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When L woke from his mini-nap, he had a brilliant idea. Light yawned, cuddling up to L in his sleep before waking up. L toyed with Light's hair.


"Hi," Light whispered sleepily.

"So I'm going to get completely wasted tonight!"

"No you're not," Light replied firmly.

"Yes, I am."

"Have fun on you're own then," Light replied sweetly. L laughed at Light.

"No, you have to come! Don't deny you're not a tiny bit curious..."

"Unfortunately for you, I'm not."

L kissed his cheek. "If I go alone, I have the risk of being hit on..."

"Yes you do, I guess I will just have to trust you."

L pouted, "You promised to go clubbing with me tonight..."

"I was under the assumption that we would both be able to remember it tomorrow as well," Light replied.

"We can, because I'm a genius, and I remember things even after I'm smashed. Plleeeeaaaasssseee?" he pouted again.

"No!" Light repeated, not looking at L. L pouted some more.

"I'll cry."

"What happens when you get drunk?" Light asked suspicious.

"I'm a happy drunk." L assured him, not bothering to say that alcohol was his personal aphrodisiac when he had enough.

"...What else...?"

"I have a tendency to be obnoxiously loud, I laugh a lot..."

"Ok, fine, I'll go but you have to promise me that you will still be able to at least walk by the end of the night," Light said giving in. L kissed him in gratitude. "I can't deny you anything can I?" Light said wistfully.

"Well, I asked nicely." he grinned.

"No you didn't."

"I begged nicely."

"You threatened me with tears," Light countered.

"I manipulated you nicely."

"That sounds more like it," Light grumbled. L laughed perversely as he added 'that's' what she said' to the end of his statement. Light glared.

"What?" L demanded, hugging him. Sighing Light returned the hug.

"Don't push me or I may change my mind."

"Define push?"

"As in don't get me upset."

"Okay then..." He was going to have to think out every sentence he spoke to make sure that Light wouldn't get pissed by it.

Light laughed, "So what do you want to do now?"

"Not piss you off."

"What else?" Light replied rolling his eyes playfully. L shrugged.

"Actually, I want to learn guitar right now."

Light chuckled, "As in right this minute?"

"Maybe not this minute, but that's something I really want to do now." he laughed.

"Well I meant right this minute." L thought a moment. "Wanna play Trivial Pursuit?"

"Not really," Light said and pulled L closer to him, lying down. L lay down as well, holding him.

"Your hair looks good today."

"Thankyou," Light replied smiling and leant in to kiss L. L kissed back sweetly, caressing the muscles on Light's back. Light relaxed and continued to kiss L softly and slowly. L liked Light's reaction to that and continued rubbing his back, moving his lips along to Light's. Moaning quietly, Light curled closer to L, his hands in L's hair, curling it between his fingers. L hitched one of Light's legs around his waist, deepening the kiss hotly.


Light mewled softly, his leg tightening around as he rolled over slightly to pull L on top of him. L used a hand to grab Light under the sheets, grinning into the kiss. Light swatted the hand away and lifted his other let to wrap around L's waist purring. L gently, teasingly grinded him, breaking the kiss to bite on Light's perfect ears.

"Nnnghnnnn..."Light moaned, his hands pulling L tighter against him L continued teasing him, fingers dancing on his chest. Loving the feeling of L's hands on him, Light's hands gently began to caress L's back and ground back against L. L's eyes fluttered shut in bliss, kissing him deeply again, his touches become a little bit less gentle. Light moaned again, his body burning from the spots where L touched him. L was fully aroused, and he made that clear.

"And to think, I was only planning for us to make out till we found something better to do," Light said grinning. L laughed and poked his nose.

"You should know better. First base does not fly with me." he joked.

"I can see that," Light said and giggled to provoke L more. That made L's voice drop even more in pitch than what was normal for him, and he ravished Light's neck.


