Silence stole over the room at Near's abrupt death and the revealed truth of Kira.

L blinked, his expression returned to the usual state of childish demure, although still bounded and rendered utterly defenceless at the now advancing Kira.

Light smirked, his expression becoming sadistic as he eyed L's naked body up and down, marking the slim outline of his torso, his soft, thin lips pressed together loosely, and coloured with a tempting light pink tone.

"So L, looks like you certainly kept yourself busy at my absence." The bed creaked as the self-proclaimed god levered himself onto the bed.

L winced, fidgeting under Light's intense glare. His forgotten erection still standing unattended as it dripped with precome.

"Certainly, quite busy in fact. We still have a lot of work to complete after dinner. So would Light-kun care to untie me? These bounds aren't exactly comfortable." L struggled against the rope in demonstration.

Light's breath hitched, blushing as L rubbed his thighs together unconsciously while shifting on the bed. Moving his hands to caress the slim body, Light skilfully worked his hands upwards.

"Why don't you let me help you get comfortable then?" Light purred. Tracing the outline of L's ear with his tongue, sucking momentously at the lobe.

L's eyes widened in shock, struggling to pull away from the soft touches. "No thanks, I think'd prefer to adjust."

"Shy are we? Don't worry, we all have needs." Capturing L abused lips in a rough kiss. Light ran his fingers over the detective's slim waist, gently caressing his inner thighs.

L almost choked in shock, moaning at what teenage god was doing to him. Lapsing backwards onto the white sheets, when Light forcefully pushed his tongue into the young genius's mouth, searching the sweet cavern.

Light laced his fingers around the erected member, violently yanking it from the base, causing L to gasp sharply before moaning in ecstasy. "You're really straining aren't you? I can solve that." Light licked his lips, positioning himself between L's legs running his fingers over the stiff cock teasingly.

"Light-ku-nngggaaaahhh!" L moaned, his breath broken from the panting. A part of him begged for more, it wanted Yagami to make him scream in ecstasy. He cursed himself for even letting that thought pass, he wasn't going to summit to the young god easily.

"Ooohh, aren't you rock hard? What happened L?" Light licked the tip seductively. L bucked his hips up unconsciously, causing Light to smile even wider, and suddenly took L in his mouth, engulfing the entire length in his warm cavern.

L screamed out in pleasure, "Oh shit!"

Light smirked at the language that you'd rarely hear from the collected detective, thrusting into Ryuuzaki with a lubricated finger.

L ripped uncontrollable at the scattered white sheets, he could barely stand the double pleasure that was driving him from sanity. He had to come. Bad. But the tight rope collected around the base of L's erection still ceased to budge and L's heartbeat accelerated, as he threatened to explode.

Light felt his own bulge strain dangerously against the material of his pants. Watching L fuck himself against Light's fingers was enough to make him come.

"Mmmgghhhaaaa!!! Light-kuunnnn! I have to come real bad!!!!"

Well. That didn't help. Light's groin pulsed at the erotic sight below him. Gasping desperately for release.

"Light-kkuuunn!!! The rope!!! Pull the fucking thing off!!!"

Mesmerized by the new L, Light paused, before jumping back into reality. Removing his mouth from the quivering erection, and in one swift movement tugged the stubborn knot free of its captive.

One more thrust into Light's fingers and L released onto his chest. Hot streams of thick, white come spilt carelessly over the pale detective's flawless chest.

Gasping for a while, L recovered his breath and stared down at Light's obvious bulge. He blushed 'There's no way that would fit.'

L sighed, shifting from his position, he probed up on his elbows and urged Light to lie on his back. Straddling the brunette, L carelessly loosened the tie and started undoing the buttons of the beige blouse, tossing the heap aside.

For a moment he sat there admiring the well-toned body, more muscled and tanned that his own. Almost agonizingly slow, L unzipped the pants, occasionally rubbing the against the large bulge. L arched his back in a seductive manner as he stripped off the last of Yagami's clothing.

He smirked staring at Light's fully-erected cock, straddling him and inserted three fingers into his own entrance pulling in and out, with Light's face about a foot away.

Broken pants escaped the detective's lips and he prepared himself. "Aahhhhhh!!!"

"Mmmmnh!!! Oh god!!! Ryuuzaki!!!" Light blushed furiously at the submissive display. His groin growing unbearably hard.

After what seemed like forever L seemed satisfied with his preparation. Balanced his hands on Light's stomach for support, rubbing his entrance against the tip of the dripping dick.

"Fucking tease." Light thrusted forward. Narrowly avoided by a chuckling L. "Patience, Yagami-kun, we have all the time in the world."

"But my dick ain't waiting for the world to end. Put it in already!!!" Light begged.

L chuckled again lowering slowly onto the thick, wet member. Once it was fully in, he moves his hips up and down. Moaning at the incredible pleasure, thrusting onto Yagami's member again and again.

"Nggghh!!! Ryuuzaki!!! It's so tight, so hot…ahh!" Light arched his back, thrusting upwards deeply sharply hitting a certain spot, causing L to scream out in ecstasy. Light roughly grabbing onto the detective's length in the heat, yanking vigorously to the rhythm.

"L-light-kuuunn, I'm gonna cu - -Nnnghh-AAAAhhhhhgg!!!" L muscles clamped down on Light's erection, screaming as he climaxed all over Yagami's chest.

Returning several more thrusts, Light came inside L, spreading the hot sensation through Ryuuzaki's body, before he collapsed onto Light.

Light used what strength he had left to pull L off him into a tight embrace, covering their naked bodies with the white sheet.


Light gently planted a kiss on L's forehead. "Enjoyed it did we, Ryuuzaki?" Light smirked.

"I was just returning the favour." L defended desperately, his cheeks spread with a rosy essence.

"Of course it was." Light pulled L in tighter. "Oh and Ryuuzaki. I like it when you're submissive."

The blush has extended from ear to ear, as L desperately attempted to bury his face in Light's chest.

Light chuckled "It's alright now you won't have to macerate strawberries when you're bored. My dick would keep you company."

L reappeared from the sheets, blushing a deep crimson red. "Shut the fuck up Light."

Yagami chuckled again. "I love you, Ryuuzaki."



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