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CHAPTER 7 Most powerful summons!! Different paths

The killing intent and the chakra pressure were amazing. The ANBU were rooted to their place, they could accept those feelings from the famous sannins and their former kage, but to feel it from a thirteen years old kid was just mind blowing and the fact that the kid's chakra was on par if not higher than those other legendary shinobis was just plain terrifying.

Naruto ignoring Yondaime's puppet presence saw with satisfaction how the two last coffins with the leaf symbol crumbled much to Orochimaru's horror. That made Orochimaru snaps out of his awe and slight fear of Naruto

"WHAT? What's the meaning of this?" he hissed looking murderous "What the hell happened to those two?" he was interrupted by another wave of killer intent, this time though everyone could see even the resurrected kages twitch

"Did you really though that I would let a weakling and a pathetic excuse for a human being like you use my mother and sister as your killer toys" Naruto spat "I gave them the proper burial and place of rest in my compound in my real home"

"You'll find that as retribution I made a few changes in your technique. Instead of looking at the white seals plain visible in those tags that I modified you should have looked for the very tag" this time he gave a nasty smirk that told everyone that the result were not going to be pretty

"What the hell did you do, you cursed brat!!" Orochimaru face had turned even paler

"Ohh I merely took advantage of the fact that those tags are black, so the ink wouldn't be noted, I made the technique so your summons will take you back with them when the jutsu ends, you're now linked to them by your very soul; enjoy it you piece of sick shit! I have no doubt that you and that filthy piece of shit of my father will have a good time hahahahaha" everyone could only see him laughing like a maniac. Naruto didn't care; so many years of planning were giving their fruits. He let Orochimaru to deal with the kages; while the resurrected people were not as strong as they were in life they should be a challenge, but with Sandaime and Tsunade teaming, it shouldn't take them the long, but they will still be jailed in the fuinjutsu, speaking of which…

"Oh by the way Tsunade" said person looked at Naruto with hate "Shizune found out her heritage, she is not very happy with you" her expression turned to shock then to hurt

Feeling satisfied for now he turned in time to dodge a fist from Jirayja, he answered with a fist to the face that was blocked by Jirayja. Naruto needed to hit him in the skin for his technique to work so when Jirayja attacked again, he let him hit him in the stomach, which made him wheeze because of the pain. Damn that fucking hurt!! He was really stupid to think he could take one of those punch like it was nothing but…

He could see Jirayja's face twisted in hatred, just perfect. A fist to the face sends the Toad sannin crashing. Seeing that he wasn't getting up, Naruto stood in alert. He felt a slight shift in the wind and turned to find Jirayja coming out of his own shadow much to his astonishment. That awe turned to amusement, this was perfect. His fist connected with Jirayja's nude chest, but he took a fire blast that made him crash in a tower close by.

Naruto got up in pain. That technique took him by surprise but it wouldn't be enough. He was really thankful for his bloodline that was regenerating him. Getting up completely healed he turned to see with a smirk how Jirayja spitted blood and had difficult time breathing

"Naruto, please stop this, you know this is wrong, your parents wouldn't like this"

Naruto turned to the Sandaime; it seemed that they were almost finished.

"Save it old man, the time for words is finished, besides who are you to tell me anything!!" Naruto hissed remembering him of the scroll

"How did you find that scroll?" this time his voice was cold. The voice of the so called God of shinobi, it seemed that he too was done with the theatrics

"It doesn't matter, what it does is that you had the opportunity to free me from Kyubi with the summoning contract for the bijous made by Shodaime and you didn't, I don't know what you're playing at Sarutobi, but you'll pay for this sooner or later" Naruto's speech was cut short by a fist courtesy of Jirayja. This time it hurt even more than before he noted while he crashed with the same tower, this time destroying it completely.

