Whirlpool Wind Sage by stormrune

CHAPTER I Discoveries, fox and females

'Well I'll be dammed...quite the interesting heritage you have there Naruto-kun' These were the thoughts of one Yakushi Kabuto as he looked between a blood test and a five years old blond kid.

He didn't know what was more interesting the blood test or the kid. He knew that the kid was a genius even with only five years he could already manipulate chakra and was able to even do Kabuto's technique Chakra no mesu (chakra scalpel), of course all of this in secret as well as the present blood test requested by Naruto himself.

"Well Naruto it seems like I can tell who your mother is but the information on your father, I am afraid it's classified"

Uzumaki Naruto, five years old and the most hated person in the village, a feeling that was quite mutual but that's for another time. Naruto met Kabuto when he was four.

He was the only medic that would assist him when he went alone to the hospital. He was the one to teach him what chakra was and was thanks to him that he had so much control; he even went as far as to teach him a technique, something that will come to bite him in the ass in the future. He was also the only person that Naruto talked without fear of anyone knowing about his real capacity as a genius. He trusted Kabuto a little because he knew that although Kabuto wants to manipulate him, he at least knew what to expect and for the moment it wasn't important.

"Okay then Kabuto-san, can you tell me who she was or was she like this village that despise me, I wouldn't be surprised if she hated me too" Naruto answered indifferently

"Well Naruto-kun according to this she died in child birth and she was from the former whirlpool country, her name was Uzumaki Kushina " The moment that he said that Kabuto knew that something happened to Naruto. The kid's eyes told him that he was planning something.

"So Naruto-kun what are you going to do now?" Naruto looked at him with a serious face and answered "Well for now thank you for your time and for telling me about my mother and later I'll go to the Hokage, I am sure he knew and it's time for him to tell me about my parents"

"Very well Naruto I hope this helped you" With that Naruto walked out of the hospital straight to the Hokage tower ignoring all the hateful glares while he thought of how to say it to the hokage. In the end he just went with the ¨weasel pose¨ as he called it, learned from imitating one of his anbu escorts who protected him from time to time.

"Hello Naruto-kun please sit and tell me what you need" Said the Sandaime hokage or the old man as Naruto used to call him the old kage thought sadly.

"You told me that you didn't know my parents yet I just find out who my mother was"

That made all colour to drain from Sarutobi's face

"How did you found about it?" He questioned nervous and a little angry.

"I found a blood test with my name on it in the hospital archives, it says that my mother was Uzumaki Kushina and that she was from a clan from Whirlpool country , care to explain why did you hide it from me, after all she was just a chuunin?"

The Hokage while already thinking of what he was going to do to the hospital security simply sighed in defeat and answered "Well you see Naruto-kun your father had a lot of enemies and people from whirlpool or survivors are very rare so I though that they may associate you with both and attempt to kill you. Your father wanted for you to a least make chuunin before knowing about him"

"I see … so did she left me something to know about her or did she hated me as the people in the village do" This made the Hokage wince internally but he was quick to answer

"No Naruto they actually loved you a lot and yes she did left you something. Wait a second I'll go for it"

Fifteen minutes later Sarutobi appeared with a blue scroll with an orange swirl the size of Naruto.

"This Naruto is as you can see its a sealing scroll, to be more exact a family scroll that your mother wanted you to have, she made it herself because her clan scroll was destroyed along side the village, it will be better that you seal it in your arm seeing how you have become quite an accomplished shinobi despite being so young and not even be in the academy"

It was true a month ago after Kabuto finished teaching him the chakra no mesu, Naruto was on his way to his favourite place, Ichiraku for Ramen when he saw a few villagers trying to vandalize Ichiraku and one was about to hit Ayame-chan. Naruto only remembered that he lost it. Activating his chakra scalpels this time they were red he charged at the civilian that hit Ayame and sliced his hand with his right and the second scalpel was a direct to the guy crotch. Well he didn't know what they saw on his eyes and he didn't care but they were scared shitless. Since then no villager dare to even insult Ichiraku or his daughter, but Naruto said that he wouldn't come back because he was bad for their business even at their insistence. Since then he have been learning all he could about sealing that was at the academy library for security, sneaking at night as well as learning the academy jutsus. The chakra control of tree climbing and water walking learned from Kabuto as well as learning the scalpels had made his chakra control perfect since he started to train it early so he was able to do even that stupid bunshin.

