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" Till' the World Ends"

With a gallant leap, the meisters and weapons went soaring through the ominous chilly winter air, onto the remaining rooftops that survived the earlier battle.


Black Star jumped, letting out his trademark war cry. Before his feet could even touch the shingles on the rooftops, his weapon Tsubaki, glowed luminescent, before streaking around her meister's body and transforming into simple black katana blade. His giant clunky boots made contact on the roof, while his arm stretched out to catch his weapon. Black markings crawled over his face and neck, as the remaining black energy pulsed around his massive wavelength.

"Black Star!" The blue haired ninja looked up, noticing Death the Kidd on his hovering Shinigami skateboard. The board lowered to his level as Black Star looked out onto the receding rooftops, hoping to catch a glimpse of certain white haired boy.

"Yo, Kidd." Black Star sighed in irritation. " For a injured hospital patient, he can move awfully fast."

Kidd nodded, his eyes too searching for a sign of a certain rampaging scythe weapon. " Black Blood's influence, I'd say. It has increased his strength and speed, and it seems to have cloaked his soul. I can't sense him anywhere."

Suddenly hovering higher, the small board began charging up for the take off. Crossing his arms symmetrically over his chest, he held the silver pistols.

"We should hurry. Liz! Patti!" Kidd commanded.

"Ready!" Liz confirmed in her weapon form.

"Haaaiii!" Patti followed suit.

The engine on the board roared, as luminescent sparks burst from behind. The board flew back high in the air, allowing Kidd to back flip onto the step's railing. As he landed, the board revved, before skidding down the railing in record speed- leaving flames and sparks behind him.

"Go! GO! GOO!!" Kidd announced, as he launched into the air, zipping through Death City.

Black Star grinned. " If that white haired bastard, thinks he can out-run the great, amazing Black Star, then he's got another thing coming to him. Right Tsubaki?"

Matching her meister's appearance with all the dark markings, she smiled determinedly. " Hai." Black Star leapt off the rooftop, before landing on another. Like black lightning, his form streaked to rooftop to rooftop as he charged towards their destination.

Tsubaki looked up at the malicious grinning moon, emerging through the thick clouds, that's was reflected on her metal surface.

'Maka-chan… Soul-kun…. Please be okay.'


Maka grunted in pain, as her back made contact against yet another wall. She heard the crack, and if she didn't have the black blood protecting her, he spine would've been surely paralyzed. Her beautiful dress now desecrated and destroyed from the continuous destruction. The fabric was ripped and torn, and half of her bra was visible to eye- But she didn't have time to care about her appearance. Black blood trickled down the back of her neck.

'The shield is getting weaker. I need to avoid these attacks' She thought to herself.

Eagerly, as another attack targeted her, she rolled to the side, as the harpoon was thrust through the wall. Maka coughed repeatedly as dust and debris invaded her lungs. A horrid stench of rotting flesh filled her nostrils and Maka looked through the broken wall. It led into another room with hospital beds. Blood painted the walls, the white sheets and even the glass pane windows. Handprints and drag marks was dried into the floor's tiles. Corpses were scattered around the room, piled in corners and on the beds, aged and rotting. Insects found refuge in their open organs, as maggots ate away at their sunken eye sockets and rotting flesh.

Maka placed her hands over her mouth, forcing down the vomit. She noted, that not all of the bodies were ripped open, having their organs on display. No, some bear no wounds, mostly female she noticed. They were just…. dead. Empty shells, staring off at nothing. Withering into nothing.

Maka could not figure out which way would be worse to die- torn to pieces or reduced to a hollow shell.

"Enjoying my collection are you?" His raspy demonic voice chuckled darkly, as his figure towered over her.

Maka's head shot up, and tried to move away, but his large powerful claw like hands clamped around her neck. He lifted her off the ground, squeezing hard. Maka winced feeling the black blood hardening all her muscles and insides, to prevent her neck being crushed to pieces.

"I'm sure you're dying to be apart of it! Nyahah!"

Maka glare exasperatedly at the monster before her. " What is with you FREAK-JOBS and your lousy puns?!"

Catching the monster slightly off guard, Maka concentrated on hardening the black blood in her fist. She swung her fist backwards, and hit the concrete pillar behind her. The pillar cracked, and part of the roof collapsed on top of the parasite demon's head. It roared as concrete, metal piping, and debris crushed its body.

Finding a metal pipe on the floor, Maka picked it up. Resting the large metal pipe on her shoulder, Maka blew a strand of her messy blond hair out of her face. She glared down at the rubble mess.

"If you're going to kill someone, don't sit and CHAT about it. It's so tacky."

Maka was about to turn to leave, but the demon's great huge claws reached out and grabbed her by the ankle. Maka turned in horror, as the creature burst out of the debris, hardly scratched. Its grin stretch abnormally along the proportion of the face, baring its demonic, irregular jagged teeth.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Ruthlessly he tossed her into wall, which crumbled to pieces upon contact. The entire building grumbled and groaned feeling its foundations fall apart one by one. The demon grinned, its glowing red eyes gleaming.

" Watch the building come tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down! Watch the building come tumbling down! On one, fair ladeeee!" He sang, swaying his lanky deformed arms back and forth, chortling up a storm.

Maka groaned lifting herself up. Her body heaved, and black blood spilled down her lips. 'First the puns,' she spat out the thick metallic substance. 'And now the singing of her demise? This thing was maddening.' Maka glared while wiping her mouth with back of her hand. She watched the demon as it cracked it neck and loosened its muscles.

"I forgot how much a building falling on you, hurt." He grinned viciously again. " I'm sure your weapon would agree."

Maka's eyes hardened.

"If he was," He snorted. " you know, alive." His reached out, and pinned her against the remaining support of the wall. Maka winced, and watched the creature's body morph unnaturally again. Even though his body was almost five feet away from her, his arms grew twice the length of his body. His neck stretched out like a giraffe, before snaking its way down to Maka's face, barely an inch apart.

"Curioussssss." It drawled, as a black snake like tongue slithered out from his mouth, before moistening Maka's neck and cheek. Maka turned her head in utmost disgust.

"Why do you still relentless try to live. I've taken everything away you. Its pointless to keep fighting. " His neck began to twist around, like constricted worm.

" I killed him, remember? SPLAT goes your weapon. Your partner…" It grinned again, and the disgusting tongue slithered over into her ear.

"And your lover."

Maka gritted her teeth and her grip on the lead pipe hardened.

"There is no one left to save yyoooouuuu." The demon's mouth opened, resembling the mouth of shark, preparing to swallow her whole.

" Alone. Forever."

Maka's emerald eyes snapped open before shoving the leg pipe into the demon's lethal jaws. The lead pipe sufficiently jarred the jaws open. Maka narrowed her eyes, as her hands never released the pipe that was stuck in the demon's mouth. She grinned devilishly.

She focusing the strength of the black blood in her arms, before grasping and twisting the pipe, as if she turning a crank ruthlessly. The demons neck twisted before releasing a sickening crack. Salvia and black blood splurged out of its throat and Maka took this chance and drove the pipe through the jaw bone and the cranium.

The demon fell back howling in pain.

"The important thing here is," Maka grinned evilly, before catching her breath, watching the monster's face slowly heal back to normal.

" Is that you believe that."


With adrenaline and black blood rushing through his veins, Soul's momentum and strength had him moving and flying over rooftops with amazing intensity. The power that coursed through his body was exhilarating and the world faded away in a moving blur. The rooftop in front of him was high and hard to reach. Soul crouched to the ground, feeling no constricted movement and all his injuries fixed. The black blood made him heavy, as he prepared to jump. The shingles and roof cracked under his build up. Springing off the roof, he was now lighter than air its self. He leaped over the entire building that was in his way and landed on a flat concrete roof in front of it.

Track and Field Day would have been a breeze.

When he landed on the flat roof, the ground cratered under his impact.

Straightening himself, he let the cool breeze caress his warm and pulsating body. Loosening his muscles, he let his mind travel to the back of his consciousness.

The Black Room.

Maka was still there, acting completely casual, only now and then, she had to wipe away the black blood that dribbled down the side of her mouth. Meaning, her organs and bones were breaking, the same time she smiled and held his hand.

Soul felt the black blood boil under his skin. He didn't care if she was healing from it. That thing was still hurting her, and he was going to rip that son-of-a-bitch into millions of pieces.

"Maka." He whispered, bringing her into his arms again, wondering just how much pain she was receiving.

"Are you in pain..?"

Maka lifted her head, from his chest, her emerald eyes softened as she met his concerned crimson gaze. " Don't worry," She grinned. " I'm not going down, with out a fight."

Oh he knew, but she never answered his question.

Outside of the Black Room, he was running blindly into a direction he wasn't sure of. Only his soul was tugging him there.

"I wish I knew exactly where I'm going. Where you are…" He murmured, his eyes downcast. "… I feel somewhat blind." He mumbled to himself.

Maka pulled away from him, and Soul suddenly thought he had said something wrong. Her hands suddenly reached up to his face. The tips of her fingers brushed against the skin along his temples. Closing her eyes in concentration, she leaned in to his face. Soul's eyes darted to the imp seated in the chair, who was watching the both of them. Pink tinted his cheeks, hoping he wasn't watching everything. Maka suddenly rested her forehead on his.

"Let me be your eyes for a second." She whispered.

The imp closed his eyes. " You have ten seconds."

'Wha-" before Soul could question her intentions, his eyes cleared remarkably and suddenly he could see Maka enclosed by a glowing blue, with blue wings surrounding her form.

Her soul!

But that would mean- Soul's eyes widened drastically.

The shield was down!


Kidd's golden eyes widened as energy struck into the atmosphere. He felt it. It may have been only for a moment, but he felt Maka's soul.

"Kidd what's wrong?" Liz asked concerned why her meister suddenly stopped moving.

"Kidd-o-kun?" Patti tried.

Kidd shook his head, smiling softly to himself. 'She's alive. Alive and strong." He opened his eyes, grinning with hard determination.

"Never mind, its nothing. Lets go!"


"What the hell are you doing!?" Soul bellowed, grasping her shoulders, pulling her away from him.

Maka opened her eyes, blinking at him like she'd just woke up from a long nap. Shaking her head she looked up at him, smiling at him, but Soul only returned it with a frown.

"You let down the shield!" He accused.

"Only for a few seconds." She retorted, brushing it off like it was nothing.

"Enough time for that thing to ATTACK YOU. You could've had yourself killed!" He hissed.

Maka scoffed. " Yes mother." Seeing he wasn't in a very humorous mood, Maka sighed. " Look. I made sure he was down, before I did it." She scoffed and crossed her arms in a childish manner. " I know I can be reckless sometimes, but I'm not stupid…. I thought you had more faith in me."

Soul's eyes softened, and he sighed. " I do. And no, your not stupid, but you do stupid things." he said, giving her a flick to her forehead. " You're going to make me gray-haired and cranky, before I'm thirty."

"Your hair is white- no body will notice." She retorted, sticking out her tongue as she rubbed the spot where Soul had flicked her.

"Brat." He snorted, while he scratched the back of head nervously. " What did you do anyway?"

"I synced my soul with yours." She failed to see Soul's gob smacked features. " I was able to see where you currently are, and how far away you are from me." Soul's mouth was still catching flies.

"No," She began, as started walking away from him. " I can't show you my soul, so you can come find me. But, I can show you where to go." She smirked.