When he turned to his opponent confused about why his chakra poison failed he found another amazing sight. Jirayja's face resembled now that of a toad along with his hands and legs. On each of his shoulder was a little old toad. If he wasn't wrong this was the secret art of the toads. It was a known fact that each summoning contract had specialities and that sometimes they teach it to their summoners. He was going to kill those stupid birds of his. He wasn't confident that he could take on him right now. But seeing him spat blood remembered Naruto of his poison

Jirayja was not happy, in fact he was downright pissed and most of all he was fucking scared. He knew that Naruto was strong, but this was just too much! What will be next a few moths old baby taking on Kyubi, oh right that actually happened? Anyway he had been fighting lightly just to test him and when he was getting serious a hit had been enough for Naruto to poison him somehow. When he tried to find the wound he discovered that it was chakra poisoning and every time he tried molding chakra was painful. He had hoped for him to be down with his fire technique, but a moment later he saw the boy's bloodline in action, the fucking kid was completely healed, nothing, not even a little mark, it was infuriating for a shinobi like him. And last how the hell was he fighting so well. It was as if he had even more experience than him or Sarutobi, but that was impossible right?

He took advantage of the distraction provided by Sarutobi, to use his sage mode and hopefully get rid of the poison and defeat Naruto, but the poison still caused pain although lessened, meaning it was still there. He saw the clan heads going in his direction and smiled. Turning to Naruto he smirked viciously

"It's over Naruto, its better for you to surrender now, you wont be able to defeat me, even less both me and the clan heads" he was alerted when Naruto merely smirked back

Naruto was amused and kind of happy, he couldn't wait to see their faces when he did his technique. Creating three mud clones so they can a least take a good hit from Jirayja he started his seal sequence. He was strong, but he was not crazy to take on all these people, he needed help. He heard Sandaime screaming for Jirayja to stop him or at least his next technique. At the other side he saw the famous Ino-Shika-Chou trio along with Tsume with the lack of one Hyuga Hiashi. He smirked at that, it seemed that Hinata took care of it.

All in all they weren't able to stop him, not that they could in the first place. He had thought of summoning some free bijuu but in the end he went for someone better, it would serve right for these weaklings and someone summoned by this technique always ended in the stomach of the Shinigami

"KUCHIYOSE EDO TENSEI, COME FORTH, SALAMANDER HANZOU!" every shinobi close by paled at that. The fucking kid was summoning the freaking former Ame kage. Everyone knew that man was a freaking monster

Inside the sealed area, even Orochimaru had stopped and now looking at the rising coffin with awe and just pure lust wanting the powerful shinobi at his service. Moments later though it clicked in his mind that if Naruto had the body of Hanzou…Shit!

It seemed that his distraction moment was enough for his former sensei to get close to him with an immense raikiri. (Yes Sarutobi knows every technique except Hiraishin)

Sarutobi Hiruzen had lived better days. It seemed that this invasion brought everything wrong with his village on top of them. If Orochimaru had not being enough, his suspicions of Naruto had not only proven correct , he also seemed to know each movement they made and what was worse he knew the truth of his family. He should have known that everything would go wrong the moment Minato died. The plan had been simple.

The moment they heard of the Kyubi approaching Konoha they all saw the opportunity to create their own weapon. They knew that every hidden village had at least a bijuu. Kumo had two, the same with Iwa and Kiri, Suna had always possessed Ichibi, hell even Taki had one, so it was only logical that Konoha that was the strongest of the hidden villages had the strongest of them, the very Kyubi no Kitsune, and the fact that it was coming to them was a sign of the gods themselves. They needed a jinchuriki, despite winning the last war and having Minato, they still had daring enemies that thought of jinchurikis as the best shinobis and weapons, so they decided to take the chance.

Minato proposed to use his soon to born child to seal it. After all if they feared the father, then a son of that man and a jinchuriki at that would terrify them. The first mistake came that day when Kushina found what they were trying to do. Sarutobi was ashamed to say it, but at Yondaime's request he found no choice but to kill her, it ashamed him even more that Naruto's twin sister was killed by a stray kunai in the fight. Such a cute child with her red-orange hair and big cute green eyes, it was really a shame.

