All's Well That End's Well

Well, I want to thank you for hearing me out. I hope that, in some small way, I have helped you to understand me, and accept the struggle that I eventually overcame. I have never been happier than I am right now, living in a home with seven vampires that I wouldn't trade for the world (one of those is a very recent joinee), and a little bundle of joy that is growing up much faster than any of us would like. I have now been married to Alice for seventy-seven years, and every day she manages to surprise and over joy me.

You probably know what happened after our wedding, thanks to a good friend of mine, who keeps her knowledge of us to a strictly fiction-based basis. Thank God, because if most people believed her stories, the Volturi would have taken care of her by now.

Nevertheless, we outgrew our stay in Alaska, and moved to the Cullen's previous home in Forks, Washington. Alice helped me through my struggle with the human scent, and I have been slowly integrated back into their society. Don't get me wrong, I still have my difficult days (one specific birthday ringing very clear in my mind), but otherwise Alice has been very proud of how well I did. I never tasted human blood again, and I am actually quite proud of that fact as well.

I was introduced to a new threat in Forks, but they too became like family to us eventually. I never thought I would have such a wide range of friends, but here I am, living every day in a climate of vampires, humans, shape-shifters, and a hybrid child who's intelligence astounds me every day. And I love it. Never have I tasted such a pure range of positive emotion, and it helps me to believe that all my struggles were not in vain.

I thank you again, and I hope that one day, my kind will no longer have to hide from the light of your days. I hope that, one day, we may be able to live together, side my side, absent of fear and anger. I wait for that day with optimism. Farewell my friend.

*Alrighty then, folks. Thank you SOOO much for joining me, and I hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing! It was rather difficult getting into the mind of a man, since to this day, I have no idea what goes on in their heads, but I think I fared pretty well. And a couple of things I want you to know: I might end up writing all of the Twilight books from Jasper's perspective, but it wont be anywhere in the near future. This is because I have several more fictions that I would like to work on, and working on more than one at a time gets a little troubling for me. I would also want to re-read all the books, so that I can take notes on exactly what he did and said, and that might take a while as well. But it might happen, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks again!