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Alex stared at the wall in front of him, and started again.

Alex was many things – one of them being an insomniac under stress – but unimaginative he was not. He had creatively decided that instead of counting sheep, he would count bricks. He'd been counting the bricks on this wall every night for weeks.

He'd even named some of them. He'd even given some of them family relations. And by some he meant all. The reddish brick in the corner, Jan, was the mother of the out-of-place grey brick, Tamworth, the yellow brick in the centre of the bottom row, Cedric, and the burnt brick, Cocoa. Cedric and Cocoa were the parents of Gary, Alex, Alan, Jon, Raoul, and Roger. Alan and Jon were the parents of Roald and Cythera. Gary and Raoul were the parents of Smithy. Because male bricks were allowed to (and more importantly, could) mate. Lucky little bastards!

Not, of course, that Alex was jealous. Why would he be jealous of bricks? That would be silly.

Alex was many things, but he was not silly.

And, no matter how many of his imaginary friends disagreed with him, he was not jealous.

Not of bricks, not of Alan, not of Delia.

Especially not of Alan (or the bricks). Who would want someone as powerful as Roger out to get them? Even if that meant that Roger was obsessing over you all hours of the day.

No, that didn't sound right.

Especially if that meant that Roger was obsessing over you all hours of the day.

Because Roger obsessing was bad. Even – especially – if that meant Roger dreamt –

Alex wouldn't even go there. Alex knew not to go there. Alex knew he couldn't handle going there.

So no, Alex was not jealous of Alan. Or the bricks.

Maybe, just maybe, he was jealous of Delia.

No. Alex didn't like that idea. Delia was a whore, he had too much pride to be jealous of a whore. Even if… but Alex wouldn't go there.

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