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Confusion and obsession

Chapter 1

"Earth to Blaise?" Draco waved a hand in front of his friend's face.

"What?" Blaise shook his head as if to clear his troubles.

"What is your problem? You have been distracted the last few days."

Blaise looked at his closest friend Draco Malfoy. Brothers really. The told each other every thing. When Blaise decided to join the Order, he told Draco knowing that if Draco reported him it would mean his death. To Blaise's surprise Draco told him that he would join as well.

Don't get the Pureblood Princes wrong they still believed that muggles were useless creatures and mudbloods a crime against nature however, the person at the forefront of their cause should not be a dirty halfblood. They knew that the only way to be rid of the so-called Dark Lord was through the Order. Luckily, both the Zabinis and Malfoys agreed. They all held their tongues (and noses) and joined the Order.

The Order, realizing what valuable information the families could give, took their oaths with the understanding that nobody had changed. They did their best to keep confrontation at a minimum by not mixing them with the Golden Trio. The Great Battle was two months ago and finally thing were becoming more normal for the families. They each went back to their manors and tried to forget they ever associated with the filth that was the Order. Now that Tom Riddle was gone the Pureblood race could ascend to the prominent position it deserved.

That however, was not what Blaise Zabini was thinking about. After letting out a long-suffering sigh, he confided in Draco his 'problem'. "My parents want me to go away with them for a while."

"So? They just miss their ittel baby boy." Draco laughed and hit Blaise in the arm. They were sitting in Malfoy Manor's library each drinking a glass of firewhiskey.

"Draco?" They both turned their heads as a feminine voice called out from the doors.

"Pansy, I thought I told you I was busy tonight?" Draco didn't even try to keep the sneer from his voice.

"Well, I knew you were with Blaise and I thought I could keep you company after." Draco looked at Pansy. She really was annoying. The only thing going for Pansy was that she was a pureblood and she was easy.

"Go away, Pansy"

Draco turned back to Blaise and missed the hurt look on her face. "Well, alright I think I will just go talk to your mum."

Draco just nodded not giving her any more attention as she flounced out of the room.

"Drake, what's going on with you and Pansy? I thought you were on the verge on announcing a betrothal?"

Draco let out a deep breath as he threw himself against the cushions of the velvet settee. He ran his fingers in his hair as he said "That's what every one wants. She is every thing I shouldwant. Sexy, rich, influential family, and of course pureblood. I just can't see myself raising a family with her. The sex is great. She can actually keep up. I don't know what's wrong with me." He gulped the rest of his drink, as Blaise looked on concerned.

"Is there some one else? One of the Greengrass girls or Theo's sister?" He really could not think of any one else who would fit the requirements of the next Lady Malfoy.

"No, that's not it. Theo's sister makes Hagrid look feminine and the Greengrasses are too …what's the word? Yeah, prudish. You would have to Stupifythem just to get their knickers off. Pansy on the other hand knows what to do with a cock. Unfortunately, every pureblood guy out there knows this from experience. I just wonder. Could I could there actually be a pureblood woman out there that has not been with every one of my mates but does not feint at the thought of a cock in her pussy?"

Blaise considered what Draco said as Draco closed his eyes for a second before opening them and saying "Enough. We were talking about you. What's the big deal? Why do you seem so concerned?"

"They said that they needed to speak to me that it would change our family forever."

"Maybe they want you to get married! That's it they want a double announcement."

This time it was the dark haired Italian that tossed back the firewhiskey. "No I don't think so. Mother was too serious, too sad. They would have no trouble ordering me to ask for a 'nice pureblood' girl's hand. This was different."

As Blaise got up to wonder to the window, Draco looked at the back of his best mate not realizing that his along with Blaise's life was about to change forever.


"Do you think that going away is the best way to tell him?" Avani Zabini looked at her husband Celso with concern.

"Si, it is the best way. There are too many memories here."

"He will hate us for keeping this from him."

