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With every swing of the blade I could feel my rage subsiding. My head slowly cleared as I destroyed the tree outside the little town we went to while waiting for the Hokage to arrive. Kakashi had sent a shadow clone carrying Sakura to Konoha while we took Naruto to a small town relatively close to the village. Kakashi was given a key as soon as the lady at the desk saw his hiate. He explained that the Hokage has bought a couple rooms in most of the villages around Konoha for the ninjas on missions. I wasn't paying full attention, too focused on my near comatose teammate. When we got to the room there was actually two rooms that were connected to the kitchen with two beds in each. I figured must be for teams of mixed sexes like ours. After I calmed down and returned to the room, as in Kakashi forces me to babysit while he goes and meets the Hokage, I saw Naruto lying on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"Dobe you hungry? I have the strongest craving for some ramen. You want some?" I asked hoping for a response just to receive none. "Oh well, your loss." I said ordering eight bowls of random ramen and some side dishes.

I sat in the chair waiting for the food to arrive before I started juggling my kunais, that is, until one cut my hand when I looked over at Naruto laying there like a zombie. Damn it. I just can't focus without the loud mouth hyperactive blonde messing everything up.

I walked over to Naruto and looked down at him. "I don't know what your problem is dobe. Any good ninja would be able to move on. Especially the Hokage. But I guess you just aren't cracked up to be Hokage are you? You have been given a great power which you could use to achieve your dream, but you are just going to throw in the towel and give up for one small thing, hn pathetic. I guess you aren't Hokage material. Maybe me, hell Kiba would even be a better Kage than you loser." After I said this I placed my forehead against his and activated my Sharingan. "But I know you could be better than even the Fourth. The plan you came up with against Zabuza was amazing and I know no one would have thought of something like that on the spot. You may be the dobe, but I think you are more. And if you don't wake your ass up I'm probably going to be forced to "bond" with a new teammate, and I will kick your ass if that happens. So snap out of it."

Not thinking of anything else to say I stood back up and went to the other bed planning on meditating, that is until there was a pounding on the door.

"I'm coming. I'm coming," I yelled as I approached the door. A feeling of dread and regret suddenly rising in my stomach. Not knowing why I grabbed my kunai and held it in a reverse grip ready to defend myself from whatever could be on the other side of the door. Oh how wrong I was. I barely turned the handle and I was blown back by an orange bottomed black topped green blur. Screaming something about eternal rival or something, all in all the affect was scarring.

"Gai-kun please calm down. This is a delicate manner we have." Said the easily recognized aged voice of the Hokage Hiruzen Sarotobi.

"Of course, Hokage-sama." Gai said toning down the eccentricity "This is the child? I see why you would need some advice, these arms make learning any formal type of taijutsu near impossible. We would have to start from the ground and work our way up. And that's not even including the tests we'll need to do to see what his arms can do combat-wise. But by what you've told me Kakashi he'll make a great sparring partner for Lee, who needs someone who can continuously take a beating. Plus his ability to change the outlooks of people for the better may help my beautiful team's dynamics."

I could only look on, confusion soon turning into anger as I pieced together what this could mean.

"No." the words came out with more emotion than I wanted. But I couldn't stop; I couldn't let them take him off the team. "You can't take him off team seven. I won't let you. After all that we just went through you can't break us apart. Not now."

"Sasuke, you don't understand." Kakashi started.

"No. You don't understand." I started yelling "He saved my life. He saved Sakura too. He has been treated like shit for a god damn demon being a prisoner in his body. He has never had anyone that cared and now that he does you want to tear them away? I swear here and now on the Uchiha name what Itachi did will be nothing if you take my brother away from us!"

Before I knew what happened I was pinned to the wall by Kakashi, his hand wrapped around my neck. "You need to watch your tongue. Treason is not something to be spoken of lightly." He said, voice colder than ice.

"Treason is what you are trying to do." I choked out.

He dropped me and stepped back still glaring at me with his one eye. "How is making our ninjas stronger, treason, Uchiha?"

"You'll kill him." I stated quietly

"Dear, dear, Sasuke-kun you really do need to learn to read the situation better." Cut in the Hokage

"Yosh my dear Sasuke-kun. We were not planning on removing him from your team. We were planning on having him join my team for training. And with your beautiful flames of youth you are more than welcome to join as well." Gai continued where the Hokage stopped.

