As you know, should you have read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and/or Breaking Dawn, or even just heard about them, there are some characters in the series that have special powers other than just basic vampire powers. If you turn to the Vampire Index on page 756 of the book Breaking Dawn, you will see a star beside the names of the vampires that had these other supernatural talents. Here I explain what these talents are, as the book doesn't have an index or anything of the powers themselves.

Zafrina (Amazon Coven) - The ability to make a person to see anything she wishes in their mind, however not feel the presence of the place. For instance, if she were to make a person sitting on a couch see a jungle, they would be able to feel the couch beneath them, however see the jungle.

Eleazar (Denali Coven) - The ability to determine any other powers a person might posses.

Kate (Denali Coven) - The ability to send an electric shock through a person by touching their skin, such as the effect a taser would have to a human.

Benjamin (Egyptian Coven) - The ability to effect the elements of the earth.

Maggie (Irish Coven) - The ability to determine when a person is lying.

Siobhan (Irish Coven) - The ability to change the outcome of a situation by hoping that it will turn out a certain way.

Edward (Olympic Coven) - The ability to read anybody's current thoughts within a few miles of them.

Bella (Olympic Coven) - The ability to protect herself and others with a "shield" from other powers that "enter your mind."

Jasper (Olympic Coven) - The ability to altar the emotions of others around him.

Alice (Olympic Coven) - The ability to see into the future based on the decisions people have made. Her visions can change depending on the decisions of others that are relevant to the situation.

Renesmee (Olympic Coven) - The ability to "speak" to people by touching them with her palm with visions, thoughts, and memories that are in her mind.

Aro (Volturi Coven) - The ability to read every thought a person has ever had by touching them with his palm.

Marcus (Volturi Coven) - The ability to recognize relationships between others.

Didyme (Volturi Coven) - The ability to cause everyone to feel the same joy that she felt.

Alec (Volturi Guard) - The ability to cause people to be "numbed" emotionally.

Chelsea (Volturi Guard) - The ability to break and strengthen emotional ties between people.

Afton (Volturi Guard) - not mentioned/unknown

Corin (Volturi Guard) - not mentioned/unknown

Demetri (Volturi Guard) - The ability to track/locate people.

Heidi (Volturi Guard) - not mentioned/unknown

Jane (Volturi Guard) - The ability to make people feel the illusion of an overwhelming physical pain.

Renata (Volturi Guard) - The ability to distract a person and make their mind wander.

James (American Nomads) - The ability to track/locate people.

Victoria (American Nomads) - The ability of self-preservation.

Alistair (European Nomads) - The ability to sense the locations of others.

Charles (European Nomads) - not mentioned/unknown


Please correct me if you find any errors in this. Thanks!