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Public Displays


After a day of work I agreed to meet Alice for a drink and after she had to leave Edward joined me. We didn't usually go out much. We were the kind of people who preferred to stay home and enjoy each other's company, but this was a nice change.

I was less than thrilled when Edward decided to drag me to the dance floor, though. If there was one thing I really wasn't good at was dancing. I could barely walk without finding something to trip on most of the times, so dancing was definitely not for me.

Edward was a great dancer, though, and with his arms securely wrapped around me I became more confident. It didn't take long for me to be swaying to the sound of the music, shamelessly rubbing my body against Edward's as he ran his hands along my body, squeezing my ass every once in a while in a discrete way.

At least no one besides us seemed to notice what we were doing. Everyone was concentrated on their own partners or at least that was what I thought. When I turned around pressing my back to Edward's chest, I was well aware of this guy's eyes on us, though He was leaning against a wall, watching as Edward and I danced, kissed and touched.

He made me feel uneasy but I kept on rubbing my body against Edward's as he leaned in to kiss my neck and then whisper in my ear.

"He's been watching you since we stepped into the dance floor." I looked up at him in surprise.

So he had noticed the guy as well.

"I see… So you've been feeling me up all night just to show him I belong to you?" I was kidding but it was actually funny how that idea thrilled me. If anyone was watching, I wanted them to know Edward was the only one who got to touch me as he pleased.

"Yes. That and the fact that I just can't keep my hands off of you, especially when you're brushing your perfect, little body against mine like you're doing now." I looked up at him again and smiled, never stopping to move.

I had to confess I put on a little show for the guy watching us, bending over slightly and wiggling my ass so it would press against Edward's crotch as he held onto my waist.

This was completely unlike me but my actions were only fuelled by the feel of Edward's eager hands on my body and then his lips on my ear.

"Bella, do you want to go somewhere more private?" My answer was immediate. I turned around in his arms and smiled widely.

"Yes, please."

Edward smiled back at me and took my hand in his, leading me away from the dance floor.

I don't know where we thought we were going but the truth was that we didn't get very far. We ended up making out in the alley behind the club, Edward pinning me to the wall.

I allowed myself to enjoy his lips on me, teasing my neck and throat while his hand eagerly explored my body. When he cupped my breast through the fabric of my simple dress I moaned quietly, bucking my hips against his.

I was excited already but I could tell I wasn't the only one. I could feel his hardening erection pressed against my stomach every time he brushed his body against mine. He wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

As he kissed me, his body pressing me against the wall, one of his hands moved between our bodies, pulling the hem of my dress up so he could press his fingers to my center.

A moan immediately escaped my lips and I held on tighter to him when he groaned as well, his fingers parting my lips so he could plunge them inside of me.

"Fuck, Bella, no panties." I shook my head. I was hoping to surprise him with my lack of undergarments once we got home and his hands started to wander. I just didn't know we would be doing this here.

He kept on teasing me like that and the feel of his fingers moving in and out of me was driving me crazy. I needed more, though. I needed him inside of me.

"Edward, I need more than your fingers inside of me…" I heard him curse under his breath.

"Damn, baby! I need to get you home as soon as possible so I can bury my cock deep inside of you." He extracted his fingers from inside of me but I didn't let him step back. I needed this now!

I couldn't wait until we were home!

"No… I can't wait. I need you inside of me now, Edward." He all but growled at me as I ran my hands down his stomach and started to unbutton his pants.

"We are in a public place, Bella. I think we've gone too far already." I knew that perfectly well but my mind was in such a daze I couldn't seem to care about it. I just wanted him.

"I know but I want you so much…" I couldn't wait until we got home.

I would surely combust.

I dipped my hand inside his pants and cupped his hard cock. He groaned loudly when I did so, letting me know he couldn't wait either. He really was as excited as I was.

"Fuck, Bella! I want you so much."

"Then have me. I'm yours." He growled again and bucked his hips against my hand while pulling my dress up once more.

I took that as a sign he would take me right here and now and pulled his pants and boxers down just low enough to release his cock, which immediately stood up in attention.

I moaned at the sight of him, remembering how good it felt to have his, big and hard cock inside of me.

Once his boxers were off, he lifted my left leg up, wrapped it around his waist and aligned his body with mine.

His cock slid against my slick entrance as a strangled cry left my lips.

I needed him inside of me now! Gladly, he didn't lose time and pushed forward, entering me with a swift move.

He moved slowly at first until I was used to having him inside of me and then started to move faster and faster with every thrust once he knew I was definitely ready for more.

He kept moving, picking up pace, as I bucked my hips against his as well as I could. I moaned as quietly as I could every time he moved in and out of me and all but yelled when he moved his hands to between my legs again so he could rub my clit, only increasing all the sensations I was already experiencing.

It didn't take long for me to start feeling that familiar heat course through my body. I was so close already!