"Ha...ha... Nghhhh..."Light panted, squirming slightly under L, neck fully exposed. L's pupils seemed to dilate, and he needed him. NOW! Light's legs squeezed L's hips as if sensing L's need and he tugged L into another hungry kiss. L had to break free to grab the lube. Light kept his complaints quiet as he watched L, desire burning in his eyes. L squirted lube onto his fingers, putting them into Light's entrance. Light relaxed at the intrusion, smiling at L lustfully.

L leaned down and nipped at his lips, moving his fingers at a fast pace to hit the prostate. Light moaned against L's mouth, his arms snaking around L's neck. L kissed back once more before pulling back to lube his member, positioning it agonizingly slowly to Light's entrance. Light bit his lip as he fought the urge to beg L to move faster, the familiar sensation of being filled running up his spine.

L eventually got bored with teasing and thrust his entire length into him. Light was jolted up against L as he did so and quite soon he tensed around L in a silent plea. L began moving, capturing Light's lips in a searing kiss as he did so. Light's lips tingled pleasantly as he returned the kiss, soft sounds of pleasure escaping only be swallowed by L's mouth. L's hands locked in Light's hair, bringing him as close to him as he possibly could. He set a steady, medium-tempo rhythm to his thrusts, savouring the feeling for as long as he could stand.

Light gasped as he felt L's body come into contact with nearly every inch of him. Their joining to was torturously pleasurable and his back lifted off the bed in a vain attempt to feel more of , as if their bodies would meld together from the heat they both radiated.

L looked Light into the eyes, staring into the depths of the deep brown. He didn't notice the smile spread across his face, and he leant down to kiss him gently once before nibbling down to his neck. Light mewled softly as L was once again attacking his much abused neck. L felt his orgasm coming, and started thrusting faster, more animalistically.

"Nnnnn!" Light shuddered from the force of L's thrusts, nearly reaching orgasm from the look in L's eyes alone. The detective grabbed onto Light's waist and used it as leverage, pulling him down as he came up. "Liiight..." he whispered. Moaning loudly, Light' legs squeezed L's hips in retaliation. Light fought to keep his eyes open as pleasure began to overwhelm his senses and the delicious friction of their skin left him breathless. L felt a coil tighten in his lower regions. "Light... I'm coming..." he murmured deeply into his ear, speeding up even more to reach his brink.

"Mmmm-me too..." Light stuttered, feeling so close he could almost taste it and he sent a pulse of pressure down L's length. That made L come rather violently, bucking into him a few more times to ride it out. "NHNN!" he moaned loudly as he withdrew.

"Nnn... I came." Fortunately for Light, the bucking shoved him to orgasm too with almost the same violent intensity.

"Mmm... Yes you did..." Light murmured in response, satisfaction pouring out of him as he stretched in an almost cat-like manner. L pulled Light on top of him.

"Can I say that I successfully got you in a good mood?"

Light smiled lazily, "I suppose you can..." L kissed him again.

"I am very glad." Light returned the kiss softly.

"So when do you want to get ready to go out?"

"Soon, but I want to wait until night time, that's the best time." he laughed.

Light rolled his eyes. "I didn't mean until later but I wanted a rough time as to when we are going to go out so I know how much time I have to do other things," Light replied.

"Seven?" L suggested. "I have to shower and everything."

"Ok," Light said and lay back onto the bed. L walked into the bathroom to shower. Smiling, Light got up and threw on some clothes to get something to eat after toying with the idea of joining L in the shower. L had finished quickly, admiring his feet for a period of time for no reason before throwing a towel over his waist and walking downstairs. Light smiled when he saw L and finished his food. "I will go and have a shower now." Light said and got up to walk over to the stairs.

L watched Light do so, as he always did, admiring his lover's perfect ass. Light rolled his eyes as he felt L's on him, knowing exactly what they would be focused on as he went upstairs. L stopped admiring to get a piece of cheesecake from the refrigerator.

"Yum." Light came down stairs about half an hour later, hair dry, teeth clean and dressed flawlessly. "You look pretty." L noted, taking a bite of his third cheesecake.

