Alright, here is OPSS, finally. It's a little short, but hopefully enjoyable

Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns the world of PJatO. I own Greg and Cela. Flying Muffins (Susi) has the rights to Robin and Emily.

OPSS- Overprotective Sibling Syndrome

Cela ran into the room, tears already smudging the make -up that had taken her a good twenty minutes to put on. Guys could be such jerks! Stupid, stupid Jack Williams. She let out a sob, causing the Athena children to jerk their head towards her. She just stood there, crying before flopping onto her bed.

"Cela?" Emily asked timidly, "Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm not. But I hate Jack Williams. He's such a... a... feeble minded idiot!" Greg had jumped up and put his arms protectively around his twin.

"What did he do?" he asked soothingly. She sighed.

"He broke up with me for Cecelia Victor. I should have seen it. She has a prettier face and a smaller IQ." she sniffled. Greg's look hardened.

"He's a jerk Cela, don't bother with him." Annabeth said sensibly. But Greg just made a fist.

"That dick-head! I'll punch his face in!" he said getting up. He ignored Cela's protests and stomped out the door, dragging a confused Malcolm and an angry Robin behind him. Once the door had slammed shut Emily stared after them, annoyed.

"Those sexist dimwits!" she said and got up to follow. Annabeth sighed.

"At least you know we back you up. And I'd go hurt him too, but I said I'd meet Percy." she sighed, closing the door behind her as she walked out. Cela just wiped away her tears and stared at the door wonderingly.

Outside three very pissed off Athena boys approached a cool Apollo boy as Emily trailed behind.

Jack raised his eyebrows, not thinking that this was not much of a threat. A large Ares boy, Rob flanked his left side, as well as a quick Hermes child, Max. Hanging onto his arm was the lovely but ditzy Cecelia. The daughter of Aphrodite was laughing at some joke that he had just told and he was feeling pretty good about himself, not thinking about the consequences of breaking up with Cela. Greg, however, aslo didn't have consequences on his mind when he smashed his fist into the son of Apollo's nose. Cecelia screamed and Rob and Max jumped, ready for action. Malcolm held his little brothers back as Greg and Robin advanced. Jack held onto his nose, wondering why no one had told him that Gregory Montgomery, well known for being able to find the quotient of large numbers in seconds (but not strength) could really pack a punch.

"Go die in a hole Williams." he snarled, pulling away from Malcolm and sending a well aimed kick in Rob's direction. The much bigger boy fell to his knees howling and grabbing his... er... sensative area. Jack's eyes widened and Malcolm reached for the back of Greg's shirt.

"I don't need you to hold him back for me Clark, I can handle him myself. It's not like any of you are much of a threat." Jack said, regaining some dignitly. Malcolm's eyebrows furrowed and he released both his brothers, while jamming his elbow into the chest of Max, who was about to jump on the eldest Athena child. Cecelia squealed as Robin and Greg came forward.

"Don't you...ever... go near... my sister... again." Greg said, grabbing Jack's collar, "You hear?"

"Yeah, gods. Don't freak out." he said, eyes wide and trying to save his reputation as a large crowd had gathered around the fight, urging them on.

"Greg! Let him go!" Cela yelled, pushing through the crowd. She grabbed her brother's arm, pulling him back. Greg released him and the boy fell to the ground. Jack scrambled to his feet and dusted himself off.

"I swear, Williams. If you so much as look at her..." he warned, trailing off to emphasize the intensity of the threat. The son of the sun god (A.N. ha ha?) nodded and backed off. Robin got off Max, whom he had been hitting on the head with a science textbook he had had handy and Malcolm, who had been poking Rob in the ribs with his foot stopped mid- kick. Cela pulled Greg away and the Athena boys walked away grumbling, the other campers staring at them in wonder. But Emily wasn't quite satisfied. She walked up to Jack a glint in her eyes. Cecelia was fussing over his bloody lip as Max and Rob got up off the ground, a nose bleeding and some ribs bruised.

"It's because you're gay isn't it?" she asked.

The End

Yes, it's short and the end quote is from something that people put on their profiles about friends or best friends. And I suck at writing action. I was feeling uninspired. And I really need a beta, but I'm not sure how to get one... Cecelia means dimwitted, I THINK. Don't take my word on it but...

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