"According to your father" continued the hokage "She left a letter sealed in it for you"

With that information Naruto simply took the scroll and sealed it on his arm. He only used this seal for his most valued things like all the copies of the book on sealing that he had already read. Contrary to popular belief sealing is about understanding and chakra flow, in other words it's like learning an idiom but with algorithms and chakra control.

"Thank you for all Hokage-sama" responded Naruto a bit coldly "It was nothing Naruto-kun" responded the hokage a bit saddened.

With that Naruto went directly to his home and after activating the few security seals that he had placed around his apartment he opened the scroll and read the letter.

Dear Naru-chan ( he sweat dropped)

If you are reading this then that means that I died as well as you father. Since he heard the news of the kyubi he has been like crazy trying to find a way to stop him. Yes, in case that you don't know, your father is no other than Namikaze Minato Yondaime Hokage.

This may be shocking but it's true. Either way this scroll has all the techniques that I know from my, or better said, our clan. As you can see they are few, actually only three two A ranked and one B ranked, the three water typed because that was our clan speciality. Those were the only three that I was able to learn from our original family scroll. I made this scroll with the hope that you have something from our family. Sealed in this scroll is a necklace passed in the Uzumaki clan that said to help with our water affinity as well the kage bunshin technique that I created and a chakra paper that will tell you your chakra affinity since Minato seems to have a strong wind affinity. The necklace is like the one that Tsunade wears, according to legend; it can be used to control bijuus, but for some reason your father didn't take this into account. I hope that you have a good life and find someone that you love and be loved in return

Your mother that loves you

Uzumaki Kushina

He couldn't believe it! His father, his own father sealed a fucking demon on his son. ¿What kind of imbecile does that? Couldn't he have used just some kind of reverse summoning or something, now he only hates him more, and why didn't he use the necklace? He already knew of the kyubi. He met him the day of the fight at Ichiraku ramen.


Just what he needed! In front of him was the famous Kyubi, with his attention completely centred on him? ¿What the fuck he did in another live to deserve this?



"I want to kill you"

Well fuck. Talking about being direct and honest

"It's not my fault that you are here you know" he answered with a deadpan expression

"…the seal is slowly stealing my chakra monkey"

"Well it wasn't my idea besides I hate the guy who put you here as much as you"

"I see…. You sure are an interesting kid….tell you what if you impress me I'll grant you the honor of striking a deal with me …. Now leave you are boring and irritating"


Since then Naruto have been studying seals and bijuu in an effort to get rid of the kyubi and maybe gaining something in the process. But getting back at things at hand he just found a purpose in life. He will become strong and when he deems himself ready he will leave this hateful village and create his own, the New whirlpool. His mother would be proud and his idiotic father can turn on his grave.


It had been 4 years since that day. He had since changed quite a bit .He had no doubt that he could defeat any chuunin and even some weak jounin. That day he found that he had his parent's affinities and since then he had discovered his talent for jutsu creation. He knew that one of the most important aspects if not the most was physical condition so that day , he went to the library for taijutsu scroll and the exercises for the chakra affinity. What he didn't expect was one Maito Gai to find him practicing the basic of taijutsu. It was with his help that he created his own style that he intended to keep for his future family the Furomizu fuujin (flow of wind and water god) .He had created quite a bit of jutsus as well as evolving others giving as a result his Fuuton Chakra no Mesu (wind chakra scalpel) .The Sandaime had even given him a technique as a present and has an apologize. Raiton hekireki nami (thunder wave), of course if he knew that Naruto had entered his office when it was closed bypassing all of his security seals and getting his father heritage. Not that he cared; he ha sealed all the techniques of his father in his arm and has forgotten about them, he just did that as a way to say fucks you, to this village. But it was not any of this, what had him happy it was that he ha completed his two projects. The most important being the reason that he was talking to Kyubi now.

"¿So …. What do you want brat?" He could feel the smugness from the dam brat

"I came to tell you that I found a way to free you without killing myself and to strike a deal with you" Now that catches the attention of the demon lord

"HOW … FREE ME AND I MAY LET YOU LIVE…" said with a blast of killer intent

"BE SILENT DEMON and be grateful that I won't be destroying your existence, besides what about that deal you promised?" Naruto responded suppressing his instinct to piss himself with the killer intent


"A Kekkei Genkai (KG), my life and your word as demon lord and spirit of nature that you will not take any opportunity to kill me during the process" he said with a bit more confidence. He knew that as the personification of nature destruction he was bound by his word. There was a reason that he studied the bijuus.