"Yes, that is most likely that way of it. Pero, we must try. We must try for her and for Blaise. There is a part of him missing whether he know it of not."

"And a part of ourselves also, no?"

"Si, soon, cara we will be together soon."


After arriving at the estate, Blaise had a quiet lunch with his parents. From the corner of his eye, he caught the glances between his parents. "I would really appreciate it if you would both just tell me this news you have for me."

At his words, his parents both sighed and got up from the dinner table. "Figlio, lets go to the study. It is time…that you knew." With those cryptic words, the elder Lord Zabini led his family through the house to the study.

"Before I start I want you to know that your mother and I didn't tell you sooner because ….well, it was just too painful." Celso Zabini walked to his wife and knelt next to her as she sat near the fireplace. Talking her hand in his he continued, "When your mother announced that we were to welcome an heir I was over the moon. Pureblood births were becoming rare and to be honest we were concerned. There were whispers that the Pureblood line was slowly ending. The Malfoys had just announced that Narcissa was incinta and the women were thrilled to be going through this together." Blaise was not sure were this was going. His mother looked so very sad and father looked just as emotional. As his father continued, he moved father away toward the window. As if he instinctively knew that, what his father was going to say was going to drive a wedge between them. "Just before you were born, the Malfoys came to the Manor. Draco had just been born two months before and Avani whished to have them here."

"Padre,what-" Blaise tried to ask him what he was leading to but Celso held up his hand to interrupt him.

"Please, let me finish. They night you were born we sent for the healer. Narcissa was with you mother. I remember walking in circles around the study. Lucius was there to calm me down." and this point Blaise knew he didn't want to hear more. He knew this was big. It was life changing. He wanted to get away, far away.

"Are you trying to tell me I am not your son?" The words came out choked. He could not imagine NOT being the pureblood son of Celso and Avani Zabini.

"NO, no my son you are the child of our bodies as well as our hearts. No what I am trying to tell you….badly I must say ….is that seven minutes after you were born your twin sister came into this world."


Blaise stared at the fire in his bedroom. Watching the flames as the last few hours went through his mind. He had a sister. A sister that at two months old had been snatched from their joint nursery. He couldn't believe it. He let out a groan of frustration. His father went on to tell him about that night. The night Silver was taken. Silver Avani Zabini. Celso told Blaise how he had woken to Avani's screams coming from the nursery. How he rushed to his wife sobbing on the floor with a screaming Blaise in her arms. The note they found. The parchment claiming that they didn't deserve a pureblood daughter. That she would be better off without them. So she would not be used as an instrument to be sold off to ensure the pureblood line survived. His parents searched for months and months. The Malfoys doing every thing in their power to find their goddaughter. They even went to Dumbledore for help. However, nothing ever came up. Not so much as a whisper of the Zabini's precious daughter's whereabouts. Months turned into years and the Zabinis realized that their son suffered. Not only had Blaise lost his sister but also his parents. They were never the same. Always rushing from one idea to the next. Celso realized that in the quest to find their daughter they neglected their son. Together they decided that Blaise needed to come first now. They put all their love and devotion into Blaise. Not wanting Blaise to grow up with the knowledge of Silver, they asked everyone to keep their secret. The Malfoys having seen the pain their friends were going through agreed. Blaise was to never know that he had a part of him missing.

Until last week when that all changed and elder Zabinis were given the second biggest shock of their lives.

Blaise got up from his position near the fire and walked to his desk. As he got closer, he could see the parchment but not the words. Oh, but he knew. He knew what it read. Blaise could see in his minds eye even before he picked up the paper.

I know where your daughter is. Know for now, that she is safe. I am sure you want to keep her that way. I will be in touch.

Blaise could feel his parent's frustration radiating off the parchment. They received it the day after Silver and Blaise's seventeenth birthday. Celso being the Slytherin that he was knew it was real. That someone knew were Silver was and would hurt her if they needed to. Avani was beside herself. Blaise feared for her health. Who ever did this, kept Silver away and put his parents through this torment would pay and pay dearly.


