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The Darkest Moon
Chapter one: You Left Me

Bella's POV

I put down Edward's note saying he went to the mainland to hunt. He said he would be back by the next time I woke up, but I needed the bathroom first.

I rolled out of the bed and walked over to the small bathroom. I closed the door behind me and flipped on the lights. I squinted at the sudden brightness and did my business. I was about to turn the light off when my stomach caught my eye.

There was a distinct bump in it. I lifted up my shirt and ran my hand down it. It was firm, not squishy, like fat. I felt a faint kick under my hand and my eyes widened.

It just wasn't possible. Everyone said it was impossible, but I have proof that it wasn't.

I pulled my shirt back down and walked out of the room, smiling to myself. I couldn't fall asleep again now, I was just too excited.

How would Edward take it? He wouldn't be angry with me, would he? It wasn't his fault, anyway.

I felt a prick in my arm and I immediately started to close my eyes. Why was I so tired? I turned my head and saw this short little Japanese girl with long black hair and red eyes staring at me. She wasn't pale enough for a vampire, but I didn't have time to figure it out because the world blurred and I fell into the dark abyss that was my mind.

Edward's POV

I stepped off the boat and immediately smelt a strange odor. I ran full speed inside and searched every room. There was no sign of Bella or the thing that took her. There was a forgotten syringe lying on the floor of the bedroom and I picked it up. It may be important later.

Bella's scent was a few hours old and I followed the other odor out the door. I lost it when I got to the shore. I smelled helicopter fuel and sunk down on my knees in frustration.

How could this have happened? My cell phone rang. I grabbed it out of my pocket and flipped it open. What did Alice want now?

"Bella's gone," Alice said.

"Yes, Alice," I growled at her, "I got that when I saw she wasn't on the island and there was this other scent and the smell of helicopter fuel by the shore."

"No," she said, "I mean, she's gone. I can't see her, at all. It's like with the wolves, she's just gone. I'm not sure if she's alive or not right now."

"I'm coming home," I told her, running back to the house to pack up our stuff.

"No need, Edward. Just meet us in the house in London."

"Okay," I said and hung up. I quickly packed all our stuff and sped down to the boat. I sped back to the main land and shipped the bags via UPS to the house in London.

I ran towards the airport and booked the next flight. While I was waiting I called the maid service and told them to do what they normally did when no one was using the island.

The flight was boring and I landed in London International Airport. I walked down to Baggage Claim to meet my family.

Alice ran up and hugged me. I hugged her back. Esme hugged me after her. Everyone else was just thinking that they were sorry and they would do anything to help me find her.

"Thanks, guys," I whispered.

"Let's go home," Jasper said. Everyone agreed and we left.

We had to take two cars since we wouldn't all fit into one. Alice pulled up into our London home, but it didn't feel like home. Nothing ever would. Not without Bella.

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