Chapter 1: the drop

A great man once said that with great power comes great responsibility. I have found this to be untrue. In my life great power takes an even greater sacrifice.

My father was considered to be the greatest shinobi in the world. He got there through training till he bled and still kept going till he passed out. He worked hard at everything to get where he did. He never had any "natural talent" but he never gave up.

Me on the other hand I have had power given to me at my birth. I didn't have to work to attain it. But it still came with a great sacrifice. The day that I was given power was the day I lost my father, the day I lost my mother and the day that I lost any chance to live a happy life.

That day. October 10th. Fate wrote out my life… but it seems it gave me the pen to finish it by myself. Normally you could say your fate is set when you are born. Mine well mine led up to a point where I could grab control and change it. And in doing so I could change the fate of others too.

My power? Some may think it is the ability to change things. While that may be one of my abilities it is not the reason my family was taken from me. My village was attacked by a demon. Not just any demon either. The strongest one, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The nine tailed fox. On that day my father sacrificed two lives. He sacrificed his own to save the village and he sacrificed mine to hold the demon. He placed an ancient demon within me, more powerful than any other being on the planet.

I was supposed to be the hero of the leaf for keeping the demon, which would have killed them, at bay. But instead I was treated like the Kyuubi incarnate. Those damn villagers couldn't distinguish between the tea and the cup keeping it off their laps. Because of this I grew up quickly. I learned how to take care of myself and live for myself. Few people actually believed in my fathers seal even though he was the greatest seal master the world had seen. Few people saw me as Naruto Uzumaki.

I could count on one hand the amount of people who saw me as me while growing up. The Sandaime Hokage or Ojiji, Ayame, old man Teuchi and… well that was about it. That was until I met Iruka. He was my sensei at the academy. During the academy years I gained what you would call friends but if anything happened I would be left to take the blame. They were never told of the burden I carry because of the "wise" Sandaime Hokage, but that didn't stop their parents from infecting them with hate for me. I was alone and acted the part of the fool for years and years until a couple months after I was placed onto teams with my crush, Sakura Haruno, the one person who I felt I might have been able to trust because he was alone like me, Sasuke Uchiha, and the man I remember saved my life a few times when I was younger, Kakashi Hatake. The day I started to show my true self started on our first C-rank mission, which unfortunately or fortunately turned A-rank. It was when a missing Nin named Zabuza Momochi attack our group and captured sensei. I knew at that moment that I had to act more like myself to survive. I came up with a plan that Sasuke caught on to and we worked together to take out Zabuza and save Kakashi.

After that I truly changed when I held Sasuke's body in my arms. That was when a ripple started. The ripple that started to change me. The ripple that made me start to become serious. The ripple that turned me into what I am now. The ripple that caused a wave. The wave that killed Naruto Uzumaki. The wave that Seidaku was born from.