A/N: As part of PrincessTylerBrief's Christmas Festival, I chose to participate in the 12 Days of Christmas challenge and will write 12 one shots every day until Christmas. All of this short fics are based on the Be My Friend world, so it'll make a lot more sense if you've read that, but it's not necessary. Here, Kakashi and Iruka are around 10 and 9 years old respectively. I'll leave you to figure out the rest on your own. ;) Enjoy!

Day 1: School Holidays

Winter Break

Kakashi shivered as he stepped out from his sensei's house onto the street. Winter was upon Konoha, and the first snowflakes had just started falling last night. Sensei had said there'd be no training today.

"Just go out there and have fun, 'Kashi-kun! I'm sure Iruka-kun will want to play in the snow with you."

"Fun he says," the silver-haired boy muttered as his body trembled again, "How can you have fun when it's so cold outside?"

The tiny chunnin didn't like the cold. Even after Sensei had forced him to wear the boots, two jackets, a hat pulled over his thick hair, and a black scarf over his mask…Didn't do much good, the nine-year-old thought to himself. At least Iruka's house will be warm. He started to trod through six inches of snow. Six inches is a lot when you're barely four and a half feet tall.

He'll be getting out of school soon. I'll go wait for him, and then we can walk home together. Kakashi made his way to the snow-covered swing on the edge of the academy grounds. Iruka always met him there when he knew Kakashi was coming. Even if Kakashi hadn't told him, he knew Iruka would check.

More snow started falling, and it felt colder and looked thicker than before. Kakashi squinted in the direction of the academy building, but there was no sign of anyone coming out just yet. Must still be a bit early. Wish he'd hurry up, though. It had been a while since it had snowed in Konoha. Kakashi wasn't built for it. He had only been on one mission that required going anywhere snowy, and all he remembered about it was being miserable the whole time. Sensei had made such a big fuss about him changing out of his ninja sandals before he got frostbite. Even in the new shoes, it had been wet and soggy. Fortunately, he had gotten a new pair of boots, and they seemed to be holding up better, though right now they were buried underneath the snow. He didn't remember it ever snowing while he was still at the academy himself, but he knew the new snowfall would probably bring lots of children out to play on the white-covered grounds surrounding him, but he hoped Iruka at least would wait until the worst of it was over before joining the chaos of snowball fights and snow forts. He probably wouldn't.

As time passed on, however, Kakashi was starting to feel a sting of doubt about whether the other boy was really coming to meet him or not. School should have been over for the day, but no one was coming out. Could he have made a mistake? The snow level was creeping up towards his knees and its coldness was making it hard for him to think. The chuunin buried his nose in his scarf, and the snow that had began to pile up on top of his head fell down towards his invisible feet. Classes – canceled? Why? Because of the snow, or-

His thoughts were interrupted as he saw a figure approaching him through the veil of falling snow. A boy was trudging in the deep-snow, slowly yet determinedly towards the tree with the swing. Kakashi's eyes widened as he recognized Iruka, covered from head to toe in clothes as thick as his were and teeth chattering into a smile.

"Kakashi! What are you doing out here?"

The silver-haired boy huffed. As if it wasn't obvious.

"Waiting for you," he replied, "You didn't tell me there was no school today."

"Well of course there isn't," the other boy replied, amused, "Been outside lately?"

"I guess I should have figured," Kakashi sighed, feeling a bit embarrassed now, but reluctant to show it.

"It was a snow day," Iruka confirmed, "but winter break was supposed to start tomorrow anyway. We just lucked out and got to go early."

"Good for you," Kakashi muttered, and tried to recover the portion of him that had been buried in icy whiteness.

Iruka gave him a confused look, wondering why the other boy seemed bitter all of a sudden. Shouldn't he be glad they had more time to spend together now? Iruka hadn't been able to contain himself when thinking about winter break and how much fun he and his best friend would have spending it together.

"Kakashi," he started, and the chuunin looked at him between his hat and scarf-covered nose, "were you really waiting all this time just for me? Out here in the snow?"

The other boy just shrugged.

"Same as usual."

"I'm sorry," the younger boy told him, looking guilty, "Really – you should have just gone home. Even if I had been in classes, I could have gotten back on my own. You didn't need to come freeze your toes off."

"My toes are fine," Kakashi said, smirking slyly beneath his mask, "but your face isn't."

"Huh? My fa-"


With true ninja aim, Kakashi had planted a snowball right on his chin. Iruka flinched, but once he was over the shock, he knew what had to be done. Kakashi might have more advanced ninja skills, but Iruka had the snowball fight ones. Before Kakashi had time to get too far, Iruka already had his ammo prepared and ready to fire. Kakashi scrambled for more snowballs as Iruka aimed three at his head.

"Don't start what you can't finish!" the younger boy jeered.

Kakashi dodged the next round, but it was hard to move through the deep snow, and he staggered, dropping the next snowball he was carrying. Only one way out of this. With a fire jutsu, he melted all the snow in front of him as well as the snowballs Iruka had been throwing while they were still in midair. The chuunin took off towards the gate.

"Cheater!" the other boy's voice called out.

Iruka chased him, still loaded with snowballs and aiming at his fast moving target. Despite the chilly wind that blew against him and cut at the small strip of exposed skin on his face, Kakashi couldn't help but enjoy running around in a world that looked so different from the village he was used to – as long as there was a hot cup of cocoa waiting for him and his friend when he got back home.