~Warning: Hunger spoilers!!~

Author's Note:

Hey guys and thanks to you all for reading GONE AIM part III!! Yes, it's finally here, after that episode with the nevagirl story. I'm giving up with that because after all those comments and a bunch of private messages, she never Private messages me back of updated my story. Anyway, I've complexly re-written chapter II from what it was before. There are hunger spoilers(nothing major just some new characters and minor plot), so beware if you haven't read the book. Thanks again to all the people who read the previous GONE AIMs and who are reading this one now! Enjoy…

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Moneymoneymoney: Hey guys!

Ducknotgoose: Hi Albert…:-D

xoeinsteinxo: Hi Albert…Duck…Sam…Jack…Brianna…

schoolbussam12: Hi people

breeze19: Yeah…that…

administrator00: How are you all?

breeze19: Wonderful, just wonderful.

Moneymoneymoney: um…

schoolbussam12: Hungry, personally.

xoeinsteinxo: I agree with Sam.

ducknotgoose: Aren't we all?

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schoolbussam12: Hi, um, Orsay (?), Dekka (?)…and….oh its you

ruleroftheFAYZ: What, Sam? Are you afraid to face your arch nemesis who is so much cooler than you and…what are we arch nemesis' anymore? Because you know, we kind of helped each other out in that cave and all…

schoolbussam12: Yeah…hmmm…….

deathtogravity: Hi guys.

breeze19: Wow Dekka, you made a screen name.

ducknotgoose: yeah!

ruleroftheFAYZ: Wow all these positive encouraging thoughts are really getting to me. I'm calling Drake!

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Moneymoneymoney: Well that just took the positive emery from all of us and sent it spiraling down the drain.

Ducknotgoose: My drain doesn't work anymore.

xoeinsteinxo: Mine doesn't either.

schoolbussam12:* cough cough * CAINE!!

ruleroftheFAYZ: What did I do?

ducknotgoose: Um…the power!?!?!?!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

ruleroftheFAYZ: Oh right about that….

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mydogisstupid06: Hello all.

Moneymoneymoney: Hi Lana!

deathtogravity: what she said

ruleroftheFAYZ: Anyway… that was not my fault! I can explain.

schoolbussam12: Let me guess, we're not going to move on from an online staring contest to on online trial.

Ducknotgoose: Well, we could. I want to be a lawyer!!!!

Ducknotgoose: Someone hire me as your lawyer!!!!

breeze19: I have a better idea!

schoolbussam12: What?

breeze19: Online truth or dare!

Ducknotgoose: * GROAN *

deathtogravity: I'm in!

schoolbussam12: Me too.

mr_srfrdude445: I, for one, have nothing better to do.

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schoolbussam12: Who's that?

ihatedrake: Diana.

xoeinsteinxo: Now Diana, Hate is a very strong word.

ihatedrake: FINE!

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iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Better?

xoeinsteinxo: Sure…

deathtogravity: I object! I believe the first screen name was more honest….

Ducknotgoose: FIRST: Who cares? And SECOND: When was the last time you caught Diana being honest?

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Hey!!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Soooo….. What have I missed?

breeze19: Truth…or DARE!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: …truth…

breeze19: someone ask her a question!!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Do I have to answer it?

breeze19: Of course you do!

Moneymoneymoney: Yes you do.

Ducknotgoose: Duh.

ruleroftheFAYZ: Well, actually… how will we know?

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Thanks for clarifying that Caine. Now….my question?

administrator00: What……is the capitol of Madagascar?

Ducknotgoose: Wait! That's not truth….that's random trivia!

deathtogravity: Does it really matter? You know, I haven't really been to Madagascar lately…

deathtogravity: What with the whole FAYZ thing and all…

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Oh! Look! A canary! Sam's turn!

breeze19: Truth or dare, Sam?

schoolbussam12: Um….dare….I think…..

xoeinsteinxo: Go kiss Taylor.

schoolbussam12: Atrid did yiou just ytpe what I ijfj think u juusrt ttio???????////

breeze19: What?

ruleroftheFAYZ: Haha. Sam can't type.


schoolbussam12: Sorry. I meant to say "Atrid you did not just type what I think you just typed……" …..DID YOU??

xoeinsteinxo: Sorry about that. Quinn needs to stop grabbing my computer.

mr_srfrdude445: I did no such thing!

schoolbussam12: Quinn, why are you close enough to Astrid to grab her computer?

mr_srfrdude445: Sam, dude. Look up. We're sitting right next to each other. All of us.

schoolbussam12: Oh.

breeze19: Kiss her! Kiss her!

Ducknotgoose: yeah, do it!

schoolbussam12: Um…

mr_srfrdude445: EEEEWW!

Moneymoneymoney: Sam, you can stop now!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Wow. I wish I'd totally ditch Caine's side just to watch his moment of agony … right now!!!!!!!!!

xoeinsteinxo: wow I wish I…I mean Quinn never typed that!!

Ducknotgoose: Moving on….

breeze19: Your turn, Duck.

Ducknotgoose: What!?!?! NOOOOO!

breeze19: um…yes

schoolbussam12: Come on, Duck. I just kissed Taylor. You can totally do whatever they make you do.

Ducknotgoose: Fine fine…..

breeze19: I want to say it!!

mr_srfrdude445: ?

breeze19: Truth……or DARE!!