Then came the sealing; the idea was to seal Kyubi's power in Naruto and give the fox's soul as payment instead of Minato to the shinigami. The problem was that the fox wasn't about to go down without a fight and Minato resulted dead. While sad that the young kage died, Jirayja and he continued their plans. To try and create a good weapon, so while they let Naruto have a hard life, he continued to teach him love and forgiveness for the village and Jirayja was to train him when the time came. But all went down to shit. Naruto was strong and a genius, had no love for the village, instead he hated the place, and what was worse he got rid of Kyubi somehow and found about his family. He had thought that all that would make him appreciated and finally make him stop his hate for the village; basically another Yondaime was better than a useless jinchuriki. Well this sure as hell didn't happen.

Now though it saddened him seeing the souls of his senseis and now Minato being send to the shinigami. He could only hear sad how Minato told him a few murmured words and instead of him in his place appeared the dead body of….

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" everyone heard the agony filled scream of the former Sandaime hokage and turned to find him looking with tears at the body of his own son Sarutobi Asuma, his last living son. Everyone looked at the body in horror, Naruto though only smirked and said

"What's the problem old man? Not so good for the village when is your own blood and family that is taken? I told you that I would have my revenge. Oh and just so you know, what that motherfucker of Minato told you is that besides the suffering of the Shinigami stomach, there is also the Kyubi waiting for you. Exactly, I see for your face that you understand now where and why I send him there. I knew that you would use this technique as a last option, that way I could guarantee the suffering for both you and that filthy excuse of a human being of Namikaze Minato" he ended laughing like a lunatic as everyone looking between him and the late Sandaime beside the body of Sarutobi Asuma and the soulless one of Orochimaru

Everyone was furious, the first to attack were the clan heads. Naruto only smirked at them, which only put Jirayja in alert and while he evaded the powerful attacks of Hanzou he screamed

"No, don't go close to him you idiots!!" it was too late. A giant puff of smoke surrounding Naruto alerted of the arrival of a summon. When the smoke cleared an intense and powerful killing intent covered the entire place. Their battle and the arrival of the summon had made them take the battle in the destroyed chuunin exam and a good part of the village. Naruto could see Kakashi trying to help Jirayja fight against Hanzou, he smirked because not only the fool was copying techniques that would be useful to him when he used the salamander contract, but by tomorrow he will find his sharingan useless because of a poison he left in it and due to the nature of the eye, he will forget the techniques or at least a lot of them, since not all of them were mastered.

Turning to his fight he saw that the smoke was clearing. Every fight close stopped again when they saw the summon. It was a Cerberus, but the weird thing was his eyes. Jirayja stopped for a moment paralyzed and could only whisper

"Rinnegan…how?" his distraction cost him, because marionette Hanzou managed to cut his arm with a fire sword. His scream made Gai go to his aid and it seemed that with him they kind of managed to hold their own, a shame that this puppet wasn't as strong as the original

'Idiotic fools' Naruto thought as he eyed the famous clan heads fighting the Cerberus, it was amusing. So much fame, yet Naruto thought that they were low jounin at most. It was pathetic. He will have to make sure that his generals and other representative heads are strong enough to wipe the floor with these people, even if some were civilians.

A moment later he jumped out of the way of thousands of ice needles. Again he smirked; it seemed that luck was with him. There in front of him was that ice girl and behind her stood one pissed of Kurenai

"Ohh my, look at that, two scorned woman's, it seems that I am in trouble" he drawled with a mocking tone that only made them even more pissed

"You will pay for what you did to both of us!" the ice girl Haku was it? Answered

"I can't believe that you would do such a thing Naruto, but I'll never forgive you for this" spat Kurenai with tears in her face. Naruto merely eyed her bored

"How would I ever live with myself?" sarcasm was really an art and sometimes just too easy

That was enough for them to attack. While a B-ranked, A at most by themselves, together they thought that they could take on a S-ranked one, even better if they had no much experience like Naruto, or at least they thought that.

