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Mother Nature's Gift…to the Cullens

Renesmee's POV

I never thought I could ever be so bored.

I sat on the love seat, bored to tears, my head dangling at the far edge, as I felt the blood rush to the top. I never believe a day could be as boring as it was this minute and suppressed the urge to scream from the nothingness.

Mom, Auntie Alice, Auntie Rosalie, and Grandma were all out hunting in some far of place because the animals were good enough here or some crap like that. Grandpa was at the hospital to fill in for some sick human (so he says), leaving me to be the only sane person here for God knows how long. I swear that hospital is like crack or something to Grandpa. I suggested he see Dr. Phil or Oprah or another angel-on-earth to help him but he just laughs like I'm joking!

So here I was, alone with my Uncle Jazz, Uncle Emmett, and Dad.

In other words, everyone as left me in my own personal hell. No, scratch that, being babysat by Uncle Emmett and Auntie Rosalie while they 'celebrated' their wedding anniversary in their bedroom would be my own personal hell (and a good discussion for the shrink I would have to see for that), but this is close enough.

I heard a holler that caught my attention upstairs. I realized it was only my idiot uncles bickering on the second floor so I listened to the argument in slim irritation as my head drowned internally with blood.

"Jazz!" Uncle Emmett shouted, "It's left-left-right, down-up-left-right, damn! For a frickin' 165-year-old vampire with a thousand degrees in psyticolomy, you sure are a dumbass!!"

I heard a sharp crack of something plastic and two solids colliding in a frustrating clamor, "This wasn't even my idea, Emmett! You were the one wanting to play Halo 3 and I was just doing this crap so you wouldn't follow me around saying 'Halo 3?' all day, nonstop! Oh, and while your calling me a dumbass, it's called psychology…dumbass!" fumed my Uncle Jasper.

"I'm out, get Edward or Nessie to play," the door slammed loudly, threatening to break, and I heard Uncle Jasper murmur, "Like they'd ever".

I sighed. Jacob wasn't even here to save me from this stupidity. At least when he's here I not so mind-numbingly bored; he always knows what to do. I even felt urge too cry and I stifled a sniffle. Talk about bored to tears.

Then, like on cue, I heard my father's low, velvety chuckle. Stupid mind reader. My eyes tightened into a strong glare; can he read I really wanted to be alone right now? But this was my dad we're talking about; he's even overprotective of me hurting myself.

"Testy today, are we?" Daddy asked as he appeared out of nowhere and stood above my dangling head with a smirk dancing on his face.

I really hate when he reads me. If I want you to know something, I could touch you, damn!

I lifted my head up as I, to my surprise, rolled my eyes as the smirk grew wider on my dad's face. This was all strange; my dad usually keeps me calm, but now I saw him as annoying as Uncle Emmett. That reminds me…

"No," Daddy and I said simultaneously. I heard a disappointed, "aww" from Uncle Emmett upstairs.

My dad chuckled again. "As annoying as Uncle Emmett?" He replied to my unspoken rant as he sauntered to sit next to me, "They left you in your personal hell, you say? You're the only sane person here for God knows how long?" He chuckled once more. He enjoyed this way too much.

"Whatever," I mumbled, my cheeks heated up and I grimaced. I have definitely proved I have lived up to my Mom's old human blushing record, something Uncle Emmett really enjoys.

I cringed slightly to the annoying pangs in my lower abdomen I've been feeling lately but otherwise I ignored it.

"Dad," I asked with an innocent tone, switching the subject, "Can you pass my phone to me, pllleeeeeease? I need Jacob." I puppy-dog pouted to him, the most adorable one I could make. That would get him to stop talking about my rather embarrassing tirade, and having Jacob here wouldn't hurt either. I could already smell the forest musk radiating from his fiery chest…

My dad cleared his throat loudly. He heard my intentions. And the Jacob fantasy, too.

While an eyebrow rose he looked at me incredulously, "You can run at the rate of a speeding car, yet you can't get a simple phone from across a room?" he laughed quite loudly, but dropped the phone he had so quickly grabbed from across the room it my hand, "If you didn't want to talk, you could had simply said so," he whispered to me and with a kiss and a grin, he was gone.

"I did!" I yelled to nothing. God, like I have said, I really hate when he reads me.

As I began to search for Jacob's number (I hate typing the damn thing when it's already programmed to my cell), the pang in my lower stomach started up. Man, I need some Tylenol or something, I thought.

But as I thought this, the hurt got worse and worse until I dropped the phone from the pain. My hands fell to my stomach and a wretched groan escaped my lips.

Uncle Jazz, Uncle Emmett, and Daddy were already at my side and, of course, my dad was the most worried.

"Nessie, what's wrong," Daddy asked me urgently.

At first my answer was a moan but it broke into the shambled words, "My stomach. It huuuuuurrrrrrrrtttttttsssss!!!!!"

"Did you eat that human food? That probably it! How the hell are we supposed to know when it goes bad!? It just for the mu—Jacob!" Uncle Emmett tried to explain. I heard none of his ramblings.

"Maybe…Jacob and Nessie…you know…" implied Uncle Jasper nervously.

"No!" Daddy and I said together, jumping abruptly from our places. The pain stabbed me and I fell back breathless with a terrible moan.

Daddy stayed up and growled at Uncle Jasper for a moment, then went back to the matter at hand, "Maybe we should call Carlisle…" he looked down at me with pain in his eyes.

The pain got even worse until I shrieked from the inner torture. I felt the ultimate panic as nobody knew what to do. Then, like pain had triggered something dormant, a release came from below, and we all smelled the unforgettable smell of blood in the room.

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