Disclaimer: I do not know Criminal Minds or the characters, I am mealy borrowing them and playing with them for mine and your amusement.

So settle back and enjoy the show.

Chapter one

Spencer Reid stretched he was a mile from his apartment, the moon was high in the sky.

'Morgan's right," Reid thought, 'running does help.' He started jogging again not noticing the van that was following him.

Reid entered him apartment and started to strip his clothes, entering his bathroom he dropped them in a pile in the corner and jumped into his shower for a nice cool shower. As Reid hummed away in the shower washing his hair, the front door softly opened and closed. A tall man, six foot three, with black hair and blue eyes, smooth face and a large build glanced around the small apartment. He heard the shower on and grinned showing off his straight and white teeth. He walked around and found the bathroom and quietly entered the room. He watched the younger man rinse his hair his eyes closed. He growled softly his groin twitching. 'Yes,' he thought, 'this one is perfect.'

Reid reached forward his eyes still closed and turned off the taps. Wiping the water out of his eyes he stepped out of the shower and saw a tall strange man watching him. Yelping he reached for his towel and wrapped in around his body. "Wh-who are you?" he stuttered.

The black hair man grinned and walked forward and Reid realised that he was at least a foot shorter than the stranger, Reid backed up, 'sto-stop." He demanded his voice quavering.

The black hair man whipped out a handkerchief and lunged at Reid. He caught the surprised man around the waist and pressed the material against his mouth and nose.

Reid's eyes widen at the sudden movement from the man and tried to dodge but the man snagged his arm around him and pulled him tight against his body and pressed some material against his mouth and nose. Knowing that it would be drugged Reid held his breath and struggled against the man and as he writhed he hit the table and knocked off his blue vase filled with fake flowers. The black man growled as the smaller man struggled, but when he hit the vase he started to pull the man out of the bathroom knocking over more furniture. Getting aggravated the black hair man pulled away from Reid and hit him hard in the stomach. Reid felt his legs fall out from underneath him and he gasped for breath breathing in the drugs on the material and dropped into unconsciousness. The black hair man let Reid fall to the ground in a tangled heap. He looked around at the mess that their struggles had made and shrugged, he went back to admire the heap. He long slim legs peaked out under the towel and his arms lay sprawled across the ground. Bending down he picked the man up in bridal style and moved his head so Reid's rested against his shoulder and watched the man sleep his lips slightly opened. Moving the sleeping man onto one arm he reached into a pocket and pulled out a white rose that had the tips of it petals painted with red, blue and black. Walking over he placed in on top of a table and walked out of the door shutting it behind him and down the stairs and hopped into that van the spun off.

"So Ryan, I see you got him." The driver said as he waited at a red light before moving again when they turned green.

"Yes, and he more beautiful then I imagined, but he is a fighter," the black hair man, Ryan, arranged the limp limbs of Reid," not that I mind that," he added slyly and together he and the driver laughed and settled down caressing the soft face in front of him.