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Harry walked around the outside of the burrow, his hand shoved in his pockets and his mind deep in thought. The war had been over for several months now, the funerals were over and Harry had been living with the Weasley's. It had been an enjoyable enough time, playing Quidditch, swimming in the pond and not having to worry if someone was going to try to kill him, but unfortunately the one Weasley he wanted to notice him and spend time with seemed to be ignoring him, and he just couldn't understand why. He knew she was mad at him for breaking up with her so that he could go and hunt for the remaining horcuxes, but certainly that could be the entire reason. Could it? He shook his head to clear his thoughts. Why did girls have to be so confusing? He just didn't get them. The sound of the back door slamming pulled him back to the garden where he had wondered to. He saw Ron stumble down the steps carrying a large trash bag and mumbling something about "why can't she just let me used magic for it". Harry smiled. Ron turned to head back up the steps but caught sight of Harry and began walking over to where he was standing in the garden.

"I was wondering where you'd gone off to mate." Ron asked coming to stand next to Harry.

"I just need to be alone for awhile, clear my head you know."

"Yeah…" Ron said and looked around "So, you talked to Ginny lately?"

The questioned caught Harry somewhat off guard. Ron knew that he still had feelings for Ginny, but Harry was sure he would be against him acting on them, especially after the how Ron had been while Harry and Ginny were dating at Hogwarts.

"No." He sighed "I think she's ignoring me, every time we are left alone and I go to talk to her she rushes off claiming to have something to do."

"I really don't know what to tell you." Ron clapped a hand on Harry's shoulder. "I guess you just going to have to corner her somewhere where she can't run way."

It was strange hearing Ron talk about Harry cornering his sister, it didn't seem like the type of thing a big brother should be suggesting to the guy who had such feelings for his sister. He gave Ron an awkward look and apparently Ron understood because he continued with "Just don't let me catch you two snogging anywhere near me." Ron thought about this for a minute before continuing "As a matter of fact I think it would just be better if you two just didn't snog at all."

Harry looked at him wide eyed and shocked as Ron laughed and Harry understood Ron was joking. At least about the last part.

They stood there for awhile in silence, watching the garden gnomes run around until Ron spoke again.

"Come on Harry, Mum should have dinner on the table by now."

"Is food all you ever think about?" Harry laughed, half jokingly.

"It's definitely towards the top of the list." Ron chuckled as they made their way in the back door, past the old wellington boots and into the kitchen.

As soon as they stepped through the doorway Mrs. Weasley told them to head upstairs and wash before coming straight back down for dinner. Harry and Ron did as told and sat down at the table. Harry looked across the table at Ginny, her hair seemed to dance in the low light of the kitchen. Oh how he wished he could sit next to her and hold her hand. He remembered walking along the lake at Hogwarts holding her hand and talking about nothing in particular…

"Oi harry you alright?" George yelled. Harry was snapped from his fond memory to see George laughing next to him.

"Yeah" Harry mumbled lamely.

"What? I can't ear you" George took the seat next to Harry and gave him a wide mouthed grin.

Harry never felt safe sitting next to George at dinner. Since Fred had died George took it upon himself to provide double the trouble and entertainment and dinner just happened to be his favorite time to play jokes and wreck havoc, and if you were unfortunate enough to be caught in the middle of it you were more than likely to still be pulling bits of mashed potatoes out of your hair a week later.

Harry ate in silence, but kept an eye on Ginny. Gods she's beautiful, even then shoving mouthfuls of potatoes and pot roast into her mouth. A Few time she almost caught him looking at her and he would look away quickly.

Mr. Weasley was entertaining the group with story of how the Aurors had just caught another riotous Death Eater. The list of known ones on the loose kept getting shorter and shorter by the day and Harry was all too excited about it. Finally a world where he would have to check over his shoulder every few minutes to make sure one of Lord Voldemorts followers weren't sneaking up on him to finish the Dark Lord's undone business.

The sound of a sweet voice and the creaking of a chair on tile jerked him out of this though he looked up to see Ginny excusing herself from the table and heading towards the living room. As she walked in the next room Ron gave George a sharp jab in the ribs causing George to yelp out with pain. Ron and George seemed to have a silent conversation before George, finally understanding what Ron was getting at, jabbed Harry sharply in the ribs. Harry shot them both a dirty look before deciding it was better to just get it over with.

"Um…yeah…well I'm done here." He said getting up and heading for the living room where Ginny had disappeared to a few moments earlier. He could still hear the rest of the Weasley clan in the kitchen loudly talking about the Death Eater capture and knew it was safe for him and Ginny to talk.

She was sitting in the corner reading her potions book. Since the battle had destroyed most of the school, the majority of students, except those where both parents were Muggles, were being home schooled for the meantime.

She glance up from her book as she saw Harry coming towards her. She began to get up and head for the stairs but Harry stepped in front of her.

"Ginny wait, we err…need to talk"

"About what?" she said somewhat fiercely all the while crossing her arms over her chest with her potions book in front of her. But he could see beyond the rage in her eyes was hurt and he knew then that she still did care about him.

"About us." He finally replied "Ginny, I still really care about you, you know I do. And, I hope you still care about me too."

He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, embracing her in a deep hug. After a few moments he looked down at her. She looked away from him but he could tell by the glassy look in her eyes that he had caught and the way she was breathing that she was on the verge of tears.

He held her at arm's length and just looked at her.


She immediately shot a look up at him that could kill; He could almost feel the fury in her stare.

"How could you just leave me like that if you really cared? How could you leave without as much as a hint to where you would be for a year! Harry I thought you had died!" She screamed. Now the tears were rolling down her cheeks and Harry held up his hand and wiped some of them away.

"Ginny I could tell you where we were going, if Voldemort had gotten any idea that you knew…Ginny I can't even bring myself to think of what he would do to you!" Now Harry was the one fighting back tears. He really cared about Ginny and the thought of her being hurt in anyway tore at his heart. Finally he could fight it no more he looked down into Ginny's glistening brown eyes and the tears just came.

Ginny looked up into his eyes and began to see the truth to what Harry had been talking about all along. She looked into his eyes and saw the pain there. She dropped her potions book and wrapped her arms around Harry's neck. He bent his head a little and planted a soft kiss upon her lips and wrapped his arms around her waist. They stood there for awhile just holding each other in silence until the door from the kitchen opened and Mrs. Weasley popped in.

"Oh good you two are back together. That will make things around here so much more enjoyable. Deserts on the table."

And with that she headed back into the kitchen. Harry and Ginny just looked at each other and began to laugh.