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Sin is my character (I have something in the works that explains more about her) and her and Shadow's kids are also mine, lol.

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First Sighting

Her smile was wicked, her eyes a bright, lively lilac. The gray hedgehog landed on a white hedgehog's chest, causing him to blow out a sharp breath. He opened an eye, scowling. "Iris," he whispered, "go to sleep."

"No," she protested, dragging her younger brother out of bed. He wasn't younger by much; sometimes they were even the same age. But she was still older and Iris had no qualms about flaunting it. "Let's go see Santa Claus!"

"But Dad said–"

"Come on, Speed!" she insisted in an annoyed whisper and finally succeeded in getting her brother off of the bed. Smiling brightly, she sped from the room. Speed followed her, a bit wary. Dad had told them that Santa only came when everybody was asleep… Then he'd tossed them both into bed.

Speed made it down the stairs, looking around. Everything seemed to be in order. The tree still had the presents their parents had laid beneath it the past month and the cookies remained uneaten, the cup still full of milk.

"He's not here," the boy observed.

"Yet," his sister corrected and Speed noticed her for the first time, hidden inside of a box.

"What are you doing…?"

"I'm gonna spring out and scare Santa into leaving me all his presents!"

Her brother lifted a brow, mind calculating the flaws in such a plan. "If he knows when you're sleeping and such, he'll know that you're in a box. You'll go on the Naughty List and get only coal."

She pouted. "You think of an idea, then."

"Be happy with what you get?"

Iris thought about it for a minute, then lifted the box's lid over her head. "You're stupid."

He only sighed, shook his head. Sometimes his sister could be incredibly silly. "Can I stay in your box with you?"

There was a long pause. "Yes."

Speed climbed in and huddled beside her. Very soon, the two of them found themselves fast asleep in the box, Iris's head pillowed on Speed's chest. Speed opened a single eye when the box lid was lifted. A human stood above it, smiling down at them. His cheeks and nose were red, his eyes twinkling.

Speed was, for once, at a loss for words. "She's not bad," he finally whispered. "She's just silly. Don't give her coal, please."

The man laughed, his belly shaking. "You're a better brother than she gives you credit for."

He bent over and scooped the two children up. Iris stirred then, blinking wearily at the man. Then her eyes went wide. "Santa!" she squealed. "I wasn't gonna scare you!"

He laughed again, setting them on their feet. "You weren't?"

Iris shuffled her feet. "Maybe a little…"

He patted her head, then nudged both children towards the stairs. "Go on, you two. Off to bed. I believe your mother's waiting." They looked up to see a white hedgehog staring down, eyes just as wide as her children's and just as bright a lilac as her daughter's.

Santa smiled. "It's nice to finally see you for myself, Sin. Congratulations on being removed from my Naughty List."

"Mom was on the Naughty List?!" Iris squealed and was shushed by her brother, who was already going up the stairs. The white hedgehog scooped her son up; their fur blended perfectly, though the black streaks along his quills made complete camouflage impossible. She held out her free hand to her daughter, who scrambled up the stairs as quickly as she could.

"Ah… Goodnight," Sin said, smiling.

Santa nodded and got to work as the trio went back to their bedroom. Their father was up, halfway out the door when they arrived. His eyes questioned, but the children scrambled in to curl up in the center of their parent's beds and Sin just smiled. "We met Santa," she whispered, sliding past him.

The black hedgehog stood where he was for a moment and then shot down the stairs just in time to see a pair of black boots disappear up the chimney. He ran outside and peered into the sky, watching a set of reindeer pulling a sleigh off of his roof and through the falling snow. The jolly man guiding them sent a cheery wave the hedgehog's way.

Rather than wave back, Shadow felt a small smile curve over his lips. "Merry Christmas," he murmured and darted back inside to be with his family.

Merry Christmas, indeed!

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