Title: The Blue Demon
Song: Kaito's "Demon and Daughter"
Pairing: MikuxKaito
Summary: One day, the blind village girl Miku Hatsune gets lost in the forest and ends up stumbling across a house. Unknown to her, it is the blue demon's house. But does it matter?

Notes: I just loved the song and had to make this, so I'm saying right now, sorry if Kaito seems a little off. I really wanted to emphasize his character development, so yeah. Just wait for it cause right now he is shunned and cold. Oh. And the chapters are going to alternate back and forth between Kaito's and Miku's POV.

Cold blue eyes gazed up at the tree tops above. He watched as birds flew and twittered from branch to branch, happy in their own right but staying away from him. Of course they would. They knew what he was. The villagers were afraid of him and so were the animals. IT seemed the only thing that did not fear him was the plant life growing around his house. How pitiful.

He laid back down on the polished wood floors, the doors overlooking the path to the village still open. Deep blue locks of hair covered his eyes and vision. Each was like this, each day the same. The village had brought up his food just yesterday, so it would be a while before someone else came up the stone path. He was trapped in that small house. Caged in the forest. Exiled from society.

At least he was given food and clothes though. Actually, they were very nice clothes. Some of the finest material he's ever seen, in truth. Perhaps these materialistic things were just another form of sacrifice to keep him locked away from the world. The people seemed to have no problem doing it and the demon had no problem obeying. It's the same as it always was. Imaginary loneliness. Of course it was imaginary. He wasn't lonely. Why did he need to be? It would do him no good, so he simply wasn't.

He exhaled softly, mistake that not for a sigh. It was merely a breath of air. There was so reason to sigh, so he simply wouldn't. A blanket of sleep slowly started to overcome him. Now there was something to do. Sleep was needed, so he would do just that. Sleep to pass the time by. It was not something that came easily though. First drowsiness would cloud his mind, then rest.

"Hello?" A soft voice called out.

A dream? Yes, merely a dream that came early. It would speak to him and quell his mind into sleep. "Hello," he answered with a tired breath, again, mistake it not for a sigh.

"Where am I?" the soft voice reached, the soothing melody of a feminine pitch present in it.

Isn't that odd? A dream not knowing where it is. It's a rather funny sort of odd. "Here," he replied.

There was a pause from the dream. "And where are you?" it asked.

His eyebrows furrowed slightly. Even if it was a dream that did not know where it was, it was his dream so it should know where he is. "Here," he said flatly, already tired of this conversation.

A thick silence spread through the air like stars in the sky. An uncomfortable and unnecessary stirring echoed in his stomach. Why did he want to hear the dream speak again? Oh, right. Because it was his dream here to talk him to sleep. But why was this dream so odd? "And," he slowly started in tired voice, not able to control the words from rolling off of his tongue, "Where are you?"

"Here," the dream quietly replied, the quality of it's sound reminding him of the cloth he wore, but much more refined.

"But where is here?"

"I don't know."

This did not sound right at all. The demon crack his eyes open to proud sun shining down through the canopy once more. "Dream?" he called.


Instantly he shot up and turned his head in the direction of the stone path. His normal line of sight was met with the image of a girl in a summer green kimono and loose aquamarine shaded hair framing and distorting her face. She had bandages wrapped around her head, and one sandal missing.

This was no dream.