Yin & Yang – Betrayal & Trust

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Inuyasha Abbreviations:

Youkai – demon

Miko – priestess

Houshii – monk

Taijiya – slayer

Kitsune – fox child

Chapter 14 – The Adjoining Of Friendship

The room remained silent as the soft whispers of feet moving across the floor traveled to the shoji's exit until only a ningen child and taiyoukai were left. Rin stared at the golden eyes which watched her with care, Kagome had requested he stay with her and for that, the child was grateful. The one to save her; he whom she saw as her father. Softly Rin watched in interest as his pale yet stunningly warm hand came to rest upon her sweat cased forehead. Exhaling deeply the child closed her eyes in relaxation, it was he who had always made everything in her life brighter, it was he who had been the one to see her as something completely indifferent to a brat, it was he who had paid attention to her wants and needs, he who had cherished her and taught her things no one else could be bothered to care in teaching her. She loved him with her heart and soul, not as that of a mate but that of family, he was and will always be a remnant of a father in her heart, never could she ever think ill of him, no not her father, not Lord Sesshoumaru of the West.

"Rin, how are you feeling?" asked the baritone voice, the girl smiled in response as tears filled her eyes once again, it amazed her at how much emotion he could cause her to feel despite his face being nothing but a vast, stone-like mask.

"I am well fa...I mean Sesshoumaru sama," Sesshoumaru frowned, he had heard what she wished to call him yet she had corrected herself, there was no need for such, slowly he leaned forwards so that his forehead touched hers.

"Rin why do you feel the need to call me something that you force, I am your father if that is how you see me, I see no need for you to need to call me of my title since you in fact are my pack and first daughter." whispered Sesshoumaru as he watched his daughter in amusement, her eyes wide and shy from the words he had just voiced.

"But I am human father..." Sesshoumaru frowned, indeed she was human but it was not something she needed to worry about.

"Yes you are Rin as is your mother, Kagome will soon become my mate as you will remain my daughter, being human means nothing to me, it is your heart and actions that speak otherwise. I dislike most humans as I see them to be weak and disorientated. You, your mother and her friends however are not like commoners, all of you have good intentions to not just the human race but also the youkai race and those in between. I can never find myself to have any grudge to you my child and it will remain as such forever. Now sleep, I do not want any more ail to come to you." said the inuyoukai softly before kissing his daughter's forehead in affection and standing to leave the room.

"Hai father I will." croaked Rin as her father nodded, then she slipped into the depths of slumber, her mind and heart filled with that of joy...


The afternoon breeze wafted across the cooling noses of the five travelers, winter was coming rapidly, already autumn had come in surprise, thankfully after many years of experience everyone had started preparing for the freezing weather they knew was to be ahead. Sneezing, Sango draftily wiped her sodden nose, her husband looking towards her in care, he knew she was strong but traveling like this was certainly becoming too much for his wife to handle. Seeing a palace ahead he sighed in relief, soon his worries would be put at rest, well possibly they would; he hoped.


Kagome awaited Sesshoumaru within his study, her mind wandering to the most unnoticeable things, this including her interest to Kagura's feather that the wind sorceress flew upon, she could not help but wonder just how soft and smooth it's padding was and also how it felt to be so far in the air on such an unusual object. Before she could sink any further into the depths of her imagination, the soft touch of his hand broke her into reality. She would admit that she was surely curious as to how he had spoken with Rin whom she knew he saw as that of a daughter, never declining her mouth's wishes, the miko spoke aloud her curiosity.

"How is Rin?"

Sesshoumaru knew what that single phrase asked of him to tell her, breathing in her scent before licking the base of her neck, Sesshoumaru cuddled into his soon to be mate's arms, her hands now resting around his neck gently.

"She is fine and now understands her place within our family, she is my daughter and now knows of such. You need not worry Kagome." explained Sesshoumaru as the woman in his arms smiled warmly, her soft eyes brimmed with small tears, her joy emitting from her aura in blue and pink waves.

"I am glad, Sesshoumaru I have a favor to ask of you" stated the miko with no hindrance tainting her voice.

"What is it?"

"Can we go visit my friends, I am sure by now they are worried," Sesshoumaru looked down at his angel with a smirk ebbed into his face.