Soul cocked his head to the side, blinking blankly. She really knew how to confuse the shit out him. As he tried to figure it out, suddenly the ground shifted, the checker-patterned floor stretched like ocean waves, pulling her and the Imp farther apart from him. He felt himself trying to keep his balance. It was like he was on a boat.

He hated boats. Soul looked up at her feeling the motion sickness, pinch at his gut.

"OI!" Soul said reaching for her. "You crazy woman! What are you doing-"

"Stop making a fuss, and look down!" Maka yelled at him from the other side of the room.

Raising his eyebrow, he complied to her command. When he did however, he suddenly felt himself jumping in the air, and clutching the nearest piece of furniture for dear-life. After the shock wore off, Soul's eyes widened in amazement.

He was looking at Death City from above, as if he was… flying.

And the sensation of falling, breached every corner of his mind. But he wasn't scared. Because that would be not cool.

He gulped uncertainly.

"Where you stand, is where you are now in Death city. Where I stand, is where I'm located."

He didn't realize how big Death City really was. I mean he only took the occasional roads, and it was like a twenty minute walk and then you were out of the city.

Oh look! He could see his apartment.

He was sure he was sweating now.

Not cool.

The imp who still sat slouched in the chair which was seated in the middle of the room, glanced at Soul's apprehensive form. The imp blinked emotionlessly for a few moments, as is large meaty red hands rested on the old chair's arm rest. Few seconds went by before he tapped his fingers along the mahogany surface, impatiently. Not even turning his head, he eyes glancing over to Maka.

"Tch. I think Master Soul comprehends his situation perfectly clear now, M'lady…You might want to lift the charm before loses all his 'coolness' all over my nice clean floor…"

Soul gave the imp a sour glare.

Maka giggled, lifting the charm and her manipulation over the power of the black blood. Maka's eyes suddenly went wide, and her body lurched forward.

Forgetting his petulant manly pride, Soul jumped up and ran to Maka side. She held her stomach, and black blood flowed into her hands.


" That was sloppy of me…" Maka winced, black blood dripping from her mouth. " I should've seen that coming."

"What's happening over there!? " Soul pressed for answers. " Maka talk to me!"

Maka weakly lifted her head and smiled tiredly at Soul. " Soul, get to the warehouse...or whatever this place is…" She paused to spit the black blood out of her mouth. " Get to the rooftop. I'll meet you there."

"Are you sure?"

Pulling her hand away from her torso, she watched the wound close itself up. She winced, and breathed heavily.

"I'll escape somehow."


'Somehow' seemed a lot harder, then it was said, as Maka was being held up in the air with the demon's claws impaled through her gut.

The demon grinned, restraining her movements, knowing she couldn't heal until his fingers were out and weren't playing the cats-cradle with her entrails. He lowered his arm, with her following along, as she dangled from his claws.

"Now what you going to do?" He grinned maliciously.

Maka gathered the black blood in her mouth, and spat it directly into his demonic glowing red eyes.

The demon, closed his eyes frowning, as he reached up to wipe the blood away. Maka looked for anything she could used for a leverage, to get her out of the predicament she was in. Looking up, she noticed some pipes that were still remaining on what was left of the room's ceiling. Squinting at the words written on the pipes, Maka's eye lit up recognizing the white scribbles along the thick black pipe.

Hot Water.

The demon looked at Maka's blood on its fingers. Rubbing his fingers together, he slipped them into his mouth, cleaning it off with his sickening tongue.

"I have to say, I'm disappointed Ms. Albarn. I was expecting some better retaliation."

"Oh, really." Maka gritted her teeth, concentrating the black blood to arms again. " You mean, like THIS?!"

She reached up, ignoring the claws tearing the hole deeper in her gut as she grasped the pipe. With all her strength she pulled it out of the ceiling, breaking it. It matter of seconds, gushing boiling water and steam sprayed everywhere, and Maka aimed it directly at it's face.

He howled in agony, dropping her immediately. He backed up, rubbing his face as the skin burned and melted if off.

"YOU BITCH!!!" Howling in agony again as the burning persisted, he backed up against the foundation pillar-which wasn't very sturdy. Maka watched as the ceiling gave way on top of him. She was about her praise her luck but second guessed it, as the crumbling ceiling headed towards her direction. Maka jumped up and threw herself at the door, breaking it down as the room collapsed.

In the hallway of the building, or a hospital of some sort, Maka found more rotting corpses. Shelled bodies lay every where. Maka covered her mouth again.

"How man souls has he'd eaten?" There was a crash inside the room she has just escaped from. Hair standing on the back of the neck, Maka wasted no-time and began to run down the hall, in her high heels. Behind her, she could hear the walls breaking, and in the reflection of the bloodied glass windows, the tendril arms were chasing after her.

Dashing down the hall, she cursed her awkward heels. There was a reason why she never wore them. And as fate would happen, one heel broke, causing her to lose her balance. Hands out she prevented herself from falling on her face. Gritting in annoyance, she pulled the monstrosities off her feet. As she held up the shoe with the good heel, one of the demon's tendril's burst from the floor underneath her.

Stringing her up by the ankle, Maka was hung upside down.

"That wasn't very nice of you…" It hissed, as he crawled through the broken floor. Black blood cover it's head and bubbled out of it skin. It resembled no human anymore. It was nothing but a blob of skin and black blood. Its neck disappeared into its shoulders, as its grinning teeth and lifeless eyes stared right through her.

It's appearance resembled more of a worm and human meshed together in some kind of freak experiment.

Maka tried to stop her dress, what was left of it, from falling over and showing off her panties.

It held her up to it's eye level, blinking freakishly at her. " You burnt my face…" It moaned.

It stretched his neck out awkwardly before viciously transforming its face into nothing but small beady black eyes, and long eight inched, jagged teeth. The skin on its face had melted away leaving only the muscles and pulsating black veins. It grinned horrifically at her.

" I'm going to eat the skin off yours!"

"Eat this!" Maka swung herself, taking the high heel shoe, and embedding it right into the demon's eye.

It screamed monstrously before dropping her. Maka didn't wait around to see the wound grow back. She got to her feet and ran.

Kicking the door down with her bare feet, Maka found the stairs to the upper floors. In the distance, she heard the monster howling and screaming unnaturally.

It seemed whenever it used the black blood, the uglier it got.

Once Maka got up the fifth flight of stairs, her hopes were crushed seeing theses stairs led to no rooftop, but the last floor. The door was sticky as she opening it slightly, Maka was introduced with the horrific smell of more rotting bodies. Pulling the door open forcefully, Maka nearly puked seeing the corpse that was lying against the door, had caked its self to the surface. Thus, when Maka opened the door, she ripped the sorry soul's scalp off.

Covering her mouth, as the body slid to the floor, Maka stepped over it cautiously.

She looked around seeing more bloodied hand prints and drag marks on walls. More corpses of patients and doctors lying every where.

For a demon that just ate souls… it sure loved making a mess of things.

The room reminded her of a video game Soul liked to play with Black Star, only the bodies were zombies. Maka grimaced. The last thing she needed on her mind was imaginings Mr. Scalp-less coming after her to gnaw on her brains.

Its not that she didn't like zombies, I mean one of her teachers were one of them. And Sid-sensei was cool. She just found them… slightly disturbing

Her thoughts were interrupted as a loud wail echoed from the stairwell and the demon's tendrils burst through the door. Maka rolled to the side avoiding their contact, as they smashed into the wall behind her. Getting on her bare feet, Maka started running down the hall's praying to find that sign leading her to the roof.

"Find that rooftop, Maka.." She chided to herself. " Before big and fugly gets you."


Soul leapt in the air, landing on another rooftop. The roof had a lower incline, so Soul jumped on a piece of shingle and skidded down the incline. Achieving perfect balance as he would skateboarding, he lowered himself to accelerate. As he reached the end of the roof, he sprung off again and dropped down to the structure beneath him.

He landed on Death City's aqueducts.

Water splashing at his feet, he followed it's bridge-like form, getting glimpse of his destination. Pushing further Soul sped up, heading straight for it.


The bold sign "To Roof" finally came in sight.

Nearly shrieking with joy, Maka sped up, following the painted signs. Turning the corner, she could see the staircase straight ahead. The bursting floor and breaking walls did little to slow her down, as she leapt over any obstacle and dodged any attack. The thought of reaching the top of that staircase, and running into her partner's warm embrace was etched in her mind, and it motivated her to run faster.

Ducking as a tendril missed her face, she felt the floor shudder, and she leapt away before the floor gave out. Maka landed just below the steps.

The moment her bare foot touched the first step, the building groaned, and the ceiling gave out in front of her, directly in her path. A massive piece of debris landed between her and the door to the roof.

It blocked her exit.

"NO!" Maka cried out in desperation. Grabbing the metal girder, she tried moving around it. It was at that moment, the walls were obliterated and tendrils came left and right at her.

They grabbed her by the neck, wrists and ankles, forcefully pulling her back. Wincing Maka reach her hand out to the door that was in her sight. The arms pulled her back forcefully and she crash against the concrete stairs, before she was ruthlessly dragged down them.

Her arms still reached out, she grasped anything that could prevent her being pulled away. But the demon was stronger. Everything she grabbed broke and was dragged along with her.

At the bottom of the steps, she could feel the black blood working on fixing the new wounds on the back of her head. Gritting her teeth she rolled over, only to be suddenly pinned to the trembling ground.

"This isn't a very fair game of tag, now is it? I think we should take turns." The demon hissed, raising its arm. Maka's eyes widened in horror as he watched his claws turn translucent and glowing.

" You're it."

It was going to take her soul…..and leave her body as an empty shell.

"No!" Maka shook her head. Her heart racing, tears pooling in her eyes, and fear radiating off her.

" Oh yes! Now," the demon grinned maliciously, showing off its disgusting jagged teeth. " I wanna hear you scream."

And as the claws came down and forced themselves into her chest..

She did scream.



Maka screamed in horrid agony, as she collapsed onto red and black checker-patterned floor. Soul was at her side in minutes as she clutched her chest.


"Maka!" There was no black blood like last time, but she didn't stop screaming. Her body began twisting and convulsing as she writhed in pain, trying to rid herself of it. When the tears streamed out of her eyes, Soul threw his arms around her. She continued to scream and she cried into his chest. Soul held her, his heart ready to leap out of his throat. He was unable to breathe, unable to speak.

All he wanted, was her to stop screaming and crying.

Closing his eyes, he pulled her tighter to his chest as she writhed continuously through his embrace. Soul's eyes shot open as he felt the world tremble and groan under his feet. He looked up, watching the furniture shake continuously. He watched in horror as the shaking room, began to crack and fall apart.

The candle stands wobbled before crashing to the ground. Furniture trembled and fell over, piece by piece. The grand black piano was shaking until the ground cracked beneath its feet. Half into the floor, the piano began to slide into the black world underneath it.

Debris fell from the ceiling and Soul covered Maka's body protectively. He looked over to Imp that was still seated in his chair. His head looked up to crumbling ceiling and sighed loudly.

"So. This is how it's going to end…. How disappointing."

Soul snarled at the demon. " It's not ending you little bastard. I'm almost there- I'll get to Maka in time, just-"

"WAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!" Maka let out another blood-curling cry.

The demon closed his yellow eyes. " It's not enough."

"It's taking her soul."



Soul ran faster, but every step he took, he could feel the black blood slowly weakening. He's legs were tired, and screamed for rest. But he couldn't. Every minute, every second he slowed down, Maka was closer to her end.