A strange feeling crept up my body when I turned my head to the side so Edward could have an easier access to my neck and my eyes fell upon something on the far corner of the alley.

I couldn't see clearly but I could feel eyes on me and I was sure there was someone, a man, standing at the corner and looking at us.

"Edward, I think there is someone watching us." He immediately stilled his movements and moved his head to the side.

"Shit! I think it's that guy from the club!" I whimpered in frustration as Edward cursed once again.

What was wrong with that guy? What kind of person just stands there watching? I couldn't believe we would have to stop because of him. Of course I knew I shouldn't be doing this here in the first place but still…

"No! I'm so close already. I didn't want to stop." I threw my head back and then looked at the guys 'direction again, narrowing my eyes.

I didn't know how Edward knew it was the guy from the club when I all I could make out was the outline of a body.

"Then we won't. I want you to come, baby." I immediately turned my attention back to Edward, stunned by his words.

Did he really want to go on? Couldn't this be dangerous or something?

"But, Edward…" He silenced me with a kiss while starting to move in and out of me again.

"I want him to see this. I want him to know I'm the only one who can have you like this. You'll come for me here with him watching, baby." His words made me suddenly feel inhibited and I pulled on his hair while starting to move my hips in rhythm with his own.

As we kept on moving together Edward made sure my dress didn't move up my body too much, not wanting to expose me.

I was glad for that even though I knew Edward's body was covering mine completely and that it was so dark and the guy was standing so far he couldn't see much of us. He heard more than he saw.

Edward's thrusts were becoming faster and faster and his grip on my waist had tightened and I couldn't even control the volume of my moans anymore.

I wouldn't last for long.

"Does this excite you, Bella? Knowing that guy wants you? Knowing he is watching us fuck and wishing he was me?" Edward nibbled on my earlobe and shifted the angle in which he was entering me, hitting all the right places inside of me and making me grab onto his shoulders for support.

"Yes, it does." And to show him just how much it did, I decided to just let go

I wanted that guy to know what Edward was capable of doing to me and that he was the only one who could do it.

"Oh! Deeper, Edward. Please! Shove your huge cock deep inside of me, baby." Edward all but growled and did just that, pushing me over the edge.

I screamed his name loudly and threw my head back, the heat taking over my whole body.

As I panted and grabbed onto Edward for support, I felt him groan my name and bury his face on my neck while spilling inside of me.

My released brought on his own and we were now both panting for air.

"Oh, baby, you feel so good." I could only moan as he kept on moving in and out of me, slowly now, allowing us both to ride the waves of our orgasms.

I clung to Edward as he buried his face on my neck once more, most of my body strength gone. Both our breathings were fast and shallow and I couldn't think clearly.

We stood like that for a minute or two until Edward pulled back and out of me so he could zip his pants back up while I rearranged my dress, smoothing the fabric.

He then moved his hands to my waist and pulled me in for a deep kiss that, invariably proceeded another kiss and then another.

We stood there kissing for several minutes, immersed on our own little world not caring about anything or anyone, but when Edward pressed his body to mine again, I was hit by a new rush of desire.

I wanted him again. I wanted to pleasure him

"Baby, do you want to…?" I moved my hand down his chest to his erection while biting my lower lip. He immediately understood what I meant but shook his head.

"Not here. In the car, love." I nodded and let him lead me to the car, which thankfully, was on the opposite direction from whomever it was that had been watching us. How crazy had we been? The guy could have been some psychopath waiting to attack us!

Once we were inside the car, I smiled up at Edward. I still couldn't believe we had done that in the alley and I was already planning for more.

Edward was right. I was becoming a vixen!

"Edward…" I leaned towards him and placed my hand on his chest, letting him know that I meant what I had said in the alley.

"Really? I thought you were just putting a show for our little friend back there." If he truly knew how much I liked pleasuring him, he wouldn't have thought that.

"No. I want to do it. I want to do it here in the car and as soon as possible." He nodded once and looked outside as I moved to kiss his jaw.

"Sit down straight, Bella." I did as I was told but lifted an eyebrow and pouted slightly. Didn't he want to do this? I thought this was something he would like.

"If we don't want to get caught again and possibly be arrested, I don't think this is the best place for us to do this. We already took enough risks back in the alley for a day, no?" I nodded while smiling at him.

"What do you have in mind?"

"We could drive to a more deserted place and..." I didn't even wait for him to finish his sentence, I simply nodded enthusiastically as he started the car and drove away.

We didn't have to drive too far to find a place where we could be together without any problems.

After stopping the car Edward looked over at me and raised an eyebrow in an expression that clearly served as a question. Did I still want to do this? I most certainly did so I just nodded and smiled, letting him know I was ready.

His smiled was immediate as well as was his kiss and when I moved my hand to his leg, he pulled back, gesturing for me to get closer.

"Come here, Bella." I did as he said while he pushed his car seat back as far as it would go, giving me enough space to kneel down between his legs without hitting my head on the steering wheel.

