I'll show you what it is that you want, my dear Kikyo…

She shakes her head, concentrating on getting rid of the malicious voice inside of her head. Her purifying powers radiate around her, like a halo.

But he's still in her mind.

She sees what he wants her to see.

She sees herself and him in front of her. She sees him touching her, grabbing her hair and pulling her into him roughly. Kissing her.

Your flesh has been denied carnal pleasure…it yearns for it.

She moans when he touches her, licking and biting and overwhelming her with his passion.

He was fire and she was ice and she was melting underneath his touch.

You've had fantasies about it, haven't you? Did you imagine him touching you like this?

Kikyo shut her eyes, trying to block out his voice.

But he was right. His touch ignited her, it made her deepest desires come true.

She was never allowed to have such cravings. She should never know the touch of a man, because she was a Miko and she should remain untainted. Love was forbidden. Lust was forbidden.

Feeling was forbidden.

It's not anymore, is it?

He bites her neck and she tilts her head back, giving into him. Now that she was reborn, she didn't need to follow the same rules as in her previous lifetime. She was…free in a way.

Her arms circle around his neck and she arches into his touch.

He was to blame for everything. He was the enemy.

So what?

She looks into his eyes, ruby red and gleaming with lust. He was so…impulsive, reckless…

She can feel his heartbeat accelerating as he looks at her. His human heart was beating out of control.

And she thinks for a moment that she can understand why he did what he did. Jealousy was the only emotion typical to humans. His demon mind twisted that emotion into something unrecognizable.

But was it so wrong?

Her hand shoots up, grabbing his neck. She concentrates all her purifying energy into her fingers and small burns appear on his skin.

"What do you want?" she asks and her dark eyes pierce into his blood coloured ones.

He freezes, but his expression becomes serious. More serious than she'd ever seen him.

"You." he answers simply.

And he leans into her, even though her grip is still tight on his throat and the holy energy is burning his skin.

His lips touch hers and she thinks she could get used to this. She releases his neck slowly and his arms circle around her.

Finally…I'm free.

Finally…you're mine.

A/N: Yup, I still think NarKik is the best couple in Inuyasha fandom.