Chapter 1 – Sweet Strawberries.


"Would you stop that?!"

L retracted his stained fork from half macerated strawberry. "Stop what Light-kun?"

"Stop jabbing that damn strawberry! If you don't want to eat it, take it back to the kitchen!" Light stood up, the lambent blue light of the monitor screen still revealing his handsome face to the aggregated darkness of the large room.

L blinked, re-jabbing the fallen strawberry to the end of his slim fork and shoving it into Light's face. "Would you like the strawberry, Light-kun?"

Light stepped back from the now unrecognisable splat, twisting his face in disgust. "No, but I would be delighted if you removed that thing from my face."

"As you wish." L smiled.

Light sighed, still eying his abstruse partner, who sat knees bent to his chest, back crouched into a hunch and his oversized white top, barely draping over the fragile crease of his shoulders, as the cloth slid off, whilst L shrugged.

"I'm going to go get us some dinner……but I suppose you want a cake or something."

L pretended to think. "Hm…I feel like……Tavuk göğsü."

Light blinked.

"That's a Turkish style milky pudding with chicken breast; you can get it at Gozde, ten minutes train trip from the station."

Light blinked again.

"Oh, and while you're at it throw in another strawberry." L smiled.

Light stared "…Cake? Got it. I'll be back in a sec." He whirled around in one swift movement and ran out the door.

L snickered and continued tapping away at the keyboard. Eyes wide open staring blankly at the computer screen.


Near sighed, his eyes barely open as he wrapped his forefingers around his overhanging fringe and twiddled absent-mindedly. Eye adjusting to the strange blue light as he peered into the dark room. "Sigh. Now, where's Yagami? He's not even here. That's good. Still glad I checked. What kind of conversation is this? I'm talking to myself...This is weird….oh well."

Near continued to play with his hair as he recognised a blurry, white figure rolled up decorated with a fluff of black…uh…is that hair? Oh…It's L.

Near's eyes snapped wide open.

L + alone = Near rape L.

It didn't take a genius to figure that out. The hard bit was, how do you think I'm going to open the door, walk…that looks like a good 14 feet. NO you idiot, that's obviously 14.5. Smart ass. Unroll the rope. Tie L up. Drag him to the bed…wait how'd the bed get there? Damn Yagami…Oh and while I'm at it, how did I get this rope? Meh.

Not bothering with the whole, 'Let's creep in there and abduct him idea' Near flung the door open dragging his feet as he made his way to the detective.

"Why, hello Near. How considerate of you to drag yourself that whole 14.52 feet to see me." L slowly turned his head.

'Damn, that was so close…' Near cursed in his head. 'But it did look like 14.5 from that perspective…must have been the light.'

"Hum. L. I was wondering…" Near removed the thick rope from behind his back. "Could I…tie you up?"

Pause. "No."

"Why not?" Near remained expressionless.

"Because a normal person would not want to be tied up. It's natural. Not a predatory factor, more like a defensive instinct, since being tied up summons a vulnerable awareness to the human body much like predator to prey." L shrugged

"You're not normal."


Near's eyes narrowed. Dropping the rope. He snatched out and grabbed a chunk of L's hair. Pulling him close his face. "Ah but L, I'm afraid I only ask once." Near forcefully enclosed his lips around L's, thrusting his tongue deep into his throat, causing the detective to splutter, until they pulled away gasping for air, leaving L's lips red and swollen.

"After that, it won't be pretty." Still tugging L's hair, Near threw the ebony-haired boy onto the bed. And quickly ridded him of all his clothes. Which was quite easy considering that L wore very little. Near pinned the young genius against the white sheets, glowering at the boy's stoic expression, desperate to tear it off and replace it with the face of a vulnerable and gasping L, begging for him to thrust deep inside of his warm body. The thought alone was enough to make him hard.

Somehow, Near retrieved the forgotten rope and tied L's hands onto the head posts, long limbs spread to a seductive angle, bruising his chest and legs with the rough exterior of the rope and the base of his erection was bounded tighter than the rest, preventing him from coming.

L furrowed his eyebrows, "Near, this puerile display for mischief would be taken into account as an exhibition of your naivety and curiosity if you release me now."

"Hell – no" Near smirked, running his tongue over the cheekbone of the prisoner, sucking hard on his neck to leave a swollen, red hickie at the base. Sending butterfly kisses over L's pale chest, stopping over his nipple as he cradled it in his mouth, fluttering his tongue against the small, pink bud, then sucking it.

L bit his lips muffling a moan.

"You like this, do you L?" Near lapped at his thighs, touching every part of his lower body except the, the inflamed erection. Entwining his slim fingers firmly around the base of L's cock, gently sliding his tongue up the length, capturing the tip lightly in this mouth. As he plunged his tongue into the sensitive slit. Enveloping L, throat deep each time, roughly yanking his head up and down, his fingers unconsciously massaging the fine material of the sac.


Light sighed, removing the standard blueberry and cream mousse cake from the box onto a crystal pantry dish, forking it with the slim equipment L uses to eat.

"Good enough. Like hell I'll go and get the Turkish crap."

He reached for a strawberry, and then reconsidered his actions.

Somewhere in his mind came a


"Good point."

He gently lifted the dish from the table, his meal balanced on his other hand, as he made his way back to the room.

"L, get off the computer and help me here will you?" Light nudged the door with his shoulder blade.

"Mmmh aannh!"

Light dropped the plates he was holding, fulfilling the facts of gravity with a loud crash, as they toppled onto the floor. Pushing the door open as he stepped into the dark room.

Light stared blankly, his mind incapable of analysing the situation before him. For what seemed like hours, Light stared at the naked and tied up L being suck off by his subordinate. Correction. Rape. Light's eyes clouded with emotions, disbelief, hatred, sadness, shock, but mostly anger. Reaching behind him in a flash he ripped out the Death Note, not bothering with the pages he tore into it with the nearest pen

Nate River

The lone words stood desolated at the very centre of the page, as Light gasped, his eye pulsing insanely.

"So, you are indeed Kira." The corner of Near's mouth twitched as the rest of his facial features remained emotionless.


"Killing me will be proved meaningless, because soon everyone will know you are the murderer, Yagami Light."

"I…said…get the hell off him…"

Near's face remained inches from L's cock, as he sneered. "It's only a matter of time."

His eyebrows furrows, sweating furiously as he grasped at his heart. Falling back onto the cold concrete ground.

Near was dead.


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Godze - Turkish Restaurant

Tavuk göğsü - Turkish Dessert (and no, I didn't make it up.)

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