Immediately Naruto was surrounded by hundred of ice mirrors. He noted amused that she had become stronger and the number of mirrors had increased a lot. He also noted that his surrounding had changed to match a frozen land even if he could see through it easily; after all he was immune to genjutsu. He sighed, he really expected better, it seemed that he would have to finish this quickly, his chakra was getting low. Looking at the fast approaching Haku, he let her hit him

Haku using her increased speed in her bloodline attacked Naruto. It seemed that he had no intention of moving, good for her. She was surprised, or more like just plain confused and scared when she actually went through him, she was about to attack again, when she found a wind chakra scalpel going in her direction. Time seemed to slow as it approached. She saw the ice blue eyes of her killer and she kind of found it ironic, death by ice. Suddenly she felt someone tackling her to the ground and heard the scream of a woman. She turned to find that Kurenai had received a big wound on her shoulder for saving her.

Annoying, he was about to kill that stupid girl when the idiotic bitch got in the way. Kicking both of them he started making hand seals, it seemed that those clan heads managed to send back the summon. Letting the Edo Tensei jutsu fell he placed his hands on the ground

"Kuchiyose no jutsu" another giant puff of smoke had every clan head tense again

"FEMALE POWERRRRR!!!!" Naruto and everyone else present sweat dropped while Haku and Kurenai almost cheered for the gigantic owl

"Hikijo, enough!" his voice had a sharp edge "We have to go for Shizu and Suiren"

"FINE, BUT WHEN THIS IS OVER YOU'LL BE HAVING THAT LADY SIGNING MY CONTRACT OR AT LEAST PROPOSING BRAT" While they ascended Naruto turned one last time to the Konoha shinobis

"Make no mistakes, I will destroy this village, you can consider this as a temporal rest, I will come back and then, the Leaf will be crushed under my power, you'll wish you were destroyed by Kyubi, none of you will survive. I'll create a hell of this place"

With that Naruto flew away in direction to Shizune and Suiren, he concluded that their mission was probably finished. His ambition of destroying Konoha will have to wait; the village could be still useful to him and his plans.


"Why Shizune-san? Surely you see that this is just madness" a full of cuts and wounds Yamato or Tenzou backed away from Shizune. He knew that there will always be a chance of this happening

"Madness? I see this as justice for what you, along with Tsunade and Sarutobi did to me, good bye Tenzou, may you burn in hell" What followed were a good fifteen minutes of screaming. In the end there was only Shizune beside what was left of Yamato

"Shizune-sama, it seems that Naruto-sama is coming for us" Suiren informed

A moment later a huge owl with Naruto on his head appeared before both of them

"I trust that you girls took care of that fool?" asked Naruto

"Yes Naruto-sama, Shizune-sama took care of him, herself" turning to Shizune, he found her with her back turned to him. His eyes softened. Taking her on his arms he started speaking

"Shizu-chan, it doesn't matter to me what you look like now, I love you, what they did to you and your heritage doesn't matter to me as long as I have you, besides remember that my chakra will make it so our descendant have your bloodline activated since birth" he chuckled when she saw her blush at the thought of having descendants. Having a family is something both were looking forward

"I think it will be better if I get accustomed to your own beautiful shade don't you think?" turning his girlfriend around he gazed in twin big blue eyes with concentric circles in them, the Rinnegan. Unlike the original her eyes were modified to make them more powerful. Naruto simply smiled and kissed her with as much love as he could


The rest of the trip everyone could hear Naruto muttering about things that sounded suspiciously like 'kill that useless owl' or 'female power my asses'. He really needed to find a way for salamanders to fly. These fucking owls are just tiring and they did nothing but help his addiction and need for killing rise.



