Once Upon a Disney

Drabble One

In Which Flowers are Discussed


Draco saw this as a unique opportunity to spill the news to everyone. Hermione and he had been trying to come up with a subtle way to get the knowledge across to everyone that they were together. (Contrary to popular belief, Draco was the first to bring it up, willing to tell his friends anything and everything about them if it gave Hermione an excuse to get that disgusting Seamus to stop salivating over her during dinner).

So when Draco, with his sidekick Blaise Zabini, sat down at the Gryffindor table, quickly filled plates with food, and began to eat with such vigor that they could have challenged the skill of Ron or Harry any day, Hermione was only mildly surprised, and continued to have a pleasant conversation with Ginny, while her boyfriend sat next to her, inhaling his food.

Draco interrupted their intense debate about their uniforms, though, "Why do girls eat so little?"

"I agree, why? It isn't like you witches aren't dainty enough, or whatever it is you girls like to be called." Blaise smirked and nudged the Weasley, "Isn't that right you little red flower?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at the poor attempt at flirtation, while, not unnoticed by Zabini, Ginerva blushed and the color of her face rivaled the red of her hair.

"Blaise," Hermione softly smirked, "Really, a flower? That's the best you could come up with?"

Leaning back with his hands behind his head, the boy in question laughed heartily and shot a wink at the redhead, "I like flowers. I like'em a lot."

Ginny was positively crimson, "He can call me a flower if he wants too. I don't mind."

Hermione definitely did not find this exchange as romantic as her best mate did. In fact, she felt like she was going to vomit all over her brand new jumper, courtesy of Ron's mum. So she leaned against Draco, put her head in the crook of his neck, and whispered against his surprisingly warm, alabaster skin, "Unbelievable."

Draco chuckled and pulled his girlfriend closer to him on the bench.


As their best friends continued their flirting, the Slytherin Prince placed a small butterfly kiss on the tip of the Gryffindor Lioness's nose while they vaguely heard Lavender spreading the news around making sure everyone knew, "Mission accomplished."



Quote Used: "He can call me a flower if he wants too. I don't mind." – Bambi

So, the beginning of my new collection, here it is. Somehow, I pictured Blaise as the corny type of smooth talker, and the quote was just there waiting to be used, so here it is. Hope it wasn't too bad, hahah :D

This is going to be very similar to my other collection, To Be of the Firsts: non-connecting drabbles and updated ASAP after 5 reviews.

Hope you like this, and welcome to the world of Disney! :D (Get it, because that's there slogan? Haha? Oh forget it ;D)

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