"Well since part of your personality and power is part of the very own main seal we will use a technique that with that power stop all the others seals functions for a determinate amount of time and create a portal to whatever dimension you are from , of course it will be painful for me but with the KG that I want I'll be recovered soon enough and not crippled of course you will give me the kekkei genkai now and tomorrow we will do it , but you won't be able to be summoned in this plane again as an part of your promise" His answer was silence an then


"Of course that imbecile that called himself my father left me all his seal knowledge and how else I would fool the so called Kami no Shinobi"


"I want to be able heal like you do but faster almost instantaneous and to be immune to genjutsu"


"I already sealed my room so no chakra or sound will be hear…AAAAAAAAAAAAH FFUCKKKKKKKKKK…"


He needed three days to recover but now he definitely will survive the process.


"Sure here we go" After exactly 666 hand seals that took an hour to make and a lot of concentration

Fuinjutsu tonsou bachiatari (cursed escape)

At first nothing happened but then the seal sewers of the seal started to shake and what could only be described as a black kyubi came out of the seal giving a roar the black fox transformed himself into a black hole.


Naruto could only scream from the pain and think 'Fuck you blasted fox'

In the real world the village was quite scared since the kyubi chakra could be felt in the entire village. Sarutobi steeling himself and surrounded with ANBU went straight to the source: Naruto's apartment complex was nothing but ruins. When he arrived there, he found Naruto trying to get up. Signalling his jounins to no attack he started walking closer to Naruto.

"¿Naruto-kun how are you feeling, what happened? He asked at the same time wary thinking that maybe the fox had taken over

Slowly Naruto lifted his head and everyone could see his blue eyes." What happened, Hokage-sama is that I made a deal with Kyubi"

This was met with instant outrage "KILL THE DEMON" "HE´S PLANNIG TO KILL US ALL"

"SILENCE" the Sandaime screamed with a good dose of killer intent "Naruto-kun what deal is that and how do you know of the kyubi"

Seeing no damage in telling about it he just tells him about how he knows since he was four years and the deal and how he did it. Needles to say everyone was between astonishment and happiness. The fucking villagers were now singing about the demon be no more. The last thing he saw before fall unconscious was the sandaime proud look and the people happiness faces and he could no help but think 'fucking scum'.


It had been a week since the revelation from Naruto about Kyubi been gone. There were few that didn't know about it. Naruto for his part had yet to smile to someone other than Ayame, her father and curiously enough a girl named Anko who he just found amusing. He's evil laugh could be hear through Konoha when said girl informed Teuchi that she was going out with his daughter. Of course that was stopped when said girl threatened with her snakes. This takes us to his actual position, seated in the Council Chamber surrounded by old farts and a bunch of clan heads, who a week ago wanted him dead or probably as a weapon. Bastards. And now they are denying his right to leave this pitiful village just because of his kekkei genkai. Why did he have to open his big fucking mouth… oh yeah he wasn't thinking straight. Either way, he now has to keep acting the emotionless guy, he would be sure to thank that ANBU, which turned out to be Uchiha Itachi.

"For the last time Uzumaki, we cannot have you out of the village, for starters you are the youngest seal genius since the yondaime and then there is your bloodline. Anyway why do you need so much to leave the village?"

Like he was going to tell these old farts the he wanted a summoning contract that he had localized. The information came from an old man who was dying in the bed besides him in the hospital: The owl contract. A lighting and wind based contract. The old man who was named Gennou , not that Naruto cared is just the man that wouldn't shut up, found it amusing that he was interested in that contract. Naruto was suspicious but he wasn't about to back out from getting such a valuable thing, but he neither was going to tell this idiots.

"First you can't do nothing since I am still not a shinobi and second the only who can do anything is the Hokage, the council is merely, if memory doesn't fail me, to give advice to the Hokage, not to rule"

There, that should teach these idiots to mind their own business, he thought , besides that fossil of Sarutobi was feeling guilty after their last conversation and he surely wasn't about to be denied this one


"Ahh Naruto-kun is good to see you awake, it seems that your bloodline is quite powerful since within minutes of loosing your conscious you were already healed. You will have to stay here for another week to take off all those seals on your body" Said the Sandaime with that proud look on his face that Naruto hated since he could already tell what the old kage was thinking.' Probably something about that stupid Will of Fire, god how I hate that shit'.

