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Chapter One


"Shimbusen's Winter Ball?"

Soul Eater Evan's tired crimson eyes twitched. For some reason, Soul managed to ALWAYS get stuck listening to the girls repetitive dribble-about hair, skin moisturizer, stylish trends, shoes and, the topic that made Soul grind his shark-like teeth angrily, was boys.

Especially if it involved his meister.

And unfortunately, while waiting for Black Star to get out of Professor Stein's detention, he was stuck listening to their girlish giggles about a new topic, which involved pretty much everything above.

"Yeah! Yeah! Kidd-kun said its gonna be a huuuuggge event! " Patti emphasized by standing up and spreading her arms wide. "There's going to music, and dancing and couples …SMOOTCHING!" As she emphasized puckering up her lips and kissing the air. Her eyes then widened as she jumped into the air " And lots of FOOOD!"

'She more excited about the food'… Soul thought.

Liz , Patti's sister, rolled her eyes diligently. " Great." She sighed. " Another festive occasion with me in a gorgeous dress, eating a cracker over the sink again."

Patti erupted into a bunch of contagious giggles. " Eheheheheh! That was soooo funny!" The blonde's eyes narrowed as she stood up straight, imitating her meister. " I will not tolerate CRUMBS!" She lost her composer and began to laugh again.

Liz narrowed her eyes at her as she finished painting her nails.

" Sure for you! I could not pick up one decent guy! While you were stuffing your mouth with all those cookies and had Kid chasing after you will the tiny vacuum cleaner all night, you still managed to have several guys ask you to dance." Liz whined.

"That's because her tits are larger than yours. Men like that." Soul thought to himself, which happened to be, out loud.

The small blond girl ' with the tiny-tits' whipped her head around, making her pigtails whip across her face in annoyance. Her emerald eyes flared with irritation as she whipped out a five inch, hard cover, book and slammed it down, forcefully on Soul's cranium.

"SOUL! Are you listening to our conversations again?"

Soul winced and gave her a snarled whine. " HEY! If you girls didn't talk and SHRIEK so LOUD then maybe I wouldn't have too!"

The book hit him once again.

"OW Damn it MAKA! WHAT the HELL?"

Maka, grabbed Soul by the lobe of his ear and forcefully dragged him off his seat. Soul glared at her hard.

"OI! Tiny-tits--"

Maka cut him short by grabbing him by chin, forcefully pushing his lips together like a fish. A fire danced in her emerald eyes, before she turned Soul's face towards the girls.

"Apologize!" She barked.

Soul's crimson eyes widened and he glared coldly at her. " WHY? WHAT FOR!?"

The remark caused Maka to only narrow her eyes further, forcefully making him look at her, bringing their faces close. She snarled and bared her teeth at him, and he returned the favour ( only with his cheeks smooshed together)

" Because I said so THAT'S why!"

While the two continued to bicker, both Liz and Patti stared at them in wonder. Tsubaki sat quietly beside them, her cobalt eyes softening sweetly at Maka and Soul, who continued to spit at each other. She turned her head making eyes contact with Liz, who's eyes drifted back to the angry couple with a bored expression, but playful smirk stretched across her face. Patti sat back down at her seat and gave the couple a sombre glance.

"They need to get laid."

Liz jumped up in surprise as Tsubaki eyes widened with a soft blush on her porcelain face. Liz slapped her hand over her sister's mouth. " SHHHHH! Don't say that out loud" She warned.

"Who needs to get laid?" A deep voice rumbled behind them.

Tsubaki's blue eyes widened to Death the Kidd, the young Shinigami looking down on them with a spark of interest glowing in his golden eyes. His eyes drifted back up to look at Soul and Maka.

"Ah." He concluded nodding perfectly.

"PPFFT! I could have told you that!" A loud obnoxious voice called out, penetrating whatever remained silence left squabble.

Black Star strutted in with a grin on his face before plopping down to sit right next to Tsubaki who greeted him with a shy smile.

"JUST APOLOGIZE!!" Maka shrieked

"MAKE ME!" Soul hissed back.

"You want me too? Cuz I'd ---"


Both Maka and Soul turned simultaneously looking at Kidd who cleared his throat in his fist, with gentleman-like behaviour. " May I ask what you two are bickering about?"

"Soul insulted Liz!" Maka did not even hesitate. Soul glared at her as she poked him accusingly in the chest.



Liz covered her face with her hands. " Don't bring me into this." she mumbled

"I just said that Patti's tits are bigger than her sisters! How is that insulting? I was stating the facts!! What? I'm not allowed to honest now??!!" Soul bellowed.

"MY god?! You have the brains of a slug!" She yelled exasperatedly. " That's not how you talk to girls!!! And stop using that WORD!"

"What word? TITS?"

"YES! Its politically incorrect! A Tit is a bird!"

" Would you rather I say GAZUNGAS? Because that would be politically incorrect for YOU. Yours would be more like MINI-"


Everyone winced as Soul hit the ground hard. Kidd nodded behind Liz.

"Well yes! Indeed Liz's breasts ARE smaller than Patty. Also her left breast is 0.8 cm smaller than her other one!" He sadly put his hand on her shoulder as she continued to stare with shocked look on her face.

