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Michael had always, been a soft spot in her heart she didn't know why he wanted to hurt her. He was kind of like chocolate, good at first but if you ate to much it would make you sick. She really didn't when things got so bad, she remembered the good. For the life of her she couldn't remember when it had started to go sour. The straight jacket that she got him for his birthday should have been a major clue, which Tony made painfully obvious. Gibbs was disappointed in her, she should have went to him but she couldn't. He had been a knight in shining armor, but a girl needs to prove she can handle herself. It hurt her to think that Michael could actually harm her. She didn't want to think what would happen if he got a hold of her. Gibbs promised her, that she wouldn't be hurt, but she was still scared. The whole team had been worried about her, and had come to check on her on numerous occasions, but she didn't need them she needed Gibbs. So she turned on her music to drown out her pain.

Down in her lab, she was playing with her machines oblivious to the fact that she was being watched. He was watching her through the window, he could see her pig-tails flying around her head as she danced. Not wanting to be caught he moved closer to the window, hiding in the bushes to get a better view of his gothic love. Abby just continued dancing around her lab trying not to worry about the events of earlier in the day. You smell that? Almonds! Get down… McGee almost pulling her arm out of socket... Michael Mower…200 phone calls.. Suspicious Crime scene…Stalker…Abby why didn't you come to me?.. I just wanted him stopped Gibbs, not beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat… She couldn't face anyone, she wanted to be alone to figure out how she messed up so badly. Abby didn't hear the emergency exit door open, or her lab door open. Michael put a random code in the door to jam it so no one could open it. The alarm to the emergency exit was covered with Abby's loud music. He just stood there watching her dance, she thought she was alone, lost in her own world. She turned and faced her worse nightmare.

"Michael…What are you doing here?" He stepped closer " I had to see you…You have been avoiding me". Her blood ran cold, she leaned against her desk trying to get away from him. Michael could see the fear in her eyes, he knew he had her and there was nothing her precious Gibbs could do about it. He stepped close enough to feel the heat radiate off her skin. Abby was pressed against her desk as far as she could get, she had an idea. She moved her hand a little to the left and turned on the video feed, she hoped someone was up in the bull pen and would come save her. She picked up the first thing she could grip and hurled it at his head. Abby hit him in the head with a stapler and he went down. As Michael was picking himself off the floor, Abby ran to the lab door, putting in every code she could think of, finally realizing she was beat turned around to see him come at her. She did the next best thing and screamed while throwing everything she could find.

Up in the bull pen Gibbs and Tony were doing last minute paper work, not really talking to each other. Gibbs took a sip of coffee and the video feed of Abby's lab came on screen. "Tony what are you doing.. Abby doesn't need to be interrupted." Tony looking confused said "Uh.. Boss I didn't do a thing…Wait who is with Abby". Before he even got it out, Gibbs was already in the elevator on the way to the lab. He couldn't explain the fear that was running through his veins as he waited for the elevator to stop. As soon as the doors opened, he ran forward as his ears were blasted by the emergency exit alarm. He ran to the alarm pressed in 5103 and ran to Abby's lab, not caring if the alarm went off or not. he turned the corner to her lab. Gibbs saw the floor of her lab was trashed with office supplies. He continued forward Gibbs expected the door to her lab to open, but it wouldn't. All he could was look in, at Abby and Michael.

She was doing her best to get away from him, she knew something was wrong with the door, it wouldnt open for Gibbs either. She was so happy to see Gibbs but her face fell when she saw he couldn't get in to save her. Michael was excited to have his love locked up with him. Now he could do what he wanted to without being interrupted by Special Agent Gibbs. A smirk played across his face as he turned and waved at Gibbs. Special Agent Gibbs was thoroughly pissed, he wished now he hadn't ordered bullet resistant glass in Abby's lab after Kate he decided to try anyway. Picking up his weapon, he aimed it at the glass firing off one shot. Nothing but a little crack. The shell fell to the floor he could feel his pulse rising, he could see how scared she was. There was no where for her to go in there, and Michael was getting good at avoiding what she threw at him. She was scared, she wished she could be on the other side of the glass. But she remembered Gibbs was, and he was watching her. She wasn't about to let him see how weak she really was. Thinking really hard about what to do next, she didn't see Michael's hand connect with the side of her face. She felt the pain immediately and the cold blood drip off her face. She knew he had her. Her world started to shift and before she knew it she was consumed with darkness.

Gibbs couldn't believe that bastard just hit her. Tony had appeared beside him, not sure when he was too busy making sure Abby was ok. The look on Tony's face when Michael hit Abby was pure hatred. All Gibbs to think to do was pound his hands against the glass screaming over and over ABBY!!.. ABBY!!! He watched in pure horror as she fell to the ground, unconscious. With Michael smirking the whole time. The whole time in Gibbs's head he was thinking this mother-f*cker is going to die a serious death. But on the other side of his brain he was worried, How was he going to get to Abby?? Gibbs had an idea.. but how would he keep her safe till then?

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