"Thanks," Light replied moving over to stand beside L. "Just how much cheesecake have you been eating?"

"This is my third." He finished it up in about five seconds, about to reach for a fourth.

"Planning to finish the whole thing are you?" Light asked grinning.

"But of course, it would be lonely if I only left half, and I can't have that." he laughed, but was serious.

"How did I know you would say something like that?" Light said rhetorically

L shrugged. "Because everyone thinks I have a cake fetish."

"You do," Light said blankly.

He scowled. "Not OPENLY..."

"You still do."

"I haven't acted it on you yet!"

"...Yet..." Light emphasised teasingly.

"Yes, yet." That made L stop to fantasize.

"...Ok, now while you day dream I'm going to be reading," Light said and left to go get his book.

"Noo... You stay put, I need a visual." L said seriously. "And I can't stand up." Light returned with his book a few seconds later and sat in front of L.

"Happy?" Light asked smirking.

"If you couldn't tell, then yes." L shot him a devious grin. "But I must not do anything to you now if I want to be able to perform well tonight."

"Ok, though I didn't know that affected you," Light replied teasingly as he opened his book.

L didn't bother replying, thinking of the details of his fantasy. Light sighed smiling and began to read. L walked into the bathroom, going to take care of himself. Light smirked behind his book but kept reading. L came back after a while, holding his high-tech iPod of some sort, and relaxed on the couch, dozing with his afterglow. Light raised an eyebrow as he saw what L was holding and he shuffled to sit beside his lover.

"What have you got on that?" Light asked curiously.

"Nothing." L said suddenly, shoving it in his pocket. "Nothing really."



"Let me see," Light badgered.

"Nooo!" L whined. "There are only audio books on it, I swear!"

"Then you wouldn't mind me looking then would you," Light taunted.

"No, but you wouldn't be interested at ALL..." he tried deterring him.

"Well then I won't be looking for very long will I," Light said stubbornly.

"No, but there's nothing to hide, I'm just using it right now..." His deterring ability was not working.

"You just said I won't be interested so I won't be long," Light continued grinning impishly.

"No, really, I'd rather not..." he shoved it deeper in his pocket.

"Oh, come on, please?" Light begged.

"Nooo! I can't! You'll laugh!"

"Oh will I...?" Light said practically crawling onto L now with a determined expression on his face.

"Yes, you will!" L kept on shaking his head, but now that Light was on top of him, his resolve was dissolving. Light looked up at L through lowered lashes.

"Please?" He asked seductively before moving his face to L's ear he repeated the "please" in a breathy whisper. L, as if hypnotized, handed over his iPod over to him.

"... I hate you so much right now..." he muttered. Light pressed his lips to L's in victory before putting in an earphone and started going through the songs and grinned as he listened to the lyrics. L was grumbling and hid his face in a pillow. "HAAAATE YOU..." he said loudly, slightly muffled. Light laughed but more because of L's antics than the music which admittedly was quite good.

"Can I get a couple of these?" Light asked as he skipped to the next song.

L blinked. "... Suure... I guess..." he nabbed his iPod back. "Mine."

"Ok, I promise I won't take it again," Light swore playfully and crawled off L's lap. He wrapped his arms around Light's waist, pulling him back onto him.

"Yes, you better. I told you there was nothing exciting... except over 1700 punk-rock songs." Light beamed before letting out a soft chuckle and cuddled up against L.

"Love you," Light whispered turning his face to look at L. L pecked him on the lips.

"Love you too."

Light pecked L back, "So what do you want to do now?" He pulled Light to him and closed his eyes as an answer. Light smiled contently and snuggled back against L, his eyes closing. L was snoring not a few minutes later, successfully ruining the moment. Light chuckled softly and before he fell asleep in L's arms.

Hours later saw them both up and getting dressed to go out, Light waiting til the last minute to show L what he had picked. L twirled him around and kissed him.

"Ravishing as always, my dear."

"You think so?" Light asked, looking over his clothes critically.

