A/N: For the record, I hate Rynn. She's eaten my muse. These little stories are basically ideas I had while writing Broken that didn't fit into that story but now won't leave me alone. So, to purge these ideas from my system, they are coming out in the form of (usually) short talks between Rynn and Vico at bed time, probably sometime after the end of Broken. I'll warn you, they are really random. At the moment I have about five of them going, so I'll post them in the order they get finished, and I haven't a clue how many there will be when my ideas finally dry up. Most of them are meant to be funny, but some, like this one, deal with serious and sometimes delicate issues as well as tying in some of the twisted humor that I can't avoid between these two. I really hope I don't need to say this but...just in case: no thoughts expressed by Vico or Rynn in these stories reflect my own opinions on anything. They have a mind of their own and I can't do much to shut them up even when I try. And I have tried.

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Warning: Language and adult concepts.

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Better Left Unanswered

"Tell me about your first time."

Vico pretended to be asleep, his body rising and falling in a slow rhythm as I stared expectantly at his back. I knew him too well, though, and the fact that he was ignoring me made me want the answer to my question all the more.

"Come on." I gave him a weak shove and he groaned a complaint as though I'd woken him. "Tell me."

"Tell you what?" he grumbled as he rolled over and nuzzled his scruffy face into the crook of my neck, sending delightful shivers down my arms. "How good you taste?"

"You heard me," I murmured but tilted my head to give him better access to my throat. "Tell me about your first."

"My first what?" His voice hummed against my skin like little electric pulses and I just knew there was something juicy behind this story if he was willing to work so hard to distract me from getting an answer. "My first kill?"

I chuckled but the sound faded to a pleased sigh as his hands began to roam. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't about to be dissuaded. "Your first fuck, Vico," I said with enough bluntness that I hoped he would realize I wasn't about to let the question drop. "Come on…it's only fair." My voice dropped to a low whisper, my mouth twisted mockingly as I tilted his face to mine and ran my tongue over his lower lip. "You know all about my first time."

He huffed a sigh against my mouth and pulled his head back to give me a look that implied I wasn't playing fair. "It's not the kind of story little girls should hear before bed, Rynn."

I wasn't prepared for the bitterness in his reluctant tone, or the pain that was obvious behind his eyes. "I want to hear it," I pressed softly. By that point I was pretty sure I needed to hear it.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," he sighed with a shake of his head. "I wasn't even ten years old…and he was a priest at the local temple."

My jaw dropped open and I'm sure my eyes were wide. When I'd first asked, I'd expected some bawdy tale of a hormone driven teen and a prostitute or something, but this was…and his expression made my impression of what had happened to him all the worse. He looked so angry, almost defiant, his proud jaw set with discomfort. "You were…" my voice was barely a squeak, "raped?" His face twisted in a scowl at the word, but he gave one sharp nod. I'd heard vague rumors of such things, but to be honest I'd thought most were made up to cause a scandal. "I…I'm so sorry." There had to be some irony in this situation.

"Don't be," he answered shortly. "It was a long time ago." He looked awkward, his eyes drifting from my face to stare up at the dark ceiling above us, and I was suddenly struck with the notion that he'd probably never told anyone this before. For those very few seconds, he looked so young…vulnerable. I was sad for him, and I felt that with that simple admission I understood him better than I ever had before. I also felt the powerful urge to change the subject and wipe the haunted sadness from his face.

I snuggled in close to him and he pulled me against his chest with a sigh into my hair. "Tell me about your first kill then. I'm sure it's a much more pleasant story."

He chuckled, a hard, malicious sound. "It is. And it includes the same priest."

I tilted my head back to look up at the smug, satisfied smirk on his face. "You killed him?"

"Of course," he said with a widening, cruel grin. "Wouldn't you?"

I snorted a laugh and planted a light kiss on his collarbone. "Don't tempt me."

He laughed too, his mood lightening, and pinched my rear as he pulled me closer. "What about you? Who was your first victim?"

I shifted uncomfortably before I answered. "Rick Cars."

His body gave a little start, then he cupped my chin and turned my eyes up to meet his. "You made your first kill for me?" I nodded, feeling strangely embarrassed or nervous, though I wasn't really sure why. Maybe I just didn't want him to know how much he'd affected me, even back then when I'd pretended he – and what he'd done to me – meant nothing. "Damn, if you were willing to do all that, you must have already had it bad for me."

I scoffed and smacked the back of his head as he laughed. "Only in your dreams. It was just another job."

"Bullshit," he answered with a trace of amusement. "People like us remember all our firsts. So why'd you really take the job?"

"I needed the experience," I shrugged defensively, but he raised a disbelieving eyebrow at me until I sighed and relented. "Alright fine. I'd already had a run-in with Rick at the docks before you asked me to kill him."

Vico's face clouded over with a dark frown. "What do you mean 'run-in'?"

"I mean they tried to extort money from me."

"And…?" he demanded when I fell silent. His face was angry, though I could tell he wasn't upset with me.

"And I didn't have much money," I admitted as I let my fingers play across his muscular chest. His arm was around my waist and I couldn't help but think about how safe I felt in his embrace, so far from all the people who had tried to hurt me. "He…tried to demand an…alternate form of payment." I could hear Vico's teeth grinding. "I managed to fire off some weak little cantrip. I don't even think it hit anybody, but they hesitated long enough for me to get away and hide."

"Fucking bastards," he growled under his breath, his arm tightening around my possessively. "If I'd known that I would have gutted the coward myself."

I smiled because a statement like that coming from Vico that was the same as a poetic profession of his feelings for me. "Well, I'm glad you didn't."

He smirked, teasing amusement pushing aside his irritation. "Enjoyed slitting his throat while he was fast asleep, did you?"

"Very much," I admitted with a grin. "Especially the part where he opened his eyes and recognized me." I chuckled as the image rose in my mind. "I hope he's in some private hell somewhere, cursing me for sending him there."

Vico barked out a laugh and rolled atop me suddenly, holding his weight off of me on his elbows as he pushed my messy hair back from my face with both hands. "You're crazy," he murmured before he gave me a deep languid kiss.

"So are you," I pointed out smugly, grinding my hips against him until he made a small, appreciative groan.

"Yeah," he breathed before he trailed his tongue down the slope of my neck, then dug his teeth into my shoulder in a hard, quick bite. "Ain't it great?"