"Hai Hokage-sama but don't worry about the seals I am already taking care of it"

Like hell he was going to let someone else touch him with a seal that wasn't him. That's another one , while some people still hated him, like that guy whose hand he sliced , a lot of people wanted to treat him like a fucking hero without taking into account that they used to hate him the most. Then there were those seals, he HATED those fucking seals, there were at least 50 arrays of them.

"That's good to hear Naruto-kun but now. Can you tell me how you knew so much about sealing" It wasn't a question Naruto noted. Seeing no harm in tell just him he answered.

"The letter from my mother explained who was my father and I took his scrolls from your office"

He thought that the old man was having a stroke.

"What, When , How? I didn't noted"

"I went for it at night and after bypassing your chakra detection seals and your stasis seals I just needed my blood and a bit of chakra"

"I see.., Naruto I know that you are angry with your father but..."

"Save it" He cut him sharply "Nothing that YOU say is going to change my opinion of him only make it worse… and don't go announcing that I am his son because I wont recognize it and neither will I take the Namikaze name"

"Very well Naruto-kun but if you change of opinion you know were to find me, here"He said extending Naruto a package

"This is the clothes that people form the Uzumaki clan used to wear". With that he was out of the room. Naruto opened the package to find black pants and a black gi with two lotus flowers on the back.


"Enough with the discussion, Naruto is right, he can go "seeing that they were going to interrupt he said "but he will be accompanied by a trusted jounin"

At this Danzo jumped at the chance of recruiting Naruto.

"If you aloud me I have the perfect jounin in mind and I think that Uchiha Sasuke should go to that way they can learn form each other" Something that it seems Homura and Koharu approved of. That went to shit when Naruto answered

"First, if I have to go with a babysitter it will be of my choosing and second I wouldn't teach that arrogant piece of shit of Uchiha" This was met with outrage from Danzo, Homura and Koharu the most, who although disliked the Uchiha, they were not going to pass the chance to recruit one.

"Sarutobi you are not going to let a mere 9 year old kid to do whatever he wants" screamed Koharu

"Why not, to me it seems like you three want to do the same with the Uchiha child"

The Uchiha, he despised that brat with a passion. He had the pleasure of interact with him and a few others the moment he was out of the hospital


"You Uzumaki" A kid with a blue shirt, white pants and black eyes and hair said "I heard that you were the kyubi holder and you destroy it, and I don't believe it, you look like I could beat you, fight me"

"Yeah you show him Sasuke-kun" Said a pink haired and a blond haired girl besides him. Ah so this is the last Uchiha, dammed weasel, why couldn't Itachi kill him too and those fan girls just what I needed Naruto thought a little irritated.

"Relax Uchiha" Said a kid with an animal look and a puppy on his head. A Inuzuka if he wasn't wrong, and a especially stupid looking one "from what my mother told me he is the youngest seal genius in our history , pse just because of little drawing " he said with disdain " I could beat him too"

"Kiba-kun yo-you shou-shouldn't say th-things like that" Said a blue haired with white eyes timid girl that when looked at him blushed. Naruto didn't know why he was liked, it's no like he had even talked to her. Mostly because she always fainted

To answer the Uchiha emo and the mutt Naruto simply gave them with two of his patented stares. Patented stare # 32 I-don't-give-a-shit-what-you-say and patented stare #33 If-I-answer-it-would-be-with-a-kick-to-the-balls .He had this two registered.

"And would I care about two weakling's opinion, whose only ability is to say stupid things, what a disgrace for humanity…" he ended sighing lolling sad. This seemed to piss off both kids but before they could talk Iruka intervened.

"Hello Naruto, you must be wondering what we are doing here" said his 'teacher' for two years, never mind that he didn't have anything to teach him and he used to hate him. He tried to be nice later but Naruto merely ignored him

"Hn" he didn't feel like talking anymore

"Well…" he started a bit nervous "Hokage-sama and I thought that it would be a good idea if all the class come to see you but it seems that you are good now"

"Thanks for the idea but I am good now, if you don't mind I have a few things to speak with the hokage"

"Of course take care"

"Wait" said a certain Uchiha "I want to fight you right here, right now"

Naruto merely ignored him and started walking away

"Hey were do you think you are going baka, Sasuke-kun is speaking to you" the pink haired walking forehead said, Sakura, he thought her name was.