"I do." he chuckled, studying what he was wearing for comparison's sake.

"Coincidence, huh?' Light said and laughed, tugging at his white shirt. L looked at his own black.

"It's one of the only times I've seen you in just white. It's very becoming."

"Not as much as black is on you," Light replied grinning. L just flipped his hair.

"It really brings out my eyes."

"And your skin colour and your hair," Light added laughing.

"And my toenail polish." he joked, sarcastically rolling his eyes. He grabbed the car keys and walked outside.

"Oh please no!" Light said in a mock beg.

"Why?" he stuck his tongue out. "I really was joking. I have dignity." For now. he added in his head.

"Because not even I would wear Toenail polish," Light replied with a playful scowl on his face.

"I only know one male that would, and I sometimes don't think that male counts as a male." he was referring to Mello.

Light laughed again, "So are we going to leave now?"

"Uh, yeeeeaaaahh- I just wanna pick my worst looking car."

"Oook," Light said a little confused.

"In case I total it on accident." he supplied.

Light had an expression of horror on his face. "You expect me to get into the car with you now?" He said incredulously.

L laughed loudly. "Or if it gets stolen when I'm not around it... mostly that reason, actually."

"It better be mostly that reason," Light shot back.

"Yes, I swear!" he got into a Rolls Royce.

Light laughed at L's decision about his worst car. "You truly are filthy rich aren't you?" He just got a coy grin as an answer.


"You just picked a Rolls Royce as being your worst car, there's no maybe about it," Light argued.

"Well, it's one of my least favorite one of these. I have five."

"As I said, there is no maybe," Light finished and got in the car gracefully.

L chuckled and also slid in. "Gah, it's so ugly." Light chuckled but said nothing. L asked him if he wanted radio.

"No it's fine. So where exactly are you taking me?" Light asked, having meant to ask for a while.

"There's a place... over there." he pointed in the direction that the car was going. "It's not a gay club, but it's known for being tolerant." he assured him.

"Ok then," Light smiled, "I will have to fight people off you won't I?" He teased.

"We've had this argument, and we're both sexy enough to be insanely jealous by the end of then night." he teased, leaning over to quickly kiss his lips.

Light rolled his eyes, "then we will just have to stick with each other and not dance with anyone else," Light said decisively.

"I promise. Except for if I don't know which way's up, in that case, we have to go home."

"Good but just so you know, I won't be carrying you."

"That's okay, that's why you call Watari."

Light groaned, "Let's not talk about this anymore or I will change my mind..."

"God forbid!" L said, pretending to faint before rolling his eyes. "I'm just saying, is all."

"ok..." Light said and waited to get there. He pulled into a flashy place and parked the car.

"Oookay. Here we are."

"Nice," Light said smiling. It was a big place, and loud. Very loud. You could hear the beat of the music from blocks away, and there were people leaving and people coming in, some sober, some not, and a few girls waved hello at L and Light immediately upon entry. Light tugged L over to an empty table hidden in a corner and sat down, almost swaying with the music.

"Why a corner?" L teased, having to speak loudly to be heard.

"It's nicer," Light replied shrugging but unlike L he leant over to speak directly into L's ear. L wrapped his arms around Light's waist possessively.

"Yes, it is- more fun to people-watch."

Light smiled and leant against L, "So do you want to get a drink, dance or just sit and watch for a while."

"Whichever you want to do... though I do dance better after a daiquiri." he chuckled, and walked with him towards the bar.

"I think I will just have a coke," Light replied leaning close to L again.

"Keep it with you at all times then." he said seriously. "People like to slip things in hot guy's drinks. Not that I know from experience."

"I will," Light promised. L ordered for them, handing Light his coke and taking his alcoholic strawberry flavoured beverage. Light took it and had a sip, sitting on a bar stool. "Shall we go back to the table?" Light asked.

