I. Intro

This is what I brought you

This you can keep

This is what I brought

You may forget me

I pormised you my heart

Just promise one thing

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep

- Prelude 12/21


He didn't expect to see her, but there she was. In the fray, completely oblivious to the pain she was causing him. He had come back... but only because he had to. It hurt him to constantly think of how he was hurting her so he convinced himself it was all for the best. That it was for her. That one day... she would be happy without him. So he drowned himself in scotch. But only worked into the waking hours. At night when he passed out... she was all he could dream about.

And then his savior came. His only family left. But she had forsaken him, forsaken what was saving him. She had forsaken him.

So there he saw her in the throng of drunken people dancing against each other. And she was one of them. He thought he could distract himself the wayhe had last summer when he had hurt her. Again. He couldn't stop. But it was the fuel that fired them. They couldn't stop what they were. And this was how they were. But this wasn't her. She wasn't promiscuous. Well, not with anyone else. She wasn't a problem drinker. She wasn't a partier. At least, where anyone could see her. But she had changed. She wasn't this way when he had returned... that he could recall. But he couldn't recall much. He barely remembered the plane ride back.