Hi guys

Yea so the story pretty much ended without getting it's proper end. Titanterror won't finish it, so I'm finally just going to post the notes, but not Titanterror's notes, my notes. From before Titanterror took over. (I can inform everyone, however, that titanterror was planning on reviving Bella.)

Anyway, from chapter 40 where Edward had proposed to Bella. The next chapter was supposed to be from Edward's pov. Where they fight Victoria and some of her followers and almost lose, but then Jasper comes along and helps them.

Victorie flees back to the army where the wolves and the other vampires are still fighting. Bella, Edward and Jasper join the battle. In the end the Volturi comes by and cleans up, warns the Cullens and leave.


Bad notes, I know.

I'm sorry.

Yours truly.