Tales from the Athena Cabin

Disclaimer: Names borrowed from Flying Muffins, with her permission. PJatO owned by Rick Riordan. Greek name meanings were found on 20000 names Enough said.

Not my best work, but the first is just, well, the first. Will get better. Very short, yeah, I know. One shots based on the children of Athena.

The Name Game

By Ash

"I hate my name." Emily Lyons complained. Annabeth Chase looked up from Arichtechure of the South by Belle Haldane, slightly annoyed that she was jolted out of the false reality of Tara and other 19th century plantations, but she put the book down and looked at her sister.

"Why? Emily's a nice name, better then Annabeth at least." she said, a little enviously, Annabeth was so plain, but at the same time, it wasn't even a name. It was a combination. Like Mary- Sue. Except without the hyphen, which was worse.

"No, it's too common, I wish I had a name like... Cleopatra, that's Greek!" the twelve year old said. Annabeth nodded, but still looked doubtful.

"It means Glory of the Father, but it Cleopatra would be a bother to say every time we had to say your name." she said, trying to gently persuade the younger girl to just keep Emily.

"You could call me Cleo!" she said, giggling a little. Sometimes Emily had a tendency to act like the girls from the Aphrodite cabin. Two of the older campers, Malcolm and Cela, ages 16 and 14, looked up from the computer and a diary respectively.

"Em, you don't want an unusual name," Cela said, "Celandine is like name induced torture." She put the diary aside and put her hand on the younger girl's shoulder. "Trust me."

"Yeah, you don't get many nick name opportunities with a name like mine." Malcolm said with a grimace, no doubt thinking of the few people who called him "Mal"

"I think Cleo's an awesome name!" Robin said excitedly. The youngest Athena child had been working on his summer homework. Summer homework in 4th grade. That's insane, Annabeth thought.

"It would be OK as a middle name," Annabeth coincided, "But Emily Philomela is a lovely name." She was still trying to steer clear of long first names.

"Philomela means nightingale." Cela put in.

"We could call you Phil." Robin offered. Emily looked at him, horrified.

"Phil is a boys name Robin!" she exclaimed. Robin shrugged, his name was often used as a girls name, so he really didn't care.

"How about we all keep our names the way hey are? It's not like anyone here is 18 yet, so at least wait it out." Malcolm reasoned, "I can live with Malcolm Odysseus Clark for a bit longer." He smiled reassuringly at Emily.

"I'm sure we can handle Celandine Alcmene, Robin Iason, Emily Philomela and Annabeth Andromeda as well." Cela said, nodding.

"Oooh, Andromeda?" Emily asked, suddenly excited.

"Yeah, so?" Annabeth said. Uh oh, she thought, if she says anything about Percy I will...

"Are you going to name your first daughter Gorgophone?" she asked, still in the bubbly tone of voice.

"Excuse me?" she asked, startled.

"Gorgophone! That's what Perseus and Andromeda named their first girl. It means Gorgon Slayer and I figured since you and Percy are going to be married someday..." Emily said, trailing off, "That you might name your daughter that."

The other cabin mates stared at her in horror.

"Firstly, there's nothing between Percy and I and secondly, what kind of person do you think I am? I would never inflict that name on someone who had half my DNA!" Annabeth yelled.

"We could call her Gorg." Robin said. The rest groaned. "OK, fine, I'm still going to call Em Phil though."

Three months later Robin could proudly announce that his tooth was growing in. How he lost it in the first place, though, he rather not say...


Love it? Hate it? Note this is meant to be silly, not serious. And if your name happens to be Gorgophone (not likely), then I apologize. Hugs and cookies to those who review! Thanks, Ash.