"You need not request me of such for your friends have come to you and approach quickly." explained the taiyoukai, his hand rubbing gently across the miko's cheek in a sweet tenderness only she would ever receive from him.

Smiling in appreciation, the miko leaned her head into his touch, her petite hand covering his gently, birds fled beneath the trees as it began to rain, the droplets splattering the roof in a rhythmic beat.

Kagome's attention soon became that of the rain's, she felt strange, almost as if she could sence his presence which had faded away a while ago.

"Rain..., the last time I faced this weather was when Inuyasha left me..."

Sesshoumaru looked towards the open window, a frown marking his face in curiosity.

"Indeed, it seems strange, it feels as if his presence remains..."

"Hai, it does," admitted Kagome, remembering her friends were to arrive shortly and with the fact that they'd be wet, she knew she should prepare for their approach.


Pain, it was the first thing his mind would register, his whole body ached, feeling as if every bone was crushed within his body.

The second thing he was able to acknowledge was that he was filthy, weak and drenched inside and out, what had he done to deserve this?

'It is your fault, you are the one to blame for us being in such a predicament," he shivered at his beasts words.

'You're right and I'm sorry, it's just I loved her and then she, she...'

'She what, betrayed you again! Harmed you with the knowledge that you would not fight back, indeed you are pathetic!' he cried at those harsh words, they were all true, it was his fault and no one else could take blame for what he did, feeling his beast began to fight it's blood through his to overtake his body, he began to panic.

'No, what are you doing!'

'I am doing what I should have done the first time you were given a second chance from her betrayal, I am now to be the mind and owner of this body!,' now tears really were leaving his eyes, his whimpers like that of a dying puppy.

'No please, please don't take over, just give me one more chance, please!'

'You had your chance, and now it is my turn to live among this useless world and fight until we die!'

'Noooooo!' he screamed before his eyes became lost among the red and blue, never he feared, would his golden orbs ever be visible again...


After a small confronting with the head guard, the travelers were finally granted permission to enter the palace's grounds. Sango now walked beside her husband in a calm demeanor, yet inside she was bubbling with excitement, after all it had been quite long time since she last saw her best friend, she hadn't been worried too much, after all she knew Sesshoumaru was a demon of morals and that he was never one to lie, but now as she saw her friend appear before her, partly damp but protected from the fierce rain by the demon who now held her in his arms, Sango knew she had no need to worry at all.

Sesshoumaru held tightly onto the miko but before he could restrain her, she had left the comfort of his arms all in the favor of hugging the taijiya.

"Sango! Oh kami am I so happy to see you, how's the baby it isn't hurt is it? And how are you? Do you need anything? Water? Food? Alcohol for the pain? Medicine? Or perhaps a quick nap?," Sango laughed at her friend, really Kagome could be such a worrier sometimes.

"No, no I am fine, sheesh Kagome, you're acting like a mother and not a friend at all!" exclaimed Sango in humour as her friend giggled her agreement.

"I'm sorry Sango, call it a habit after caring for Shippo for so long." replied the miko, wiping away the tears that had crept across her eyes in happiness at seeing her friends.

Sesshoumaru knowing that the monk too was here, never removed his attentiveness down, just as the monk had crept up behind Kagome, he knew that that treacherous hand would never be one to touch what was and is his ever again.

"Monk, if you dare to keep your life, refrain from touching the miko anywhere that is considered disrespectful," Miroku quickly moved behind his beloved, respectfully following Sesshoumaru's wishes or should he say commands.

"Hai Sesshoumaru sama." obeyed Miroku, his wife currently glaring at him.

Kagome completely grateful to Sesshoumaru, chuckled yet it did not last long, especially since she now was wrapped within the arms of said taiyoukai.

"Hmm what do you say to going inside guys, I don't think Sesshoumaru enjoys getting wet by the rain." suggested Kagome, the groups attention now on Sesshoumaru, Totosai and Myouga looking towards the great taiyoukai with concern, Sesshoumaru noticing this knew that they were not here for the luxury of his palace, that much was certain, but he couldn't help to wonder, just why exactly they were here, lifting his miko and holding her like a stray kitten, he carried her into the warmth of the indoors of the palace, her friends following closely behind, their curiosity for the relationship between the miko and inuyoukai never ending.


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