Soul forced his adrenaline to push him further. He could see it, the building in the distance. Gritting his shark like teeth, he pushed more. The end of the aqueduct was in his line of vision. Preparing himself to jump, he lowered himself down. He was slowing down and he could feel it.

His legs felt like lead, his muscles burned with tension and Soul found he needed to catch his breath. Forcing all of his strength in the preparing jump, Soul leapt into the air, throwing himself at building Maka was being contained in. His eyes widened, realizing the jump wasn't good enough.

He wasn't going to make it.

Desperate, Soul transformed both of his arms into the blades, and with warning cry, he threw himself onto the side of the building. Sparks shot out, as metal and concrete clashed as he skidded down the building's wall. Finally the blades hit a nook, and the blade was embedding into the concrete.

Gritting his teeth, Soul pulled out one arm. He panted heavily, trying to catch his breath, as he hung limply by the single arm. Looking at the blade jammed inside the concrete, Soul narrowed his eyes. Ignoring all the protest of his muscles, Soul pulled his body weight up with one arm. Gritting his teeth he stabbed his free arm into the concrete just above him. He began pulling himself up.

And he continued doing that, until he reached the top. His muscles screaming at him to give out. But he couldn't stop, no matter how much he needed to.

He needed to get to her.

She was counting on him.



Maka screamed again, as the demon pressed his claws further into her chest. The demon sneered licking its lips, enjoying her writhing form beneath him.

"If you keep resisting, it wouldn't hurt as much." He chided in a sing-song voice.

"AUGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" She cried out, tears fully leaking out, and soaking her cheeks. The black blood was breaking and it wouldn't be long until the demon, ripped out her soul. She gritted her teeth trying to stop herself from screaming. The demon's skin-less face leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"Let. Go."

Maka gritted her teeth before shaking her head widely. " Noooooooooo!!! She yelled as more agony surged through all her nerves and soul.

His claws were getting deeper.


The Black Room continued to fall to pieces around them.

The imp sat in his chair expressionless, accepting his fate, while drinking the last of the champagne. He tiredly glanced at the empty glass.


The imp scoffed, before throwing the glass over his shoulder. He grabbed the bottle instead, and uncorked it before drinking the rest of its contents.

The walls were cracking and the floor began to give way, as its pieces disappeared into a black void of nothingness. Soul looked down at Maka in his arms. She had stopped screaming, but her body lay weak in his arms. She breathed heavily as she watched the world crumble around her.

A tear trickled down her cheek and Soul's finger was there to catch it, to wipe it away. As Maka fixed her gaze onto her beloved partner, and weapon- his image became blurrier as water filled her eyes.

"Its not fair.." She sniffled, gritting her teeth in pain. "Its not fair…. I never had the chance…" She cried softly.

Soul, was lost for words and held on to her, feeling as if she was about disappear. She blinked her glassy emerald eyes, and more tears flowed out of them. She slowly reached out for Soul's face. Her fingers brushed the long white locks out his eyes, before her hand trailed down his tense jaw.

"I had so many things to tell you… to thank you for."

Soul caught her hand, his eyes begging to her, to hold on.

"Maka! You can tell me! Just wait for me! I'm almost there. Just hold on just a little longer!" He demanded holding her hand, and rubbing her palm.

Maka smiled softly, and closed her eyes. She remembered what Liz had said, when she had her soul almost taken from her.

Like strings, manipulating every muscle, every bone, every thought in her body- and one by one those strings were being severed. She felt her muscles become heavy and tired, desiring to no longer move. She felt everything just…slow down.

The Black room shuddered more and started crumbling to the ground.

Maka opens her eyes, glistening with tears.

"I'm sorry Soul."

Soul's eyes widened.

"Please… forgive me."

Her body lurched, as she felt the demon's claws wrap it's fingers around her soul, before ripping it out of her chest. Letting go one final blood curling scream…

The Black Room shattered.


The rooftop door was smashed open by the wrath and desperation of Soul, no longer in touch with the Black room or Maka. He raced down the steps to find the massive girder blocking his way. Not even stopping, Soul's arms transformed, cutting the metal object into pieces. He ran down the steps, ignoring the collapsing walls around him.

Then he saw her.

She lay shattered, and lifeless at the foot of the stairs. Lying on her back,. Her arms splayed as if she had been pinned. Her hair spread around her like a halo. Feeling his own heart stop, Soul raced down to rush to her side. As he reached her, his knees collided with ground and with trembling hands he reach out for her. To touch her. Feel her. To feel her alive.

But he couldn't.

He was staring into her eyes, staring blankly at the ceiling above her, dull and lifeless. Trails of tears tracing her pale cheeks.

He couldn't touch her.

He was afraid. Afraid to feel her lifeless body, her cold skin and fading heart. He would lose himself. In insanity… in the pain and the guilt… because…

..he failed her.

The burning sensation pulled at his eyes, and his trembling hands could only curl into a fist. Closing his eyes remorsefully, he gritted his teeth. He was praying it was dream. Praying when he awoke, she's be there, like always smiling up at him.

Hearing her laughter.

Seeing her childish pout.

Her determination lighting up her eyes.

Even her scolding wrath.

He wanted it all to be there. He was greedy. He needed all of her. He loved all of her. Right down to the smarty-two-shoes to the most magnificent meister to walk the earth.

He needed her.

And when he opened his eyes…

That was all gone. Only the shell of what she was.

There was noises below him, racing up the stairs. He heard the building groan, wanting to stop standing. The need to crumble to pieces. The voices were calling out to him, and to her.

Wiping away the water that suddenly leaked out of his eyes, with his thumbs he laughed darkly to himself. 'Well she can't hear them', he thought bitterly.

But they continued to call out her name, and Soul just stared at her pale face. Waiting to see, just maybe, she'd answer. But she didn't.

Soul reached out to fix the strand of blond covering her eyes. Emotionless and numb, he put his hands over her lifeless staring gaze.

They continued to call her name


Kidd ran down the hall as the ceiling caved slightly. Covering his nose with his sleeve he looked around, suddenly noticing Soul on knees in the middle of the floor, by the foot of the stairs. Fanning the dust and debris away he called out to him.

But Soul never answered.

"SOUL!" Kidd called out again.

He was caught off guard as Liz and Patti suddenly transformed in his hands. He was about to scold them, before he noticed Liz's horrified stare, as she looked over to Soul's direction. Frozen in step, her face paled as her breath caught in her throat. Patti's hands reached for Kidd's arms as the color drained from her face. She gripped his arm tightly as Kidd went rigid with horrific shock.

Black Star showed up behind them. " No body down there but more corpse-ified dudes, did you find any-"

He stopped, eyes widened. Tsubaki transformed instantly, and her cerulean eyes went glassy as her hands suddenly covered her mouth in shock.

They all looked on, in horror, as Soul emotionlessly lifted his hand from her eyes, after closing her eyelids.

Tsubaki broke away and rushed to Soul and Maka's side. Tsubaki let out a heart-wrenching cry, that pulled at everyone's hearts. Her arms grabbed Maka's shoulders and under her neck. Tsubaki lowered herself to Maka's limp body, pulling her into a bone-crushing embrace.

Liz began walking over to them, the more she walked, the heavier and numb her legs felt. Water leaked out of her disbelieving eyes with no control, but she made no sound. She collapsed next to Tsubaki, putting her arms around the broken woman as she sobbed.

Patti's hands were clenched, held up over mouth, as her head continued to shake back and forth. She stepped backwards, away from the body, as her eyes glistened with disbelief and grief.

Kidd honestly felt light headed. He felt his heart tug and hurt, and a unfamiliar emotion was bubbling to the surface. His body goes slack and he needed to rest against one of the standing door frames. He found it hard to breathe…. hard to think. The only thing that was going through is mind was….. Why?

Why Maka…?

Black Star had to turn away, he couldn't look at her. He grew up with her. Of course she scolded him and nagged at him all the time, but she was there for him, as he was for her. She was his best friend. And he always looked out for her, or found a way to piss her off.

But…She was supposed to be there on the day he would shine. The day he'd become a god… She would clap and cheer with the crowd. She was supposed to help him shine.

He gritted his teeth closing his eyes remorsefully.

"Every day, it's the same question isn't it? To all of us… That haunting question…" He started. " Is this the day I die?"

Tsubaki's wailing ceased and soon everyone had set their attention to Black Star's back.

"As meisters…As warriors… Its our pain, and question. And we ask it everyday when the sun rises and sets. And everyday we manage to survive and we're partly relieved because.. . We know- its just a matter of time. Death is always at our heels… and sooner or later its going to catch up with us. All of us. And it scares us, even someone as great as me.." He frowned at the broken bloody floor.

"But not her. She has looked death in its eyes, day after day and she was never afraid." He swallowed, suddenly his voice got raspy. " It shouldn't have been her…. She was the one. … the only one…If any one could be the strongest, the one to outshine me… it would've been her."

Tsubaki choked on another sob. Liz closed her eyes, smiling sadly as the tears flowed down her cheeks. Soul bit his bottom lip, closing his eyes and looking away from all of it.

"I just don't' understand…" Patti whispered, adding her words. " I don't understand how this all happens."

Kidd turned his eyes to Patti, who stood rigid, with her fists tightly to her side, and gazed to the floor.

"How does this all happen? How do we go through this? I love Maka-chan, and then she's…" She swallowed. "…there's just a body."

Kidd looked away.

"I don't understand… " She continued, she lifted her head, tears brimming over her eyes as she glared at the floor. "Its stupid. Everyone...wants to cry, and all I can think about, is sitting in her apartment, drinking fruit punch with her. And now I think… Maka-chan would never have anymore fruit punch, or eat waffles, or brush her hair. Not ever. And no one will explain to me…" Patti chocked on a sob. "…why?"

She sniffled, as the tears overflowed. Kidd lifted himself off the door and walked over to Patti. He reached for her tear soaked fingers and held them tight.

"We don't know why. We never will." Kidd swallowed. Seeing his existence was made for this, he should know. But he didn't. He knew nothing. And the last thing he wanted was to be somewhat responsible for what happened to Maka.

"These things, just happen. We have no control, or say. Its fate." He whispered softly. Swallowing hard, he clenched his eyes shut. " But what happened to Maka, wasn't fate. She was taken from us. Her smile, her laughter, her very living presence was ripped from our grasps." He gritted his teeth.

" And those responsible, Those sickening, repulsive beings, should NEVER see the light of day. For what they did….. They will regret taking our…" He paused, before looking away. "… our perfection from us."

Patti clung to his hand still, using one hand to wipe her sniffles.

"Lets to go kill the freaking bastards. I wanna shoot 'em all dead."

"I'm game." Black Star grinned viciously. "I'm going to fucking trounce their lowly hides."

But vengeance was cut short as the building finally gave its last groan, and debris fell from the ceiling.


Desperate, Black Star dashed over to Tsubaki and yanked her away from debris about to fall on top of her. He pulled into his arms.

" I can't lose you too." He mumbled into her hair. Tsubaki clutched tightly to him, tears flowing down her cheeks.

Liz dodged out of the way as the debris came down, but it was heading over to land on Maka's body.

Like everyday…

Like every instinct that coursed through the fibre of his being, Soul threw himself over her, protecting her from the rubble or the world, that could hurt her.

It was his job after all.

As the dust cleared, everyone turned to Soul and Maka's direction.

The weapon always protects the meister.

"Soul!" Liz cried.

