*A girl with long brown hair comes and sites down on a chair with a mug of Hot Chocolate and a notebook in her hands, her hair soaked.*

*She clears her throat*

Hello everyone, it's me again, Kris-Chan (Serena's Bunny). And I know I know, I need to add another chapter to both my other stories 'Serena's a WHAT?!' and 'Serena's Secret'. But today was the First Snow of the Year!!! Unfortunately my mom made me go out side. *Grabs a piece of snow from her hair and drops it onto the floor.* AND of Course my little brother HAS to throw snowballs at me! OH! THE NERVE! Well when I was out there I had this idea.Yes you know what im talking about, a story! And a story about Serena and Darien no doubt. Well here is the story more AN at end ^^; (I write to much.)




Serena was bouncing on the sidewalk. It had just begun to snow and snow hard. Than an idea popped into Serena's head and grinned evilly. She gathered a handful of snow and mashed it into a ball. (Snowball, if you're lost) Than happily bounced into the arcade.

"When is that Meatball Head going to be here?!" said (Well actually yelled) a VERY impatient Raye. "Im right here Pyro!" (Is that how you spell it?) Serena said as she walked over to.(A.N. *Takes a big breath*) Mina, Lita, Amy, Raye, Darien, and Andrew. Unknown to all that Serena was hiding a Snowball behind her back. "Heya Meatball Head!" Said The DEVIL. (lol) "Well do you want me to show you something Darien?" Everybody looked at Serena and Darien. "And what might that be?" he smirked. "THIS!" And she hurled the snowball stright at Darien's face. And of course he wasn't expecting this so he didn't have enough time to duck and.SMACK! Right smack dab in the middle of his forehead was a blob of white snow. Everybody started to laugh. "OH! And Darien did I mention its snowing out?" she asked giggling. "Thanks Meatball Head I needed something cool." He grabed the snow off his head and walked up to the giggling Serena. She started to back away afraid. (Well Wouldn't you?! This big guy starts to come twords you with some snow.I would start running Serena!) He tackled her and Shuved the snow down he shirt. "Oh.My.God! That.is Fucking.Cold!" Darien Smirked. "Well of course it is! Its snow! What did you expect?" Serena forgetting about the snow down her shirt smirked and got a FABULES idea. "Your right Darien.but do you know what?" "What?" Serena stood up on the counter and pointed a finger at Darien. "I DECLARE A WAR!" she shouted. Everybody stared at her like she was weird. "What are you talking about Serena?" Mina asked. Serena let her hand fall to her side. "I said, I Declare a War.A Snowball War." Serena then got an evil gleam in her eye, determination Darien expected. Determined to defet him. "We challenge you Guys.We as in Mina, Lita, Amy, Raye, and Me and you guys such as, Andrew, Ken, Greg, Chad, and You!" Everybody stared at her in shock. "Serena! That's the Greatest idea you have gotten yet! Guys Vs Girls!" Lita said. "Well thank you, so do you accept?" Serena said getting down from the counter and holding out her hand to Darien. Darien Smirked and grabed her hand, and shuk. "Your going to regret this Meatball Head." Serena smirked herself and took her hand away. "So its settled than! Guys VS Girls, what do you say the Park, tomorrow at sun rise?" "Serena are you nuts?! You wont beable to wake up at that time! Let alone open your eyes!" Raye yelled. "Oh you are so very wrong Raye.Oh so wrong.you think I would miss this chance to defeet Darien in something im good at? Oh I WILL wake up don't you worry.don't you worry." Serena said getting up and walking out of the arcade. Humming a Funeral March.


*Mel-Chan comes up and smakes Kris-Chan across the head* OUCH! Mel-Chan What was That For?!

For Ending it so Soon!

It's the Prologue (is that right?)

Oh. *Mel-Chan Turns around and walks back into the Audients.

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