Once Upon a Disney

Drabble 50

In Which Everything Falls Into Place


She didn't quite understand why she felt this way. True, it wasn't like they had sworn to forever be loathed enemies, but still. Wasn't it always her dream to marry one of her best friends, which would probably end up being Ronald, and live happily ever after? Wasn't that what everyone was rooting for?

Since when did opposites attract, she was curious, and why him of all people? He was a difficult person to read, that much she was sure of. Take his best mate, Blaise Zabini, for instance. Just by seeing how he tried to woo Ginny this past year, she was sure she could get inside his brain and know exactly what he was thinking, possibly before he would be thinking it. Same would go for any Slytherin of their year; they were just too predictable.

But he just threw all that rhyme and reason she had for Slytherins out the window. He broke all of her tried and true rules that the other Slytherins seemed to follow without question. He would smile at her, as some of his blonde hair fell into his face, and she would instantly turn into the most ungraceful person to walk (or fall upon, literally) the Earth. Even if he was in his usual blasé demeanor, he would say something so meaningful absentmindedly, and she would smile for the rest of the day because she knew deep down he wasn't made of ice.

And when she wrote all of this down in her journal, she found that it all made sense to her. It stared back at her, not holding her down, but instead filling her up with joy.

Hermione Granger smiled, "So this is love?"



Quote from drabble 49: "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you." - Winnie the Pooh

And Quote from drabble 50: "So this is love?" - Cinderella

Thank you so much for everyone who has taken interest in this collection. It means the world to me that I can write just for the fun of it, and have people enjoy it. I'm writing the same thing in my other collection I'm ending because, well, I really mean it (: Hope to hear from everyone real soon- Brittany.

But also, even though you all don't personally know him, two boys my age (they were acquaintances of mine, and my friend is one of the boy's girlfriend) were killed in a plane crash today. I'm a Christian, but I believe that any type of prayers, no matter what religion, make a difference. If it's only for one night, please keep them in your prayers (or if you're an atheist, you know, in your thoughts), it would mean the world to me.

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Hogwarts Is Still a High School

New York Quote Challenge Response

Summary: Even when the characters we know and love have magic and can save the world, high school kids still say and do some pretty crazy stuff. New York Quotes Challenge, drabble collection, DM/HG main with other minor parings.


Draco sighed as he flung his arm around her shoulders, "Now Hermione, I think you're blowing this a little out of proportion. It wasn't that big of a deal."

She was embarrassed to even be seen with her boyfriend, Slytherin Prince or not, "Draco, I have never seen someone as smashed as you were last night, and I can't believe you would do that…"

"Now, love, I wasn't that drunk."

"You peed on Professor McGonagall's chair in the Great Hall!"