Soul was over Maka's body, propped on his elbows, while the rest of the ceiling was pressed against his back. Gritting his teeth, as pain shot through his body, he was forced to look down at her. Her pale skin, the dried tears to her slightly parted lips.

Warm liquid trickled down his chin, before dropping onto the floor beside her head.


Red, crimson blood.

Soul closed his eyes in misery. He forgot what real blood looked like.

He didn't have words, like the rest of them. He was never good with them. He had given everything he had, already to her. She already had his heart… And he…and he had failed her.

He failed as a weapon.

He failed as a partner.

Gritting his teeth, he finally gave in. He gave into the pain, the misery…the lost part of him. His eyes glistening, he leaned his head down.

He had to know.

He had to soak in the reality and stop denying, that she was gone. His lips were inches away from her colourless ones.

He needed to feel.

He needed proof that it was time…to give up. It was time…. to let go. Gingerly he brushed his lips against hers.

He needed to believe.

He needed a reason, for him…to keep going.

And he kissed her.

"Soul! Hold on! We are coming to get you out." Kidd called out desperately.

Soul's crimson eyes snapped open, his head shot up, staring at Maka in disbelief before switching to wonder.

"Soul!" Liz cried. " Are you alright? You honestly need to STOP having buildings fall on top of you. We can't lose you too, just hold on-"

"No body…. is lost . Not yet."

Before Liz or anyone could open their mouths, the rubble and debris, shifted. All their eyes widened, as Soul forced his back up, lifting the girder. Once his arms had enough room, Soul took his arms off the floor, and grabbed the debris on his back. Gritting his teeth, he growled as he slowly lifted himself off the floor. Feet planted, he forced the massive piece of metal and concrete off of him.

Everyone was speechless.

The building grumbled again, ready to fall. Soul took no time, and tore off his torn jacket. Gingerly he wrapped it around her limp body. Sliding his arms underneath her knees and back, he picked her up. With her head cradled in his neck, so her head wouldn't loll around like a lifeless doll, he carried her in his arms. He walked over to everyone.

"Soul…?" Liz whispered, seeing a new light in his crimson eyes. He passed her to Liz, who took the frail body into her arms. Soul tightened the jacket around her body.

" Patti, Liz and Tsubaki. Keep her warm as possible." He commanded, before turning around.

"But-" Liz gaped

" Black Star and Kidd- I need back up. Not just you two, a lot of it."

Kidd narrowed his golden eyes. " Where are you going?"

"To get Maka's soul back."

Liz's eyes bulged out of her head. " HOW?!"

" It clicked from remembering something before that building fell on me. Before Maka got hurt." Soul started, his back to everyone. " When we were helping civilians out on the streets, I tried helping a woman, but the demon got her. When her soul was pulled out and consumed, the woman's body went cold. Drastically."

"So-" Kidd argued.

"-Maka is warm." Soul finished, turning his face to the side to look at him.

Tsubaki gasped, and reached out to touch Maka's pale cheek who was being held in Liz's arms. Tsubaki's eyes lit up. " He's right. She is warm. I guess I never noticed because I was so upset…"

"Which means…" Soul flexed his hands, feeling his natural blood, his natural instinct flow through his veins.

" Her soul is still alive."

Soul's gaze went back to roof he had entered from, hard and determined.

Eyes like her.

Ready to face death and not be afraid. He began walking forward.

"Even if her soul is alive, then what?" Kidd started. " If you killed that thing, then what? You think her soul will magically return to her body?" Kidd's eyes were hard. " Its never been done before. Not even my honourable father has accomplished such a-"

"Kidd." Soul announced loudly as he stopped walking.

" Its Maka."

Kidd stopped, eyes wide.

"I have to try." Soul whispered.

Kidd narrowed his eyes, and straightened his back. " Then I'm coming with you."

"No you're not." Soul growled, disagreeing. " You are going back to Shibusen and getting that back-up I need. You and Black Star. And don't argue with me."

Kidd narrowed his eyes dangerously at Soul. " Fine." He agreed reluctantly. He stepped forward pointing finger at him.

" But when I get back, I'm aiding you in this battle, whether you like it or not. " Kidd demanded.

"He'll be dead before you return." Soul grinned. Kidd closed his eyes and adjusted his suit, a smile crawling to his lips.

"Come Black Star!" Kidd commanded, speed walking to the other exit.

Black Star rushed past Kidd, ignoring him before striding to Soul's direction.

" I'm fighting with you." He declared.

The building groaned, as he said that. Debris fell again in between Soul and Black Star. Black Star moved to wave the dust off, but through the holes of the debris, he saw Soul hadn't move an inch.

"Get the girls out of here, safely." Soul muttered loudly. " This building is about to go." He turned seeing Black Star's stare through the debris. Soul smiled, baring his jagged grin.

"Keep her safe for me."

Black Star tightened his jaw before nodding. Black Star's fist shot out through the peek hole of the debris. He held it there, waiting.

Soul stared at before grinning. Soul knocked his knuckles against Black Star's in their friendly gesture. Black Star opened his hand and Soul grasped it, in firm manly handshake.

"Don't die." Black Star ordered.

Soul grinned at him, his hard crimson eyes boring into his.

" I won't."

On their last regards, Soul began walking towards the rooftop, to find the parasite demon. Black Star turned around and headed to the rest of them. Kidd summoned his hover board.

"He better not die on us." Kidd started as he began hover in the air on the vehicle. Liz had positioned Maka on her, like a piggy back. Patti's hand supporting the girl's back so she wouldn't slip off. Tsubaki looked at Black Star, and he grinned.

"He won't." Black Star grinned walking forward. " He has her eyes."

"He's ready to take on death itself."


Once Soul was outside on the roof, it didn't take long to find the demon. The demon stood on another part the building next to the water reservoir, the highest part- it looked out on Death City grinning ear to ear, imagining the fall and all the meals it would have. And perched perfectly between it's claws, was Maka's glowing pure blue soul.

Soul's eyes hardened.

Soul stepped forward, muscles tight and aching to transform to cut the freak-job in to tiny bits. He lowered his gaze, but it never left the back of the demon. A fire burned within that crimson depth, a blood thirsty fire. He had no black blood to rely on; to give him strength and if he was seriously wounded, he'd stay that way.

He had to rely on his own strength.

He had to do it… for Maka.

The demon was chortling and laughing insanely, mocking everyone in Death City. Unaware the furious weapon approaching behind him.

Soul's rage bubbled to the surface. Unable to hold it the desire in any further, both of Soul's arms transformed. Cold lethal steel, lined with red, reflected his wrath. It's c-shape curve, stretched longer and sharper then it had ever been. It screamed for vengeance and acquired a thirst for spilled blood.

Hearing the flash, the demon turned it's head. It's lifeless eyes widened, recognizing the weapon before him.

"You? You are still alive? "

Soul smiled like a rabid animal, baring his lethal grin at his prey. " Ah. I am." He stopped walking, several feet away from the disgusting creature before him. His torn red dress shirt blew in the wind, and the cool breeze blew against the exposed skin of his chest.

"And I hold grudges against assholes, who drop buildings on me." He smirked, as he eyes shone with no mercy. " No offence."

Soul's smirk dropped. " But after what you've done to my partner…" He growled, eyeing the blue soul in the demon's grasp.

"No hell on this earth, is going to save your pathetic hide, from what I'm about to do to you. I'll make sure your repulsive tongue never TOUCHES my partner's soul!"

"Ooh! Scary!" the demon chided, its grin stretched along the main proportion of the face. Its veins continued to bubble and pulse, oozing black blood.

"Without the black blood, you are a weak, boy. What can you possibly do?"

Soul raised one eyebrow. " I don't need the black blood. I've only relied on it's powers, once or twice. I like fighting my own battles thank you. It's cooler that way." Soul smirked.

"So he came to save his precious princess!" The demon snorted. " The white knight! And what does that make me?"

"The big fat, repulsive dragon, that about to get its ass whooped."

The demon sighed. " How quaint. But I'm afraid, I grow weary of these pointless battles, especially on a empty stomach." It licked it lips, holding Maka's soul in its grasp.

"I wonder what she tastes like."

As the tongue slither out to moisten the soul's surface, there was a lethal flash of metal, and the demon fell back in pain, as it's tongue separated from it's body. Soul was at the demon's feet, blades bathed in black liquid.

"I said..." Soul hissed venomously. " Don't. Touch. Her."

It wailed abnormally, before it's body pulsated erratically. Black blood oozed from its pores, and it began deforming its body. The hand that held the soul, pulsed and grew. Its hands morphed into a cage of black blood, trapping the soul.

"I'm going to eat this," the demon slurred. " AFTER I'm done tearing all of your skin off!" It hissed in it's demonic raspy voice.

More appendages immerged from its body, appearing more insect, with a grub-like form. Arching its back, it thrust out its gut, as its skin bubbled uncontrollable over the hide's surface. Hundreds of tendril arms shot out, reaching for Soul.

Soul did not flinch.

Didn't even blink.

His lethal blades cut down every attack that was thrown at him, slicing the demon's appendages to pieces.

Realizing the attacks weren't working on the weapon, the demon target the ground he was standing on.

As the tendrils smashed into the roof's concrete, the floor began to cave in. Soul jumped backwards and agilely back flipped in the air. The demon grinned seeing his exposed back. It threw the tendrils at him, only to be surprised as Soul sliced through them all, as jagged blades came out of his legs. As he landed on safer ground the demon let out a shrill cry, before combining the tendrils into one big fist of black blood.

Soul planted his feet, and crossed his blades over his face to block the attack. The impact of the black blood against the metal, pushed Soul backwards. His feet digging into the concrete, as it cracked under the pressure.

On a blind spot, another tendril caught up to him, catching his ankle. Picking the weapon up like a rag-doll it threw him into the building next to him. Soul gritted his teeth, feeling more blood run down his face. But he wasn't giving up.

As the demon yanked Soul off the wall, Soul flipped his body, forcing his blade arms into the appendages of the tendrils. As he fell towards the demon, his blade cut through the arms, splitting them down the middle.

The demon wailed and screeched, and as Soul was feet away from its face, he pulled his blade arms out of the hide of the tendril, and raised them over his head to strike down on the demon's face.

Anticipating this attack, another tendril whipped out, and slammed against Soul's gut, smashing him to the water reservoir on the roof. As it broke, gallons of water gushed out and flood over the roofs edges. Spitting out the water, Soul growled getting up, as water drenched his form.

The demon laughed. " Kyahahahah! Look at the drowned rat!" It ginned ferociously, as it gleamed. " How's that arm?" It teased.

Soul bared his teeth, holding his arm. It was killing him since he was thrown into that building. It was either broken or dislocated. Either way, it wasn't making his life easier. As long as the demon had the black blood- it had the upper hand.

Many upper hands.

But it wasn't going to stop him.

Jumping up, Soul charged at the demon sounding his war cry. The tendrils shot out at him as he charged. He ducked, he sliced, he jumped and kept running. The blades were pointing at he sped up, ignoring the throbbing arm. Gritting his teeth, he raised his scythe arm prepared to stab.

He missed the attack from above.

Smashed into the crumbling roof, the black blood's fist swat him like a bug. Soul heard the crack in his arm- so if it wasn't broken before, it was now. The black blood had hardened, so the pressure that held Soul to the ground was like holding up a building. The demon grinned and cackled madly as it pressed down further.

Soul gritted his teeth, feeling the floor giving way under his feet. Acting fast, and ignoring the arm that basically had his arm bone snapped in half, he forced his blades hard into the demon's fist.