"She's unfortunately, symmetrically challenged."

Liz's eyes snapped out of her daze and flared with anger. Without turn she back handed Kidd in the face knocking him to the floor. Liz jumped out of her seat and onto the table.

" I'll show you symmetrically challenged you OCD FREAK!"

Liz jumped off the table, Pro Wrestler style, making her elbow extend out before making contact with Kidd's torso.

"Diving Elbow DROP!!!"

As Kidd and Liz began to wrestle on the floor, with Kidd whining like a child and trying to crawl away. Only to be stopped by Patti's chest and she hugged his head, suffocating him.

"Here Kidd-kun! Hide in my GUZUNGA'S!"

(The comment made everyone slowly turn their heads to look at Soul)

Liz ran over to him, pushing up her imaginary sleeves, she grabbed him by his legs and pulled at him, but Patti refused to let go and tried to pull him back. Pulling himself out the suffocation between Patti's breasts, he called out.

"NOOO! If you rip me in half I WON"T BE SYMMETRICAL!!"

"GOOD!" Liz snarled.

Patti hugged him tighter. " But I like Kidd symmetrical! I like Kiddo in ONE piece. Nee-chan! LET GO!!!"

"Patti my spine doesn't bend that way!!!"

Black Star's turquoise eyes bleakly stared at the three. " I don't know who is worse…"

Tsubaki turn around sheepishly trying to ignore the noise behind her. " SO about that Winter Ball! MAKA you'll need a dress!"

Maka looked at Tsubaki peculiarly . " I have a dress, Tsubaki-chan."

Soul then rolled his eyes, as the topic he so much 'loved' started up again. His eyes went back to Black Star who was looking at the Winter Dance poster on the table.

Tsubaki smiled as she watched Soul's distaste spark up again. The smile never left her face instead it got brighter. " The Winter Dance isn't any normal dance Maka-chan. This dress for this dance has to be OUTSTANDING. It will make the boy's jaws drop, make them come swarming and begging for you hand to dance."

Soul snorted, and his ignorant attitude ( and jealousy) sliced the atmosphere open. " As if! No one in the male population woul even dream to dance with 'Tiny-tits' here."

Maka slammed her fist on the table. " STOP saying THAT WORD!"

"Well I can't call them GAZUNGA'S!"

"I like to refer them as HOOTERS." Black Star piped in as his eyes never left the poster.

"HAH! More like PEEPERS for Ma-"

Maka tackled Soul on his chair, therefore making it fall to the floor. Maka was blushing bright red, but her emerald eyes where ablaze. Soul was about to glare at her when a flash of hurt glazed over on her eyes.

" I CAN get date for the Dance. Without asking! I will! Just you watch."

She stood up stiffly and looked down at Soul coldly, before swiftly turning away to sit next to Tsubaki. Soul felt his mouth go dry and guilt creep into his being. But his pride pushed it away.

"Good luck." He whispered curtly. " you'll need it."

He stood up dusting off his pants, before walking towards the stairway door. " C'mon Black Star." He called without turning around.

Black Star stood up and looked at Tsubaki who's concern eyes were fixated on Maka. Her hand rubbed Maka's back soothingly who stared gloomily at the poster.

"Tsubaki." Black Star called.

Tsubaki looked up in surprise and with a sense of worry, but it soon vanished when Black Star's boyish smile stretched across his face.

"Don't ask any other boys out to the Dance! And if they ask you, you tell'em the great Black Star is taking you! Alright?!"

Maka looked up and her mouth dropped. A pink blush spread across Tsubaki's cheeks and smiled shyly. " H-Hai!"

Black Star pumped his fist into the air. " Yosh!" He leaped off his chair and jumped over the staircase railing, landing right beside Soul as he stepped off the stairs. He grabbed Soul by the arm and dragged him to the exit.

"C'mon Soul! We got to go manly-wear shopping!"

"The word 'shopping' coming from you is disturbing.."

Tsubaki who was still pink in the cheeks looked over at Maka, who suddenly slammed her head hard on the table.

" URGH!!!!!!!!! WHY CAN'T HE BE LIKE THAT!!!?"


Maka brought her head up rubbing the aching spot. " Who am I kidding. Soul's right." Crossing her arms on the table, she lowered her head between before slouching and sliding across the table depressed.

" No one would ever want to go out with me…."

Tsubaki's eyes narrowed and her mouth turned into a frown.

" Maka-chan Listen! We will make Soul-kun eat those words!! Tomorrow we'll go dress shopping and we will find the most AMAZING dress and it'll be SOUL-KUN who will fall under Maka-chan's spell!"

Maka's eyes glanced up towards Tsubaki who had determination written all over her face.


"Absolutely!" Tsubaki smiled and pat Maka on the back assuredly. " So cheer up! We`ll get Patti and Liz to shop with us tomorrow!`

"Shooting Star PILEDRIVER!!!!"



Tsubaki sweat dropped.

"After Liz-chan is done killing Kidd…"



"Not you PATTI! "


"Prepare to die then!"



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