If anyone caught sight of the four powerful wizards sitting around the library, they would gasp with freight. Celso and Lucius giving off the aura of powerful older wizards. Men not to be trifled with. Blaise and Draco with their smoldering sexuality and power. The Malfoys had joined them the next day at the request of their friends.

Celso had just finished the retelling the story leaving the Malfoys in utter bafflement. "May I look at the note?" Lucius asked Celso quietly from their corner of the room. As the adults discussed the massive and the implications the younger men where having another discussion.

"Blaise, how are you holding up?" Draco looked at best mate. The look in his eyes when his father has speaking was one Draco had never seen before.

"She is out there Draco. What if she has been hurt? I can't protect her. I have only known about her for a day and I feel her. I can feel her calling out to me. She needs me. Where ever she is she needs me." Blaise hung his head and placed it on his hands. If you asked anyone, other then a select few, they would say that Blaise Zabini was a cold-hearted arse hole who cared for nothing and no one. Draco knew different. He loved his family fiercely and that included the Malfoys. Having knowledge that his sister was out there had to be unbearable to him.

"We will find her, you know that we wont stop looking till Silver is home."

Draco somehow felt that bringing Silver home was some thing he had to do. As if, there was a compulsion a need deep inside him. He thought of the people in his life that he would go to the ends of Earth for. His parents? Absolutely. Celso and Avani? No question. Blaise ? With out a doubt. Pansy? Ha, he wouldn't cross the street for her The thought of this girl out there without her family, his best friend's sister, caused his breath to hitch. He would help bring her home, he had too.


The room was quiet as the six occupants ate their supper. Narcissa had spent the afternoon with Avani going over the situation.

"Master Celso, this come for you." the voice of the house elf broke the silence.

Celso opened the letter and his handsome face paled. "Bloody bastard!"

"Caro, what is it? Oh, Merlin, it's from him." Narcissa rushed to her side as Avani looked ready to faint.

"Padre?" Blaise got up and walked over his father to read over his shoulder.

She was raised as a mudblood. Ironic would you not say? She was ridiculed by her brother and his mates her entire time at Hogwarts. A pureblood being laughed at for her dirty blood! If only they knew. She now hates you and yours. Do you think you can change her mind? Or will a branch of the Zabini tree have halfbloods? Maybe I should just be quiet. She could end up at the bad side of Blaise or Draco's wand.

But just so you know I am not playing you, at the end of this parchment is a drop of blood. Hers. Have it checked. I will be in touch.

P.S. how hard is it to cast a Glamour that lasts Seventeen years?

"He's dead. I will Avada Kedavra him myself." Blaise shook with a rage he had never felt before.

Lucius always the calm one in a crisis raced to the potions lad to put together the required potion to test the blood. The others knowing where he was going followed. Avani could be head crying softly.

"We know that she went to Hogwarts. The boys knew her. She was known as a mudblood. She was under a glamour." Lucius was gathering the necessary items as Celso went over the parchment.

"She could be any one of the mudbloods Dumbledore let into the school." Narcissa exclaimed as she gently rocked Avani.

"No, she couldn't be just any one. She would have to have been the same year as the boys. And remember she is a very powerful witch. She would have stood out." Celso claimed as he went to the cauldron to help Lucius.

Draco and Blaise pounded their heads trying to picture the mudblood girls in their year. Truthfully, they never really paid attention to them unless it was to remind them of their disgusting blood.

"Put the parchment flat on the table." ordered Lucius as he poured a little of the potion into a small vial. Walking over to the table, he took a deep breath as he tipped a small amount onto stain of blood on the parchment. Every one watched as vapors began rising from the parchment and begin to form the faces of Celso and Avani Zabini.

The loud wail coming from Avani was one of complete joy and at the same time heartbreak. Her thoughts the same as everyone else's. What had he done to get her blood?