He knocked the black blood's pressure off him, but the force of his arms couldn't take the force and the broken bone was now sticking out of his skin. He transformed his arm back to the human form, as he grabbed the protruding wound.

The demon spared him no mercy and attacked. Soul was thrown back into the wall below the broken reservoir tank. As his back made impact, Soul crumbled to his knees before falling foreword.

"I told you, it was useless. You can't win. I'm invincible!" The demon teased.

Soul grunted, using his good arm to push his body back up.

The demon frowned, twisting its head abnormally to the side. " How many times are you going to this? I hit you. You go splat and get broken... But you STILL get back up again. Stop, while you still have your legs."

Cursing to himself, Soul lifted his body up, ignoring the blood pouring off him in pools. His left arm was useless now.

"I'll keep going…As many times as it takes, you fat piece of shit!" Soul hissed, spitting out the crimson liquid that built up in his mouth. 'As long as I can stay standing'.

" I won't let you touch her…" He vowed.

The demon narrowed his eyes. " You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, boy."

The black blood tendrils were targeting him again. Instead of them cutting into his skin, they wrapped around his arms like a snake. Splaying his arms wide, then pinned him mercilessly against the wall. Soul gritted his teeth as his head met the concrete. Soul opened one of his crimson eyes, that wasn't soaked in blood.

"You keep tying me down, I'll keep cutting you up. Got the hint yet?"

The demon grinned. " Oh yes. I dooooo. Its seem those blade arms of yours will cut through anything…" Its grin widened.

" But what about yourself?"

Soul's eyes widened in horror as the black blood yanked him off the ground, manipulated the movement of his arms, before crossing his arms over his chest. The black blood spun around him like a cocoon, trapping him. His arms were forced tight against his own body, unable to move.

Sure, he could cut through them, if he didn't want to slice himself open in the process.

'Son of bitch.' Soul cursed.

Blood poured off him everywhere, especially when the demon decided to squeeze him, like he was wringing out a dirty wet cloth.

"Now," The demon cackled as it stood tall, on it back legs. The extra appendages shrank back into the body and it was back to its two legs, and ape-like arms. Within its ridiculously uneven claws, it held Maka's tiny soul.

"Watch me, as I devour your girlfriend!"


"Awwwe." the demon pouted, mocking Soul as he tried wriggling himself free. " You don't like this idea?"

"Then," the demon smirked. " Why don't you try stopping me. Transform those arms. Cut through your bounds. Cut through your flesh."

Soul one-eye gaze burned viciously at the demons head.

"You can try to fight me, but I'll keep knocking you down. With this invincible shield, every wound you make, will be wasted as the black blood will only make me stronger. While you… You'll lose too much blood and you'll crumble and fall. And all your fighting, will be pointless."

Soul gritted his teeth, praying to find one opening to get his hand free. To pull himself out. To get there in time and protect Maka. The Black blood continued to squeeze him, the more he tried to get free. Constricting around him like a giant snake.

"Either way- I win." The demon grinned, before falling into a fit of laughter. " Kyahahahahahaha-'

"Was this what you've been after?" A sly silky voice interrupted.

Annoyed about being rudely interrupted when laughing victoriously, the demon turned his gaze, only to meet the menacing yellow eyes of a snake. The black dressed figure stepped down from the building's edge, wearing her usual apparel. He face shrouded by the hood, as her eyes glowed under the shadows. Soul's crimson eyes widened with shock.

Why was Medusa here?

Medusa crossed her arms over her chest, her silver bangles clanging in the breeze. She looked displeased.

"Mother!" The deformed demon cried with glee.

'Mother?' Soul's mouth dropped aghast. 'You mean… she created that thing?' Disgusted Soul gritted his teeth. Even the demon was now distracted, the black blood's constricting hold continued to crush him.

'That damn witch', Soul growled. Everything that damn woman did, she did it for the joy of making everyone's life miserable. Was it a hobby for her? Or was she that friggin' heartless.

Soul wasn't sure who he wanted to hurt more, once he's break through his binds; the demon, or the person responsible for its existence.

"I go by no such names." Medusa replied curtly, her eyes on the demon hard as steel.

The demon looked sort of surprised and hurt by the witch's words. It began to defend himself. " But I came from your body. Your blood. Therefore I am your child."

Medusa's eyes hardened.

" You gave me life. Helped me grow. You gave me this body! You gave me this world!" the demon announced spreading his arms. It lowered his head gazing subjectively at the witch.

" My world." It grinned savagely.

" Because of you," the demon continued. " I walk as a god. I have the power to smite and consume whomever opposes me, and I've been challenged by my foes, who've all been beaten." It cackled again and Soul grimaced finding ridiculous truth within its words, but oddly enough the words reminded him of certain annoying red imp.

Was there a connection?

"You gave me this body. To feel. To be able to put my hands around an innocent neck and feel it crack. I can bite off a young girl's face and the skin and gristle can slither down my throat. I am unstoppable." It grinned joyous of it's existence.

But Medusa seemed to disagree. She uncoiled her tattooed arms bringing them to her sides. She began walk towards the demon dangerously.

"You are not human, nor demon. You are not an entity. You are a parasite. Another experiment I've wasted my time, carving into perfection." Medusa voice lowered dangerously.

"But I am perfection. I am unstoppable. Un-killable. Isn't that what you wanted?" The demon pried diplomatically, trying to get Medusa's opinion to budge. She stopped walking and continued to stare with contempt towards him, as if the demon had done something wrong.

"Isn't it? The demon pushed. " The greatest creation ever created'?"

Medusa said nothing for a while, her serpent eyes blinking uninterested at the conversation. Almost bored. But her slithering smile stretched over her face.

Soul was sure something else had broke under the crushing pressure. Breathing was becoming difficult and he could taste the horrid metallic in his mouth. He cursed to himself not to lose consciousness. All he needed was an opening and he'd kill them both. But the pain was unbearable.

He didn't know how much longer he could hold out.

"You are just that." Medusa grinned. " You've managed to render this city into complete chaos and mayhem, by yourself alone." But her eyes hardened and her lips returned to the unsteady frown.

"But like all of my experiments, you carry a fault."

"A fault?' the demon cackled disbelieving. " A FAULT? And what would that be? I AM UNSTOPPABLE! There is nothing! Nothing I can't do. WHAT CAN'T I DO?!"

"Getting a girlfriend maybe?" Soul chuckled, while gasping for air.

The Parasite demon twisted his head, annoyed at the weapon for intruding in on their problems. The black blood suddenly, as if hearing the demon's silent command, crushed Soul further. Part of the constriction changed direction, twisting Soul's body into another way.

"Gah!" Soul cried out hearing a sickening crack somewhere in his body. Blood pooled out of his mouth as it splattered to the concrete ground.

Medusa's eyes drifted to Soul for a moment, before falling back on the parasite. She closed her eyes.

" I warned you, before I set you loose into the world. Your lust and greed for power and destruction, will destroy you. And that very greed you hold, is already threatening your existence. You are a failed creation. Just like the black blood."

"What are you talking about, Mother? I've won! Look at him!" His arm stretched out to Soul in his cocoon form and smashed his body to the ground. Holding in a cry, Soul felt the concrete smash into his skull. His ears were ringing, and soon felt wet as yet another head injury oozed more blood. Face forced into the ground, Soul gritted his teeth in excruciating agony as his own blood began to pool around him.

Medusa did not seem to be concerned nor care. Soul wished he was not involved with the family-feud.

"Look at the soul's I've slaughtered and destroyed. And this soul!" He stated, holding Maka's violated soul in his grasp. " The soul I hold, in non-other the girl you've DREAMT of ripping her throat out, countless of times."

Soul grunted, trying to find the strength to fight back, but the black blood continued to crush him. He was going to loose consciousness soon. His vision blurred, in and out and his body began to prickle as it began to go numb all over.

"Which will lead, ultimately, to your demise. I won't say it again." Medusa glowered in annoyance as she pulled down her hood.

"But with the black blood's power-"

"The black blood IS a parasite!"

Soul opened his one good eye that wasn't caked in his blood, after Medusa jarred him out of his unconsciousness.

'The black blood is a parasite? A parasite that lived within him and Maka?'

"It invades the host and devours their soul, surrendering them into insanity. Its not an energy or form of power. It is an entity itself. A living poison." Medusa announced. " It was created, just as you were."

Medusa eyes opened, lethally staring the parasite down.

"And that experiment failed, just as you have. That girl's soul had the ability to manipulate and purify the black blood, not only in her, but her weapon partner and Chrona…" Medusa grimaced. "Another failure of the past-"

"-I-am-NOT-- LIIIISTENINNNNNG!!!" The demon yelled, putting its deformed vein-y hands over its head, seemly to be ignoring Medusa's warnings.

"-ONCE its manipulated and used, there is no purpose anymore. Developing such human emotions as desire and obsession, fuels and blinds one from reality- and their fate. A fate they've wreaked for themselves." Medusa growled louder, not liking it's childish ignorance.

" Blah, blah blabity-BLAH! "The demon mused mockingly. It head raised, as the smug smile stretched across it face. " I'm greater. You know why, Mother?" He started. The smug grin spreading across its face.

" By taking the famed meister's soul, I've severed the black blood's bond. Purging it from her weapon!-"

"-Insolent fool." Medusa's cold, wrathful, serpent sneer slithered to her face once more. Her eyes widened angrily and wickedly.

"You don't have the power, to purge the black blood from that boy's body. You weren't created for that purpose."

Still listening, Soul fought his for his control to stay conscious.

"The black blood STILL remains in the boy's body. Its only dormant. You sufficiently severed the bond, when you took the scythe meister's soul, but you DID not destroy it. The black blood IS the boy's soul. It clings to its host and becomes part of it's living matter."

She looked at the demon's speechless form, its bubbling skin, black veins and oozing black liquid pouring out if its pores.

"And your temporary body, is not strong enough to hold all that black blood. In fact, you've ruined the flesh you hidden in. And because you've used the black blood as your shield- you will never get OUT of it."

The demon paused, before looking down at its own flesh. Uncertainty filled it's lifeless demonic eyes.

"It doesn't matter!" The demon argued suddenly. " I can bend this body to my wishes, and in return no matter what the infliction is, my body will come out stronger because of it. I'll show you! And once I've DEVOURED-" it emphasized, squeezing Soul's barely conscious form. Soul groaned as more blood filled his mouth, his vision getting hazy. " -The scythe meister's soul along with her weapon, I will-be-INVINCIBLE!"

Swinging is large ape-like arms around, it swiped at Medusa to push her away. Lost in its lust for power, the demon failed to notice that his hand went right through her.

"I'll SHOW YOU!" the parasite jeered holding Maka's soul up into the dark sky, preparing to devour it. "I'll show you all!!"

Medusa's sighed with boredom. " It seems your ignorance refuses to listen to reason. So be it then. You've now sealed your fate."

Soul's eyes were drooping, too heavy to stop, the pain was gone now. He felt nothing. His vision faded to black and his head lolled onto the concrete floor, splashing into the pool of his own blood.

The last thing he saw, was Maka's soul disappearing in the jaws of the demon, being consumed.


He was in a void of darkness, just like the times he'd refuse to enter the Black Room. There was no light. No life. Just darkness. And he felt himself sinking deep into it. He felt weightless, like he floated in a ocean of black. His head finally submerged under the surface and he let himself completely sink.

And he had no desire to swim back.

