***WARNING!!!~*** Okay, this story will have yaoi themes in it! There are many pairing-likeness in here... bear with it for the story! I know Fem!Tsuna has been done before... and I've checked a few times to make sure my idea wasn't too close to the other stories... so hopefully it's still it's own.

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Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time. . .

Once upon a time there was a boy. . .

A cry of terror followed by repetitive thuds ending in a loud crash signaled that once again… Dame-Tsuna had fallen down the stairs. As for the cause… well, that would be argued. Dame-Tsuna would rage over how a certain infant Mafioso had set traps on the stairs just to make him fall down them because he was the spawn of the Devil and while he said he came for the better good, Tsuna insisted he was actually trying to turn him into a corpse before his sixteenth birthday.

Said Mafioso would simply say Dame-Tsuna was merely clumsy and there was no helping him if he couldn't avoid a simple trap, set to somehow make him a better future boss for a notorious Italian mafia family.

Many would side with the infant. Either because they agreed… or they thought it was just a game and Tsuna needed to lighten up. If only it really was a game… or better yet a dream! Scratch that—a horrible nightmare that Tsuna need only to awaken from. But life was not that simple for poor Dame-Tsuna. It existed to torture him when his guard was down and psych him out when it was up.

The patter of little feet against the wooden floor followed by infantile laughter was heard as the Guardian of Thunder-in-training pointed at his at his fallen future boss unsympathetically. "Ahaha! Tsuna fell down the stairs!"

Said teen winced as he sat up, wondering what right the five year old had to laugh at him when he was always falling down himself, getting kicked or punched, or getting blown up—by his own grenades!

"Lambo, it's not funny." Tsuna tried to correct the behavior dully as he got to his feet, picked the child up and carried him to the dinner table… where he had been heading towards in the first place.

After eating dinner Reborn, the Devil spawn infant Mafioso—who also happened to be Tsuna's home tutor, allowed him to take a bath before doing his homework. He let the hot water seep into his aching muscles, that not only hurt from the fall but from the beating he had gotten from Hibari's tonfas as well, soothing them. Getting out fifteen minutes later so his 'adoptive' siblings could use the bath next, Tsuna trudged to his room to find Reborn napping in his usual hammock.

Sighing, Tsuna pulled out his homework and began working. Who knew when Reborn would wake up to check on him. If he was found slacking off, the consequences would be dire. Thirty minutes into working, Tsuna yawned, caramel eyes tearing up as he grew bored with his difficult task. If he hadn't had the need, as Reborn put it, to do a ridiculous training session with Hibari after school he could have had a study group with Gokudera, Yamamoto, and, quite possibly, his crush. Sasagawa Kyoko.

He smiled before sighing. He had no chance with Kyoko as he saw it. She was an unattainable dream. He was so useless. Sighing again he blinked when something small and green crawled across his math homework.

"Leon?" Looking over to Reborn he saw the infant was still sleeping. Eyes open and everything. So creepy. Looking back to the small chameleon, Reborn's faithful pet, he smiled. "Hello Leon. How are you?"

He smiled more when the little lizard licked at his finger when he petted the tiny head lightly. It tickled. Staring the scaly green skin he shot another look at Reborn before lowering his head.

"You know… you're lucky, Leon." Tsuna said lightly as he smiled wistfully. "You're just a pet… no one expects much from you. When you make a mistake you don't get criticized for it. I'm so useless and shameful. Sometimes I wish I was smarter like Gokudera-kun… or stronger like Hibari-san. Isn't that silly?"

Leon just blinked at him with his large yellow eyes.

"I have no talent to be a boss. Reborn is wasting his time… and I think he knows it so he punishes me for it. I know I've done good things but sometimes it seems like it was just luck. Who even wants to be a mafia boss anyway? It's like something crazy from a fairytale! That would actually make life easier if it was… everything could be magically given to you." He laughed at his absurd thoughts and watched as Leon moved across the table, probably bored with his lame confessions. "Being a hero in a fairytale sounds better than being a mafia anywa—"

Tsuna cried out in pain as his head was kicked, his face flying into the hard table surface.

"Finish your homework, Baka-Tsuna." Came Reborn's voice from behind the teen as he sat up, massaging his face.

See? Dire consequences!

Muttering he went back to his math, staring blankly at the foreign equations like they were a totally different language from an alien planet.

Reborn let a smirk slide over his lips as he watched his silly student for a moment. The kid still needed to learn how to grasp the concept of 'Yes, I can!' Maybe he had something to help in that department. Leaving the room he decided it would be fun to show Tsuna… not all fairytales were pleasant like he seemed to think.

He returned twenty minutes later with tea and cookies, surprising Tsuna by setting the small tray before him.

"Hiii! Reborn! Is… that for me?" He asked incredulously, staring between the infant and the snacks.

"It's for brain power. You could use it." He offered as an explanation for the humanity. "Drink the tea before it gets cold."

Smiling in gratitude, Tsuna nodded and grabbed the cup, blowing at the steam before taking a sip. Wincing at the bitter taste he looked down at the dark liquid.

"Is it foreign?" He asked, not liking the aftertaste.

"A special blend straight from Italy." Reborn smirked as he watched his student take another testing sip. One is enough to get it circulating through his system.

