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Gaara sat patiently in his and Sasuke's apartment. The two had brought it only four years ago after selling Sasuke's old mansion. The Uchiha had never wanted to live there again; too many bad memories came from the cold mansion. Memories of murder and abuse lurked in every room. Sasuke and his older brother Itachi went halves in the money from the mansion as well as their Father's money. Which they gained access to after he was sentenced to life in prison. Uchiha Corps was sold. Neither Itachi nor Sasuke had interest in taking over the family business. Both Uchiha's were extremely rich but neither flaunted it. The most money Sasuke had spent was on his and Gaara's apartment. Itachi spent a small sum of his money on buying a new house for him and his odd family consisting of Pein, Konan, Deidara, Sasori, Hidan, Kakuzu, Tobi, Zetsu and of course his lover Kisame. None of them had wanted to separate from each other. All too used to been among one another.

The door to the apartment opened and Gaara shot his head up. Smiling lightly when Sasuke walked in. The Uchiha was dressed in a plain black suit, as was Gaara. It was their tenth anniversary tonight. Though they never really had an official day that they started going out. They marked it by the day they first kissed under the tree at their old high school.

"Save any lives today?" Gaara questioned lightly. Sasuke had completed Med. School and was now a second year Intern at the Konaha Hospital.

"Hn.. " Sasuke didn't go into anymore details. Instead he bent down and kissed Gaara on the lips before straightening back up and offering a hand out to his boyfriend.

Gaara took the out stretched hand and allowed himself to be pulled up. He never really had a growth spurt after his teens and only came up to Sasuke's chin, which annoyed him to great levels. Sasuke just found it cute. Both males exited their apartment and headed to the car park. Once they were in the car Gaara looked at Sasuke hesitantly. Sasuke watched Gaara carefully. Waiting for what Gaara wanted to say.

"Can..we go see her first?" Gaara asked softly.

"Are you sure?" Sasuke asked reluctantly.


"Alright then."

Sasuke pulled out of the parking lot and drove to the edge of town. Gaara was quiet and subdued in the car ride. Keeping his thoughts to himself. The red head pulled a slight sorrowful face. Sasuke sighed lightly, he wanted tonight to be fun without any sad memories intruding but he couldn't just say no to Gaara either. Sasuke stopped the car in a small empty car park. Both males got out of the car, Sasuke walking over to Gaara and grabbing his hand tightly, squeezing Gaara's hand to reassure the red head who now looked uncertain. Making their way over to the gate that sat in the middle of a large brick fence that hid the inside. Swinging open the gate both males walked straight for a few minutes before turning left. They both stopped and Gaara crouched down. Rubbing his fingers over what stood in front of him.

Temari Sabaku

1984 to 2014

Beloved sister, wife and mother.

Gaara sighed heavily and leant back into Sasuke who pressed his legs against the crouching red head. Temari took her own life five years earlier. None of them had excepted it. Temari had hidden her depression from everyone so well. Gaara blamed himself for a long time, saying he should have seen it coming, if it wasn't for Sasuke's support Gaara would have fallen to pieces. Then again, if it wasn't for Sasuke, Gaara may not have even cared. Temari had married Shikamaru after three years and had three daughters. Seven-year-old twins. Maiyu and Yuki and a four year old Kei. The three children didn't understand why their mummy was gone and Shikamaru struggled to look after his three children. He quit his job to look after them fully but he also began to fall into a depression after losing his wife. Gaara and Kankurou often helped out, wanting their nieces to have a happy childhood, or as happy as possible without their mother around.

The red head stood and Sasuke placed his head onto Gaara's. Kissing him on the head before wrapping his arms around the red head. Gaara sighed heavily and moved out of Sasuke's embrace. Heading back to the car quietly, Sasuke walking by his side. Once they were in the car and a good distance away from the graveyard Sasuke began to talk again.

"Did you sell any paintings today Gaara?"

"Hn.. A few..." Gaara answered softly. Sasuke had helped Gaara set up an art studio. The red head managed it with the help of Kankurou. Gaara often sold paintings and photos. His brother made puppets to sell and Gaara occasionally humored his nieces by placing their drawings in his art studio.

Sasuke nodded his head slightly and concentrated on driving before requesting that Gaara closed his eyes. The red head did as he was told, not questioning it. The car pulled up and Sasuke hopped out, going to Gaara's side of the door and helping the now blind Gaara out and muttering to keep his eye's closed. Leading Gaara along by the hand for a few minutes. Finally coming to a stop, he sat down and pulled Gaara down with him.

"Open your eyes." Sasuke commanded gently.

Gaara opened his eyes and looked around slowly. Noting his surroundings he smiled softly. Sasuke had taken him back to where everything started. The tree that held so many memories for them. They had come so far in ten years. So many people were amazed that they lasted this long. Gaara didn't understand that though, Sasuke was his existence. Why would he ever want to lose the ebony haired male? It just made no sense to him, he watched his older brother go through many girlfriends and never settling down. Gaara just didn't get it.

Sasuke smiled as he watched Gaara's thoughtful face.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked softly.

"About how much I love you.. You' whole life Sasuke.." Gaara muttered quietly with a small blush.

"Same for me Gaara. Forever, remember? I love you." Sasuke smiled and kissed Gaara softly, their lips molding perfectly.

Gaara was caught in a whirlwind of thoughts. Over the last ten years Sasuke had helped him change so much. When he first met Sasuke he'd snap out death threats as easily as saying 'hello'. Gaara only had feeling of hate, anger, rage and despair but Sasuke taught him how to feel so many other things love, lust, happiness and even jealously. He didn't think that there was someone who existed truly for him. Sasuke was Gaara's and always be. It would be foolish to try and change that.

Sasuke sighed contentedly. He was truly happy with Gaara. Before he met Gaara he had few emotions. He preferred to shut them out and pretend they didn't exist but Gaara brought them out again. Sasuke felt like Gaara was made for him, he never believed in that shit until he met the red head but now he knew it was real.

Soul mates did exist.