He lost his chance. His opportunity to make it right again. He lost his strength to fight. To fight what his heart has always been fighting for.

He lost her. The person he swore to protect.

He closed his tired crimson eyes.

Did he really have a reason, to keep going?

Suddenly he felt a pull. It grasped his arms, and legs and warmth spread over his body. And it wasn't a pull, that was pulling him down.

It was pulling him up.

Confused, Soul weakly opened one of his crimson eyes, only to be suddenly blinded by light. So was this death? Heaven, If he dared to say? He could almost smile, the light was warm and comforting….and familiar, oddly.

Suddenly a familiar sensation shot through his body. The same familiar sensation of intensity as electricity was charging through his body, mind and soul. The same sensation he always got just before he… resonated?


Her cry echoed purging the darkness.



Jolted awake by the abnormal blood curling scream, Soul opened his crimson eyes slowly. His vision was hazy first, but within it he saw a large shadow erupting in electrifying light.

The parasite demon that, only moments ago, had just swallowed Maka's soul, was screaming agony. It was viciously clawing at its throat as if something was crawling under its skin and burning it alive. The demon gasped to scream again, and smoke flowed out of its jaws, and nostrils.

'What's happening to meeeee!???" The demon cried, gazing disbelieving as it stared at it hands. The skin was bubbling and steaming, as the fire underneath the skin continued to eradicate all the muscle, blood and tissue.

It was burning him alive.

It gasped again, as another puff of smoke emerged from its throat.

Soul's eyes were finally in focus as he watched the hide of the demon, bubble and pop, as the skin began to burn away, like burning parchment. Underneath the skin was the black blood, boiling like heated tar. Steam gushed out of it's skin as its body boiled him alive.

Thankfully, Soul dully noted, the black blood surround him wasn't. Which he found slightly odd, as it was boiling on the demon's arms, and all the tentacle-tendril like appendages and the tendril that was holding him down. But as it neared Soul's trapped form, the blood wasn't boiling.

Something was protecting him.

Although, he still couldn't get his arms free, the hold was loosening.

Its raspy voice was high and desperate. It continued to watch its own body in horror as it burned and melted away. Its size was decreasing, and the left over stretched skin, hung off him like curdling milk.

If the sight was unbearable, the smell certainly was.

The demon turned to the witch standing uninterested, a few feet away. Her bored expression watch her creation boil and melt onto the broken concrete roof.

"Witch!" The demon's high raspy and shrilly voice accused. " YOU DID THIS!"

"I did no such thing." Medusa answered point-blankly .

Furious the demon screamed again, launching an attack at her. " I'll KILL YOU!!!!"

Medusa blinked, unmoving as the boiling bloods tendrils went through her body. It seemed if finally got the hint that her form was only a non-corporeal image transported by her magic. Medusa's disappointed gaze did not falter.

"I warned you." She glared as the demon let out an agonizing scream, as the skin continued to boil and burn. "Your lust for power and destruction, would ultimately destroy you. And the results of that power for destruction, is that girl's soul."

It screamed again, hands on its head as it clawed at its burning flesh.

" That girl's soul," Medusa continued. " Is a threat to the lord Kishin himself, who's power you'll never apprehend. Her soul is a magnitude of power which is rare and cannot be touched or consumed by an impure being such as yourself."

Soul's eyes widened in astonishment as the demon wailed uncontrollably.

'Maka…is doing that?'

''It CAN'T BE!"

" Face it. Her Anti-demon wavelength is destroying every amount of black blood that lingers in that shell you cower in. Fight it if you will. It will still be futile."

Medusa pulled up her hood, and began walking away.

"Aren't you going to help me!?" the demon begged.

Medusa turned, her eyes hidden under the shadows of her hood, but the glowing wicked red eyes gleamed back at the pathetic creature.

"You failed in obeying my orders and heeding my warnings. I've done all that I can." She turned away and continued walking.

"I have no use for you anymore."

And in seconds her image disappeared as black electrical serpents swallowed her form with a twisted purple bolts of electricity.

The demon screamed again, shaking its head. " No, no, no, no, NO!!" Its hollered. It forced the black blood to move as it sputtered and boiled.

"I'll fight this! I AM INVINCIBLE!!" The demon roared manically. " If I cannot consume your soul, then I will just DESTROY IT!"

Soul's eyes widened, watching the demon impale himself with the black blood, reaching in to grab Maka's still solid soul. The blood twist around it trying to trap it. The surface of the soul began to burn the black blood away, but the demon relentlessly would not give up.

Constricting the soul, it continued to try to crush it.

Soul's eyes narrowed.

This was it.

This was his opportunity to kill that retched monstrosity. If he continued to watch, the demon may succeed in destroying her. And this time, as Soul gritted his teeth….

He wasn't about to lose her again.

He closed off all his pain, all his thoughts, as he closed his eyes. Focusing on the energy that was left in his body, he relaxed all of his muscles.

The demon screamed again, cackling in insanity and agony, as it continued to impale it own body, attacking the small pure soul inside of him.

Soul's eyes snapped open, his crimson eyes breaching his own insanity. Sneering his teeth, he flashed his gums as she focused all his energy to his bounded arms.

And with a flash of silver, he transformed them.

He felt the metal slice into his chest and gut, cutting his chest in a perfect 'x' shape, but he had shut off the pain. With a victorious war cry, the bottle of rage and resentment, broke and Soul charged head on, at the demon.


Ignoring the quantities of blood that spilled out of him, Soul leapt into the air with his scythe blades glinting maliciously in the night sky.

The demon had no time to even look up as Soul impaled the his strong scythe arm into the demon's deformed face. The impact made the demon fall back, and Soul smashed the demon's face through the concrete floor.

The floor cracked upon impact, sending both him and the demon through floor after floor of the crumbling building. Soul didn't care, he only pushed the demon down farther and farther until it couldn't go no more.

Finally they hit the last floor, the demons head landed on a block of cement, shattering the back of its supposed skull. Soul's impaled arm still embedding in the grinning beast face. The impact made a crater in the concrete floor.

Soon the remaining standing parts of the building completely collapsed all around them. Dust and debris blanketed the air. The only sound heard was smaller pieces of debris and rubble falling over and Soul's heavy breathing.

Grin still on its face, Soul pulled his blade arm out. The parasite's host's skin darkened like burning ash and began slowly melting away.

Standing up straight, Soul transformed his arms back to their crushed human state, and held the gaping bleeding holes in his chest. He threw his head back and fell onto his knees, as all the strength was take from him. He was losing a lot of blood too. Head to the heavens he closed his eyes trying to catch his breath.

A shimming warm light bathed his body, and Soul weakly opened his eyes.

Remerging from the melted black charred skin, was a single beautiful vibrant blue soul, with small fluttering angel wings.

Lolling his head to the side, Soul smiled. He reached out and pulled the soul into his embrace.

"I still can't do anything with you, can I." He grinned.



He could hear them calling for him. Cradling her tender soul in his arms, Soul began to get to his feet. He grunted and winced as his feet seemed to protest, but again he abused his body and ignored it.

In the distance he could hear the thundering choppers, the screeching of tires as vehicles approached the demolished building. Soul rolled his eyes.

Kidd went all out, didn't he?

Dragging his bloody form forward, he limped away, trying avoid over-physically doing any movement. Climbing over girders for example.

In the middle of the crater, the melted mess of flesh and blood began to move. A white worm slithered out of the boiling mess. Its white grub-hide was burnt and it gasped for air. It need a body to jump to, or it would die in matter of minutes. It suddenly sensed a life form and possible new host, nearby.

'Flesh… I need flesh.'

The white haired boy's back was turned to it as he weakly crawled over more rubble, and the parasite prepared to leap. It jumped at the boy stretching is scissors jaws, ready to tear into Soul's back flesh.

With a flash of silver, the worm separated into.

Soul was turned slightly, breathing heavily from his injuries, blade arm out. Soul narrowed his crimson eyes and glared at the pathetic small parasite that writhed in pain, before melting away.

"Yeah. Like THAT was going to happen." Soul growled.

Before Soul could even turn, he was tackled to the floor by the Shinigami's weapon sisters. Liz grabbed his head and smothered his face into her chest. And he couldn't exactly pull away because Patti was on the other side, smothering his escape.

"SOUL!" Liz cried tears going down her eyes" WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!"

"I will be, if you don't let go of me!" Soul mumbled into her chest.

Both sister pulled away, and Soul winced trying to get his balance, while gasping for air. He glared at them. It was like he hadn't been constricted enough today.

" Soul gots lots of boo-boos!" Patti noticed.

'Thank god someone noticed', Soul thought dryly. Unfortunately Liz still didn't, because she grabbed him by the shoulders and continued to shake him.

"When we saw the building go down, we thought the worse-" She shook him angrily this time. " WHAT IS WITH YOU AND FALLING BUILDINGS!?"

"Liz!" Kidd's voice rang from behind them. " Soul is in critical condition. Shaking him like that will only make the injuries worse."

Liz let go of Soul's shoulders.

Thank freaking god.

He wasn't sure if was going to snap in half, have his brains ooze out of his ears, or vomit. He felt like a Mexican maraca.

Kidd's hand raised as he signalled to the army men in Shinigami swat-team uniforms. " OVER HERE!" Kidd commanded. Soul closed his eyes.

"When I said 'go get back up', I meant Stein, Marie and the others. Not Death City's Entire SWAT FORCE!" Soul hissed, wincing in pain.

"Beggars can't be choosers, Soul. I took all necessary precautions."

"You sure did." Soul grumbled, wincing again.

Patti leaned over, cupping her hand around her mouth, so whisper into Soul's ear.

"He thinks it makes him more manly."

Soul snorted.

"What are you whispering about over there, Patti!?"


"SOUL!" Tsubaki came bounding over the broken rubble arms spread out.

"Please." Soul begged. " No more hugs. I appreciate everyone's concern, but lets save them for when Soul isn't hurting…everywhere."

Tsubaki's hands flew to her mouth, looking at Soul's wounds. Kidd stepped forward raising his hand for the second time in.

"We need a MEDIC-"

"No time for that." Soul curtly interrupted. He turned to Tsubaki. " Where's Maka?"

Tsubaki looked over her shoulder. " She's with Black Star, Marie and Doctor Stein." Turning her head she noticed Soul hobbling to his feet. "But Soul-"

She stopped seeing Soul unfold his one bad arm from his bleeding sides. Protected in his large bloodied hands, was Maka's glowing soul.

Her hands came to her mouth for the second time, only tears of joy and sadness gathered in her eyes. Soul limped past her, his other arm going to his wounds.

Liz's eyes followed the trail of blood pouring behind him. "You should really get that looked at before-"

"No time." Soul interjected again.

"Soul-" Kidd tried.

"Not now Kidd." Soul continued to hobble, his feet barely being able to move.. " I can't waste anymore time. I need to keep moving further." He breathed heavily, feeling tired and light headed. " I have to-"

Soul was surprised when Kidd's arm reached out and threw Soul's good, but bloody, arm over his shoulder. Soul blinked as Liz, Patti and Tsubaki grasped his other side, supporting him on his feet, helping him stand.

"Keep walking." Kidd ordered, while stepping forward. " Rely on us. We'll get you there."

And they did.

"Keep walking, Soul-kun" Tsubaki whispered, motivating his tired body.

"AAAND march!" Patti instructed. " One. Two. Three. Four!"

