A/N: I've had this for a while. I thought that this was the most appropriate fandom to post it in, considering Allen Walker's background and all that. I thought about this after reading some of the more angsty fics, what with Allen's 'birthday' coming up and all that. Please note though, that this was written before I had even heard of DGM. Not my usual if you've read my fics, but sadly, my usual poem.

Disclaimer: I own the poem, all of it. I'm serious. Please don't use. (unless you ask, tell me where and why, only on this site, and you must credit me. I hate plagarism. Passionately)


Cries and sobs cut through the air,

Hope and faith lost to the wind.

Red eyes pierce through the darkness,

Inviting the Reaper in.

Singing, dancing and cavorting 'round,

Trees with lights enhance the joy.

Millennia gone, it is still the same,

A scream rips through the heart and then,

Silence echoes in the night.

A/N: First letter or each line.