It would seem I have gotten distracted from my other fan-fics lol. Anyways, I just wanted to write this because we are doing this "My Name" thingy in English its really stupid and I don't like it lol but, I was thinking about Lavi and the importance of his name sooooo yup I wrote this lol HOPE U LIKE and NO I DO NOT OWN D. GRAY MAN PLZ REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lavi, Such a simple syllable a name that rolls off the toung. A silly name really, but it fit for such a silly person. It was the color red and the number 18. Green blended into the background with a mixture of black. Lavi meant going out on mission and using his big hammer to smash things. It meant messing around with Kanda and Allen, smiling at Leenalee and her smiling back. Getting beat up by the Panda and complaining about his old stubborn personality. Crying when someone he loved died and grieving for others. Playing pranks and messing about. Running around in the snow catching snowflakes in your mouth. Laughing, being happy. Watching Allen stuff his face every time he ate. Calling Kanda Yuu. Making up cute names like Kuro-Chan for his friends. Making others feel better. Saying STRIKE when he saw a cute girl. Doing whatever he could to protect the ones he loved. Lavi meant all these things; Bookman on the other hand meant none of them. Could Lavi give up Lavi? Give up his friends, his name, his personality, his being? Lavi may just be a name to most people but to the person who the name belongs to it meant so much more, Lavi meant life to Lavi, Bookman meant sadness sorrow and giving up his existence. Yes, Lavi was Lavi, Bookman was bookman. Lavi is not Bookman; Lavi will never be Bookman, for he is Lavi and always will be, even when Lavi dissolves into thin air, a sliver of it will always be there causing chaos and making people happy, because that's what Lavi does, he's Lavi a name that would only fit his one of a kind character.

So how was it? I really liked it and I think I'm going to do one for each of the characters. If you would like me to do one for each character tell me. Please specify which character or characters you would like me to do though. Otherwise I won't be doing any more characters because if no one wants me 2 then really what's the point? PLZ REVIEW TY FOR READING HOPE U ENJOYED AND READ MY OTHER FAN-FIC IF U CAN PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and if there are any grammatical errors I'm sorry, I'm only human!