Each and everyone of them. When his feet could no longer take the weight of his body, they helped him stand, and walked for him. Blood and dirt was getting all over them, but they continued to walk him- they knew where his ambitions were, and where he needed to be.

They were his friends.

They've supported him this far- why not physically?

Soul grinned.

They were the coolest.

Black Star, Marie and Doctor Stein came in view, and they literally had to drag Soul to them. Both Stein and Marie had Maka's body, wrapped in a blanket laying a low-ground platform, Black Star standing a few feet away. Hearing the group approach, Marie's golden eyes widened with shock, as ran around the platform.

"Oh my goodness! SOUL!" She gasped loudly. " LOOK AT YOU! Why are you not getting medical attention!"

Even Black Star's eyes widened drastically, noticing the deep 'x' shaped marks on Soul's chest. " What did you do to yourself, man? Cut yourself?"

"As a matter of fact," Soul paused, as the group lowered him down to where Maka's body was lying. He winced as his knees hit the ground, a little harder than they've should have. " Yes." He gritted in pain.

"Oopsie-daisy!" Patti squeaked. " I lost my grip. Sowwy."

"No problem." Soul hissed through his gritted teeth.

"Whatchy'a do THAT for?" Black Star asked astonished at Soul's own cut marks. Soul rolled his eyes tiredly.

"Because I'm a masochist." Soul replied sarcastically. " I was stuck between a rock and hard place. More like my scythe arms and hard place- but you get the picture. Because of this sacrifice, that creature is dead and…"

Soul pulled out Maka's soul. " ..I was able to save her."

"Oh…" Marie started getting emotional, as she covered her mouth to muffle her sob. Stein at that moment had come up behind her, giving her comforting pat on her shoulder.

"I should have been THERE!" Marie sobbed. " I could have SMASHED that unforgivable monster! And then you OR Maka would've never gotten hurt!"

"Marie…." Stein whispered uneasy, knowing she was reaching breaking point.

"Come to mention it," Soul winced again. " Your demolition-derby- fist would have been very helpful."

Ignoring Marie's further wails, Soul leaned down to Maka's body. Softly and gingerly he placed the soul directly on her chest. Of course Soul expected nothing was to happen- it wasn't supposed to.

"Stein…" Marie blubbered. "Can he do it? Can returning her soul really be done?'

It seemed to be everyone's question at the moment.

"It's never been done before. But then again, it has never been tried. Most cases, when the soul is extracted from the body, it shell's deteriorates. However with this creature's ability, it disregards that law. But as a scientist who believes in fact, and not fantasy-theoretically- no it wouldn't work."

Marie continued to sniffle, as Stein pulled out his cigarette. With a quick flick of his thumb on the lighter, a small flame ignited the small stick. Flicking the lighter's lid close, Stein place it back into lab-coat pocket.

"But." Stein said, before inhaling his first puff, and exhaling the smoke through his lips.

"One thing I've come to terms being a scientist, teacher and doctor, here at Shibusen." He grinned. "These kids will surprise you."

Soul turned his head towards the professor. " Does her father know?" He whispered, nearly dreading the answer.

"Yes." Stein answered. " But he is stationed with Shinigami and ordered NOT to leave his side. The Shibusen's ball is nearly finished. As far as there rest of the students are concerned- the problem has been already dealt with. The Shinigami wanted the situation to be 'low-key' as possible." Stein blew out more smoke. " Although THAT was thrown out the window once Kidd mobilized the entire Death Squad."

Soul sighed. "I hadn't noticed." Soul grumbled, before looking back up.

"And the old man's reaction?" Soul asked again.

" First… almost catatonic. A whole new personality for him. But then he returned to his bi-polar-self. Wept like a baby, cursed your soul beyond the grave and afterlife, wept some more and tried wiping his mucus on my lab coat." Stein answered bluntly. " The usual Spirit."

Marie dabbed her eyes. " Had to be Shinigami-chopped when he refused to obey his orders, and was bull-headed enough to come stampeding down your way. We weren't sure if would aid you, or kill you."

Oh he could imagine it. Soul smiled sadly. All the more reason he had to bring Maka's soul back to her body.

If he couldn't do it… then he'd let the old man do-him-in.

Soul's hand's softly pressed the soul against Maka's chest. He was cautious, afraid to damage it. As he forced a little harder, the small angel wings on the soul, fluttered- he wasn't sure if it was a good sign, or that he was hurting her.

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes before quickly pulling Maka into his embrace, pressing the soul to his meister's chest. He could feel her little soul wings flapping repeatedly.

"Is he hurting her?" Marie questioned, tugging on Stein's collar desperately. " Can he hurt her?"

Soul closed his eyes, suddenly remembering what Medusa had said to the demon.

"The black blood IS a parasite!"

"It invades the host and devours their soul, surrendering them into insanity. Its not an energy or form of power. It is an entity itself. A living poison."

"The black blood STILL remains in the boy's body. Its only dormant. You sufficiently severed the bond, when you took the scythe meister's soul, but you DID not destroy it. The black blood IS the boy's soul. It clings to it's host and becomes part of it's living matter."

So this is what it had come down to. Soul needed the black blood. He had bring the bond back. Seeking into the back of his consciousness he waited calling out for anything. A sign.

"I know you are still here little bastard." Soul whispered out loud. " I know what you are. You're a parasite just as that monster. You creations are so damn good at taking soul's away; just this once I want you to return it." He whispered into her ear, hoping the imp was listening.

Soul pressed his hand harder against the soul, forcing it further to her chest. If Soul's eyes were open, he would have noticed Maka's right pinkie finger twitch.

"You need her body and mine to thrive. Just this once I ask you of this favour…Please…."

"Take her soul back."


Soul's head wiped around, hearing the familiar scoff of the imp. He was still shrouded in nothing but darkness where the Black Room would be. Suddenly Soul looked down at his feet, where his shadow would have been, instead there was another shadow.

A smaller one.

" It's not cool to beg."

Soul whipped around in the darkness, and the imp's small form had it's back face to him. Soul was about to ask again- but the imp had already made up it's mind.

"Resonate with her. I'll do the rest."

Soul's eyes snapped open as suddenly he noticed the intensity of Maka's small soul, had turned white, glowing brighter and brighter. Closing his eyes again, he once again pulled her small frame into a bone crushing embrace. He leaned his head down and whispered in her ear.

"Soul Resonance."

He synced his soul with hers, just as he always would in battle. He prayed that she would respond back. White and blue electricity burst through both of their forms, as a crowd came to gather to watch the spectacle in awe.

Soul's body was tired. It was on it last legs. He kept his eyes closed concentrating on his syncing soul. If anything distracted his from his resonance, he would never have the strength to resonate again. His body was at his limits. As he kept the sync going, his body was getting awfully tired, awfully fast.

His body felt like relaxing and giving into the warm spectrum of the energy that was currently surrounding the both of them.

He was so tired.

He was so tired that he failed to realize, a pair of soft, feminine hands reached up to cup his face.

He felt he was suddenly lost into a dream, that he was so delirious from the loss of blood, that he was imagining her touch him, her pulse racing under his touch, her breath moistening his neck and her soft but tired voice whispering into his ear.

"You were amazing."

He imagined that she would use his words. The words he had said to her, when she had given it her all when the Kishin had first been revived.

He grinned feeling his body get heavier. Light-headed by all the imagined happiness.

It felt so real.


He faintly heard Tsubaki crying out, probably crying again.

"Holy freaking crap."

For once, Black Star sounded amazed.


Death the Kidd's voice sounded so… relieved.

"Oh .My. God…"

And Marie's sounded so astonished.

He felt himself fall forward, his body reaching all his limits. He fell into something soft and warm. Those amazing hands snaked their way back of his neck and to the back of his injured head. But those hands more gentle and soothing, as those hands glided through his hair.

He heard more squealing, some more of Tsubaki crying and Liz bawling her eyes out…and Marie seemed to be joining in on the ultimate cry-fest. Kidd's voice rang through the cool air again.

"MEDIC! We need all medical teams over here IMMEDIATELY!"

Soul barely tried to open his eyes as he felt something weightless and white fall onto his skin. His eyes focused on the white object as it landed on the red fabric, before turning into water.

Snow? It hardly ever snowed in Death City- being at the border line of a desert.

He must have been dreaming.

He closed his eyes, drifting off and he felt his warm embrace move underneath him. Warm air tickled his ear.

"Thank you Soul."


"Tch. You owe me one, boy."






"HAI HAI! Stein-kun! WASSUP!"

Stein stood in front of the black-clad Shinigami in the strange blue sky and wall-less room, as he waved his giant white mitt-like hands about animatedly. The Shinigami's laid back attitude, even after all that commotion, still ceased to amaze Stein. Clearing his throat, Stein placed the white 'classified' folder on the skull-shaped table.

"The documents you asked for."

"Oh yes, yes!" The Shinigami's big white gloved fingers, picked up the folder and opened it.

"The research on the black blood. How did that go?" The Shinigami inquired.

"Garbled and incomplete. But after the interrogation with Soul after he woke up from surgery, I'm sure to have more accurate results. Instead of treating it as just an a-biotic factor, it is actually a biotic one. A living poison. Hence forth, I MIGHT just find a cure."


Shinigami read over the results.

"Terminate it." The Shinigami ordered simply.

Stein adjusted his glasses. " Shinigami-"

"After today's events, a cure is not necessary anymore."

A smile stretched onto Stein's lips. " Of course."

"So how is Maka-chan and Soul-kun?" the Shinigami asked curiously.

"Surgery for Soul, was a success. Although he needs more healing time. But no-surprise, his body is healing remarkably well. And Maka, well she's-"

At the moment Spirit walked in-between the two, and collapsed at their feet, with a book shaped crater in his cranium.

"Maaaakkkaaaaaaaaa." Spirit sobbed.

Stein grinned. " Maka is doing just fine!" Stein opened his lighter, not to light a smoke, but to burn the corners of the white classified corner. The folder's corners folded over as they turned dark and ignited into flames.

"Those two have the whole world, waiting for them."



"Careful!" Maka scolded softly, as she sat on the balcony railing outside of the infirmary. Soul sat next to her, his arm in a cast and sling, bandages all over his body. Both of them were huddled under a warm fleece blanket, watching the miracle fall from the skies and tickling their noses.

"It's hard movin' around with one freaking arm." Soul complained trying to get comfy and scoffed. " I feel like a damn a lab experiment after all that so called 'medical' treatment. This treatment better not end up as a crap-tastic aftermath. And!" Soul continued to rant holding his finger in the air.

"I think Doctor Stein had WAY to much of a field day. I look like some type of patchwork abstract art-piece…. THAT, or a quilt."

Maka's arm snaked around his back, supporting him. She shook her head, and smiled.

" Soul, Stop bitching like an old lady." Soul was about to argue, but Maka pulled him into her.

"Lean on me." She whispered softly and he had no complaint complying.

"This feel's like a dream." Soul admitted with amusement resting his head against hers. " I mean, honestly after tonight, and suddenly it starts freaking snowing? In Nevada?"

"Well there are threats of Global warming, lately." Maka giggled.

"I was kind of going towards 'Miracle." But it sounded cheesy." Soul rolled his eyes. " So, yeah. Let's blame it on Global Warming."

Maka threw her head back and laughed, rocking back slightly, while clinging to his good arm. " Alright! Good plan, Mr. Cool-guy." She mocked.

Should I've given up?

Seems I,

lost you again.

But I've,

Now found your love

And it isn't going to end.

