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Gibbs heart was bigger. It was hard to explain but he knew it had to be. The love he felt for Abby was radiating to his soul. Blaming herself for Michael was the stupidest thing he could think of. Abby was the strongest person he knew, there were things about her he didn't know but he hoped to find out. The look on her face when she woke up from this dream was pure torture. He didn't know what she dreamed but he hoped she would tell him. He had some major questions for her. But right now he was knew she was too shaken to answer anything so he just gripped her hand. He was tired and decided to take a nap while she looked on in admiration.

Abby was still dealing with the images of her last dream encounter. She felt an overwhelming sense of dread, she had learned when she was little to bury this kind of pain. Her dad was the only person who could make her feel like dirt. Even to this day she still blamed herself for her mothers death. But she wasn't thinking about her mother she was thinking about Gibbs. Her heart was throbbing, and her senses were on alert. The man she was unconditionally in love with was in just as much as she was. She didn't know how to get into his brain and let him know he wasn't alone. She saw him falling asleep hoping and praying his dreams were better than hers.

Gibbs knew he wasn't in the hospital anymore. He was in a tattoo parlor which was strange for him gazing through he saw someone he recognized. Abby was getting a tattoo but not one that he had seen. He watched like a kid in candy store as she picked. He was surprised that this tattoo was on her thigh, but what surprised him more was the tattoo itself. Mystified standing there he watched as the love of his life got L.J.G tattooed on her upper thigh. She didn't notice anything, she is in her world happy and content. He couldn't understand how he could be this clueless. He had always thought the age difference would throw her off, guess he was wrong. He could feel the scene change before he knew it he was in an apartment, which he guessed was Abby's. He was right, he saw her sitting on her couch looking off into space. On the coffee table in front of her was Bert. She looked at Bert and just started talking to him like he was real. "Bert! What more do I have to do to make him understand? He hasnt got it through his thick skull that I love him" Gibbs felt his knees quiver. "Its so hinky Bert!! He hasnt noticed me yet, do you think if I wasnt here he would?" Gibbs felt a lump in his throat. He wanted to scream"YES ABBY I LOVE YOU", but he knew she couldnt hear him. Abby stood up grabbing Bert and walked to the bathroom. Gibbs followed like a silent stalker watching her as she picked up a blade gazing at in intently. It was like something snapped in Abby's eyes, like she knew it was wrong but she couldnt help herself. Gibbs watched as she picked up her cell phone and called someone. He listened to the conversation he knew exactly who she was talking to; him. He watched as she picked up the blade and threw it away, saying to Bert." I wonder if he knows, he is all I think about". She gave Bert a squeeze the sound filled the room and she said "You always know what to say Bert just like Gibbs" This was the night that he and Abby played poker he hadnt known that she was depressed and was about to leave him forever. His whole appreciation of Abby changed in that moment. She had done exactly the same thing as he had and handled it like nothing was wrong. He knew that they were more alike than either would care to admit. When one was sad the other was sad, when one was happy the other was happy and so on and so forth.

Abby had been watching him sleep wondering what his mind was seeing. She hoped it wasnt traumatic just peaceful sleep. She would hate for Gibbs to remember her with Michael. She didnt know how to fix it but she was bound and determined to do so. Her mind was swimming over everything she saw. It petrified her to see him in that much pain. At that moment she realized Michael had hurt her, but not near as bad as seeing Gibbs in pain. He was her heart, she lived to be

She watched as his eyes popped open and found her own. They gazed into each others hearts, taking in every bit of knowledge. The pain and the frustration the other had felt was imprinted on there brains. With a reassuring glance from Gibbs, Abby knew she was safe and there was no reason to blame herself. In some part of her mind she never blamed herself she just took the blame to make everyone happy. Gibbs thoughts were different, while looking at Abby his thoughts transformed. In that moment Gibbs put his daughter Kelly and Wife Shannon to rest. He knew that they were together and safe, and that they would be crushed knowing he had held on this long to thier memories. In that moment Abby forgave her father for every mean word, for all the pain he caused. By doing this Gibbs and Abby opened themselves up to something new. Love. They could overcome any fear any hurt with love. There love was binding, true and real. No other like it. There hearts beat as one. All the frustrations that were in the past, stayed in the past as Gibbs and Abby prepared for there recovery not just in body but in soul. Hand in Hand they brought in the new day.

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