Ducknotgoose: Dare, I guess.

dreamer47: Hi guys. Just came back from reading Drake's dreams. Who knew unicorns could be so terrifying?!

mr_srfrdude445: Hi Orsay!

Ducknotgoose: We're playing truth or dare.

breeze19: It's Duck's turn. He chose dare.

breeze19: Any ideas?

dreamer47: Yeah.

dreamer47: Hey, Duck. I dare you to go lick the FAYZ wall for thirteen seconds.

Ducknotgoose: WHAT!!

Ducknotgoose: No!

Ducknotgoose: I refuse.

xoeinsteinxo: Do it, Duck.

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: You have to. Someone should go with him to make sure he does it.

administrator00: I'll go!

mr_srfrdude445: Me too! Jack, bring your camcorder.

administrator00: Right. See you earthlings later.

administrator00 has left

administrator00 has returned

administrator00: The lure of the computer screen was just too much for me to handle! How did I live without it for those long moments? That may just have been three seconds but it felt like three years to me!

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Ducknotgoose: Hello everyone. This is Quinn taking over Duck's account. You all have fun as we watch him lick the FAYZ wall.

schoolbussam12: I'm coming!

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Ducknotgoose has left (unwillingly)

administrator00: Did the chat room just….say something?

mr_srfrdude445: ?

dreamer47: Jack's loosing it.

xoeinsteinxo: No I see what you mean. Did the chatroom just…say something?

No. The chat room did not just say anything. Please resume your conversation.

ruleroftheFAYZ: That confirms it. The chat room is not officially chatting back.

ruleroftheFAYZ: !

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: What does _that_ mean?

As was stated previously, the chatroom is NOT chatting back. Please resume your previous conversation.

dreamer47: What's going on?

deathtogravity: Are we all going to die!?! Is this the end!?! When we all thought the apocalypse was finally upon us, has it really come…… I think I read something about something like this before. The chatroom that chats back…it's sign of death for all of us!!

xoeinsteinxo: Wow, Dekka, that was slightly out of character…

deathtogravity: Don't worry, Astrid in just moments it won't matter because this is the end…the apocalypse is finally upon us! (See above statement)

dreamer47: Um…Dekka? Are you okay?

No, she's not.

administrator00: Who are you and what are you doing to my chatroom!?!?!?!

I AM the chatroom! (I recommend you all bow down in awe of my power about now)

administrator00: Ah, _I see_ ….

xoeinsteinxo: Bow down to my power? Wow! It sounds like the chatroom is related to Caine!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Hey!! And isn't _your_ boyfriend related to Caine?

ruleroftheFAYZ: What Diana said…

xoeinsteinxo: Okay, you win there, but we all have to admit Caine is an egomaniac!

administrator00: Agreed!

ruleroftheFAYZ: Jack, you will pay for that!

administrator00: What! No! Must…resist…lure…of…computer screen.

administrator00 has left

administrator00 has not yet returned

administrator00 has been gone for three seconds now without returning

That makes it four



administrator00 has returned yet again

deathtogravity: Its a record!

xoeinsteinxo: Dekka? Are you over the apocalypse FAYZ now?

administrator00: Was that a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

administrator00: lollollolllolollolollolololololooooooololololololololololo!

administrator00: …lol

ruleroftheFAYZ: Wow Jack. Just wow.

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Lets all observe as jack discovers laughter!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: You know, that think you do when things are funny. As in jokes

administrator00: I knew all that stuff! Funny: causing amusement, especially enough to provoke laughter. See!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Not really.

I agree with Diana.

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Stalker! How did you know my name!?!

I know everything!

ruleroftheFAYZ: Everything?

Yes. For example, I know that right now the background or your computer is a picture of yourself.

ruleroftheFAYZ: Is NOT!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Is it really, Caine?

ruleroftheFAYZ: NO!!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Really?


Yes it is Caine.

ruleroftheFAYZ: Listen, chatroom. I don' know who you are, but you will pay for this!!


I'm scared….


administrator00: Wow, chatrooms can use sarcasm!

iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Well, I'm (not) glad that made jack's day!

deathtogravity: If you know everything, then what is the FAYZ?

A bubble!

Ducknotgoose: No, really?

Yes. It is. Kind of like a giant soap bubble, you know?

ruleroftheFAYZ: Do we? (know)

deathtogravity: Wait wait wait!

deathtogravity: I know what you're going to say next!

breeze19: My little sister once had peppermint flavored bubble juice stuff!

Okay then…

deathtogravity: Some little kid is going to come and pop are bubble and we're all going to DIE!!

xoeinsteinxo: Dekka, do us all a favor and drop the death. Please!

deathtogravity: Help Help!

deathtogravity has left

Goodbye, my dear friend!

breeze19: gtg guys…

Good bye breeze.

I too must go!

Iveryverystronglydislikedrake: Wait…if the chatroom leaves, how do we chat?

You don't Diana!

The chatroom has left.

The end!

Author's Note: YEAH! It' over! Hope you all enjoyed it. Please review!

(By the way, the capitol of Madagascar is Antananarivo)


P.S. Anyone with ideas for following chapters, please PM me and I'll try to include them. Any suggestions at all are VERY helpful and welcomed. So, please, tell me!