The Hunter Coven (ironic, isn't it?)

Here's an introduction to the coven Bella and her daughter are a part of. Storm's the most complex in the coven and there's quite a bit to process about her. I hope you guys don't get a migraine.

Ian- The 'Carlisle'. He created most of the vampires. His mate is Kai and his adopted son is Nathan. His power is to heal. He can heal anything except vampires. He found Bella during labour and delivered Storm. He's about 306, but appears 29, but often passes for older with luck. He has black hair and blue eyes.

Kai- She's the only one who wasn't changed by Ian. She lived in Volterra and was taken out of the city by Ian before she almost committed suicide (asking the Volturi to kill her) after losing both of her children; they were human when she was changed. Her power is to generate amounts of matter. For example, she could fill a glass with water, or produce a seed in a jar (but, she wouldn't be able to grow it). She cannot generate human or animal matter. She is 267 but appears 27. She has long brown hair with light brown low-lights and brown eyes.

Nathan- He was changed by Ian. He's 125 but appears 19. He's like an Emmett. He's the strongest and fastest in the Hunter coven. He doesn't really have a specific power, other than his speed/strength. He has light brown hair and green-blue eyes. He's 6 feet 3 inches (also the tallest in the Hunter coven).

Bella-She was also changed by Ian, after giving birth to Storm it was what she wanted. Her power is to 'borrow' or block the powers of those she can touch. She's only and eighteen (human years) and was changed when Storm was born. Her hair hasn't changed much; it just grew a couple inches and became a bit fuller. Her eyes got lighter and her skin paler.

Storm- She's sixteen in human and vampire years. She's not a vampire, but more of a hybrid. She has a power, and her eyes get lighter/darker if she's hungry/angry/etc. but those are her only vampiric qualities. Other than that she's human. Her power is similar to Kai's and works almost the same. She can control matter, except human and animal, but it has to be present first. For example, if she was able to control her power, she could make a tree bend. But, she can't control her power, at all. It's basically activated by emotions. If she's angry enough, she could cause a storm [no pun intended], or if she's upset enough, she could cause a car to run over someone.

Her hair is dark brown/black. Her eyes are generally a light gray, but get lighter/darker depending on her mood. If her eyes turn dark violet you can tell her power's going to go berserk. If she tries hard enough, without a specific emotion present she could do something basic, like make a handful of water move or something.

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