I ran my hands up and down his legs several times before moving them to open the button on his pants. When they were opened, he lifted his hips off his seat allowing me to pull them down his legs so they were lying on the floor around his ankles.

I looked up at him and licked my lips once before moving to stroke him trough the fabric of his boxers. He hissed when I did so and threw his head back as his hand moved to my shoulder.

I smiled at that and urged him to lift his hips again so I could pull his boxers down as well, releasing his erection.

I licked my lips once more at the sight of him and then stuck my tongue out, slowly running it from his base to tip, successfully making him groan in the process.

One of his hands moved to my hair as I took only his tip in my mouth, my tongue teasing it in that way I knew he liked. He used that hand to tug on my hair and urge me to take more of him inside my mouth as his hips started to slowly buck.

I did what he wanted and took more of him inside my mouth, moaning deeply around him as I took as much of him as I could inside my mouth. My hand moved to his balls, massaging them so I could increase his pleasure.

"Fuck, Bella. That's it; keep sucking me just like that..." In response to him I closed my mouth tightly around him and started to bob it up and down his length. He felt incredibly huge and tick in my mouth like this but I enjoyed pleasuring him this way.

Every time he tugged of my hair I increased my rhythm and intensity, making him groan. I could tell he would come soon. I could almost feel him twitching already.

Edward apparently knew he was close as well because in that moment he squeezed my shoulder and made me stop my movements.

"Oh fuck, Bella! Stop. I'm too close already just…" I let go of him with a pop and look up, waiting to see what he wanted. "I have to get us home right now." I raised an eyebrow at him, wondering why the hurry.


"Because I want to see you standing on your knees and hands for me. I need to have you from behind and I can't hold on for too long." I giggled as comprehension and an idea hit me.

"You don't have to."

"Why?" It was his turn to look confused.

"I can't stand on my knees and hands here but…" I slowly moved to his lap so I was facing the steering wheel and my back was pressed against his chest. "In this position you can enter me from behind."

He groaned loudly and moved his hands to my legs, opening them as far as they could in the reduced space. My legs moved over his knees, which helped them remain spread as his hands pulled my dress up so it was resting around my waist.

One of his hands then moved to between my legs so he could tease my entrance just like he had done earlier in that alley. He was already hard and wanted to make sure I was as ready for this as he was.

As his free hand moved to cup my breast he slid one finger inside of me, quickly followed by another one and finally a third one. It all felt so good I quickly found myself moaning.

When it was practically impossible for me to get more wet, Edward extracted his fingers from inside of me and reached between us so he could position his erection at my entrance.

All I had to do was lower myself on him slowly and he was filling me completely. I threw my head back for a second, enjoying the way he felt inside of me, the way he stretched me so pleasurably. Edward took the chance to nibble on my earlobe and when he slowly moved his hips I leaned forward again so I could start moving on top of him.

My movements were slow at first as I only took his tip inside of me repeatedly. When Edward groaned, I smiled and moved so I took all of him inside of me again.

From that point on, I started to move faster allowing us both the pleasure of being connected like this.

Edward snaked up my stomach so he could cup my breasts in them as I kept on bouncing on top of him, taking him completely inside of me over and over again

"Fuck Bella. I love it when you sit on my cock like this." He bit down on my neck as I gripped the steering wheel harder and moved faster on top of him. "Do you like it? Do you like it when I fuck you like this?"

"Yes, I love it. I love it when you fuck me like this." If I was being sincere I loved each and every way he had of taking me but I definitely had a soft spot for the positions that allowed me to be on top. I liked the fact that he gave me all the power and allowed me to ride him as I wished. His hands on my breasts simply helped me move on top of him so my rhythm was pleasuring for both of us.

My movements quickly became frantic and I could tell Edward as close to his release. As was I. I let out a loud moan every time Edward filled me and he seemed to like the sound of it immensely.

I could feel that knot in my stomach growing quickly with every fast thrust.

Edward groaned when my muscles started to clench around him and after two more particularly deep thrusts I could feel my release taking over me. There was heat everywhere. So much heat!

I screamed his name loudly and my release triggered his own and I could immediately feel him grip my breasts a little tighter as we rode the waves of our releases. Edward groaned my name as our movements slowed down and my body went limp.

I leaned back against Edward as I fought to control my breath and he rested his head on my shoulder, his hands moving down to my waist.

There were several minutes of silence, during each we stood still, recovering from everything we had done tonight until Edward finally spoke.

"Now, this has been a very interesting night, has it not?" I couldn't help but to giggle at that.

It had definitely been an interesting night.

"Yes. You know, I think we can even add this night to our list of fulfilled fantasies."

"Oh, I didn't know very public displays of affection and then car sex was a fantasy of yours but I'm glad we're fulfilled it!"

I giggled again and then moved a little so I could kiss him. Edward and I stayed there kissing for a while longer and only after several more minutes did we managed to let go of each other and finally drive home.

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