"Yes..." L's eyes were already looking a bit less sharp then they were 5 seconds ago. Light led L back to their table and sat down, having another drink. L had successfully managed to down the whole thing before Light realized that he had it. Light laughed and he had only half drunk his coke when he ordered the next drink for L. L took it greedily; the flashy lights making his skin appear somewhat-creepy looking. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Light replied and leant back against his seat. L pulled his chair closer. "So why did you want to come to a club anyway?" Light asked. L looked at him through rather aroused eyes.

"Alcohol... makes me horny."

Light swallowed, "I should have guessed that..."

"Reeeeeeaaaallly, REEEEEEAAALLLLYY horny..."

Light bit his lip, "But you have only had two drinks..." Light said and leaning in so he wouldn't have to yell.

"I'm not illiterate yet, and I'm not completely horny yet, I was only answering your question." he grinned and took another gulp, wiggling his eyebrows at his lover.

"Ok then," Light chuckled and ordered a water for himself. By his fourth beverage, L dragged Light to the dance floor. Light moved closely to L as he danced, trying to feel the beat of the music. L was looking directly into his eyes. For someone who should be at least tipsy, L was light on his feet. He danced like he owned Light.

Light beamed at L's possessiveness, his back currently pressed to L's chest as he ground down L's body, L's hands on his hips. Quite a few people whistled in their direction. Light just smirked and continued to dance. A girl, who looked a little young to be in a bar, and was a tiiiiny bit wasted, approached the two of them. Light nudged L to get his attention, keeping an eye on the girl as he moved out of L's arms teasingly. L clutched him closer again. "What?" Light danced out of L's grip again playfully.

"Seems like someone is coming over to talk to us," Light replied.

"Don't care." he growled. The girl just stared at them, in drunken awe.

"Y-you're... a really, really cu-cute couple." she hiccupped once.

"Thankyou," Light replied politely, weaving in and out to avoid the arms that had tried to snatch for him.

"Keep y-your seme in check..." she continued. "He's REAAALLY hot- don't leave him alone for a sec...second."

"Trust me, I won't, why do you think I am playing with him like this?" Light said and weaved into L's defences to nip at his ear before moving away again slightly. "Thanks for the advice though," Light said almost dismissively. She went on for the last time.

"... Y'uuur gonna be sore..." and she left.

"Like I didn't know that already," Light murmured.

"What?" L asked, having successfully ignored the whole conversation.

"Nothing," Light replied innocently and finally returned to L's arms. L kissed him, passionately, but it wasn't sloppy yet. Light returned the kiss heatedly, his hand tugging softly at L's hair. L flicked off a wolf-whistler, still kissing him.

"Does my breath smell like alcohol?"

"Starting too," Light replied.

"THEN I HAVE NOT YET HAD ENOUGH!" he practically ran to the bar. Light laughed loudly and watched as L ordered a dozen shots.

"Let's play a game." he suggested.

"It will be a drinking game won't it?" Light groaned eyeing the shots.

"Well, duh." L said, rolling his eyes. "Do you choose to partake?"

"I could but you would have to drink the shots for me," Light answered uncertainly.

"I'd do that... but it's more fun if you drink- shall I get you six or so virgins?"

"Umm what are those?" Light asked feeling dumb. L chuckled.

"Non-alcoholic, or very, very little alcohol, like the kind you get in sparkling strawberry juice."

"No thanks. Besides if you drink mine you will get drunk faster," Light replied though the frown on his face showed he still wasn't happy with L's idea.

"RIGHT!" He giggled. "I will do that. I am going to get another martini; can you find two couples willing to play?" Light was just about to ask L how he was supposed to do that, when L disappeared.

"Damn." Light cursed but luckily a woman overheard their conversation and wondered over.

In a very Irish accent she said, "I hear you an ya friend are looking for some drinking partners. Me and my friends here could drink you guys under the table." L appeared next to Light magically and replied.

"Bring it on. I'll go find two other people, then we can play our game." He wandered off.

"He's going to be unconscious by the time I'm through with 'im," the woman said confidently and Light sighed.

"I hope not..."

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