Crimson eyes softening, Soul reached out for her hand, tangling his fingers with hers. She looked down at her fingers before looking up at Soul. His eyes weren't looking at her anymore, but the snow that continued to fall from the sky.

"Coolness aside…" Soul started as pink tinted his cheeks. " There really were some miracles today."

Looking down, his eyes lifted to meet her gaze. Her emerald eyes softened and she squeezed his hand in agreement.

"I know- Oh!"

Maka said suddenly twisting to her side. She pulled out a tin-foiled square. She began to pick at it's corners to unravel it's contents.

"Tsubaki-chan got me this. They are left over's from the dance." Curiously, Soul watched her fingers pick apart the silver wrapping. Inside were assorted cookies and treats that were being served at the dance.

"She grabbed as much as she could before Black Star and Patti found the leftovers. You now them and their bottomless-pits" Maka finished, pulling a Shinigami shaped chocolate cookie, sprinkled with red, green and white sprinkles.

Before Maka could even offer him one, Soul leaned over and bit it from her fingers. She yelped pulling fingers back.

"JEEZE!" Maka growled. " You didn't have to bite my fingers off."

"Buh Ahm hung-greh!" ( "But I'm hungry!") Soul resolved with his mouth full of Maka's cookie. He swallowed. " You were just waving' it around with your gob flapping off-"

"-I was going to give it to you anyways, you could have waited." Maka scolded.

"Again. I am STARVING. I've been avoiding that disgusting infirmary food- My turnips don't NEED to be mashed, thank you!"

Maka 'tsked' his behaviour before reaching down for another treat. Maka held up another cookie- this time vanilla flavoured. Soul's eye's followed it before, he opened his mouth expectantly, waiting for the cookie.

Maka leaned in to give it to him. As she was close enough, she pulled her hand away and glared at him.

"And take it nicely!" She chided, before leaning in. Soul grunted and waited for the cookie.

But she pulled away again. Soul glared as she smiled back at him.

"Now roll over!" She giggled playfully.

"MAKA!" Soul growled not liking the thought of being treated like a dog. She giggled and finally complied. She reached over and placed the cookie between Soul's lips gingerly.

Cuz, I fell in love with you

The moment we met.

Soul smiled at her, as he crunched down on the cookie. Maka returned the smile.

I knew that…

You'd be my everything…

My best friend.

Soul munched on the cookie loudly, while Maka bit hers gingerly piece by piece. Twisting to her side again, she pulled out a small red box. Soul's crimson eyes were curiously watching her again.

"Wahzzat?" He asked, his mouth full of cookie again.

Maka rolled her eyes, swallowing her cookie. " Don't talk with your mouthful." She scolded. "And I don't know. Liz gave it to me while you were just waking up after surgery. You know, when Papa came to… 'visit.' Anyways, Liz said it was for both of us."

At the mention of the 'both of them' Soul's curiousness grew. Peeking over her shoulder, and munching on his cookie, he watched Maka opened the box.

Both looked inside at its contents. Maka blushed slightly and Soul just stared at it, then scoffed.

"A plant?" Soul swallowed his cookie. " We need a friggin' stick of a plant? How un-cool."

"It's mistletoe, moron!" Maka rolled her eyes. Soul munched on his cookie a little longer, before scoffing again.

"Here I was expecting something cooler…like, you know, a bottle of chocolate body paint."

"SOUL!" Maka hissed, albeit her cheeks on fire. She raised her arm threateningly.

"I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Sort of- I MEAN-" Soul cowered seeing her threatening pose. " Don't hurt the injured patient!"

Wherever you go.

Whatever you do.

Wherever you are.

I will still love you.

Maka slowly lowered her arms. And glared at him, her cheeks glowing pink. Huffing embarrassedly she turned her head back to the sky, watching the snow fall. She held out her hands and cupped the falling snow. Soul watched her, as he finished the last of the cookies. The wind blew, blowing Maka's blond hair freely around her face. Her hair was down, and of course she wasn't in her dress anymore.

Neither of them were. They were in the school's fleece pyjama's, since it was required that Soul stayed overnight. Maka asked to stay because…really?

The last thing the two wanted, was to be apart from each other.

"It's a shame." Maka whispered suddenly. " We could have had a nice time at the dance, if we weren't, you know, trying to be killed."

"I hated the crowds." Soul grumbles.

"What do you NOT hate." Maka rolled her eyes. " I meant the moment we got to dance…" Maka cupped a snowflake and watched it melt on her skin. Soul's eyes never left her.

"…It was nice." Maka finished, blushing slightly, grinning to herself.

The fleece blanket was suddenly thrown on her head.

"Soul!" She yanked the blanket off her head, mussing up her hair. Her eyes widened as Soul was off the railing and standing on the balcony ground. He winced straightening his back.

"What are you-"

He suddenly turned to her and held out his hand to her. The snow blew around his feet. Maka stared at it uncertainly.

"Then let's finish that dance."

"Are you crazy?" Maka gaped.

"I was going for smooth and cool- but if you fancy crazy, I can do that too." He grinned.

"You want to dance?" Maka crossed her arms, narrowing her eyes at him disbelieving. " Like THAT?" She inquired, pointing the obviousness of Soul's injured body.

Soul rolled his eyes. " Nothing fancy, like dips and stuff. After all I only have one arm right now. Just a…" He smirked. " A waltz."

Cuz I'm,

Gonna love you,

Till the world Ends

Cuz I'm,

Gonna hold you,

Till the world Ends.

Reluctantly, but smitten by his charm, she took his hand. He pulled her into him. With his hand, he grabbed hers and he allowed her hand to rest on his waist. Looking into each other's eyes they began to sway side to side. The snow wisped around them, as the two were lost in their winter waltz.

Outside the balcony, everyone was piled around the doors, trying to hide in the shadows spying at the two.

"Why aren't they sucking each other's faces off yet? There IS a purpose to that plant, you know." Liz whined.

Patti laughed. " Sucker fishes!" And began puckering her lips up and smacking them together.

"You are not doing it symmetrically, Patti. Here." Kidd chided, before squeezing her cheeks and making her lips perfectly go fish-like. She giggled uncontrollably.

Black Star rolled his eyes. " Get a room, you two."

"The two that need a room are those two!" Liz complained pointed to the couple dancing on the balcony. " And there is STILL no getting anywhere. GAWDS!" She pulled at her cheek's skin. " They are so unbelievably frustrating!" Liz exclaimed exasperatedly.

"I find the dance rather romantic." Tsubaki timidly whispered, afraid to get caught.

"Romantic- sure. As entertaining? No."

Don't you cry beautiful.

I'll be alright.

If the sky was fallin' down

I'd still be on your side.

"I don't think Maka and Soul appreciate being gawked at, for your entertainment purposes." Kidd sighed. " If anything. Those two need their alone time. And I don't feel comfortable interfering with their love life."

"Plus it's BORING!" Black Star announced arrogantly. "Mushy stuff. Gag-me-with-a-spoon!" He animatedly preformed. " And I'm hungry!!"

"You just ate like eighty tons of sweets. How can you be hungry?" Kidd growled.

"There is never enough food for my greatness."

"There is nothing great about that gluttonous atomic pit of yours."

"Plus." Patti started. " His poop must be huuuuge!" She emphasized spreading her arms wide.

"…..Thank you Patti, for that mental image." Kidd said dryly. " On that note… I'm suddenly tired, and think its time I head home to bed." He said turning to leave.

"OOH!" Patti cheered. " I'll come with you!" She followed him, wrapping her arms around his.

"Can we sleep with Mr. Giraffe tonight?"

"I'd rather we not."

Wherever you go.

Whatever you do.

Wherever you are.

I will still love you

Black Star sighed and crossed his arms. " Tsubaki!"

Tsubaki sighed and stood up.

"Sometimes Liz-chan, Love doesn't need acts of declarations or having physical motives. Sometimes by doing something as simple as just gazing into each other's eyes or holding hands- it tells it all. They just know."

Tsubaki smiled looking over at Black Star, who grinned right back. " Sometimes they just know. Know that they are the one." She finished walking over to him. He reached his hand out to her, and blushing softly, Tsubaki gingerly took it. They began walking down the hallway, hand in hand."Its still boring."

Liz groaned standing. " Is it a little to much to ask to see some hanky-panky?"

Cuz I'm,

Gonna love you,

Till the world Ends

Cuz I'm,

Gonna hold you,

Till the world Ends

"PSSSST!!!" Liz turned her head, to see Marie poking her head around the corner from down the hall. Liz raised her eyebrow.

"Are they kissing YET?" Marie whispered loudly and eagerly.

Liz shook her head making a 'x' shape over her chest, and Marie snapped her fingers.

" Nuts."

After Liz and Marie left, Nygus made her may back to the infirmary. She opened the door and suddenly wanted to go ravenous and gnaw on the door's surface, and go hunting and maiming the two THAT SHOULD BE IN BED.

Cursing angrily, she slammed the door shut. When she found those two-Oh there will be NO MERCY. Gritting her teeth under her bandages, she stomped down the hallway and passed by the balcony.

She stopped in mid-step feeling the winter breeze blow across her face.

Turning her head, she found the culprits responsible for her sudden insanity. She was about to stomp over there, drag their sorry asses back to bed, then STRAP them down- but she froze.

Her icy blue eyes widened seeing the two lost in each other's embrace, swaying back and forth in a soft waltz as the snow blew around them. When the two pulled slightly away, Nygus could help but recognizing what glowed in each of their eyes.

Placing her hand on her hip, Nygus he closed her eyes scoffing.

"I'll let them off the hook." She mumbled, turning away. " Just this once."

She turned around, and disappeared down the hall, leaving the two completely alone.

Baby please,

Say that you'll promise me

No matter what time brings

Stay in my heart.

Maka stared into his eyes. The same eyes everyone feared for being cold and calculating, were soft, glowing and filled with so much love, Maka would believed they'd burst. And she was grateful that those eyes would look as they were now, ONLY when he would look at her. He has been there for her in more ways then one. She rested her head on his, a soft smile on her lips.

She really loved this boy.

Her partner.

Her weapon.

The love of her life.

Baby please,

Promise you'll stay with me

Fade as the sunlight needs

To die in my arms.

Her emerald eyes fluttered lightly before gazing back up at him, foreheads still pressed together. Slowly but surely, she tilted her head slightly, bringing her lips closer to his. His dancing soon stopped, and Maka blushed knowing he'd recognized her intentions.

Wherever you go.

Whatever you do.

Wherever you are.

I will… still love you!

She was caught off guard however, when Soul's good arm grabbed her waist, with a mighty force, and pulled her into his arms, as his lips crashed down onto hers.

She squeaked in surprised from his actions, but soon melted into the kiss. The snow blew magically around them.

Cuz I'm,

Gonna love you,

Till the world Ends

Cuz I'm,

Gonna hold you,

Till the world Ends

Nothing needed to be said. Nothing needed to be planed. Nothing needed to be thought of. All that mattered was the two of them.

Till the world Ends…

Till the world Ends

Perched back on the balcony railing, the two were wrapped up in each others arms, under the warm blanket. Their hands playing with one another.

"So tell me…" Maka smiled, sliding carefully into his lap, still holding his good arm. Soul grinned back down at her.

" What did you get me for Christmas?"

Soul froze.

"You do know Christmas is in four days, right?" Maka questioned, raising her brow.

Some higher power out there, Soul realized, really enjoyed making him suffer.


I will love you.

Till the world Ends




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