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"Morning, mom," I said, coming down the stairs. She was sitting on the couch curled against dad's side. They didn't have to get up early for school, did they? Even if they didn't graduate from school at the end of the last term, waking up wouldn't be a problem. "Morning, dad."

"Good morning, love. Sleep well?" dad asked, lifting his head from the book he was reading. Mom finally convinced him to try the Jane Austen books. Either he didn't have enough time or just couldn't be bothered, but the books were still unfinished.

"Something like that," I told him, grabbing my coat from the coat rack behind the door. "Aren't you finished reading those books yet?" I asked.

"No, he claims he'll get to finishing eventually," my mom mocked, her voice imitating his at the last part.

"We do have all of eternity. And it's not like we're going to college for another year."

That's another thing, while I was just entering my senior year; they'd finished theirs. Instead of applying for college like normal graduates, they couldn't decide on a college so they opted to stay home instead. Lucky bastards.

Hmm… what else's happened over the span of the last four months? Well, after the newborn attack the Volturi sent word of an imminent visit to check up on us – and we've been waiting on that for a while now. Carlisle says not to worry; we haven't exactly done anything to get on their bad sides. We hope.

The Cullens, which now stretched to include my mom and myself, was on good terms with both the Hunters and the pack. The pack had settled down a bit. But knowing the pack, something was always brewing. Sam stepped down from his alpha post to settle down with the now pregnant Emily. Jacob stepped up quite efficiently, might I add.

Ian and Kai got married… again and were currently on their honeymoon to South America. We haven't heard much of them lately. Nathan stayed with the Cullens on and off, spending time with the Denali coven for long periods of time after choosing to go to school at Dartmouth.

The Cullens still lived in their house – minus Emmett and Rosalie, who lived by themselves now. Mom and Dad built their own house close to the outskirts of Forks, but close enough to be able to make a five minute run back to the Cullen Manor (as it was referred to now… mainly by me, but still). I was in the middle of trying to convince my parents to allow me to drop out of school or be home-schooled or something. But, no. They wanted me to go to a Ivy League school and make them proud. Blech, wasn't fighting a fully grown vampire with my (still out-of-control) powers something to make it onto every vampire parent's wet-dream list?

I'd like to say things were going well. But that'd probably jinx everything. And Alice's been complaining about having these gut-feelings that something was going wrong. If she'd been human; I'd blame PMS. What do you call a PMSing vampire?

In a way, it's the end of the beginning, but I can bet there's more to come. There just always is. Until then, much love.

Storm Cullen.


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