Title:Prologue: In times of Need

Fandom:Harry Potter

Characters:Hermione and Ron

Prompt: 96 - Need

Word Count: 973


Summary:Ron/Hermione. Missing Moments, A story of how Ron got the book that helped him so much in the DH and him first putting it's contents to use. She shows up in chapter 5, but he has to have time to read the book before she shows up so it's humor at first and then Romance.

Author's Notes:I started and abandoned this about 6 months ago but I've decided to revive it as I work on my prompts. Minor changes have been made but not much except for proof reading, which I always do a horrid job on. *shrug*

Twelve Fail-Safe Ways of Charming Witches.

Prologue: In times of Need

Ron was lying on top of his bed, the residue of his angered goodbye at kings cross station mixed and swirled miserably around with his regret and self pity inside him. Their fight had been about something completely stupid, like always. It had been a sombre but pleasant ride home on the Hogwart's express that afternoon. Harry was staring out the window thinking, Ron was sure of it, noble and self sacrificing thoughts. This had left Ron and Hermione to talk quietly between the two of them for a while. It had been the rockiest year yet between the two of them and this long and quiet meandering talk had felt like a soothing balm on their relationship.

He should have known it was too good to be true. Ron flipped hastily onto his side and punched the pillow he had been adjusting. 'Why couldn't I have just kept my stupid mouth shut?' He slowly began to think over their departure that afternoon.

"So how long before you make your appearance at the Burrow this summer?" He'd asked her nervously fidgeting with the rucksack on his shoulder. He didn't meet her eyes. Ron knew his cheeks were turning red. 'Damn it' He thought 'why can't I just stay normal colored for 5 minutes?'

"I mean Ginny said she'd invited you and I was just wondering..." He let his voice trail off into nothing as he finally met her gaze. He hadn't expected the expression on her face to be filled with so pain. Panic began to rise within him 'Did she not WANT to come to the Burrow?' "I was just wondering how much of my summer will be nagging free s'all." 'Why did I say that?Why is it every time things are going well I have to act like some kind of prat?'

Hermione tried to chuckle but the pain in her eyes seemed to have only increased by her forced laughter. "I have a few things to take care of, but it should only be a week or two." She said vaguely. She had turned to look back at her Mom and Dad who were talking to Ron's dad who was apparently telling them a story that involved his arms flying around animatedly.

Her vague response annoyed him. Hermione was rarely vague, usually she went on and on in great detail about how exactly she was doing the precisely right thing. The only times Ron could think of Hermione being this withholding of information was whenever Viktor Krum had been involved.

He had tried endlessly to find out who had asked her to the Yule Ball only to have it be the oversized ox had asked her during one of his stalking sessions in the library. Two summers ago she had dodged his questions about her plans for the holiday and when she'd arrived at Grimmauld Place it was only then he discovered she'd just returned from spending two weeks in Bulgaria with Vicky.

"Yeah you wouldn't wanna head off to fight the worst dark wizard in history without snogging Vicky for a bit would you?" Ron kicked a stray piece of litter on the pavement and could hear his own voice dripping with bitter resentment. He didn't take his eyes off his shoes for a while but when he finally looked up at her it was to see that her face had transformed from sorrowful anguish to pure and unbridled rage.

"We haven't seen...How dare... For you information... " Hermione's eyes narrowed further, the anger in her voice seemed to carry with it too much emotion to complete any specific sentence and instead she pulled her lips into a tight frown. "Good bye Ronald, enjoy your holiday. I hope you choke one of Phlegm's Tranche Rainbow Tarts." And without another look grabbed her trunk and headed over to their families where after a giving quick hugs to Ginny and Mrs. Weasley she departed for the muggle parking lot with her parents.

Ron attempted to pushed away the memory, he'd watched her walk away without a single look back at him. His Parents, Ginny, Fred and George had all started leaving toward the taxi's waiting for them but Ron had just stood rooted to the spot watching her until she turned a corner and he couldn't see her anymore. Then he just stared off, memorizing the spot she'd disappeared at.

There was a knock on Ron's bedroom door which pulled him out of his memory and back onto the bed he was laying on. "What?" He shouted grumpily. Ron was perfectly happy wallowing in his misery and wished the whole world was just leave him to it for a bit.

The door opened without waiting for an invitation. It was Fred and George. 'Great, yes this is exactly what I need right now.' Just as Ron finished sitting up a book landed in his lap.

"Thought you might benefit from a bit of light reading." Fred chuckled as the twins exchanged a smile.

He turned the book so he could read the large gold emblazoned letters across the front. "Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches" Ron felt his ears grow warm with embarrassment.

"Dead useful stuff in there too." This time it was George who spoke. "Not that I ever needed it, couldn't keep the ladies off of me if I wanted to, witches or muggles. But it can't come naturally to all of us, so there you go."

"I don't need..." Ron began in protest but was cut off by Fred.

"We saw you at the station little brother, and yes you do." Without another word the twins left his room. Ron looked down at the leather bound book in his lap. 'What could it hurt?'