Vive la difference! It's a Twilight one! This is gonna be like, not a saga, just some sort of three-shot deal, maybe.


(author's note - don't flame me for changing shit. i'm sorry for making said heartthrob edward gay. it's just fiction. don't like? don't read. nobody's done it yet, but just in case, likesay.)

Quileute myths are crap. They're irritating. They're true, I know that as well as anyone else, but I wish they weren't so… constricting. Imagine some invisible line keeping you from the person you loved. And, no, I'm not talking about any mortal girl.

Edward is… he's… ugh, I do him no justice. He's indescribable. Indescribably perfect. It's dumb, really, that I love him. It's not enough of a rarity to be a werewolf, I just have to be a gay werewolf. Regardless, this is what I do. I sit in my room and pout about Edward all afternoon. I need to make sure that he's not in any close proximity when I do, though. When he's around I need to hide my thoughts. Either that or I think about Bella. It irritates him, so he goes away. Then I'm free to pout about him. It's not like I have anything better to do. Bella's over in Florida, visiting her mom. I think Edward's with her too. Pfft. Figures.

My phone rings. I pick it up on the second annoying, high-pitched tone. "Hello?" I answer lazily.

"Jacob?" my favourite voice in the whole wide goddamned world breathes. But why is Edward calling me?

"This is he. Hey, bloodsucker. What's the problem? Is it Bella? She being difficult?" I ramble.

"Actually, it's you I wanted to talk to, Jake."

"It is?" I ask, perplexed. I cock my head to the side, even though Edward can't see it.

"You're confused. Here, I'll make small-talk. How are you?"

"I'm fine. And you?"

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Could you meet me someplace? The woods by my house, perhaps?"

"So much for small-talk, but I'll be there," I reply, as sourly as I can manage and hang up. I have to keep up my hate masque. It was working so well before…

I tell my dad I'm going out. He doesn't let me out the door without an interrogation. That's how it is with my dad. He's very involved in my life, but that's actually okay. I don't mind it very much. After all, ever since I phased in front of him that first time, he's had to be involved. It's kind of a tribe thing.

"To where? Bella's out of town, you know."

"Yes, dad. I know. I'm gonna go for a run," I lie. Well, yes, I am going to run there, but that's beside the point.

"Alright then, Jake. Just-"

"Be discrete. I know, dad," I drone, walking out the door. I get a good start, strip off my jeans and phase. I take the fabric in my mouth and sprint. God, I love running. Especially when I'm running towards someone I'm literally aching to see.

And there he is. He's standing there, hands in his pockets, chewing his lip. I think it's sort of weird for him to be doing that, seeing as how he's a vampire and all, but I think it makes him look irresistibly sexy. As soon as I catch sight of him, I chill out a little (which takes an exponential amount of effort) and phase back to my normal, bipedal form. I slip into my jeans and start walking the rest of the distance. I'm slightly self-conscious without my shirt on, but I look down at my abs and reconsider. I'm not smug or egotistical or anything, but having to run everywhere does have its merits.

Edward, I think with a cordial tone.

His head turns towards me and he smiles. It's breathtaking. I literally have to remember to breathe as I get closer to take in the detail of his angelic face. His hair is teased in the same way it is every time I see him, and his eyes are that really gorgeous yellow-brown color. A lot less ominous than black. That makes him look really angry.

"Hey," I greet again.

"Jacob! It's good to see you."

"It is?" I ask him, for the second time in a half hour.

"Yes. I actually invited you here for a reason," Edward says.

"You don't say," I mumble.

Edward smirks at me and takes a step forward. "Look, Jacob, I don't want to mislead you any longer. I know, we're sworn enemies. I know that I smell terrible to you. And I know we're forbidden to see each other, pretty much, but I… ah. I hate being tongue-tied, don't you?" Edward smiles warmly, but his eyes are troubled.

"I'm not following," I reply bluntly. "And what's the matter? Dog got your tongue?" I joke, gesturing to myself.

"He does, actually. And my heart."

"Excuse me?!" I exclaim.

Edward runs about seven feet away. I want him closer, but I can see that's not about to happen. I probably could have handled that situation better…

"I'm sorry for burdening you with it," he says from his position. I can still hear him as if he were standing right next to me. "but it's true. I love you, Jacob Black. If you want me to go now, I completely understand."

Woah. 'I love you, Jacob Black'. The five most important words I have ever heard come from those pale lips of his. And he used my full name, so that made it sound so much more official. More serious. That fricking leech has me speechless. Since I'm not really capable of saying my response, I think it. I love you too, Edward Cullen.

Edward's in front of me again before I can blink. "You were serious…"

I regain my voice, thankfully, and say, "Would I give a vampire pity? Especially one that could call my bluff?"

"Good point," Edward reasons. "Mind if I do something?"

