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6 weeks later………

Silver had the sudden urge to be with her babies. She loved being a mother and always wanted them close to her. She hoped her guests didn't notice her distraction.

Blaise and Cassie had come to visit and they were sitting in the garden.

"Silver?" Cassie was laughing at the far off look in her friend's face. "Somewhere else you rather be? Like oh, say the nursery?"

"I am sorry. I just miss them when I am not with them."

"That's understandable. How are they doing?" Cassie asked Silver, trying to keep her good news in a while longer.

Silver's face glowed and she smiled a big beautiful smile as she talked about her twins.

"They are wonderful. So small and precious. Carina is always content but Blake needs reassurance and coddling."

"Ah, so my niece takes after her mum but my nephew takes after his spoiled dad." Blaise grinned at his sister.

"Be nice, Blaise. Draco was been marvelous. He helps so much. I feared that he would expect the elves to do all the day to day stuff but he surprised me."

Silver nibbled on a biscuit as she thought of her husband and his gentle way with the twins.

"He's at the office in the mornings but comes home in the early afternoon to be with me and the twins."

"Papa mentioned that. Said that Lucius approves greatly of Draco's choices and priories."

"He is a wonderful father. I am very lucky."

"Speaking of being lucky.."

"Subtle, Blaise."

"What? I just think that my sister would be upset if she found out our news the same time as the rest of the wizarding world did."

"Your news? Oh, Merlin! You're engaged!"

Cassie was beaming as Silver hugged her. "Yes. Blaise asked my father for my hand yesterday. Quite impressed him too. My father called Blaise a 'true gentlemen'."

"So managed to fool him, big brother?"

"Haha, Silver. I happen to be very charming. Ask anyone."

As Silver and Cassie starting talking about the engagement party Blaise went to look for his brother-in-law knowing exactly where to find him.

The nursery door was slightly ajar and Blaise peeked in before opening it all the way.

Draco was sitting in the rocking chair with a tiny bundle in each arm. Who would have imagined that the cocky, arrogant Draco Malfoy could be brought to his knees by love? He was grateful Draco found it. He had thought they were both doomed to lonely loveless marriages. Thank Merlin for Silver and Cassandra. The Slytherin Princes found their princesses and they couldn't be happier.


Silver and Cassie din't even notice Blaise leave. They were giggling live they were 15 again when Luna and Harry were announced by the elf.

"Luna! Harry! I am so glad you came by. Cassie and Blaise have wonderful news."

The witches could tell that Harry and Luna were nervous.

"What is it? Is something wrong?"

Luna was quick to reassure her friends.

"No, nothing. We do have something to share, but first what is your wonderful news?"

Harry sat by Luna on the lounge and took her hand. Luna smiled dreamily at him.

Cassie almost felt like she was interrupting a private moment. "Um, well, Blaise asked me to marry him and I said yes."

Luna and Harry both congratulated her.

"And where is the lucky wizard?"

Cassie smiled at Harry. They had gotten to know each other and found that they liked each other a lot. "Up with Draco."

"That's probably for the best. Luna and I really don't know how people are going to take this and we wanted you both to be the first to know."

"Take what Harry? Please you're starting to worry us."

"I am sorry, Silver. I …we don't mean to."

Harry looked at Luna for permission before he started again. "It's actually two things. The first is, well…Luna and I eloped this morning."

You could have heard a pin drop. Then it came. The wrath of cheated girl friends. Cheated out of being there to watch their friend, no friends, get married.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER! How dare you! You got married without us? How..? Why..?"

Luna went to rescue her husband.

"Silver, please don't be angry. We had a very good reason. We plan on a wedding soon and we want all of our friends there but we needed to get married. Today."

"Why? I mean why today?" Silver was trying to understand her friends reasoning.

Luna took a deep breath and hoped they would understand.

"A few days ago I was volunteering at St. Mungo's. A baby was brought in. I … I don't know how to explain it. I fell in love. He had the prettiest eyes and he was just so handsome. I could almost feel his need to be held and loved. I asked where his mother was."

Luna wiped a tear of her cheek before she went on. "At first, all they would tell me was that he had been put up for adoption but they wanted to have him checked out first. Because of where he had been born. I knew that I was meant to help this child so I asked Lavender to help me find out more. She was able to tell me who his parents were."

Silver suddenly knew. "Ron and Pansy."

Luna nodded and Harry wrapped an arm around Luna's shoulders.

"I know that they are horrible people, I know but, Silver this baby is not to blame. I look at him and all I see is innocence and goodness."

"Of course he is, Luna. We could never blame a baby for his parent's crimes. But, I don't understand what that was to do with you getting married."

Cassie had an idea but wanted Luna to confirm it.

"Luna? It's all about the baby isn't?"

"Yes. I talked to Harry and he even went to see him."

Harry took over the explanation.

"Silver, you know how I grew up. Hell, how we both grew up. Felling unloved and unwanted simply because of who are parents were. I don't want that for this baby. I want to be the one to give him the chance to have a normal life. A good life. I think.. I know Luna and I can give him that."

Silver and Cassie both had tears in their eyes as Harry spoke.

"Harry, I think you and Luna are doing a wonderful thing. Your going to be wonderful, amazing parents but why did you have to get married today to do that?"

"Well, with Pansy giving up her rights, Ron totally unfit to make a decision and the Weasleys missing the Ministry didn't have much of a choice but to put the boy in an orphanage. Luna and I talked to them and they agreed that if we could provide a stable home, meaning we get married, they would let us adopt. The only thing was that they were planning to move him to the orphanage until then. Neither Luna nor I wanted that, so… "

"You married before they could. Have you thought about what this means though? Pansy will be released no matter how much Draco tries to fight it. She may cause problems." Silver was worried about Pansy coming back into their lives in any capacity.

Luna shook her head and took hold of Silver's hand. She knew her friend's thoughts.

"No, she will never try to claim him. She told the healer who attended her during labor, to not put her as the mother on the birth certificate. She wanted nothing to do with him."

"Well then. This calls for a celebration. To the newest Potter."

Harry hugged Silver and shook his head. "Actually there are two new Potters."

"Oh of course. Mrs. Potter, care to accompany to the nursery? We can tell Draco and Blaise the good news and you can tell the twins all about their new playmate."

"Silver, do you really think Draco is going to be alright with this? After all the horrible things Ron and Pansy has done. Will he accept this baby any where near his children?"

Silver tried to find the words to explain to Luna. "Draco loves me and our children. He is a very protective father and husband. He may seem…difficult" Silver shot Harry a glare when he snorted, "but he is a good man."

Harry, his wife, Cassie, and Silver made their way to join Draco and Blaise in the nursery.

Silver knew that her husband was going to be fit to be tied but he would come to understand and accept. He would do any thing for her.


Silver was right. Draco was not happy at all. The thought that any part of Parkinson and Weasley near his family made him see red. However, Silver's calming manner and his own good sense made him realize that this baby was not Ron or Pansy.

As the years went by the Malfoys, Zabinis, and Potters watched as their children toddled after each other. Draco could look at Zack Potter and see Harry and Luna Potter's oldest boy. As the families increased in size, they became even closer and Silver and Draco would not have it any other way.

The End.