In Konoha everyone was mourning except Tsunade and her advisors that were assessing the damage

"Very well, now that we're all here let's start! According to this the damage to the village will cost us all the money from the village account and a bit from the Fire Daimyo. We lost not only the Kurama clan, but the Uchiha too; it seems that the curse seal on Sasuke was directly connected to Orochimaru's soul. The shock provoked by Orochimaru's death made him fall in a coma, last night a spy we didn't recognize kidnapped him. According to ANBU the spy had white hair and two red dots on his forehead. Also it seems that Kakashi's sharingan is now useless and according to Kakashi here present, he can not recall many techniques, merely the ones he mastered by himself" at this everyone looked at Kakashi that looked depressed

"We also lost one Sarutobi Asuma and our late Sandaime along with half the population of shinobis, and what is more important the branch side of the Hyuga except for Hyuga Neji along with Hyuga Hinata and her sister. It seems that they killed Hyuga Hiashi. Some people managed to see that helping her were Mitarashi Anko, Mitarashi Ami, Ichiraku Teuchi and Ayame, Gai's former student Tenten, a green haired girl that we found in the bingo book called Suiren and last" she ended with a hollow voice "my former student Fuuma Shizune"

At this Jirayja who was looking at where his arm used to be looked up with wide eyes at her

"Does that mean she was the one….?" Tsunade nodded. Kakashi and the two advisors looked at her silently asking for an explanation

"Allow me to explain. Years ago with war with Ame, my former fiancée adopted a little baby which he named Shizune. It turned out after I made a few blood analyses that she was from the Fuuma clan the inheritors according to Jirayja who trained one, of the rinnegan the third great doujutsu" Tsunade saw the others paling "When the Kyubi attacked, her eyes surprisingly activated. In that moment Sarutobi and I decided to experiment to try and make the bloodline stronger with Yamato's chakra of the Shodai, that way we could train a powerful shinobi and a new bloodline, and we can also use her to control the Kyubi's chakra just in case Naruto went rogue. The experiment was a success, but as you understand we had to erase her memories of the operation, so we placed a seal on her head" here she stopped to take a little breath and continued

"We can say that the seal reacted badly with her bloodline and ended 'deactivating' so to speak the new rinnegan" Jirayja couldn't contain himself

"What the hell were you thinking, now thanks to that we not only have an overly strong psycho after us, but we have someone with an even godlier rinnegan than the original and unlimited potential!!" Tsunade merely sighed tiredly. In any other moment she would have hit him, but she was too tired. She now had a village to reconstruct and a new apprentice to teach. After a moment something clicked in her mind

"Jirayja how the hell was Naruto able to keep up with you, or Kakashi that time ago?" at this Kakashi looked attentive since he had been meaning to understand that too, the same for the other two advisors. Jirayja looked thoughtful for a moment, but he answered anyway

"Sensei and I had been asking that for some time. Think about it, he fought Aoi, who while not very strong was still a jounin, he fought Kakashi who is elite and he fought and killed two of the former seven swordsmen, and finally he was able to keep up with me and was almost successful in killing me with that poison, which Ma had to sacrifice herself taking the poison in her body so I could survive. To be able to do that you need a lot of experience, so sensei had the theory that Naruto…"


"So you actually took Kyubi's battle memories?" asked a wide eyed and full of awe Shizune. Naruto who had her in his arms merely kissed the top of her head and answered

"Of course, when I started training I reached the conclusion that there was only something that I would always lack compared to other shinobis: experience. You can overpower a more experienced shinobi with power or skill, but I wanted to go for the sure, I couldn't let my lack of experience to get in the way of my plans and power so I took the fox. The idiotic beast was so happy with freedom that he forgot that while a demon is bound by his promise, a human is not, so I simply took what I needed from him and then got rid of him" he ended shrugging

"Naruto-sensei?" asked Suiren "What have you done with Nagi and O'Uzu islands?"

Suiren who was right now without a bijou thanks to Naruto was curious about what he did. Both Islands were now gone along with half of their village constructors and Naruto's compound. Naruto merely smirked and answered with a question

"Tell me Suiren, what is my speciality and what's speciality is our new resident clan bijou or former jinchuriki bijou?"

