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*Gets an evil glare from Mel-Chan* OKOK! Here's what happened last time!

Last Time:

All the guys where on one side cheering on Darien and there girls on the other cheering for Serena AND Darien because they knew he had a disadvantage. Andrew took out a wisle and blew it to get their attention as he walked out onto the middle of the field. "Ok I want a clean fight! No Lower Level throwing and no throwing at the head got that? Ok, on my wisle, GO!" *Tweeeeet!*

~*~*~*~*~*~ I DECLARE A WAR! A SNOWBALL WAR! ~*~*~*~*~*~

*Tweeeeet!* Serena quickly scooped up a snowball and patted it hard and looked up in time to see a snowball coming for her face. She quickly ducked and chucked her own. And hit Darien in the Chest. "Point to Serena!" Andrew chimed and checked Serena for 1 on his notebook. "I gave her that one!" Darien yelled. "Keep your eye's on me Darien you don't know what might happen!" Serena yelled as she threw her own at Darien. Darien easily ducked and threw. The others watched with interest as the time went on. So far Darien got hit twice and Serena none. Serena turned around to get more snow, stood up and turned around to have a snowball in her face. She screamed and brushed it off. "That's Cold!" "Well so were the two you threw at me!" "Shut-up Mr. Shields!" (A.N. Sorry if I spelt that wrong!) And she threw her forgotten snowball. Darien ducked and the war went on. Soon the time was 5:35 P.M. and the sun was going down. The score was Tied 2 to 2 and both Serena and Darien where breathing hard. As the continued, the others where getting tired and wanted to go. "Come on guys! Call a truce!" Chad yelled. "Not until Darien admits Defeat!" Serena yelled back throwing another snowball. Darien of course dodging it yelled back, "Never!" and threw his own. His shirt was wet and cold and his hair wet from the sweat and snowflakes. One of Serena's Bun's was down, her clothes where also soaked, and her hair matted to her face. They where both breathing hard. Than when the next hour passed they stood there fingers numb, soaking wet, and breathing hard. "Ok, what do you say, on the count of 3 we both surrender?" Serena said. "Ok, my fingers or to numb to feel the slightest prick." Darien said holding up his hands. "Ok, Ready? 1,2,3! I GIVE UP!" They both yelled, fell to their knees than face first into the snow. "Andrew can we get some hot coco?" They could hear Serena's muffled voice under the snow. "With Marshmallow's?" Darien asked getting up in a sitting position. Serena also got up with melted snow on her face. "You tired meatball head?" Darien asked with a smirk. "Yes I am! And so are you!" "Am not!" "Are to!" "Not! "To!" The other's sighed. "I DON'T GET IT!" Ken Yelled. "Get what?" Mina asked. "How they can keep fighting like this. Its ridicules! Their tired of snowball fighting but they can still argue about something else. Its just plain stupid!" "We totally agree with you Ken." Raye said. "I bet you got hit more than me!" Darien said. "I did NOT!" "Did To! "Not!" "TO!" "Not!" "Andrew!" They both yelled. "What?" "How many times did Meatball head get hit?" "5" "HA! Told you so!" "Well he didn't say yours yet!" "Darien also got hit 5 times, so it's a tie." Amy said the all knowing one. Both Serena and Darien's jaw dropped to the ground. "A-a Tie?!" Serena yelled. "Sorry but im not doing another re-match today, maybe tomorrow, I have homework to finish." Darien said and started walking away. "WHAT?! Homework on a holiday?! That's MAD!" "Serena, don't tell me you forgot about the 2 page essay due the day we get back!" Lita said. "No." "That's hard to believe, with Meatball heads short term memory it's funny she remembers to put her hair up in those meatballs!" "Oh! YOU JERK!" "Meatball head." "Moron!" "Meatball head." "Can't you say anything else? And Besides my name is Serena! Say it with me! Ser-re-na, do you even know how to spell it?! Its S-e-r-e-n-a." "Yes, I do know how to spell it, its, m-e-a-t-b-a-l-l h-e-a-d."

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