I was speechless as well as ashamed. I just threatened all of Konoha for something that wasn't even going to happen. I hid my face and bowed to the Hokage, "I apologize for my behavior Hokage-sama." I managed to choke out.

"I understand Sasuke-kun. You were worried for your friend. The will of fire seems to also dwell in you as well." He said in a grandfatherly tone.

"If that is all, may I suggest getting a room so you can rest before moving out tomorrow?" Kakashi said.

"Yes that's a fine idea. Plus I would be able to partake in some of this delicious looking spread." The elderly man said nodding his head slightly.

I blushed once again remembering how I had planned on gorging myself. On ramen of all things.

We left with the sun slowly rising behind us; Gai was carrying Naruto on his back as we walked beside him.

We had made a story to be used to explain what happened to Naruto and I told the Hokage that I was going to publicly swear him as my brother when we got back to the village. He nodded his consent when I told him. I kept the fact that the Kyuubi made a deal with me about it a secret though, no need to worry them.

Soon the gates were in view and I was worried about what might happen. I warned the Hokage though that if anyone tries to attack Naruto I would not hesitate in killing them. He was silent but I knew he felt the same.

As we passed through the gates a chunin approached Kakashi and informed him Sakura was in the hospital resting and would be released by the end of the week. I suddenly felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I realized that she is as important as the dobe to me.

We were allowed to go our separate ways but none of us did. The Hokage was taking the dobe to be checked out and Gai was carrying him while Kakashi wanted to stay with his student. I just didn't want to leave the dobe without telling him my idea.

I wanted him to live in the Uchiha compound. There were more than enough buildings… maybe later we could get the entire team there too, but first Sakura is going to need to quit being a fan girl first. 'Small steps Sasuke, small steps.'

"There seems to be nothing physically wrong with him." Said the Hokage's personal physician.

"Than what's wrong with him?!" I almost yelled at her.

"I said physically. It's something with his mind… almost like a coma… yet it's different… I think I read something about this when Itachi betrayed the village... a survivor was like this… I don't remember how it was fixed though." She muttered out loud.

"He used his Mangekyo Sharingan on me. Maybe I could do the same but reverse it." I said remembering that fateful night as I forced chakra to my eyes focusing on the feeling of the red wall. Soon it came. The red that clouded my vision. I lessened the flow until it was a slight mist. I walked to Naruto and opened his eyes. What I saw shocked me. I saw Naruto sitting in the corner head between his knees lying on his side.

"Dobe, get up." No response.

"Get up." I tried again just to hear silence

"GET UP!" I roared at him. Just for him to remain silent.

I walked up to him and slammed him against the wall like Kakashi did to me earlier.

"GET UP." Silence was still all that greeted me, his eyes dull and lifeless. "Pathetic, and to think I was starting to respect you. Pathetic. Maybe you should just die like all the villagers said. At least one set of dreams will be fulfilled. Hokage my ass. I could never obey a Hokage that breaks so easily. I've seen academy students with more will then you." I took a deep breath as I threw him to the ground

"I thought you were stronger than this. I thought you were unbreakable. You survived the torment from the village. You survived the hatred. And not only did you survive, you grew. You grew strong. You became humble. You accepted the hate and smiled back at them. You took it and continued on. You have a demon within you, something that you could release to get revenge and yet you haven't."

"What happened to you? What happened to the unstoppable orange boy? The colorblind ninja, the stamina freak that lead ANBU around Konoha for hours after a prank. The number-one-hyperactive-unpredictable-knuckle-headed-ninja? Are you just going to lie here like a broken tool? Are you going to disgrace Haku like this? The girl who beat me believes in you and here you are proving her wrong, breaking so easily."

I reached down deciding that I tried everything else, I reached down and grabbed his headband. "You don't deserve to wear this headband. Iruka was wrong, the people at Ichiraku were wrong, the Hokage was wrong, Kakashi was wrong, I was wrong…" I spun on the spot and hurled the piece of metal at into the Kyuubi's cage. "Show us we were right dobe, show us the will of fire, and show us your strength." Saying all I could I turned away and focused on leaving. But as soon as I started leaving I heard a voice softly calling


"I'll be waiting for you on the outside." I said as I faded from his mind

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