"It could use some—" Tsuna gasped as his body started tingling with the oddest sensations and his head got fuzzy. What was going—"Reborn! What did you…"

The teen didn't get to finish his sentence as he suddenly tipped over, fast asleep. Still smiling, Reborn cleaned up the tea that had been spilled before leaving the room to make preparations. First he found Bianchi and asked her to put Tsuna in bed before doing a special task then he went to locate Tsuna's mother, Nana. He found her in the kitchen preparing for tomorrow's breakfast.

"Maman, there is something I forgot to tell you. Tomorrow we will have an exchange student switch with Tsuna and he will go to Italy for a bit." Reborn said lightly before adding the golden words. "It will be good for his studies.

"Ah!" Nana looked overly surprised as she dropped the egg she had been holding. "Tsu-kun is going to Italy? Tomorrow? Isn't that expensive?"

"The tutoring program pays for it." Reborn made up without hesitation.

"Oh, Tsu-kun! I'm so happy!" Nana smiled brightly as she looked off at something only she could see. "Leaving Japan to go abroad! He will be okay, won't he?"

Reborn gave her a reassuring smile. "Tsuna will be fine. I'm sure he will enjoy his trip and learn a lot."

"That's wonderful!" Nana beamed before cleaning up the dropped egg, singing under her breath as she continued her preparations.

As Reborn left the kitchen and made to go back to Tsuna's room, he paused as he crossed paths with Bianchi. "Is it good to go?"

"Of course, Reborn."


* * *

"Ah! Reborn-san! Please see Tsuna off safely for me! And apologize that I couldn't be there!" Nana called hurriedly as she slid her coat on. "I'll call you when we get there… oh, Lambo-kun!"

"Don't worry maman." Reborn waved as he watched Nana hurry out of the door with Dino and Romario, a sick Lambo in her arms. "Good job with the poison, Bianchi."

"Dino seems to suspect foul play." Bianchi replied with a smile at his compliment, arms crossed over her chest as she leaned against the wall in the entryway.

"That's fine. Put on some goggles and go bring Gokudera and Yamamoto here, please." He asked, yawning before going to the kitchen for some coffee.

Running a hand through her long hair, Bianchi sighed and pushed off of the wall to do as asked by her beloved Reborn. Anything to make him happy.

* * *

The scent of breakfast reached his nose, rousing him slowly. Shifting slightly under his comfortably warm blankets he groaned when light nausea crept up on him. Turning onto his back in hopes of settling his upset stomach, he was quickly brought to the realization of how quiet it was. Opening round caramel eyes slowly he listened hard. Nothing. It was then, too, he noticed the smell of breakfast he had taken in earlier seemed now to be more of a lingering smell.

Did they eat without me?! Quickly climbing out of bed and getting to his feet he was almost knocked over by a strong wave of nausea. Clutching his stomach he noticed his pajama pants starting to slip off his hips. Ha! This proved he needed to eat more. Looking down to now clutch at his falling pants as well he froze, his heart pounding.

"W-Wha… wha—" What the hell were those?! Tsuna stared at the two small mounds protruding from his chest under his pajama shirt. About to lift his shirt to investigate, he noted something else was off. Hand reaching unabashedly to his crotch he felt his heart drop at the lack of something rather important to him. "Hiii!?"

Taking hold of his pants he ran to his mother's room, making use of the full length mirror there. His breath hitched as instead of seeing a frightened Tsuna he saw the pale, frightened expression of the opposite gender staring back at him. That was definitely not him! Yet… the longer he looked… likenesses started to pop out at him. The eyes… lips…

A sudden terrified high pitched scream echoed around him, startling him when it was from him in which it came.

* * *

Reborn walked outside just as Gokudera and Yamamoto came running toward the house.

"Reborn-san! What happened?!" Gokudera asked quickly, skidding to a stop before the tiny hitman, eyes alight with worry.

"Bianchi told us about Lambo." Yamamoto said with a light frown as he stopped beside Gokudera.

"Who cares about the stupid cow!" Gokudera snapped at the other. "What about Juudai—"

A terrified scream caught their attention making three heads turn toward Tsuna's house.


Both Gokudera and Yamamoto took off to the house, Reborn following with an amused smile. When the two didn't find him in his room, Gokudera began sniffing him out like a bloodhound until Reborn called them to Nana's room.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera called, running forward until the sight he was met with froze him in mid-step.

"Gokudera, what—" Yamamoto stopped as he followed the other's gaze. Tsuna?!

There, standing next to the mirror in Tsuna's pajamas was a cute girl who had to be about their age. He watched as her eyes began to shine with tears when Reborn entered the room.

"R-Reborn! W-What…" She trembled, scared.

"Tsuna, you look different." Reborn replied with a triumphant smile.

Yamamoto and Gokudera just stared as all three teens wondered the same thing: What happened?!

. . .who turned into a girl.

-Chapter 1 End-


A/N: And there you have the first chapter of "Tsuna no Otogibanashi"! Which, if I am correct, translates to 'Tsuna's Fairytale'. Sorry it's a little rushed and sloppy! There is so much I am trying to get done before the end of the yeah! D: Everything will be explained in due time! Like how it happened, why it happened, what he's to do about it... and all that good stuff! Okay?