Confused she thought of Naruto. His speciality was clearly seals, if what he did with them in their new village was to go by. As for their new clan, the clan was not so new, it was actually another of Whirlpool former great clans, the Suihou clan (bubble). Their speciality was bubble jutsus, which were quite popular with the kids. That could sound stupid, but the versatility of the bubbles was amazing. The clan itself was a relative of the Nara, all of them genius and with black hair and eyes. The difference was that they unlike their cousins were kind of hyperactive and looked always happy. All of them, except for their former jinchuriki; who due to the presence of his bijou was as lazy as their cousins. The bubbles were deadly. Some could use it like the Suiro no jutsu, but long range, others use them as explosive and etc, etc,etc.

"Wait does that means what I think it means…?" Naruto smiled and decided to give one of his students a little more information for once

"Listen well Suiren and be sure to remember but tell no one. The village you saw yesterday in the center of the lake was merely a fake one, which we'll use to commerce and to take missions. The real village is underneath the water. As you can remember the giant seal I placed on the floor of the village, besides being connected to our citizens as a security seals and make it so nobody can enter if they don't have a seal on their arm, it also have many other uses. First it creates energy for both villages, fake and real alike, transforming cold wind to electricity. Also it purifies the air and allows for the sun rays and that air to reach us underwater. Finally it is connected to the one on our real village formed by those two islands. This one constantly increases the strength of the bubble by using the power of water and generating the powerful whirlpools surrounding our villages and the already powerful bijou chakra protecting it, I think that for now taking those islands from those idiotic traitorous feudal lords will be enough revenge don't you think?" he ended smirking "Of course I still have to pay them a visit"

Both Shizune and Suiren looked at him in awe. The level required to make that was amazing and they both knew that Naruto always have something else hidden, which tended to be a lot and deadly. Suddenly both girls noticed Naruto tense. A bit worried Shizune asked first

"Naruto-kun, what's the matter, why did you tense?" Giving her a kiss he answered

"Nothing, it seems that someone is trying to follow us, I'll deal with them and catch up with you, Hikijo, fly higher and take them both to the village" Not giving Shizune or Suiren time to answer he jumped from Hikijo.


'There he is!!' a dark figure thought while flying a bit behind the giant owl, even if barely 'the little pest won't know what hit..' his thoughts were cut short when a foot connected with his face, followed by four set of arms holding him and taking him down to earth with them.

The five figures crashed in front of a surprised Sasori. A moment later he saw how a blond haired teenager flew down on top of his partner bird.

"Interesting, how did you managed to control a high explosive like that? Deidara won't be happy when he comes out of that hole" said Sasori

"Hell yeah I am not. I don't care what leader-sama said, I am going to beat the shit out of you for that hit you fucking kid" Naruto though was leaking killer intent while eyeing Deidara and ignoring Sasori

"I am afraid that you won't be able to beat no one, because you'll be death" he ended with a crazy smirk "you're just unlucky to be an Iwa nin trash, besides you and your Akatsuki little friends don't know when to give up, so I'll just have to kill you all one by one"


I think I left a few things out. Those were for a reason. Now to explain a few things… Yes Shizune has rinnegan, I think it would be amusing to put Naruto and Shizune as a opposite of Pain and Konan, except with Shizune being as hot as always and not looking as a skeleton. The thing with the different rinnegan….it was merely Yamato and Tsunade giving part of their chakra for her eyes. Meaning that combining Mokuton chakra with Tsunade it would be like Shodaime and Shizune would gain the power to control bijou. We'll see which powers she has in the time skip muahahahaha. Last the new clan, if you haven't think of it by now, their jinckuriki is the one dressed in blue with a pipe in the manga. Anyway I'll try too update as soon as I can and with larger chapters this time, because if not we'll end with fifty or a bit less…damn.