested as well. "For him to know this song, whether by instinct or by him figuring it out, is potentially dangerous. He is venting his emotions, so this situation is potentially risky, although I have yet to see any of the signs of danger."

"You don't mean that… he could do something like 'that' here?" Tsunade asked Kyuubi as she began tearing up.

"I don't think he knows the full power of this melody, so no," Kyuubi replied. "But I need to explain the original songs to you first. The one you are hearing now is the Nocturne of Sorrows. When we demons hold a funeral for dearly loved ones, this is always one of the songs that is played, because it brings forth all of the sorrows of the people at once, causing both a hysterical mourning session and allowing the mourners to move on. In a way, this song is used to bring happiness, but Naruto is using it to vent his own feelings of anger and loneliness."

"What will happen then?" Sakura asked.

"This song holds a power more ancient than the demons, so I cannot possibly tell you everything about it. What I do know is, that when this song is played, every ounce of one's sorrow spills forth. Can you even begin to imagine how much he has stored within himself? More pain and anguish exist in him than a lifelong prisoner. It could either take hours for him to vent completely, or he will "explode" with sorrow all at once. I have no idea what the latter would do exactly."

"We can't let him keep playing then," Kushina stated seriously. Kyuubi held up a hand to stop her.

"It isn't that simple. A song like this must be completed; divine powers keep someone from stopping in the middle of it. But the problem would be if Naruto's emotions boiled over too soon. His body would still force itself to finish while he wept and thrashed in agony. There is only one verse left however, so we should get to him before he begins again."

Everyone nodded. "Let's go," Tsunade commanded. Kyuubi took one final stare at the aurora before following her and the group. When they all came to the edge of the lake, everyone finally figured out how Naruto was creating his music. Strands of ice stretched from the surface of the lake. As Naruto's chakra flowed through the lake itself, deep chords resounded throughout the forest. The strands themselves seemed to be what were creating the voices. They were so thin that a single touch could break them. All of it combined with the changing light patterns in the sky was an overwhelmingly stunning sight.

"He is finishing the final line," Kyuubi said flatly as he wiped away another tear. Everyone was clearing his or her eyes, but Naruto simply sat still with his fingers dancing on the ice. No tears flowed from his eyes, something that terrified Kyuubi to the core of his being. "Get out of here, now," he said. The entire group was frightened by his words, but they remained steadfast. "Tsunade, he's going to go berserk at this rate; get them to safety." Tsunade's expression changed to one of terror as the final notes to the nocturne played.

"Run!" she yelled. Everyone took a single look at Naruto to discover that the aurora was no longer shining various beautiful colors. Each ribbon of light turned blood-red in an instant, making each of them run except Kyuubi. "You won't live if you stay here. Hurry up and get out of the forest."

As the ribbons of light turned deep red, one last howl of a wolf could be heard. "Naruto," Kyuubi said quietly. The boy in question rose in the middle of the lake. When he turned toward Kyuubi, the fox's heart skipped a beat. "No." The blonde's normally cerulean eyes had turned crimson red like when Kyuubi possessed him. Kyuubi saw it coming and dodged as Naruto closed the distance between them and wound up for a punch.

"Wake up Naruto!" the redhead yelled. The boy simply turned back around and sent a volley of punches and kicks at him. One kick was dead on and hit him in the gut, launching Kyuubi into the forest and making him double over. "Curse his life," Kyuubi grunted as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. Naruto then appeared in front of him. "Oh shit!"

Whoosh. Naruto's fist barely missed Kyuubi's face. "Please wake up Naruto," Kyuubi yelled as he gripped Naruto's arm. The boy wasn't even conscious. He drowned himself in anger and sorrow, allowing base instinct to run free with him. "Just listen to me," Kyuubi said as Naruto jumped back.

"Convergence," Naruto said before opening his mouth wide. Kyuubi looked at him in terror, realizing the power behind this technique. A high density beam of red light shot at his shoulder, missing by a hairsbreadth.

I can't let him use attacks like that, Kyuubi thought to himself as he looked behind him to see a perfect hole in an ice-coated tree. A great flash of red went off as the beam hit the ground, causing a nova-like explosion. Waves of energy tore the forest from its roots as they spread out. Tsunade, Kushina, and many skilled ANBU erected a superior barrier to defend the village at the break in the wall, and it stood up to trees easily, but the actual energy seemed to pass right through it and into the villagers. Everyone began developing feelings of anger and sorrow that only increased as the final waves of red energy passed into them. All of the villagers, including Tsunade and her platoon collapsed.

" Naruto!" Kyuubi yelled as he came running, "calm down. This isn't like you. Wake up Naruto!" Kyuubi took a strong hit to the gut, lifting him off his feet as he coughed up blood. The redhead gripped Naruto's arm tightly so as to not be sent flying. "Wake up… damn it!" Kyuubi yelled before gripping Naruto's neck.

"Please let this work!" he yelled before forcing an immense amount of his own chakra into the boy. Naruto's eyes widened as the pupils thinned. His eyes began turning back to their original blue color as the red aurora climbed down from the sky and flew into his forehead. Kyuubi was in wonder when the light began etching a glowing snowflake into the boy's forehead. Kyuubi released his grip on the boy's arm and steadied himself. As the changing snowflake was finished, Naruto fainted and fell forward. "Naruto!" Kyuubi said seriously as he caught the blond in his arm. One icy tear fell from the boy's eye before losing consciousness completely.

Kyuubi walked back toward the village holding Naruto in his arms. He was shocked when he saw how unharmed the villagers were. Kushina and Tsunade ran up to him when they saw the boy in his arms. Blood ran down his cheek from where the red light had scratched the fluorescent snowflake into his skin.

"Is Naruto alright?" Kushina asked as she neared Kyuubi. Both she and Tsunade were shocked by his new mark.

"He'll live, but that was far too dangerous. Another Convergence attack and we'd have been obliterated," Kyuubi replied, his breathing heavy. "It's a miracle that I was able to stop him. I'm taking him back to the mansion; it's getting late." After taking several shaky steps forward, Kyuubi himself fainted, dropping Naruto as he fell into the dirt with a thud.

"Kyuubi!" Tsunade screamed. She ran over to him, but was stopped as the symbol on Naruto's forehead began to glow. Multi-colored chakra flowed out from Naruto and into Kyuubi, restoring his consciousness. As he stood up, Kyuubi studied the multi-colored chakra closely.

"Every spec is specialized to a particular element," he said. Kyuubi waved his hand through it slowly, trying futilely to separate the individual elements. "Amazing. It's so powerful too, and these healing abilities, remarkable." The aura finally receded, and Kyuubi picked Naruto up. "Let's try this again, shall we?" Kushina bade everyone goodnight as she followed the redhead home.

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