"I could care less who he is; even if he were Kami himself I wouldn't be hearing him" all the time walking

"If you don't fight me willingly I'll make you" With that he attacked. He started running towards Naruto ignoring Iruka's orders, while doing hand seals. Before he could finish he saw Naruto vanished and the next he knew he was unconscious from a kick to the temple.

"SASUKE-KUN" screamed the two banshees along with the rest of the emo's fan club

"How dare you to hurt..." They have to shut up because of the look they were receiving.

Patented look # 2: I' am-going-to-kill-you-without-any-remorse. One of the first he learned courtesy of the majority of the village

With that he simply walked to the Hokage tower to his meeting with Sarutobi and the council



Now here he was waiting for one of his supposed babysitter. In the end he was going with not only one jounin but with two and a chuunin. The first to come was a beautiful black haired woman with red eyes. Her name she said was Kurenai. The second was someone he already knew but didn't feel like seeing again: Maito Gai.


"It's ….nice ... to see you again Gai-sensei I hope you are well"

"I didn't know that you two already knew each other" said the red eyed beauty

"YOSH I HAD THE PLEASURE OF HELPING NARUTO-KUN CREATE HIS POWERFUL TAIJUTSU STYLE YOSH" said the guy with tears on his eyes making Naruto sigh and the poor girl sweat drop. That stopped the moment that Naruto opened his mouth.

"We're leaving; I won't stay here expecting someone that doesn't know the meaning of punctuality"


That was the reason for Naruto to expend time with Gai. He saw how the girl's face turned pasty white the moment Gai said his warm up and found it amusing. Naruto just sighed and responded

"We are leaving now Gai-sensei, he is already 30 minutes late and I don't plan to stay here a minute more" It seemed that the chuunin girl already knew of Kakashi since she agreed with Naruto.

"Very well Naruto-kun but the Hokage is not going to like it" a more subdued Gai said and the woman perked at this

"It's okay we will explain it to him when we come back" after a moment they agreed and they were gone in a moment


"Sorry to be late but you see I was…. Eh? said a silver haired jounin, whose only visible part of the face, was one eye "Where's everyone?"

His answer came from one of the guards of the gate Kotetsu "I heard the kid said he was tired of waiting and they left"

"Did you heard where" Naruto didn't say where they were going, just that it was friendly territory, that's the reason Gai and him were going

Kotetsu shrugged and said that he didn't know so he summoned Pakkun and told him to follow Gai´s scent, he wasn't about to let the opportunity to speak with his sensei son just like that.


"YOSH TELL ME MY DEAR STUDENT WHERE ARE WE GOING? YOU DIDN'T TELL ANYONE OUR DESTINY ONLY THE HOKAGE AND HE SAID THAT YOU WOULD TELL US" Kurenai also was interested. Until now Naruto has been a very quiet, even when they thanked him for eliminating the Kyubi he merely nodded and bit cold at that

"We are going to former Hidden Heat Haze" That surprised them, since it was a known fact that there only was a destroyed village with nothing of valour destroyed in the Third War.

"¿Why do you want to go there, there is nothing but destruction and contamination there?" said Kurenai while Gai agreed nodding like a mad man

"What I want there is for you to watch the gates while I take care of something that a dying man told me" he knew that he should have shut up that moment when Gai started shedding tears

"YOSH MY DEAR STUDENT IS SO YOUTHFUL OF YOU TO GRANT A DYING MAN HIS LAST WISH" and with that he did something that would traumatize Kurenai and Naruto for the rest of their lives. He hugged Naruto in plain jump and a Sun with oceans waves appeared out of nowhere. Kurenai tried to dispel it but it had no effect, Naruto merely muttered under his breath clearly annoyed.

"You didn't let me finish, it's not a dying wish" with that Gai stopped and looked at him with interest, the same with Kurenai.

"As you know Hidden Heat Haze was known for their quantity of summoning contracts" It was true the three sannin have won their in that village in a tournament "well the dying old man told me of another contract that he hided there and I want it"

That certainly leaves them stunned. They didn't know about a former haze villager in Konoha and to tell of the contract to a kid after all this time.