"It would depend on the-"

I'm about to say 'something', but Edward's kisses make it surprisingly hard to speak. I can't even remember how to speak, what with the way his freezing hand is twisting up into my hair and pulling on it slightly. Vampire isn't my favourite thing to taste, but Edward is something of an exception. I'm willing to grin and bear the sickeningly sweet flavour of his tongue as it glides along my lower lip. I grant it entry into my mouth without hesitation.

He's running his fingers through my hair in a motion that's almost like a massage and I growl. Well… it's not like an angry growl or anything. More like a cat's purr.

Edward growls back, aggressively. I pull back, much as it pains me to do so. "Shirt," I command. "Off."

"I'm not one of your mutt friends, you know," he says. "I don't have to listen."

"And I can't read minds, but I know what you're thinking."

"Oh you do, do you? What am I thinking, then?" he challenges.

"You're thinking about my lovely torso, and how it would be literally hot if you had your bare skin pressed against it."

"Uncanny," Edward says and tears off the thin, grey sweater to reveal his chest, his abs, his hipbones… I moan in approval and reach out unthinkingly. I place my hand on his right hip and jerk him closer, shivering at his subzero temperature. Edward needs to incline his head to kiss me, which I think is cute. I like having the upper hand when I'm with someone.

"You really are warm," Edward muses as I bite on his lower lip gently. His voice is muffled by my upper lip.

"Mm," I mumble. I'm preoccupied at the moment, so I don't really process much.

"Jacob?" Edward asks. I'd really like for the bloodsucker to shut up and let me do my thing, but I answer anyway.


Edward breaks away from me. "Two things. One, I haven't actually done this before. And two, if we are to do this, shouldn't we go someplace more private?"

I roll my eyes. Of course Edward would say that and ruin my fun. I'm tempted to succumb to his smell, my instincts, and walk away right now. Almost. "Sure, sure. Where, d'you think?"

"I can't go onto your land, but nobody's home at my place…" Edward trails off, and my eyes wander. I scan over his amazing chest, his rippling abs, the faint bronze-coloured Happy Trail, true to its meaning. I'm feeling pretty damned happy looking at it. I suddenly want to taste his skin, feel the coldness on my tongue, taste the sweetness.

"Sounds good," I say, too quietly.

"Distracted, Jacob?" Edward purrs, his left index finger tracing the pattern of hair around his bellybutton. I try desperately to silence the dirty thoughts that made their way to my mind, but one in particular breaks through. I feel my face go hotter than usual and I look towards my bare feet, in desperate need of a distraction.

Edward gasps. "Jacob Black! I can not bend that way! Wishful thinking, dog."

"Are we gonna go to your house or what, parasite?" I ask, and Edward musses up my hair. That's not an easy task, given its length, but he manages just fine.

"In a second," he says. "I just want to try something."

I stand impatiently, arms folded. Edward's touch startles me as he moves my arms to my sides. He plants small kisses on my neck and for a moment I'm scared he'll bite me. But he continues on down with those tiny kisses until he gets to my right nipple. Then he flicks his tongue out like a snake. That makes me feral. "More!" I growl.

"I thought you wanted to go back to my house?" Edward asked innocently, seductively.

"You are a tease," I state.

"I know," he laughs, and then says, "Race you!"

He's already at the house by the time I say, "Not fair!"

Edward barks a laugh that I hear from my place in the woods. I sigh, strip out of my jeans, and phase again. I love doing it in midair. It's like, you jump up as a human and you hit the ground as a seven-foot wolf.

I pick my pants up in my mouth and barrel down towards the magnificent white house. It didn't reek so badly right now. Just Edward's smell. And I was getting used to it pretty fast. Edward is outside the front door, waiting for me. I stick my tongue out at him and he takes a few steps forward until he's close enough to pet me. He gets this one spot on my neck, oh God. I can't help it; I lick his face from neck to hairline.


I howl. What if I don't wanna phase back? I think to him.

"Please do, Jake. I need this as much as you."

Fine. How about you look away, then? I need to put jeans on.

"Oh, I know. Why shouldn't I watch?"

I growl at him and curl the right part of my lip up.

"Fine, fine," he says in surrender.

I shrink down and tug my pants back on. "You can look now."

Edward doesn't look. He opens the front door for me and I follow him up to his room. It's clean, orderly, feng shui'd and alphabetized. What's different from my room though, is the lack of sleeping facilities. I find that kind of funny.

"Nice room," I observe.

"Thanks. Shall I resume where we left off?" Edward asks, getting right to the point.

I nod eagerly and sit down on the extremely soft, white carpet. There's no place else to sit.

"Lay back," his gentle voice commands. I do as I'm told. He takes to my left nipple this time, sucking gently. For a person who's never done this before, he certainly does seem practiced. His hand traces a pattern along my hipbones. I moan slightly, drawing my knees upwards. I don't realize until he makes a shocked noise that I've caused friction on Edward's groin. This is going to be a fun day.