"He told me has a thanks for getting rid of the Kyubi since on his way to Konoha he destroyed the reconstructed village" he told them ignoring their astonished faces

"But why didn't you told the Hokage you didn't have to come all the way, you could be killed" At this declaration even Gai seemed amused. Other nations and even certain organizations have decided to not believe of the kyubi being gone, she who knew that it was truth, she should know to not underestimate him.


"Either we are getting closer, there is the village, stay here so nobody interferes" they knew to who he was referring, a day after depart from Konoha they noted someone following them and it took them 3 hours to lose them.

Although hesitant Kurenai let him go while Gai simply gave him his pose and that shiny thing with his teeth. With that Naruto entered the village. It was depressing to say the least. All houses destroyed, hell he could even see gigantic paws prints on the street. He followed Gennou's instructions and instead of going to the barely standing Black kage tower he went directly in the direction of a forest.

While he walked through them he noted that it would have been a beautiful place in the past. Damn fox. He noted that had it not been for his bloodline abilities he would had fallen for the powerful genjutsu surrounding the shrine in front of him. Deciding to be careful he made a Kage bunshin (shadow clone) and sends it to the shrine. It was a good idea because as soon as the bunshin stepped in the shrine he received a thunder; a fucking thunder, damn and the memories of the clone weren't pretty but at least now he new how to get around it. Unsealing his brush from a scroll that he brought with his necessities he started drawing seals around the shrine with the help of five other kage bunshin. This will deactivate the other protection seals that he have seen around the place except the elemental seal, that one was directly connected to the summoning contract, so that leave him with just one option. Activating the seals he saw how it disabled the protection ones, with that done he started making hand seals and shouted:

Ninpo Youma no jutsu (ninja art ghost technique)

This technique was a real pain in the ass due to how chakra demanded but it was worth it. He started developing it after learning the basic doton shinju sanju. He could feel himself transforming and loosing his contingency, eliminating his presence for complete. With that he passed through the door and let the jutsu fall. After eating a chakra pill and bowing to finish that technique he looked his surrounding. There was nothing in the little shrine besides the drawing in the walls of what looked like owls and other birds and a big white scroll in the middle of the room taking the scroll he bolted running to the village so that the seal can't be activated again.

He made it! He couldn't believe it but he made it. With the same enthusiasm he opened the scroll and found something odd there was only one name: Jinkirai Hitomi. This kunoichi was known for only teach female students but she had the strength of any kage, prove of that was that she founded Heat Haze. Shrugging he wrote his name , sealed the scroll on his shoulder and made the hand seals that Gai had teach him before entering the village and called his jutsu.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu" (Summoning technique)

A puff of smoke told him that he had do it right. In font of him stood a white little owl with a blue crescent moon under her left yellow eye. Naruto supposed that it was a she since she was wearing some kind of short yellow dress. He was proved right when she started speaking

"Ugh… who summoned me at this hour, I was sleeping?!" said with a clearly feminine voice typical of a child "Hey…you are a guy!"

Naruto merely looked at her with a deadpanned expression and started thinking. Since he hadn't used too much chakra, in that summoning, does that mean that if he used a lot it will summon the boss? Deciding to test it out he ignored the little one and did the same jutsu this time with as much chakra as he could. That did the trick. A giant puff of smoke later an owl the size of the Hokage tower appeared. She was definitely female too since she was wearing the same dress this one with a bit of armour, she was White too but instead of a crescent moon under her eyed, this one wearied two tears streak under her ice blue eyes. Either way Naruto thought that she looked extremely strong and they would get along well. That went to shit the moment that she spoke.


'Just great' Naruto thought with a lot of sarcasm 'a feminist summon, just my fucking luck'



Furomizu fuujin (flow of wind and water god) Naruto taijutsu style (combination of kempo and wind and water affinities) --original

Fuinjutsu tonsou bachiatari (cursed escape) --original

Fuuton Chakra no Mesu (wind chakra scalpel)

Raiton hekireki nami (thunder wave)--original

Ninpo Youma no jutsu (ninja art ghost technique) -Yes is like Madara's jutsu, just that it takes a lot of Naruto because of his bloodline, it will be explained in future chapters.